Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trust and Faith in Our Response-Ability

The past week since hearing Rev. Lindsey Williams' interview with the insider details about the severely toxic levels of chemicals in the air around the GOM and 4 million gallons pouring into the Gulf each day, I've been evaluating what steps I need to take. Especially after seeing independent confirmation of the chemical levels in the air on Natural News. As well as a couple of articles now admitting that the spill flow could be as high as 4.2 million gallons per day. There's a pattern to how they've acclimated the public to accepting the level of oil by starting small and gradually admitting to higher and higher volumes spewing out in the Gulf each day.

As the crow flies, it's 450 miles from the GOM to the town where I live. It's only 250 miles from the GOM to where my daughter and future son-in-law live. Air currents move generally north to northeast up from the Gulf. Given how high the chemical levels are along the Gulf coast, and these levels are continuously fed by the millions of gallons of oil and millions of gallons of dispersant being used. Logic says that the toxic chemicals are spreading with the air currents.

It's clear the federal government is not planning to initiate evacuations. They are keeping a lid on the situation, distracting the public with EPA's false air quality reports. They're waiting for people to begin to catch on by themselves to the need to relocate north, and in the mean time allowing people to be exposed to deadly levels of hydrogen sulfide, benzene, methylene chloride, and whatever other chemicals are at harmful levels. This example of extreme disregard for fellow humanity highlights for me what matters, we are each and all divine beings deserving of respect, appreciation, kindness, and love.

What I still find somewhat difficult in situations like this, is differentiating between my intuitive promptings and inner guidance, and the churnings of my monkey mind. I try to go with what comes forth when I first wake up, because we're closer to our higher level of knowing when we first come back to a conscious awake state from sleep. And I also get very strong messages while doing the dishes or some other routine chore, or while driving. But still, I find myself unsure as to the safety of my present location, and I want to make the right decisions. I'm aware that after moving three times in the past three years, I hold a strong desire to settle now that I'm living on a wonderful corner of the Earth. The thought of moving again is not a welcome thought. It's a lot of work.

I am a mother, with a mother lion's instinct to protect my offspring. Also myself. But first and foremost, my daughter.

I listen to my inner guidance. Asking for any guidance that can be provided. This past weekend I talked with my daughter and son-in-law about the need for them to come north. Wondering if the air is, and will remain safe where I live in the weeks and months ahead. We tentatively worked out a plan of action we can take if we need to head north on short notice. We agreed on a few initial steps like bringing their belongs that they want to keep up to my home in the next couple of weeks. They will keep their antennas on alert for signs that things are unsafe where they live. I feel it's coming sooner then they think. However, they are now tuned in to the possibility of needing to leave their home quickly. At least I hope so.

There are signs that my daughter and son-in-law know at a higher level what is coming. They've come up three weekends in the past month and a half to help get the vegetable garden created. Much more often than previously. This past weekend they told me they had decided not to start their own garden this summer, but instead to contribute to the garden at my house for their vegetables, not that we live within easy distance for me to drop off their share of the produce on a weekly basis or anything. I trust their intuition and their ability to read and respond accordingly.

I want them with me as we go through this most turbulent phase of our Great Transition. We have such joy and love together. Besides, the three of us make a good team for navigating through the unknown before us.

Ultimately, what I choose to do, is settle into the present Now. We have the ability to respond to circumstances as they present themselves. We are only able to respond in the present, not the future, which we never know with any certainty. I choose to trust the messages that come through my heart and feelings. They have never failed me. My inner compass guides me always in the perfect direction. If I happen to miss an important message from my heart, there will be another, and another until I get it. Trust and Faith. These times provide us with the marvelous opportunity to deepen our Trust and Faith in our selves, our response-ability, and in the Divine to lead and guide us through to our greatest heights.