Sunday, February 7, 2016

Using Imaginary Tools to Raise Vibration and Effect Change

Preface Note:  This article originally appeared here on December 26, 2015, under the title Turning Up Your Vibration Made Easy.  It has been substantially revised and expanded to include greater detail, information, specific dates, and source references, and has been retitled.  (See Author's Note below for additional information)

Over the past weeks, months, and years my inner knowing and guidance has led and opened me into ever deeper awareness and understanding about energy and vibration.

In our core we intuitively know about vibration and this knowing is reflected in the language of our cultures.  We have an abundance of colloquial phrases and figures of speech that we use for both higher vibrational states and lower.  Lift ones spirits, flying high, soaring, on cloud nine, riding high, over the moon, or, feeling low, down in the dumps, depressed, sinking feeling, down and out, head under the covers.

When I first heard references to "raising our vibration" sometime back around 2007, my reaction was "My vibration? What are they talking about?  What does raising my vibration really mean?"  Gradually I got that emotions like fear, anger, and greed were lower vibrations and that love, gratitude, compassion, and joy were higher vibrations.  Kind of a good emotions/bad emotions classification.

But that wasn't enough of an answer for me.  At the most basic level, vibration is energy moving.  It is the science of physics. I just knew there was a more concrete basis for understanding the concept of our vibration and reasons for it's importance in spiritual growth.  Quite synchronisticly at that time, I'd ordered a book containing channelled information published back in the early 1950's.  If I remember correctly, it was channellings of St. Germaine about the Violet Flame.  (Sorry, all my books are packed and in storage, or I'd locate it and give you the exact title of the book, which is no longer in print.)  One very short passage in the book explained that our vibration is the rate at which the electrons move around the nucleus in each atom in our bodies.  As we raise our vibration, the electrons spin faster.

Think about this for a moment.  When we raise our vibration, every atom, in every molecule, in every cell of our bodies moves with more life force energy.  You see, this whole process of ascension, of raising our vibration and radiating more light, is far from fluffy spiritual imaginings.  It's science and physics based.

In the absence of scientific instruments that are sensitive enough to measure our vibrations, we have our own, highly sensitive, internal measuring methodology.  Our built in vibration meter is our thoughts and emotions.

Thinking back on a reading I had after the passing of a very close friend early in my awakening. I was deep in grief at the time and struggling to keep basic things like my work going forward.  In the reading it was suggested to me that I could choose whether to be sad and grieve or whether to live in joy.  What a striking revelation it was at the time because I'd never grasped that I could actually choose how I felt.  It took quite a bit of time to absorb the idea that I had a choice.  Shortly after I came across the concept that I could choose my thoughts as well.

In 2010 and continuing over the next few years, I began studying Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett. (  Richard teaches a system of transformation based on quantum and scalar physics. Richard is brilliant and amazing, and certainly the most fun teacher I've ever encountered.  I described my first Matrix Energetics seminar as a cross between quantum physics lectures and being in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

There are two things I learned in studying Matrix Energetics that are relevant here.  First, I learned that the rules governing our reality are just made up anyway, so if you want to change the reality you're experiencing, just make up some new rules that work better for you.  And second, I learned that what we experience is a dance of creation between our consciousness and the quantum field. In the seminars, I learned to use my imagination to create whatever control panel, tool, or pretend gadget I wanted in order to both receive information from my Higher Self, Source, the field, or whatever you want to call it, and to shift, transform, heal, or manifest using the quantum field, vibration and oscillation between wave and particle states in the material world.  The quantum field works with our consciousness and imagination, so it doesn't matter whether you have a real frequency healing machine or an imaginary one.  When you turn the control knobs, the frequencies emitted by both the real and the imaginary machine will have the same impact, such as on the human body.

Since attending my first Matrix Energetics seminar, I have set up frequency showers that bathe me in nurturing, healing, and invigorating frequencies every time I take a shower; a button on my car's dash board that cuts gas consumption in half for those times I realize I'm almost out of gas and the nearest gas station is not very near; a bell that dings in my head to alert me to something (which I no longer remember).  To name but a small few.

Another very fun system of techniques that uses imagination to shift and transform your experience of material reality is presented by Vladimir Dolokhov and Vadim Gurangov in their book The Art of Soaring, which I discovered around the same time I was first learning Matrix Energetics.  The Art of Soaring techniques use playful and intuitive renaming of yourself, some play acting out your new name, and giving a gift to Vanya, the Goddess of all things.  Even my very scientific minded, left brain sister experienced some big shifts during a very stressful time in her life when I renamed her as: Barbara is the one who dances the cha-cha-cha with the salmon round her kitchen island. With a little nudging on my part, she would repeat her new name to herself throughout the day.  She usually listens to music while she cooks and would take a turn or two around her kitchen imagining a line of salmon, all hold the waist of the one in front, dancing the cha-cha-cha with her in the lead.  A week after I'd presented this tool to her, she called me to share the good news about changes in each area of her life she'd been so stressed out about.  What I understand now is that this technique raises your vibration by adding playfulness to whatever situation you want to shift in your life.

In December of 2014, while participating in an Expect Wonderful program of channelled messages, a message spoke of choosing our vibration and that we can raise our frequency any time we want to just by tuning it up. I was able to do this easily right from the start and found the effects amazing.  Within a few days, using the tools I learned in Matrix Energetics, I had designed an imaginary vibrational control panel and installed it from rib to rib running across the space between my heart and third, power center chakras.  My control panel had a vibration control knob that turned up my vibration, an abundance flow meter, a vibration reset button for rebooting when I discovered my thoughts/emotions/vibration had dropped into fussiness, and a gas pump perpetually broken in the on position that pumped gold and silver coins into my bank account while the dollar number display flashed ever higher.  At some point a few months later when I was working on learning to physically identify my body feelings of being in flow or in resistance, I switched out the abundance flow meter for a resistance/flow meter.  Interestingly, a year after I incorporated use of my control panel into my daily practice, one of the Expect Wonderful channelled messages spoke of using an imaginary control knob.  Then again, all information is available to each of us through the Source field.

We come in as children knowing the concept of using imaginary tools, gadgets, steering wheels, gear shifts, temperature and volume control knobs, switches, levers, and stethoscopes to listen to our hearts, etc. etc, to create.  As children we "know" the power of these tools to create in our material reality.  But then most adults dismiss this as true and tell their children (us) it's just make believe.  Wow, I just saw this while writing the last sentence.  Look at the phrase we use in the English language!  Make Believe.  Believe Making.  Very cool.  Even the words used by adults to dismiss the power of imagination, actually acknowledge that very power.

I would encourage you to play and use the power of your imagination and make believing to create in the quantum field, shift your reality, and raise your vibration.  Use a knob, a slide bar like the volume control on your computer monitor, some up and down buttons with LED read out, whatever type of control you fancy.  You could even have a talking giraffe standing on your shoulder that calls out, like an old fashion elevator operator, "Going up!"  Your body/mind/emotional fields will respond regardless of the control mechanism you choose.

One other tip worth passing on, I've discovered that on nights where I'm having trouble winding down and falling asleep, turning my vibration down a bit allows me to settle and drift into sleep.

Tune yourself up and shine On!!

Author's Note:  The original article, Turning Up Your Vibration Made Easy, was removed from this blog on February 1, 2016, while I investigated, and provided evidence to refute as baseless and without legal merit, an allegation that the concept of using an imaginary "knob" to raise vibration was the intellectual property of the person making the allegation, subject to copyright protection.  Copy rights extend only to original ideas, concepts, or identical word sequencing (a quote) not previously put out into the world. The concept of using imaginary tools, including "knobs", to effect change in our experienced reality had previously been put out in the world by one or more individuals, and incorporated into use by many people, prior to the publication of the concept by the person claiming unauthorized use of copyright protected intellectual property.  As such, no violation of copy rights could be claimed.  I provide this information publicly here solely because a false accusation of "plagiarism" was made against me in a public forum.

I leave it to the reader's discretion whether, or not, to make general inquiry into the motivations that can lead a person to make public accusations against another without first determining the truthfulness and legal merit of their allegations. A reader might also explore how the attributes of honesty, truthfulness, and integrity apply in the Service to Others path and in the Service to Self path towards transitioning to the next density under the Law of One. Everything is of benefit in the eternal evolution of Consciousness.
- Helen Sumerwell, J.D.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Integration and Grounding of the Soul Self

Yesterday marked six weeks since I began the transition into conscious connection and merger with my Soul Self.  I've come out of the intense mind transformation period that had me in a very continuous altered state, and this past week I've settled into a very grounded, fully present and integrated way of being.  In many ways I am back to the normal me as I experienced myself prior to ascending, yet I am completely different.  That's probably as clear as mud, as they say.  So I'll share some more observations about the transitions of Self as I've been experiencing this process of transcending out of 3D self now that I have yet another new level of clarity.  Everything is always in the process of evolving, whether we recognize it or not.

Last weekend, it felt like the last lens of limitation lifted.  The process of coming out of limitation might be described in this way.  If you've ever had your eyes checked for corrective lenses, the eye doctor uses an apparatus with multiple lenses that he/she tests your vision through by flipping one or a combination of lenses in sequence while asking, "which is better, one or two." (I could look up the actual name of this device, but you know what I mean so I skip that endeavour).  Anyway, the process of coming out of limitation happened as if over the course of five weeks, every couple of days another lens of distortion lifted away.  It could also be understood as the veil evaporating gradually like fog dispersing.  To the best of my present awareness, the last lens of limitation has lift away.

As I said, the past few days I've been feeling more and more integrated.  I no longer need to switch different modes, from looking within for knowing and insight mode to task/action mode.  My knowing is simply there and present as I go about my day.  I flow smoothly, without questioning myself, from one activity to another.  What to do now? and what to do next? aren't questions I need to ask.  I just know and go with it.  Intuition is no longer a separate message system for me to listen to or ignore.  It's integrated and incorporated, and taking action feels completely spontaneous and easy.

My trust in the process and in timing feels unshakable and complete.  I find I no longer take separate steps too question what's occurring, nor do I need to remind myself to trust the process or the timing.  I just trust without questioning.  My trust feels innate. 

As happens for all of us in the course of a week, a number of events transpired for me to respond to.  Chatting about what I've been up to with a close friend the other day, there were a couple of times she asked. "Why did you do that?" and "Why did you respond that way if you're coming from you higher knowing?" In both cases my response to her was that I just did what I did, which sounded and felt like rather clueless responses at the time.  As events unfolded over the week, I received the results I aimed for, even in one situation where my friend had said, "You know that's not going to happen." Thinking about all this is what led me to understand clearly how I've integrated intuition and action, and eliminated internal debate about how to respond or what steps to take. 

It's been many years since I read Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now.  As I've been writing these paragraphs, I find myself curious to revisit it because I have a hunch this is just the phenomenon he describes in the book. 

Over these days and weeks, my awareness, comprehension, and understanding of how everything works and what's taking place in each arena I focus on, myself, my family, my projects, global events, continues to deepen and expand.  It's quite magical and lovely how this takes place.  My knowing just gets deeper with each passing day.

I'll give you a couple of examples of what I perceived before and what I understand now after merging with my Soul Self:

Before Ascending:  I started construction of a custom house four years ago, with very pure intentions that it be built incorporating the quality of honesty, integrity, creativity, and heart, reflecting the elemental themes of wood, stone, and metal.  Three years later I found myself with an unfinished house and some very significant and costly to repair defects, and a builder and responsible subcontractors who refused to do anything about it, despite being contractually liable.  Emotionally I was devastated, disappointed, and very, very angry.  I had a mess of a situation to get myself out of and had already spent twice what was budgeted for the house construction.  I felt like a failure.  And the big question I kept asking was: How did I create this situation?  The outside reflects what is within.  I was pretty skilled at manifesting before I started this project, so what did I do "wrong".  I spent a year in a very dark place trying to subsist, identify another and another defect in construction, and face work my way out of completely debilitating emotions. Then another year working step by step to feel better about myself and starting to ponder a way to remedy the situation.

Now:  My Soul has been, through every moment of my life, fully connected to me at every level of my being, though I was not consciously aware of it.  My Soul created this fiasco of a creative construction project as the absolutely perfect scenario for me to prepare to ascend.  A scenario so perfect that it allowed me to very quickly over a 13 months period, clear away all the discordant emotions in my field, release limiting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that never served me, all the while raising my vibration, and aligning within myself all the qualities and attributes that make up my true Self.  As for finishing the house, or any other creative project I want to manifest, there is not a single obstacle in my way to bringing it into the material.  I am a Creator God, as are you.  And now I know just how powerful I am.

Before:  For the past eight to ten years there have been quite a number of endeavours I've wanted to undertake, such as writing about my process of spiritual growth and discovery, industrial art projects for my house (I'm making most of the light fixtures and tile mosaic trim for my house), and pursuing legal claims and insurance settlements for construction defects.  However, I just could not get myself to really take action on them.  I'd analyse over and over why I wasn't doing what needed to be done.  Feel bad about myself for avoiding, making excuses, and basically being a slug about it all.  Always with the underlying sense that there was something wrong with me.

Now:  My larger Soul Self knew that it was not the right time to complete these projects.  The industrial art projects would have needed to be scrapped and redone.  If it had been installed, my glass tile mosaic in the shower would have been destroyed when the walls are cut open and the plumbing redone.  Had I pursued the lawsuits and insurance settlements before ascension, when I perceived many obstacles and did not fully know how deserving and worthy I am (we all are), I would not have received the compensation I'm entitled to that I will easily obtain now.  I would have been going against the grain, and now it will all flow in synchronicity.  As for writing, now is the time and I started this blog back up exactly when this information needs to come out in the world.

As always there is more to share, though I will wrap up for now with one last observation.  I've discovered there is one obstacle I bump into daily.  It's my two awesome, rescued Goldendoodles, Rohan and Simone.  Goldendooldles are a very intelligent and very people oriented breed.  They like being petted, getting butt scratches, and doggie massages.  Yet since I began this process, they have become even more attentive to me.  As I type, Rohan constantly bumps my elbow wanting me to stop and pet him and Simone keeps crawling half way into my lap for pets, despite weighing 75 lbs and being way too large to be a lap dog.  All in all, if I had to choose an obstacle, I'd say this is a pretty fun one to have.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Ascension is Coming Home to Experience Living In Heaven On Earth

You know those time when you've had a very long and arduous day or more of travel back home?  One that you encountered major weather delays, missed connections or major traffic backups, mechanical trouble, lost and found luggage.  Then you finally walk in the door and your whole being lifts a big sigh of relief.  Home.  You're in your space with your comforts of home, where you know where everything is and your surrounded by your energy.  And you climb into your very own bed made up with clean sheets, and inside you just think, "Aaaaah, it's so good to finally be home!"

That's exactly how I feel in this moment.  I am finally Home.  I am Home and I'm alive, incarnate on Earth where I can create.  It feels so incredibly, I don't have words to clearly express this, there are no words for it.  It truly is Heaven on Earth.

The past two days I've been calm and completely centered in who I AM. I am all of me, my Soul Self.  The various perspectives have merged.  And though I can't say for sure because this is a steady process of expanding, unfolding and reconnecting, it seems to me that the last lens of limitation has lifted. 

It's quite fascinating to observe and experience the process that takes place within the body, brain and nervous system during ascension.  I would make the analogy to a large on-line business, such as Ebay or Amazon, going through the process of switching from limited, outgrown coding and servers to new much larger, infinitely more high powered servers with much greater functionality.  The transfer does not occur instantaneously.  There is a process of establishing new circuitry and in batches, transferring existing components and information to the new server.  There are short spans where a particular function isn't working then it's circuit is connected to the new server and it resumes.  There are occasional coding glitches that have to be sorted out, and new coding put in place to handle the new functions within the system.

There is one thing I want to say here very clearly, especially for any of you who have been following this journal of my experience and find the intensity I've experienced and shared to be, shall I say, a bit more than you're sure you want to go through yourself:  You have complete control over your own pace of integration with your Soul Self.  At any time you can say, Whoa, slow down a bit, or I want a few days break to rest and acclimate myself before moving ahead in the unfolding process.  It is always under your control.  I chose to do this in the way I am, and to be consciously aware of what is taking place within my brain and body.  I also choose the pace.  My friend, Peggy, reminded me yesterday that early last September, when I became aware that the activation frequencies would be coming in during the September Equinox and eclipse cycle, I said, "Bring it on, I'm ready!"  Actually, I'm aware now, that I made this choice before I came into this incarnation because it serves my purpose in what I came to do here.  This intensity has been my choice, and you have the discernment and ability to choose your own pace that fits for you.  Remember this.

Within your DNA, in each cell of your bodies, is an Akashic record of all the spiritual learnings you have acquired over the course of your many lifetimes on Earth.  You also have record of the talents and skills you acquired in each lifetime on Earth.  Think about this for a few minutes......One of the processes that takes place once the door in the conscious mind opens, is the unlocking, activation and connection of all your acquired spiritual knowledge contained within your DNA with your conscious mind.  It happens automatically. This is what is meant by the lifting of the veil. Kryon (See link on side bar) refers to this as opening your jar of spiritual knowledge. 

I'm discovering that the opening of my jar of spiritual knowledge is a steady, smooth unfolding.  It just occurs naturally, easily, and without effort.  Each day I look at myself, my life, and the world around me with eyes that see and understand with noticeably greater clarity.  Everything makes sense in a new, wiser way.  Each day my depth of understanding grows deeper and more expansive.  Each aspect of reality, the human experience, and interconnection of all on the planet that I turn my attention to reveals itself with greater meaning and understanding.  This all occurs without struggle or striving.  It's absolutely magical to experience.

The spiritual knowledge and the talents you've acquired over the course of many, many lifetimes are yours.  You've earned it all.  Wouldn't you like to have access to all the spiritual knowledge and technical expertise you've earned in this present lifetime?  It's your choice.  You can have it all if you choose.

Each of you reading this blog are ready to open the door in mind and become conscious of the fact that You are your Divine Soul Self.  You wouldn't be reading this otherwise.  The path of spiritual growth and discovery towards the doorway to life as your expanded Self is long and arduous.  We've been on the path for what feels like forever (actually this is true because the spiral of ascending never ends). I sense that most of you can't quite believe you are actually here, that you have arrived and need only open the door to experiencing the next level.  As I've begun sharing my experience, I'm starting to pick up the reactions from others that they can't quite grasp that someone they know, either personally or through written communications, can actually be ascending to the next level.  As if everyone has been so busy being on the path, and more recently found much joy and happiness, that they've forgotten that the path actually leads to a whole new level of experiencing Self and everything.

So...going forward in this blog I will continue to share my personal experience, because there is always immense value to each other as we share our experiences.  And at the same time, I'm going to turn my attention towards sharing what I see might be helpful to you in opening the door within you. 

Along the seeking path, we have all looked towards, use, and appreciated the guidance we receive through channelled messages and activations from our friends, colleagues, and allies in the non-physical and the teachers in the physical.  All of this guidance has come through attuned to where we are in the present and guides us in the next steps.  It's very much like getting GPS directions.  As you take each step forward, you are then guided in the next step.  Turn left here.  Now proceed 2.4 miles.  Bear right and merge onto Highway 347.  Some of us are, however, like me, map people.  We understand the course better if we can look at the map.

From my current, expanded, on the ground perspective, there are insights I want to share with you going forward that I believe may be helpful to you.  My daughter's very first response when I told her I was passing through ascension was, "How do you do this?"  One of the reasons I choose to zip through the process of connecting consciously in mind and body, with my expanded Soul Self, is so I can offer the on-the-ground perspective and guidance on how to do this yourself.  This isn't a perspective that we've had available to any degree.  So now I'll share it.

The image that comes to me is this.  You've all been on the path in this journey for so long.  Now you are in the elevator, waiting.  All you have to do now is push the button and the elevator will take you to the next level and the door will open automatically.  I nudge you and remind you, "Hey, don't forget to push the button!"  When you do, you will finally arrive back Home.

With much love

Friday, January 29, 2016

Ascension System Mainenance and Recalibration

Today I've been off-line, in system down for servicing and upgrading the circuits mode.  Looking back, it started yesterday afternoon.

I can speak from the Helen observing the process perspective though, that is still operating.

Yesterday I felt much more centered in I AM Helen (My Soul Self appears to have chosen this moniker because it's what now comes to mind).  My mind was calmer and quieter, with much less self talking about what it was observing and experiencing in this transition.  Emotionally I was feeling a bit more serious throughout the day, without the giggles and giddiness I'd experienced so often bouncing through this acclimation process.

During the day, as I set about some mundane tasks, I became aware of the fact that my outer world will change significantly and very rapidly now.  Our outer world always reflects our inner reality and my new inner reality will be expressed in the outer world I experience.  As within so without.  Well, Yea!!!  I set about making a series of decisions as to what I want to create.  It was such an easy, pleasant, and very simple process now that there is no internal debate and no bumping into limiting ideas and beliefs, etc.  The things that I'd been struggling to create prior to ascension, such as repair of construction defects and completing the interior and exterior finishing of my house, will flow gracefully together going forward now. I understand this so clearly and naturally.

For the past five or six days my mind had been running at max capacity.  Like a computer running a marathon.  Personally, I've always found it exhilarating and exciting when I'm processing a lot of information and finding repeated epiphanies.  Although I have never done this so intensely for so long a period.  I'm curious about what others will experience in their acclimating process.  How they experience their minds and brains working.

By evening I was really tired, my whole body exhausted. Since day one, if I turn my attention to my crown chakra I can feel an ongoing energy flow.  But last night there was an intense stream of energy flowing in.  I realized I'd been going into off-line mode as the day progressed and that I was receiving another strong energy upgrade.

I see that I started going through a defrag process last night, a process of clearing fragments of old perceptions and thoughts.  A few times, once walking back from my chicken coop towards the house and twice while I was reading a novel in bed, I experienced momentary flashes, for just a second or two, when I flashed back into pre-ascension perception of who I am.  It was really weird and a tad unsettling.  "Is anything that's been happening to me real?  Or am I just loosing my mind?"  I dropped the questions and just went to sleep because I don't worry anymore!  This morning I was still exhausted even though I'd slept well.  Over coffee I had a few emotional flashbacks as I recalled a recent conversation with a friend, feelings that I would have felt before ascending.  But the feelings were feint and fleeting, like an echo.  That's when I was certain I was going through a defrag and an upgrading of all my circuit to handle the higher frequencies, and open up archived files so I can now access the information. 

The other synchronicity was that while all this was occurring we had really high winds over night and the power went out.  The power was out all day today, before being restored just as the sun went down.    Shortly after the power came back on at my house, my recalibration process started to wind down and I was able to close my eyes and connect on-line, so to speak.

This is the third time I've experienced my body and mind going into systems down for maintenance, recalibration and reboot.  This actually happens to us all quite routinely as we progress along the path.  It's just much more prominent and experience after ascending.  There are a couple of things I notice about this process worth sharing.  The intensity seems greatest the first time and has lessened a bit each time it happens.  Or perhaps I'm just more familiar and have greater understanding of what's taking place now.  Another is that the baseline state I'm in during each successive recalibration period is increasingly more elevated.  The first time it occurred, I was for 48 hours back in pre-ascension body and mind.  The second time I retained a level of experiencing myself as unified with my Soul Self, which increased this third time.  It's a process, a new process I'm discovering.  While I'm curious as to how this will unfold going forward, I know my Soul Self me guides the expansion process and knows exactly what it's doing.  No worries there.

There are immense changes that occur at every level, in the body, mind, and emotions, as we ascend.  The magnitude of this is huge.  So it's an ongoing, continual process.  Much occurs in our DNA in every cell in out bodies as formerly dormant capacities get switched on and activated.  Kryon's book The Twelve Layers of DNA has excellent information about this.

One last thing I want to share in this post. While I was running errands I had a most beautiful experience in the check out line of Target while buying raw hide bones for my dogs.  The cashier, an older gentle man, was smiling and softly singing to himself in between inquiring whether I'd found everything I was looking for and did I want a Target charge card.  I couldn't quite make out his lyrics.  "Oh, how lovely, I didn't expect to be serenaded while shopping!" I told him.  He smiled, nodded and continued singing.  As I finished paying I heard the next line of his song, "Oh, the love in my heart!"  And my entire being, body and field lit up with enough light to light up the entire store. I was electrified with love and light.  "I love you too.  May you have the most beautiful day."

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Cup of Coffee's Worth of Observations - Part 1

My intention going forward here on Earth is to assist this glorious awakening, shift and expansion occurring in human consciousness.  And to do so by sharing my experience, and providing support and guidance to those seeking to pass through ascension while incarnate on Earth,  The process of stabilizing, acclimating, and becoming familiar with living in body as who I AM is taking place very, very rapidly.

One way of looking at the human mind and experience is to recognize within the mind there is an observer self and a doer/actor self.  You are probably familiar with this construct.  As I proceed through this integration, I want to capture the observations of what I now call "Little Helen in this lifetime going through ascension" because I sense that in a very short span of time the perspective of  Little Helen will recede and fade.  Actually it is already happening.  So for a while, I'm going to write distinctly in two sections.  Thusly....

Little Helen In this Lifetime Observing Her Process:

Daily, and rapidly, I'm learning to function, explore, and navigate in this vast Soul Self me.  Because of the speed with which my mind is able to process massive numbers of insights, new information sensed and grasped, and cognitive understandings acquired, my sense of time is going wonky.   I feel like six or nine months must have passed since December 25, 2015.  So much took place within my cognition this past weekend that those two days felt like two weeks.  As a result, I have moments when I think, "Odd, I haven't heard from my friend in two and a half weeks.  Hope all is well with her."  Then I look at the calendar and see that it was just five days ago we had dinner together.  I experience this as humorous rather than disconcerting or unsettling.

When I look outwards at the larger world at the events and occurrences taking place, it is now from the perspective of the I Am Helen, not Little Helen.

Earlier in my life, around when I became more spiritually aware, a very intuitive and close friend shared her observation that my mind worked differently from most people.  This was a helpful observation and over time I was able to understand that my mind, very naturally and automaticaly, was able to take in multiple variables, and instantaneous understand the way they interacted over time.  I can see things operating as a system and immediately know what cog or gear is or isn't working well within the system.  Or whether the system works at all.  It's right brain parallel processing, I believe they call it.  I'm not sure of the specific name given to this capacity.  Anyway, I have a strongly vague awareness that this brain function is really in play as my mind works to make sense of what I'm experiencing and accessing within.   In other words, you may have a simpler process in acclimating mentally.  Or perhaps I was born with this brain capacity because I would need it in order to make sense mentally of the enormous amount of information contained within my ancient soul line.  Time will reveal more understanding about this.

As I said in an earlier post, I been living a rather solitary life the past ten years and I've not spend much time with family and friends since the veil lifted.  Who I AM now and how I perceive reality now is so radically different from two months ago that it's going to be interesting to observe and experience my interactions with people who have known me before I passed through ascension.  I am not at all the same person they are expecting to encounter based on our prior interactions.  The process of those in my life getting to know me now is going to be interesting.  It might be rather difficult for them to grasp the difference.  I've tended to just put myself out there and let other deal with it as they choose.  However, because this is such an enormous revision of Helen. Perhaps telling people that I'm rather different than the person you've known before, is a way to start?  I want to feel my way into this a bit and reveal my new self in a gentile way, or at least in a way they can follow.  These are people I love very much.

I'm finding that I have quite a strong aptitude for vibration.  I won't be surprised if we discover amongst those who have passed through ascension, that we each have areas of immense mastery.  In the two months prior to ascending, on three occasions during the moments just prior to waking in the morning, I received very clear vibration lessons.  (I've been intending to write a post about this, however at this time, I think you'll get more out of it if I present it in the context of a tool you can use.  Know this is coming.)  I've only just begun to access the vibrational knowledge I contain.  It took no time at all to find the understanding about what "harmonics" and "vibrational keys" are.  Boy, I never really grasped what this meant when the guidance in channelled messages referred to harmonics or vibrational keys.  Same for "distortions".  The complexity involved is more than I can explain in a blog post, but that's why I'm starting on a book.  Because this information will be helpful to you if explained from a human perspective.  You've already received it from the channelled energy's perspective.  

I was about to write that I wasn't certain whether my vibrational knowledge was stored in my DNA memory storage or stored in my Soul Self.  The I realized that this information is stored in both places.  Of course, it would be!  At this point I'm uncertain which location I'm accessing this knowledge from.  I've added this to my list (guess I'm making a list?) of things I'm curious to find out, but I will put this inquiry on hold long enough to finish this post.

What I've written so far is what occurred to me in the 15 or 20 minutes I sat outside on my back porch this morning drinking coffee.  This should give you a sense of how much there is to grock (grock is my word for taking in a bunch of information and making sense of it) and how fast the grocking process occurs.  I can't type as fast as my mind works.  Wish I could.  When I started out I wanted to also share some observations from the I AM Helen.  However, there are some mundane tasks I want to accomplish today, and in keeping with my decision to work out some sort of routine or schedule to ensure that the mundane aspect of on planet living doesn't fall to the wayside, I need to turn my attention and actions there.  For the present moment.

I leave you with one I AM observation:  You do not need to do anything to be perfect.  Who you are is already perfect.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The First Month of Ascension Unfolding - What It's Like

Yesterday marked one month in the Ascension unfolding.  I did not keep a daily journal during the last month.  Before too much more time goes by, I want to record, both for myself and for all reading, what the Ascension experience has been like for me thus far.  We have a lot of very old, and rather cryptic texts describing Ascension, but not so many contemporary  accounts, and frankly, we are light years ahead of 2000 - 3000 years ago.

Disclaimer: You are your own unique and perfect You.  Your experience will be unique and perfectly awesome for you. (And very fun and inspiring for everyone else if you share your experience.  So please do share!)

My unfolding Ascension experience:

December 22, the December Solstice:  I made the decsion to relinquish and release ALL that I had been thus far in this lifetime.  Most of me was amazed I was doing this.  I felt immensely tickled with myself.  It was like making the decision to throw out your old, most favorite shirt.  The one you've worn to death, mended split seams and tears, sewed buttons back on, scrubbed at stains that never really came out, elbows and cuffs worn almost through, faded all over.  Loved it immensely, definitely got your mileage out of it, but it was time to finally let it go and find a new favorite shirt.  And you toss it in the donation bag, or trash.  It was like that.  After making the decision, I felt so much freer and clearer, curious and tickled with myself.

December 25, Christmas Morning (The Festival of Lights :) : In meditation, after calling in a direct connection with my Divine Self and my guides, I asked to connect with my Angelic lineage.  I connected with the memory of the beautiful, love filled intention/inspiration that sparked the preparation of Earth as a Free-Will zone for life to experience, ebb and flow, thrive, expand and create.  I connected with the knowing/understanding of the partnership we incarnate have with our Soul line.  Then suddenly my body filled with heat and an energy larger than I've ever experienced entered my body.  The energy was highly compacted, as if pressurized.  There was nothing dark about it and it did not feel foreign at all.  I felt stunned and close to exploding.  Breathe, expand into it, breathe expand into it.  Like giving birth in reverse.  I knew the energy was mine to contain and integrate in.  I felt like a very over-stuffed overstuffed chair.  The I heard "Ascension is Real."  My intuitive voice told me this was the first of three or four of these energy connection/infusions.  There was no sense of time so I don't know whether I spent 15 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes integrating before I could open my eyes and move my body. 

Once I opened my eyes, stretched and stood up, I knew everything was different.  Everything.  But in what way?  This starts a continuous conversation between the inner observer, with the conscious mind and the expanded Soul Self.

Back to the day's Christmas dinner with my sister and her daughters....I made a roasted vegetable dish with pomegranate seeds tossed in.  I've eaten pomegranate seeds a few times before, but not often.  They were so good.  While cleaning up after dinner, I ate the rest of the seeds no used in the dish and went home craving more pomegranate seeds.

Day 2 and 3:  I felt an inner freedom that was profound, as if I had no obstacles at all.  My body felt taller.  Basically, I felt really good about myself and my life in a powerful new way, although I wasn't sure at first how to describe it.  As I went through these first couple of days, I realized that all sense of struggle, doubt, worry, and resistance was gone.  My entire field wiped clean of all emotional pain, disappointment, despair, hurt, worry.  The small stuff I used to concern myself with was now irrelevant.  "Wow, Am I?/I am really in ascension!!?!!"  I took two hour naps each day.

Day 4 and 5:   These two days were really quite humorous.  I'm in 5D, I'm in 3D.  I'm in my knowing, oops where'd it go?  Back and forth, back and forth between the two radically different states.  When I slipped into 3D, if I closed my eyes and reached for the connection, I easily connected back into 5D knowing state.  All the while I kept asking myself, "Am I really in ascension?  Maybe I was mistaken. No, I think this is ascension.  Wait, maybe it's not."  Emotionally, I was cool with whatever was happening, and this was a very different attitude from before.  (How about BA - Before Ascension, and AA - After Ascension?  No, AA will of course get mixed up with the other AA.  We need new words and abbreviations)  Again, I took two hour naps each day and slept really well at night too.

Day 6 and 7:  I woke up the morning of Day 6 with my body feeling immensely heavy and worn out.  When I tried to raise my vibration, nothing happened.  When I attempted mediation, I could not connect to my expanded Soul Self or any of my guides.  During the day I tried to take a nap but didn't fall asleep.  My body was a total wipe out, yet it had a different quality from those days when your body's tired and worn out from physical exertion.  Finally I found a way to describe what I was experiencing, I was totally off-line.  "Oh well, guess I wasn't really stating ascension."

The next days/weeks:  I woke up Day 8 feeling more myself (Whoever I am now!???!!) I turned my vibration knob and it responded, Yeah!  Quickly I was back in 5D connection with my expanded Soul Self embodied.  I tried a couple of times over the next few days, in meditation to call in another download of energy/connection, but it didn't happen.  My experience of being in 24/7 connection/embodiment stabilized and took root.  My physical energy level was high and I felt exuberant.  I accomplished a bunch of tasks I'd been putting off, like sorting through my clothes closet.  "Yes, this is ascension.  I am finally, finally ascending!!!)

One evening, about two weeks after the ascension process began, I listened to the first half of a program on Beyond the Ordinary.  Don't remember who it was but she said she channelled the Elohim and Keepers of Knowledge, my lineage.  The info coming through during the channelling was really basic to me, so I turned it off and connected to the higher realms and my guides.  And boom, my body filled with heat and I was once again filled with my enormous Soul energy.  This time the experience felt less intense.  The connection/download very much paralleled what I experienced the first time.  And it was followed by two or three days of feeling much more expanded, my inner knowing/sensing more expanded.  Then two days of wobbling and flip-flopping between more knowing/less knowing, more connected/less connected.  The two days of body exhaustion/heaviness and being kind of off-line.

General Observations and Experiences:

My sense of time has kind of blown out the window, so to speak, so I'm just going to list some of what I've been experiencing.  This is the most literally MiNd BloWiNG, and I mean literally, experience.  Awe, Joy!!, wonder, amazement, vastness, and knowing/experiencing myself connected to everything. 

I've absolutely, positively fallen in love with being alive.

With the Christmas connection/download, my crown chakra blasted open from being about 3 inches across, like the diameter of the bottom of a drinking glass (where do I come up with these analogies?) to the entire top of my head.  It has remained this open and I feel vibrational tingling of connection all the time now.

The vastness of and within me has no ending or beginning.  I've spent at least half of each day, sitting comfortable relaxed back in my chair, eyes closed, immensely happy and entertained, exploring.  And searching for words and concepts to describe to myself what I discover.

The human 3D mind is very limited and constrained in it's abilities to grasp what is now available from within when in 24/7 continuous, open connection and embodying the expanded Soul Self in 5D. 

This morning I recognized, Hey, the veil is gone!  Did it disappear all at once on December 25, 2015? Or was there a gradual dissipation, like fog clearing?  I'm not sure because the initial opening up to expanded Soul Self within the conscious mind is so huge a leap and the human mind so limited, it's taking time to wrap my mind around what I'm experiencing.

Analogies are the staff of life!!!  I search for and use analogies continuously to locate a mental definition of information I'm finding and experiences I'm experiencing.

My self-talk is now 100% an ongoing monologue of what I'm experiencing/discovering and what my Soul has to say.  No critique of myself, another, or anything. Nada.

My understanding about vibration and how vibration is everything went exponential.  This is an are I spend a lot of my "time" exploring and reclaiming while sitting happy as a lark in song with my eyes closed.

My baseline vibration is now much higher than I was previously able to reach by turning my vibration up as high as I could stand.

Listening to music/voice like this master old soul (She's 9 years old, wrap you mind around that!) sends my vibration soaring through the Universe in every part of my physical body, mind, and emotions.

My sense of humor jumped exponentially, especially about myself.  The again, I live by myself with my two Goldendoodles, Rohan and Simone, and 18 chickens (they live in their coops, not the house), and have spent much of the last month alone, so I can't say whether anyone else appreciates my senses of humor, but I laugh with and at myself all the time.

I have a wall in my office area where, for the past nine months I've posted inspiring quotes and statements/thoughts I wanted to hold and believe as true.  I just took down two statements/thoughts about the Universe conspiring for my success and Creating my magical security blanket, because, well, Duh, why do I need a reminder of what is so blatantly true.  In their place I'm going to post "Remember the Mundane!" because mundane things like paying bills seem like such silly things to have to do, not that I've ever been that in to the mundane tasks.

You know when you walk into a room and can't remember why you were going there?  Well the other night I realized I had just walked back and forth from one end of my kitchen to the other at least 25 times, no kidding, because I couldn't hold the thought of what I wanted to do, then wasn't sure what I was planning to do in the first place.  

Back to the pomegranates...since Christmas I've been eating pomegranates, one or two a day.  After that first one, it was the only food I craved.  My body must need something in them.  I'm now skilled at taking them apart and corralling the seeds in a bowl without rupturing the seeds.  However, the peel and pith turns my nails and cuticles dark grey.  Boraxo (remember that?) is best, I've found, at taking some of the staining out, but basically my hands look like I just finished working on a car engine.  If you have a solution for this, please post in a comment.  Thank you :))

I no longer go within seeking connection with a guide or wanting an answer to some question.  In regards to how to do something in the material world, I just know what's the way and what actions to take to have it happen.

Based solely on three occurrances in the past few weeks, I think my clairsentient/claircognizant abilities now extend farther because it was easy to tune into someone at a geographical distance from me.  It's not something I feel a desire or need to check out.  Over time, I'll become aware as situations present themselves.

What I described in this post about navigating from 5D to explain something to someone in 3D is no longer a challenge or better term, an adventure.  It's easy.

I've not yet spent my time and focus on creating in the material to see what happens.  When I'm focused inward I sense that it's going to feel and be like being Merlin or Gandolfcreating in the material by setting up the vibrational codes for what I want to create.  Oooow, it's going to be fun.

I no longer seek guidance or answers to How do I do this or that? from outside sources. Once or twice I've looked at the messages and guidance posted on-line in places like Spirit library.  A few have accurate guidance, but I'm already here and don't need it.  The majority of what is out there in the spiritual community is like playful diversions that aren't going to get you anywhere really.  I see this so clearly now. Like going to get a manicure or get ice cream cones.  They aren't going to guide you to connecting Consciously to your Soul Self and the vastness of Source.  Sorry.

Each of you in incarnate life is already fully connected to your expanded Soul Self at the subconscious mind and in every cell of your body through your DNA.  When you strike the precise harmonic vibrational code to door opens in your conscious mind and you become aware of Source and the vastness of your being.

The keys to opening and connecting to Source in your Conscious human mind is an alignment of harmonic vibrational codes, like a complex chord in music.  I can see it so clearly now.  And each day it's gotten clearer to me how to explain this all to others who are seeking.  It will take a book's worth of words to describe the process and keys.

There's much more I could say at this time.  I'm hungry so I'm not going to proof read this before posting (which you might have already guessed by now).

I'm about to start writing the book as quickly as I can.   That will be professionally proof read and edited, promise.

I love everyone.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ascension is Real

Going through the Ascension process is mind blowing.  In these first few weeks, what I find most profound is the experience of having the expanded Divine Soul Self connect and merge with my physical mind, body, and emotional field.  Nothing is the same once this happens.  There is 24/7 access to your expanded inner knowing within this merged field within you, that is you.  Make sense?? There is a lot to wrap one's conscious mind around, to make a gross understatement.  It is a magical, wonder and awe filled experience.

I shared a few posts ago about the first few days after connecting and merging with my expanded Soul Self, that I experience myself flip-flopping back and forth between 3D and 5D.  Another way to describe this relates to the connection to the expanded Soul Self.  The powerful energy that filled my body is my Soul Self.  I knew this as it was happening and this knowing has grown deeper.  The few days of flip-flopping was like tuning a radio, as you hit the station you want for a moment, then turn the knob slightly back and forth until you hit the place where the transmission is consistent, stable, and clear.  "I'm in my Knowing, I'm back to my small self, I'm in my Knowing, Wait, how did I lose the connection when all I did was go in the kitchen and quarter and apple?" 

Over past few weeks, as my Soul embodiment has stabilized and continued to deepen and expand within me, I've spent some time exploring the Knowing that is now available to me.  The difference between pre-Ascension and Post-Ascension I would describe like this.  Before Ascension my Knowing came in in short, direct, currently appropriate guidance.  Sort of like I was given the third paragraph on page 137 of a particular book, applicable to what I needed in that moment.  Over the years, as I listened and asked for guidance and Knowing, I reached a stage where I could request knowing on a subject and would receive it usually within 48 hours.  After connecting to my expanded Soul Self in ascending, I now have access to the entire library.  The library is huge and all the information is vibrational.  So I've been (re)learning how to locate, access and translate information into human mental concepts and words that my self, here in this lifetime on the ground can understand.  I hope this makes sense.  I'm trying.

This weekend, as I consider, "Who am I now?" and "What and How do I want to express myself now?"  I recognize that at this point I hold a number of perspectives simultaneously.  There is Helen in this physical life who has mundane tasks, like  mopping the floor, buying groceries, and fixing the new hole in the fence that my dogs have started traversing for unescorted field trips.  There is Helen in this physical lifetime who is experiencing the Ascension process and learning to make sense of it.  And there is Helen, the expanded ancient Soul Self that is becoming consciously known/experienced in this physical lifetime.  (There is a forth perspective related to my role with Earth and humanity, but for the sake of this discussion and simplicity, I'm leaving that one to the side for now.)

The mundane perspective, you already know about and we can talk later about the challenge of integrating/balancing the mundane tasks into the Divine expression on Earth once I figure that out a bit better.  And the forth perspective is to the side, for now.

Considering the perspectives of the in-this-lifetime Self experiencing the Ascension process and the expanded ancient Soul Self now resident and becoming consciously known/expressed in this lifetime, both perspectives have wisdom and guidance to share.  I sense that over time, they/1 will become more integrated into one perspective.  But for now they are very distinct, and I want to choose how to share the best of each perspective.  And I'm still experimenting with Where I am speaking from now?  Pay attention to this because when you Ascend (if you choose), you too will experience multiple, simultaneous perspectives and the opportunity to make choices about how you want to express the new expanded you.  Then again, it might unfold for you as a very natural, graceful, not such a big deal process.  We are each different!

My Helen-in-this-lifetime experiencing Ascension perspective is easy to share, it's a matter of relating what I'm experiencing the present, as I've been doing in this blog from the start.  Enlightenment, Nirvana, Heaven on Earth, Ascension, that state of inner peace, joy and bliss spoken of in the ancient texts, has an ethereal quality in most people's minds.  It is like some far off distant place heard of in legends that we long for and dream of reaching, but can't quite grasp that it can actually happen.  Reading accounts from those who have ascended in this current time, Eckhart Tolle, David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, Michealle Small Wright, Gary Zukav...makes it less mystical, answers a lot of questions, and helps us understand and validate our experiences in the Ascension process. At least it's been immensely helpful to me.

Lastly, and most significantly, is my perspective as an expanded Soul Self.  This is the perspective for which I want to find my voice.  It is from our expanded Soul Self that we have access to share with other the deepest, most expansive wisdom.  So first, I must tell you who I am:

I am a humble servant of the Creative Source and I bow to the Divine in you.  I am an ancient soul of the Elohim.  From both the non-physical realms and from the physical during incarnate lifetimes, I've participated in the co-creation of the Divine Plan for Earth as a Free-Will zone for life, and for the Plan's fulfilment in manifest physical form.  There is a partnership that takes place between the non-physical Soul and the Soul acting through incarnate expressions.  Creation in the physical can only happen through the Soul expressing in incarnate form.  During a prior incarnation, in service of the Divine Plan, I was a genetic scientist who created the seeds for the trees and plant life that we then seeded on Earth.  I should say co-creation as there were many involved.  This was in the Lyra star system.  Much later in earth years, I had lifetimes as a Plieadian participating in the seeding of Humanity and the co-creation of the crystalline grid on Earth.  And many hundreds of lifetimes incarnate on Earth.  I am here now in service to Earth and to all life and Humanity on the planet in this time of the expansion of Consciousness.

Back to the present in this lifetime, I've been experiencing and witnessing the unfolding of Earth's and Humanity's expansion and shift to the next level in the unending spiral of growth and Ascension.  My joy, excitement, and awe is dual in nature.  I experience it at the personal level as Helen in-this-lifetime. As in Wow, this is amazing!  And I experience it, perhaps most intensely, with the love and joy of a mother watching her child, after many challenges, prepare to receive his/her Masters degree.  A love so deep, unconditional, eternal.  As I view the shift occurring on Earth, I feel like my proud, dedicated mother hen, Miranda, as she gathered her wide-eyed curious chicks to leave the nest and step outside the coop for the first time.  Rest assured, No chick will be left behind!  I am not the only person incarnate on Earth who shares this perspective, though our numbers are relatively few.   Please know that there is a multitude here, both in the physical and non-physical, to support and assist you in this transformation.  The Universe conspires for your success.

So... my intentions now are to quickly sort out and integrate, as i find appropriate, my perspectives, gather and translate into concepts and language understandable to the human mind the relevant information I have access to in my expanded field, and then express in written form what I sense will be most helpful/useful to assist those on the path of Ascension.

On a lighter note, We really need to co-create a field of Ascension humor.  So much of this experience is quite hysterical.  I mean really, I just had to figure out how to tell people I made the trees!  Imagine this for a moment, and please laugh with me.  And I promise to laugh with you when you connect with the awareness of what amazing things you created in the material. 

Lastly, because this is quite enough for one post, I leave you with this message:  Ascension is Real.  If you have completed all the lessons of the 3rd dimension, and if you choose, you really, truly can Ascend and expand into consciously embodying your Divine Soul Self in this physical lifetime.

With deepest sincerity, Namaste, much love

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Like Being a Spiritual Teenager Who's Not Sure of the Driving Directions.

Despite my best intentions to post every few days, I've started three different blog posts in the past week, and before I finish one, my focus has moved onto a different area of interest.  There's one about David Bowie and what an incredible role model he is/was for us of living as Sovereign beings, one about working with the themes of integrity and congruity, and the first of a four part series on collectively using our conscious focus and energy fields to create peace in the world.  So much is changing so quickly.  I find it a challenge to keep up with myself.  Pretty funny.

We truly have the opportunity now, if we choose, to step up into a completely new paradigm of spiritual awareness and understanding.  Along with this comes the opportunity to learn and develop mastery in using a whole new host of tools and ways of being to live and create in 5D.  We've really done all we can with the old 3D spiritual teachings.  We've visualized, opened our chakras, and worked with the Law of Attraction without really understanding how it works.  We gone as far as we could with a limited 3d separation perspective.

Two analogies come to mind that illustrate the differences between the old realm and the new one.  One is that thus far we've learned how to read and have been reading and understanding what we read and write, at least understanding in our heads.  Now we, if we choose, we have the chance to work with movies.  Not only do we have written words for a script, but we have skilled actors that express the subtleties of the emotions and the chemistry of their interactions.  We have costumes, lighting and scenery and sets, and an immense range of cinematography to work with in creating our vision.  In owning our sovereignty, we take on the role of director, claim our inner authority and artistic license, and begin creating the life we want to create.  And we learn to understand the meaning of our new vision through our hearts.

Or a second analogy, we've been small children with one box of eight crayons and a coloring book, with "the way things are" preprinted for us in black outlines.  Now we're stepping in to play in a huge, light filled, quantum art studio with every variety of canvas, board, and paper we can imagine. Charcoal, ink, and paints in oils, acrylic, pastels, and water colors.  We have brushes of every type, sponges, pens, markers, and the big box of 150 Prismacolor colored pencils.  Now we can work with and develop discernment in using the subtleties of color, shading, line, light, and shadow.  And what we can create is whatever we want and dare to envision.  There are no longer pre-stamped lines we have to follow outlining the way things are "supposed" to be.

The new 5th and 6th dimensional realm is really one of working with vibration.  As we transition into these expanded dimensions, our attention now is on learning discernment of the subtleties of different vibrations and skill at using them to create in the material world of Earth.  Vibration is everything. 

Our expanded Soul or Divine Self, already knows well how to work in this arena.  Yet for our formerly 3D conscious mind, we have much newness to wrap our minds around.  And collectively we'll need to come up with new vocabulary to describe what we are experiencing.  I find myself continually throughout the day in a state of "wrapping my mind around" something new.  Then having a bit of difficulty finding words to describe what I'm experiencing to someone else.

One of the challenges I've encountered in these first days entering the 5D/6D realm is about communicating with others who are operating in 3D.  I do fine talking with a friend of mine whose travelling right beside me.   It's a bit more challenging with others who haven't yet started to transition.  Quite often I find myself at a loss for words on how to respond. There were a couple of instances this week when speaking with people, awake and aware people, when I found myself not sure where to begin in responding to them.  My understanding of how we create our reality has expanded so much, it's hard to know where to start when someone asks my thoughts about a situation or event in their lives. 

For example, a friend called me and asked for suggestions on how to respond supportively in regards to a situation involving her 11 year old daughter.  She has always valued my insights into the best interests of children.  I could see that the situation likely was a reflection back of some old limiting self perceptions my friend has. The way I would have viewed what was going on in this situation before and how I view it now is very different.  And how I would have responded before no longer fits.  I can see that my old 3D perspective might have helped some, but really would not have been very supportive in the long or short run to either my friend or her daughter's sovereignty and self love.  Yet I was at a loss as to the best way to communicate my view of the situation. 

Mentally from this expanded perspective I'm just learning to navigate, I had to identify what's important and what supports both of them in their sovereignty and self love, then figure out where in 3D perspective my friend was.  I realized I'm not familiar with the best route to take in walking another person through from a 3D perspective to what I want to share of my perspective.  It's like I have to do a Google map search to identify the best path of explanation from 3D to 5D perspective.  It became a very spatial mental process.  Give me a few months and I'll be much faster at this. 

If you've ever moved to a new city, moving into 5th dimension is a similar experience.  In a new city, at first you don't know your way around at all.  You have to give people a change of address.  You have to locate the cheap gas station, the grocery stores and farmers' market, find a good dentist.  You have to learn the names of roads and discover the best routes to get from point A to point B, and the short cuts in between.  It can be a challenge at first to give directions to someone else so they can find you, especially when you're still learning the landmarks.  You're in a new world.

After thinking about 11 year olds and the process of growth teenagers go through, I see a lot of similarities to the process of Ascension too.  Teenagerhood (spellcheck says this is not a word?!) is a developmental process of exploring who one is, developing autonomy/independence, learning to make good choices for oneself, learning to participate in the larger community outside of the immediate family, and physically developing into an adult body.  Likewise, Ascension is a developmental process of exploring who one is, developing sovereignty, learning to make self-loving choices for oneself, learning to participate in the larger community outside of the immediate spiritual family, and physically developing into a body that supports your new, larger energy field. Both are processes of transitioning from a more limited state of being to a much wiser and more capable state of being.

And neither of them are steady gradual processes.  One of the things about teenagers that I find endearing, though it drives a lot of parent totally nuts, is that you're never sure whether the kid who just walked into the room is going to be their 10 year old self or their going on 30 self, or somewhere in between.  Teenagers flip back and forth, sometimes with amazing speed, between their child self and their emerging adult self.  And sometimes they think they're in their adult self when their acting like their 10 year old self, just to make it all really confusing for everyone.  The early stage of Ascension is a lot like this.  You find yourself switching back and forth between your old 3D self and your greatly expanded 5D self, or somewhere in between.  At least compared to teenagerhood, the transition into the wiser, expanded Soul Self is much faster.  And throughout it all, high spirits abide and you find yourself laughing at yourself a lot :)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016: The Year of Falling in Love with Being Alive

Never before have I felt such joy and excitement about a New Year.  Oh, the potentials before us!!  On New Year's Eve, I realized I've actually been celebrating this New Year for the past 10 days.  First, the winter Solstice, when I decided to give up all that I've been in this life up to now.  Next, the December 25th full moon, Festival of Lights, and all planets moving forward together.  That was the day I connected with my Soul lineage and promptly received the infusion of enormous energy.  And in the evening, with family, we held a short, non-ceremonious ceremony in which we each acknowledged our accomplishments of the year, cast into the fire what we wanted to release, and claimed what we wanted to experience in the New Year.  I cast into the fire "all that I've been in this lifetime up to now" and then claimed Mastery, Joy and Love for this new year.  And last night was the calendar New Year.

Of the three, the Solstice felt most like the official New Year to me, which is a new experience.  I've marked the solstices and equinoxes for the pas few years, but not really celebrated them.  However, this past winter solstice felt like the new year.  Pondering this, my sense is that as I've become more attuned to my true Soul essence, I've also become more attuned to the natural cycles, the rhythms of nature, the planets and the Universe.

Making the choice to relinquish and release all that I've been in this lifetiime was a very intuitive decision. I find it kind of curious and I'm a bit tickled about it.  It was not done out of a desire to cast away something awful that I no longer wanted, or be done with a life I couldn't stand.  Not at all.  The decision rose from the recognition that I'm ready now to claim my expanded Soul Self and let go completely of what I now call "little old me".  It arose from a sense of completion, of commitment, and a desire to accept responsibility and ownership of who I really am.  A bit like I am done riding a tricycle, I'm ready to drive a car, or rather a spaceship.

For about three days after I absorbed that enormous blast of energy on December 25th, I went kind of multi-personality, bouncing back and forth throughout the day between my expanded Soul Self and little old me. The contrast between the different states was/is extreme.  It was real quite hysterical.  Each time I found myself in little old me mode, I just practised switching back into my expanded Self by going into my heart, turning up my vibration and expanding into the higher frequency.  I never imagined I'd spend so much time wandering around within myself looking to find the most direct route to my fullest Self and create a well worn path there.

After the first three days of switching back and forth between the old and new states, things seemed to stabilize and I stayed in expanded Self mode for a couple of days.  Have to say, being in my expanded Self feels so fabulous It's hard to express.  I feel a clarity I've never experienced before and resistance free freedom.  By way of analogies: It's like I was always fighting my way upstream, without realizing it, and now I'm freely in the flow.  Like before I was living my whole life in a too small apartment, constantly bumping my knee on the corner of the bed and coffee table, or struggling through dense woods tripping on roots and getting scratched by brambles, and now for the first time I'm outside in a big open field of wild flowers.  It feels glorious.  There are no obstacles to what I can create.  It's like falling in love with being alive.

Yesterday I woke up in the morning in what felt like a middle space between expanded me and little old me, although I'm not certain this is accurate.  I was tired during the day too.  There is a lot of adjustment and acclimation going on physically, emotionally, and mentally, that's for sure.  Part of me stays in observer mode watching and assessing because my sense of reality has really changed.  Yesterday aside, my energy has been really good while I'm awake.  Yet I've also needed more sleep and have been taking long naps in the afternoon.  And pomegranates.  I suddenly developed a craving for pomegranates, a food I've only eaten perhaps twice before.  Now I'm eating two of them a day.  Clearly they contain nutrients my body needs for all the DNA changes going on.

Funny, when I set out to write this post, I'd thought to write a New Year's post about my big epiphanies of the past year, what experiences I wanted to release from my life, and what new things I wanted to experience in this new year, but it evolved in a quite different way, which, as always, is perfect.  In my nap yesterday, after starting this post, I received a message that there are very few accounts of what it's like to experience Ascension.  There are probably more, but I've only come across three such accounts:  Ekhart Tolle in The Power of Now, David  R Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. in Power Vs. Force, and Machaelle Small Wright in Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon.

Both Tolle's and Hawkins' books devote only the first few chapters to describing their experience of Ascension.  And both of them experienced a similar process of dropping into a very dark night of the soul despair then one powerful, sort of big bang, that transitioned them into an expanded Self state.  Machaelle Small Wright's Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon is a detailed journal of her experience, which took a more gradual process.  Mine is also more gradual.  The powerful intake of energy I received on December 25th, I suspect, is only the first of a series.  There is more to come, with atunements and infusions in between.  My body needs time to adjust and upgrade with each big step in the process.  It's too much energy for me to take in all at one time.

Here at the start of the new year, I'm aware my focus has shifted from an inward focus on my own personal experiences, to a focus on what I can and want to do to support the Ascension of other Lightworkers and the shift of Human Consciousness.  Writing about my journey helps me identify and understand what is occurring within me.  And I'll heed the message I received that sharing my journey is of assistance to others.   We are each working in partnership with our Expanded Self in making this great leap in consciousness.  You are each unique and will follow your own unique process of Ascension that you have tailored perfectly for yourself.  And at the same time, this is a shared journey we are all creating together.  (Gotta love being here in 5D where the last two sentences make total sense.  Back in 3Dville, these statements would be a total contradiction!)

Lastly, as an added bonus and because I'd already written out the list, here are

The Big Epiphanies of 2015:

  •  Epiphanies are one of my favorite things!
  • You can raise your vibration by simply turning it up.  In doing so, you automatically lift your spirits, upgrade your thoughts, feel so much better, and feel much more energetic.
  • Lifting your vibration not only makes you free better, doing so makes you resonant with and receptive to the higher frequencies coming into the planet.  Receiving and integrating the higher frequencies transforms you and expands your understanding of reality.  It all just gets better and better.
  • Most of us operate with an unconscious cultural expectation that the other person is supposed to make us feel better.  When we remove that expectation, we free ourselves up to experience our sovereignty, free the other person up to be themselves with us, and transform our relationships.
  • We are each way more powerful creators than my old self ever imagined.
  • The collective effect of a couple of hundred small epiphanies about how we create our reality is enormous.
  • All the years of working to uncover, heal, clear, forgive, and release old misunderstandings, hurts, fears and self doubt, false personas, limiting beliefs and expectations, and old emotions lodged in my body was worth every bit of courage and effort it took.  Because when all the old crap is cleared away there is a freedom and joyousness that is pure bliss.
  • Ascension is real. 
  • Loving yourself deeply and completely really is the way to change the world.
Shine on Awesome Ones!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Looking Back the Wise One Inside Always Knew

There are singular events that occur here and there in the span of our lifetimes that feel quite unusual at the time and completely unrelated to anything else.  Then one day we see a connection running between a series of these previously unrelated events which is startling in it's significance. 

Late summer 1971 - I'm two months shy of my 14th birthday.  It's early evening and I'm standing on the corner of a busy street a few blocks from my house waiting for the light to change so I can cross the street.  Suddenly I "Know" that I'm here to do something very important in my life.  I've no idea where this awareness has come from and more importantly, I've not the foggiest clue what it is I'm meant to do that's so important.

April 1989 - I've just returned from a weekend workshop with The Center for Study of Human Systems.  I'm a recently single mother of a 3 year old and am pursuing personal growth work while also attending college.  The workshop was full of expansive learning and wonderful epiphanies.  Somehow, shortly after returning from the workshop I enter into a state where I have access to immense wisdom about what ever I think about.  It's amazing and kind of scary because I've got no idea what is happening to me, only that I'm suddenly, maybe, kind of very psychic, although I don't really know much about psychic abilities.  This state of "Knowing" last for three days without interruption.  I barely sleep wandering around in all the information available to me inside my head.  Then it fades out.

Thanksgiving weekend 2005 - I read through the transcript of a very detailed reading I'd had the previous spring.  It's about the fifth time I've read through the reading transcript.  Suddenly the meaning of a passage jumps out at me as if I'd never seen it before, "You are clairsentient, also known as a feeler or empath."   I spend the next week recalling so many times I could not understand how someone could be so unkind, thoughtless, or callous towards another or towards me.  It all starts to make sense now.  They were operating with much less information than I had.  How did I manage to live for 49 years without realizing I had more awareness of what the people around me were feeling and thinking than others did?

July 2006 - I've had another reading from the same intuitive.  This one ends with a passage that says: "Don't you remember who you are?  You are one of the Keepers of Earth.  The Earth is not some inert lump of clay.  She is a sentient being carrying humanity through your galaxy like a loving protective mother craft."  In my head I'm thinking, "Frankly, No, I do not remember anything about who I am."  and "Who came up with this veil idea anyway??  They sure had a warped sense of humor thinking it would be some fun game to come to earth and live lifetime after lifetime with blindfolds on trying to figure out who we really are.  Whoever it was should be shot.  And while we're on the subject, How come I got stuck with the extra heavy-duty blackout model of a veil????"

Summer 2009 - I'm participating in the South Eastern Regional Permaculture gathering.  I've woken up to the banksters, Illuminati, Bilderberg corruption and am now a dedicated prepper expecting massive earth changes, financial collapse, and some sort of revolution.  I've been searching for my "mission".  At the gathering, I do a Tibetan Bells session.  I lie on the ground and the healer places Tibetan Bells all around me.  He begins ringing the bells and I drift into a memory from another lifetime of being inside a temple full of candlelight.  I'm filled with the Knowing that there is nothing I need to do.  I can sit in the back corner of a room saying nothing. My presence changes everything.  That is all I came to do, be present.

September 2015 - It's the month of the Fall Equinox, falling in the middle of a full lunar and full solar eclipse cycle.  One day I suddenly remember the uninterrupted and expansive Knowing I experienced back in the spring of 1989 and I'm full of longing to reconnect with it.  I set my intention to connect with, merge, and embody All That I AM, my Divine Self.  I've experienced immense growth the past few years, with many epiphanies and much greater awareness, yet I'm still unsure what the experience of Ascension feels like.  At least I don't remember what it feels like.

December 21, 2015 - The Winter Solstice.  After years of healing and releasing old hurts, doubts, fears, old false personas, limiting ideas and expectations, and outgrown ways of perceiving reality, I make the decision and set the intention to release and relinquish all that I've been in this lifetime.  I agree to transition out of this person I've been, as we do in "death", and resume being my All That I AM Self, while staying in this physical body alive on Earth.  I realize this process was activated back in September, though I'm unsure when or how the transition will take place.

December 25, 2015 - It's mid-morning.  I close my eyes, fill my body with light, start the flow of light cycling from Earth through my spinal column and up into the Universe.  I call in my connection with my Divine Self and my Guides.  Turn up my vibration and expand into it, turn up and expand.  As I focus on the quiet of my heart, I expand upwards and connect with the memory and intention of the creation of life on Earth.  It is a partnership of the Creator energies in the non-physical and their embodied expressions in incarnate form, the scientists, geneticists seeding and filling the Earth with plant life and crystals, then seeding animal life, then Human life.  The vision and intention is so pure, full of Grace and full of Love: That here on Earth, Consciousness could experience itself in abundant, interconnected material life forms, with freedom and free will to explore and experience itself, to ebb and flow, to evolve without restraint, to reach the highest expressions it could imagine.  The love and beauty in this intention is greater than I've ever felt and I'm filled with Awe.  I open up to receive as much of this love as I'm able.  Right then a powerful energy fills my body.  I've never felt anything like this before. It has a denseness, as if compressed, that fills me to maximum capacity.  I feel like an overstuffed chair. My body is instantly hot.  I breath and expand to contain it, breath and expand, breath and expand.  It takes all my concentration to contain, hold, and begin to integrate this huge energy.  It is now that I Know that Ascension is real.  It is happening.

Looking back the wise one inside always knew the purpose in this lifetime.  And every once in a while, even long before the process of awakening starts unfolding, our Soul, our Divine Self peeks through the veil and whispers in our ear.  Quiet gentile reminders.  Do you remember who you are?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Five Answered Questions about the Process of Ascension

When I first started this blog I never imagined that the path of expansion and ascension would unfold in the way it has, and continues to unfold.  I'm daily amazed and filled with wonder.  The growth and expanding perspectives available to each of us increases exponentially with each passing month.  I've learned more and changed more in the past year than in the previous four or five years, without a doubt.

Without a doubt.  In so many ways our process since awakening is one of running out the doubts.  And in running out the doubts and fears we come to know who we truly are.

There was an exercise suggested to me a few months ago.  You start by identifying something that you long for, then ask Why?  Write your answer and again ask Why?  Keep answering and asking Why?  About the fifth time you ask Why? and answer, you're getting down to the real heart level.   What I found really interesting was that when I did this exercise a number time on different things I desired, I always arrived finally at the exact same answer: Because I am a Creator.

Everything is a process of creation and change.  What is created has a beginning, a period of growth and flourishing, and then it grows to it's peak and then begins to decline.  Perhaps there is a "death" or moments of chaotic destruction, and then evolution into something new, a new creation.

I've found in life that when we understand the process we are transitioning through, and can identify where we are in the process, we're then able to find within ourselves a sense of peace and confidence.  This is true even in the moments of chaos or during the leaps of faith into the unknown when we're unsure where we will land.

In thinking about the process of ascension, there are a number of aspects about the process that I wish I'd discovered sooner.  It would have saved me a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and unnecessary doubts and fears.

What then is the process of ascension?

Ascension can be described as a natural process of evolving into an ever more expanding state of conscious awareness or enlightenment.   It's the process of developing mastery.  That's a short answer.  However, having traversed along this path for a good number of years, it's become clear that the process of ascension is enormously complex and involves multiple processes, some of which occur in sequence, some which happen simultaneously, some which overlap.  Defining a specific process is really not possible because each of us experiences this path of evolving into ever expanding states of awareness in our own unique and perfect way.

There are, however, some specific aspects about the process that are true for each of us.  As I think back about my experiences thus far, there were a number of things about the process that I wish I'd known sooner.  There were a number of big, unanswered questions about what ascension entailed that led to a lot of unease.  The uncertainty of what I would likely experience caused a lot of confusion, doubt, and especially fear.  Seems it's important to share the answers I finally discovered with others. Perhaps it will make your experiences easier.  These are pretty short, concise answers.  At this point I could write a book about the process of ascension.  However, my goal in this format is to assist, not overwhelm.  Here are five question about the process of ascension that I'm glad I finally have answers to:

Question One: Ascension means to rise up, so does this mean we're going some place else? Leaving my body? transitioning through death?
Answer: We are not going anywhere else when we ascend.  We're staying here in our bodies, here on planet Earth.  Many of us have traversed the path of ascension before.  Previously in the universe, when large groups of beings ascended together, they did transition out of their bodies and then reincarnated in on a another planet operating at a higher dimension.  There have always been individuals who reached enlightenment while here on Earth.  This time, Earth has ascended into the 5th dimension.  And for the first time ever, a huge group of us are pursuing ascension and enlightenment while remaining incarnate in our bodies here on the planet.  This is the reason we have such immense support from the beings of light in the non-physical.  The entire universe is cheering us on.

Question Two: What's going to happen to me in this process?
Answer: The process occurs first at the mental level, then emotional, then physical level. It begins at the mental level with a spiritual awakening.  We realise we are more than this person in this lifetime.  As you view yourself and the world around you, you begin to perceive that there is more going on than you used to see.  There's a paradigm shift in how you understand yourself and the reality surrounding you.  You begin to see things differently and reach deeper understandings about yourself, your relationships, your purpose, and the meaning of life.  What we are consciously aware of expands.

While awareness expands at the mental level, changes begin taking place at the emotional level.  With deeper understanding, we begin healing old emotional wounds.  Misunderstandings about relationships and events we experienced become visible to us. There is a process of healing, sorting and reordering, clearing out, and releasing old thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions that no longer fit for us.  Many of us experience physical symptoms, such as bouts of tiredness, not being able to sleep, aches and pains, congestion, as our bodies adjust to old energies and emotional frequencies being released, new energies coming in, and a continual elevation of our vibration.

Those at the leading edge of this transformation of human consciousness are just now beginning the process of physical changes.  Much of these changes occurs at the DNA level and involves activation of a greater percentage of our DNA's built-in capacity to work at the quantum level.  Some of the best information I've found about our changing DNA is Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll.  If this is of interest to you, I would strongly recommend reading The Twelve Layers of DNA, An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within (Kryon Book 12).  You can also find lots of info in the Kryon channelings about DNA and the Innate, our DNA's communication system within our bodies (See the link in the side bar).

Question Three?  What does "expansion" really mean?
Answer: Expanding awareness.  You become consciously aware and develop understanding of more than you previously thought existed.  More about your self, your mind, your emotions, your body, and the parts of you that exist outside your physical body.  You develop a much deeper understanding about the nature of reality.  You become aware of how you create and use your energy and focus.  You expand your senses and begin to perceive in ways beyond your five senses.

Question Four: What happens to us and the planet in the dimensional shift into 5D?
Answer:  We don't go anywhere else, and we don't split off from the 3D world.  This is pure physics. The first three dimensions are length, width and depth.  Time is the forth dimension.  The fifth dimension adds the ability to compare your world with a parallel world that had the same starting point as ours, yet proceeded along a different course. In other words, operating in 5D allows you to perceive and chose a different time line.  In sixth dimension you have the ability to perceive and choose among multiple time lines and to move forward and back in time.  You can read about the 10 dimensions Here and Here.

When the Earth shifted into 5D, it opened up the door into 5D and 6D, and greater understanding and use of 4D.  As we ascend we develop the capacity to operate in these additional dimensions.  Working in 5D and 6D requires a range of new skills and development of new perceptual abilities.  Discovering and mastering these new skills takes a bit of time and practice.  For instance, if you choose to live/work in 6D, you can develop your ability to choose a specific time line you want to experience, perceive your future self living down that time line, then bring your future self into the present to experience that time line unfolding. (As a side note, I started learning some of the new skills necessary for living in 5D/6D last summer and am working to develop my abilities to operate in these new dimensions.  Have to say that I'm finding it's really fun.)

Question Five:  If we're in the middle of the Great Shift in human consciousness, how come on the one hand there are so many waking up and becoming more aware, yet on the other hand we still have the dark intentioned ones seemingly exerting more and more control over humanity?
Answer: The Great Shift in human consciousness is huge.  It doesn't happen over night, or even over a few years.  It is a three generation process.  Not everyone currently incarnate is ready or will choose to ascend.

The lightworkers. a majority of whom incarnated in three waves during the late 1940's to early 1960's, are leading the way.  Many of the lightworkers went through a major activation for ascension this past September during the equinox/eclipse cycle.  Two other waves of activation for ascension will take place around the next spring and fall equinoxes. The next generation, the millennials, incarnated with DNA already pre-wired to facilitate expansion.  They have created communication among people in every corner of the planet.  Secrets and lies can't remain unexposed when everyone can talk to everyone else.  The third generation, the children born after the December 21, 2012 solstice are coming in without the veil and already operating at 5D/6D.  I can hardly wait to witness the shake up as these children enter school all around the planet. 

Another way of looking at the process of expansion and the great shift in consciousness is this: We have been in a long, focused process on our own individual growth and expansion.  And we've needed to do this in preparation for the next phase which is just beginning.  We are now collectively turning our focus towards the greater whole in a new way.  Now is the time to connect, to come together in unity, to use our new skills to consciously manifest peace throughout the planet.  Our light is growing too strong for the darkness to remain in power much longer.