Friday, December 31, 2010

Traveling Forward Through the New Year with Your Entourage of Angels

Warmest Greetings to all who have landed here!

This morning, the last day of 2010, I sat in reflection. recognizing the vast journey traveled over the past year. All the small steps, the days that felt stagnant, the hectic times when there was little time to think, they all add up to great growth. As I look forward into 2011, I envision what I want to create for myself and create within the larger world. I intend my every action, big and small, to open doors into our New Earth where Darkness has no place.

For the past eight years I've spent New Year's Eve alone, preferably with a warm fire in the hearth. Part of my New Year's Eve ritual is to draw one Animal Medicine card for the year ahead and to journal on the message contained in the card. I have a special journal just for my New Year's ritual. (Hope I can find it in one of the unpacked boxes by this evening) I tend to draw either the Eagle or the Hawk, which has been a wonderful talisman. Soaring, vision, higher perspective, touching the heights.

The other day my dear friend, Julia, called and said she'd just received a new deck of Angel cards and wanted to draw four of them for me. (Doreen Virtue's Messages From Your Angels cards) My heart responded with sudden warmth towards these cards. I decided to ask for guidance in relating with my siblings through this period of my mother's transition to Light. Julia passed her hand slowly over the spread out deck and pulled a card each time I said Stop. Then she read each card to me. Yesterday we repeated this process as I asked for guidance for this coming year, five Angels came forward. One Angel appeared both times and the collective messages I received in these sessions all come together around a beautiful central theme.

I want to share this with you because I believe these Angels offer loving guidance for each one of us as we move through 2011. Here are the Angels' messages.....

You are a Lightworker and God needs you to Shine. Your life's mission is expanding and your presence is needed. It's important to clear yourself often so that your field remains clear and open, especially after helping others.

Visualize what you want and it will come. Negativity will block you so release all negative emotions and thoughts. Make the decisions of what you want and know the Angels are always present to assist you.

If you find yourself confused or indecisive, it is because you do not have enough information to make an informed decision. Ask your Guides and Angels to give you the information you require in your dreams, through your body, and your imagination. The information will be provided to you.

You deserve Heaven's help. The Angels are waiting to assist you. Ask for what you want.

When you take excellent care of yourself, everyone benefits. Take time for relaxation, true relaxation in which you allow yourself to fill with peace and calmness. You open yourself Spiritually through relaxing.

Take action. You're in touch with your Truth in this lifetime. Trust your gut and lovingly assert yourself.

It is safe for you to be powerful, without fear that you might abuse your power. You are a loving being. Know that you are capable of using your power in loving ways.

You deserve the best so reach for the stars with your dreams and desires. Do Not compromise! Happiness is an integral part of your purpose.

Later last evening, I turned with my inner eye and looked around me. There were all the Angels encircling me. And here they stay. Every part of my being knows and trusts that they will travel with me through this new year, always present, always waiting to assist as I need, always available for guidance, comfort and protection. My own cosmic security force!

Your Angels are there for you too, so call them in to gather around you. The path unfolds before us, an unknown, full of love, challenges, joy, and possibility. Take a moment to breathe and center, a moment to know and trust that you'll be traveling forward through the new year with your entourage of Angels.

Blessings and Love to you!

In Oneness,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Universe Wants Me to Grow Even Taller

I need to be journaling. It's my method for sorting out feelings and working through issues that arise. I used to write a couple of pages daily. Then it waned down to a couple of lines, and every couple of days, until I haven't written in a couple of months. Other than here in this blog.

Now I'm yearning to pick up a pen and just write. Universe gives us such wonderful opportunities to sort through the emotional junk we gather in the course of experiencing life. Over the past few years we've all encountered situation after situation in which we could examine our trigger points, resolve the inner conflicts, and release them. Over the past year, I've felt so clear and free within. Yet once again, I'm getting one of those wonderful opportunities for personal growth. At the moment, I'm seriously leaning towards ranting and raving.

My mother's recent stoke has left her unable to manage her own affairs. Her medical expenses are significant with full time nursing care. As a result of her condition, I'm having to coordinate with my siblings, four sisters and a brother, in handling all the financial issues for our mother. Originally, my mother named me to act for her under her durable power of attorney. When I moved away from DC, she added my brother and youngest sister who live in the area. A few months ago, my oldest sister went to my mother's attorney and had her name added, so now there are four of us charged with this responsibility. Is it a coincidence that the sisters and brother on the power of attorney are the ones I feel most friction with???? The short answer is, of course, No. To make matters worse, we were not each given copies of the durable power of attorney nor my mother's revocable living trust. On short notice we're trying to assume responsibility and don't have the documents that tell us what authority we've been granted. So typical.

Nothing like being thrown back into all the old family dynamics and communication patterns, most of them dysfunctional. With six adult children in the family (the seventh, my oldest sister, died in 1998), it gets quite complex.

So that I'm not just talking in the abstract, here are some of the long standing patterns I'm dealing with:
  1. Independence is of the highest value. The importance of our relationships as siblings has never been acknowledged in any form. As one sister I'm close to said yesterday, "We were never encouraged to be nice to each other, and never had any limits or intervention imposed on how mean we were to each other."
  2. In family communications about important news, activities, or decisions, one or two family members are always left out of the loop on a random alternating basis. This includes major events like birth of a child, graduations, why a family member can't attend your wedding, serious illnesses, etc.
  3. Family members are never acknowledged or consulted for the expertise and mastery they've acquired. This is true even though everyone is highly competent and highly educated.
  4. Criticism and judgment are thrown about freely, often behind someone's back and with little to no knowledge of real facts about whatever situation they're complaining about. I've called it The Family Gossip Network.

Basically, I hate the way I'm treated within my family, and I hate the way they treat each other. At the same time, I love each of them for who they are. And now I'll need to work with them in the coming months on a regular basis.

What I've done so far is to raise one of the issues, always leaving one or two out of the loop, in a group email I sent today. This was necessitated after I learned that the other three on the power of attorney made some significant financial decisions and didn't think/remember to include me in the discussion and decision-making. And only three days after a conference call for the purpose of agreeing to work together and include everyone in all the communications. Anyway, I'm curious about what the response will be to my email.

So far, I've confirmed the wisdom of my choices to move first one hour away from the family home (and become very busy with my work), then eight hours away, and now across the continent. My choice now, considering I'll have to be actively involved with my family, is to voice that this period, during and after Mom transitions to the other side, is an opportunity for us to consciously change the dynamics and communication patterns that are hurtful and do not serve us as individuals or as a family. After my mother passes, all that will hold us together as a family will be our own efforts to stay connected.

I try to see everything as an opportunity for growth. This family situation is really the opportunity for me to learn that I can use my power effectively for all concerned. To use my power without fearing I'll abuse it, and to trust I can be powerful in my usual loving ways. Most of my life I felt very powerless. This has changed significantly, yet I generally shy away from using my power and back off from family situations that hold potential for conflict. Not such a good thing. Yet if I can use my power and natural authority lovingly with my own family, I can do it anywhere. Much gratitude to the Universe for this opportunity. Oh, how tall I will be after growing through this family drama.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just In Case an R Steps in Front of Evolution

This past week when I stopped in the grocery store to pick up just one item, the weekly sales signs started drawing my attention. Before I knew it, I had a cart full of non-perishables. I take this as an intuitive sign it's time to review my food storage, replenish where needed, and augment as possible.

Speaking to the local coin dealer the other day, he indicated that lots of people are converting their dollars into silver. He said he could hardly keep up as people bought both liberty dollars and junk silver as fast as he could get it in. It's reassuring to know that an abundance of awakened souls reside in my near vicinity, even if I haven't gotten to know anyone well enough yet to talk about financial savings strategies.

As I'm writing I'm reminded of a Native American saying I came across many years ago. Though I've searched, I've never found it again, so this is as my memory recorded it:

First grind corn for yourself.
Then grind corn for your children and family.
Then grind corn for your uncles, aunts, and cousins.
And then grind corn for anyone who needs corn.

Wise words. Take care of yourself first, only then are you able to provide well for others.

James Gilliland has been posting video messages with greater frequency lately. I like him. He's right on target in regards to Truth, IMHO. Here's his video posted two days ago. Watching it gave me confirmation that my sense of timing is tuned. He shares in the video that around March 2011 the shift in consciousness will arrive at a turning point where people will start standing up. I've been sensing we have about three months of build up before people all over the globe coordinate their demand that the destructive governments, banksters and corporations end, to be replaced by systems that respect and protect all humans, animals and the planet. It's starting but not yet coordinated and organized. The corrupt, self-serving ways are no longer supported energetically here on the planet and they're dying out, though it's not looking like they'll acquiesce to a graceful death. Evolution expressed as revolution is more likely.

I'll hold out hope that some of the more underground efforts to force the Illuminati out of power will be successful. Yet most of the so-far accurate predictions I've read over the years, Phoenix Rising, Sirians, Pleadians, etc. predict a revolution of violence beyond what we can imagine. Web bots shared the same. Our collective actions always influence the outcomes, so I'll continue to hold out hope that extreme violence can be avoided.

However, preparation is advisable. I've not been through a revolution in this lifetime, nor lived in a country at war on it's own soil, though I certainly have genetic memory of having done so in past life times. Gathering together the facts and experiences I've read over the years in news articles, personal accounts, and historical fiction, there are generalizations we can make as to what will help in weathering through this part of the transition. Store food, take good care of yourself, avoid the big cities, and know your neighbors because they're your immediate support network.

There are two other steps I'm taking, volunteering with the local Red Cross on the team trained to manage logistics in an emergency, and obtaining a job with a local social service agency. There's an opening for a case manager working with the homeless. Very low pay, but if I'm hired, it will get me connected with the service network in this area, give me a front line view of what's happening, and allow me to assist others in these times. Being new in town, these are also among the best ways for me to meet good people in town.

The most important preparation of all for me is continuing my evolution. This is our opportunity to fully be Spirit, in action, in human form. I think back on how I felt when I first started preparing for what might come. At the time I might have said I didn't feel much fear, I sure hoped then that I wasn't fearful. Yet by comparison with how I feel now, I can see that I've really released a lot of fear about what's ahead. At present I feel like I'm on call, waiting and knowing my pager will soon go off. Calm, yet ready to spring into action when needed.

As James Gilliland reminds us, connect with your heart and go out in nature. We acquire so much wisdom and inner balance walking through the trees, listening to the ocean, gazing at the stillness of the night sky, smelling the earth. Connecting through your heart is our doorway. It's the doorway to your power, to the wisdom and peace of the higher consciousness. Our hearts are the doorways of connecting with each other where we are All One.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Links Worth Your Time

Here's a few articles worth taking time to read, plus one outstanding movie:

Daniel Pinchbeck's article on building alternative cultural systems: Business Shamanism

Julian Assange's Manifesto

Michael Moore's Open Letter to the Government of Sweden

Awesome, powerful We Want You Out: An Open Letter from the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Afghans for Peace

John Pilger's film - The War You Don't See about the use of the media to alter perception about the wars our government fights. Spread this one widely in through your networks.

You Are Needed Now, Choose Your Course

Well, everything happens for a reason, perhaps more than one. I did a little Matrix Energetics work after the dog park. Found I had access to the pattern that was expressing itself as disruption, asked for the information to alter the pattern, plugged the info into my body and felt the shift happen. So easy. Much better now.

In a very small nut shell, my disappeared post was about the fact that we are at a major intersection now and it's prudent to consciously make a choice as to which route to take. The level of government oppression continues to escalate, and like dealing with an abuser in a domestic violence situation, there are three choices of how to respond. These are 1) submit and be controlled; 2) stand up and fight back; and 3) the often missed choice to stop playing the game. To stop playing the game means to disengage, walk away, and do your own thing (while keeping your vigilant watch and staying under the radar of the oppressive force). My choice is to take the third path, to focus my energies on creating new ways for people and communities to work together that are good for all living things.

Last night as I was sliding into the ethereal realms of sleep, a man stood up from the corner of my mental room and walked briskly past me. As he passed, he turned and said firmly to me, "Stop wasting time." Try sleeping on that one!

Well, guidance doesn't get much clearer. My guide meant for me to get my butt in gear and stop wasting time on moving ahead with the new venture I've had in the planning stage for a few months. I don't know of anyone doing what I'm launching anywhere. As soon as I get my new business registered in this state (they require it) I'll go public with it. The business cards I designed are in the mail. I'm looking for the right website designer, who I know is right around the corner. My mission is to assist people and communities build sustainability for themselves.

After the very long period of waiting for the collapse to really get underway, we're in it now. Things are transpiring so quickly. It's easy, for me at least, to get sucked up just observing, reading news articles, noticing the shifts and trends. However engrossing, it's time for me to kick into action mode, constructive action mode. There's no time to waste and lots of work to do.

I'm off to bed early. Good rest, good food, good exercise, good work. All with a good spattering of laughter. A reminder for each of us:

Take good care of yourself.
You are needed now.
The part you came to play is important.
Your presence changes everything.
Know you are divinely loved.

What the F???!!!!!!!

I'm so pissed....I've worked off and on the post three days on a post about choosing your response to the escalating oppressive forces. It wasn't coming together easily. Finally, I spent the past couple of hours rewriting and pulling it all together. Formatted the font, etc. When I pushed Publish, I landed at the log in page????? Logged in failed three times. Finally it took but instead of landing on my blogger dashboard, I received a page saying "You request can not be processed." Swearing loudly now. I linked through the google home page, landed on the blog and found that nothing I'd written today had been saved. As I was writing it told me it was autosaved!!!??? But the finished post is gone.

Mercury in retrograde? Censorship? Don't know.

I'm taking the dogs to the dog park. We all need to run off steam. Sheeeeshh!!!!

Need to compose myself, and compose another blog post.....we'll return after the station break. Not sure what station I'm on anyway at the moment.

Monday, December 13, 2010

In Honor of My Mother

My mother had another stroke last Friday. The first one, three and a half years ago, mostly affected her balance. Her speech and cognitive functions were unimpaired. She's had nursing care at home since then. Her hearing has phased out so she can hardly hear even with her hearing aids in. On Friday morning when her wonderful day nurse arrived, my mother couldn't speak and her right side was severely affected.

My mother will be 89 years old on January 30, 2011. Perhaps. Two years ago when I was visiting my mother she told me she didn't want to read any books, she'd read many, many books throughout her life. She didn't want to go to the theater, she'd been many, many times to see plays, the opera, and the ballet. She'd seen all the movies she needed to see, traveled all around the world, live a long, full life. I understood that she was telling me she'd done everything she needed to do in this lifetime. So day after day she's watched golf and tennis on TV and slept increasing amounts since that first stroke. Many years ago after she traveled all through the far east, she told me about seeing a rhinoceros in the jungle. "That might be the way to go, being gored by a rhinoceros. It would be fast." "Very dramatic too," I told her, but I knew what she was getting at. When it was time to transition, she wanted to exit quickly. For me it's been hard to see her doing the steady, gradual decline, the opposite of what she'd wanted.

My first significant death happened when I was thirty. A friend who I was very connected with transitioned young and my grief was intense. In my heart I knew I needed to be able to stand beside death as it occurred, so I contacted Hospice and got myself accepted for a social work internship. While working at Hospice, I saw so clearly that we all chose, on some higher level, exactly when we transition. The fact that we each chose the timing of our transition is so readily apparent to anyone working at Hospice. The other thing I learned through observation is that fear is often what holds a person here even when the body has deteriorated past the point there is no reason medically they are still here.

The last time I saw my mother I could feel her fear about dying. During that visit, my father, who transitioned in 1992, came to me late one night and spoke so clearly. He said, "It's not quite time yet, but soon. I'll be there waiting for her when it's her time to cross over." I know when her passing is imminent, I'll feel my father's presence draw near. That's how I'll know.

The morning after my father came to me, I told my mother about his visit and what he said. "Really?" she said, looking relieved. "That would be nice." But she wouldn't speak anymore about it. Which is OK because I know I can communicate with my mother no matter where we are, and often it's easier from a distance than when we're in the same room because I can speak to her whole Self.

When I look at my siblings, four sisters and a brother, I wonder how it will all go after her transition. None of them have acknowledged the spiritual aspect of themselves. It makes accepting someone's passing so much harder when a person thinks that this one life is all there is. Yet it is most often in the grieving process that we open up spiritually. My siblings each have their own path of growth, just as I have mine. My Guides warned me that they will not be pleasant to deal with in sorting out the estate after our mother's passing. Most likely accurate guidance. I try to set aside any impending sense of dread and recognize that I've already chosen not to become involved in any conflicts that arise. I have no conflicts with any of them.

With my mother, I feel at peace now after all the years and much pain along the way. Sorting through and overcoming my childhood was a long road with many issues to work and grow through. It was not easy growing up without any affection. I learned what was important for a mother to give a child by what I didn't get. She also gave me so much I value and feel fortunate to have received. Nothing is ever all good or all bad, and the most valuable learning usually comes out of the worst experiences. In the reading I had with Angela Moore back in October I was given a message from my mother. "She wants you to know she understands now." To me this message spoke volumes.

About five years ago, I was standing in my kitchen and suddenly saw that perhaps my mother chose to come in and be the person she is, just to give me the childhood I had with all it's challenges. What if this was a gift from her so that I could become who I am and gain the sensitivities, perception, and insights I'd need to fulfill my role in this life and this Great Transition? If so, and I believe it is so, I was in on the plan from the beginning. Today, I can say truthfully that everything was perfect. She gave me experiences that allowed me to become who I am. It really feels good to reach the place where I know this without a single doubt. I feel at peace.

I honor my mother and her life. And each day I draw down the white light of love and protection, tucking it carefully around her.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looks Like Time to Draw Into the Eye of the Storm

This morning I scanned through some of the blogs that I used to follow regularly, but haven't read in some time for no reason other than I haven't. Checking in. Listening as the storm gathers. The other bloggers each report their eye witness accounts of worsening storm-related incidents.

It's been raining hard here since yesterday afternoon. The creek running behind my temporary home runs hard, swollen and slightly muddy. Elsewhere snow and cold winds wash across the land freezing everything. I'm relieved that it's 54 degrees right now. Warm Blessings from the ocean waters. For the past two years I've noticed that our weather often mirrors what's occurring within the social complexes of the planet. Significant events happen in the Fall.

For all it's fluff reputation, Facebook gives me an interesting window on the world. My circle of primarily, virtual friends spans a broad spectrum. Most invited me, though on occasion I've gone on short invitation sprees. I've got many friends who are very spiritual and aware. Some who may have friended me out of curiosity or perhaps a desire for a little zing beyond their normal life. There's a group I really love and enjoy who post great articles and insightful observations, and genuinely share a desire to end all the wars and government oppression. As operation payback emerged, I found that a couple of my friends seem to know a lot about how to launch Denial of Service attacks. The other day a new friend defriended me after I commented that I got communication from someone by means other than a telephone. "Over and out" he replied. And quickly clicked the remove me as a friend button. Guess he's got some big surprises coming.

My point in raising this subject is two-fold. First, I don't watch TV, haven't really for the past ten years. I no longer own a television. No longer subscribe to the newspaper. However, my little fb window on the world gives me an interesting view. Many of these friends excel at locating news of what's going on in the world, so fb has become my best news source, surprisingly. Through this window I see the shift unfolding in people. About a week ago, the tide made a huge turn. People have begun shifting from information sharing mode to action mode. It's growing quickly. The big R is upon us. Be careful.

Secondly, it's time to withdraw somewhat and settle into the eye of the storm. So I'm going to quietly back out of my fb presence. We each have our unique role in this Great Shift. The Indigo Children have awakened. My role is not to assist in bringing anything down and so it's wisest to quiet down. There will be plenty to do for those gathered in the eye. We'll be helping those who've been scattered by the gales. Quietly creating anew, ready to pick up the pieces afterward. Fear is not a factor at all. Be careful, but not in fear. We each chose to be here in this most significant of times. We are protected from higher levels and came in prepared for our unique path. Stay fluid, alert to the winds, and turn up the volume knob to your inner Guides, Teachers, and Angels. I mean this literally, drop down into your heart, reach out and turn up the volume knob, then notice what changes occur. This actually works.

Good time for a nap. I'll be back here tomorrow.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Art and Service of Noticing Change

The rate of change has quickened over the past three weeks. Since the tipping point. Do you feel it? After all the speculation about what could be big enough to cause a huge global release lasting months, I'm grateful to see that is has not been something as devastating as a nuclear bomb. Instead the universe gave us Wikileaks and the daily leaking cables. I'm grateful to see the expanding response globally to Wikileaks' gradual release of diplomatic cables documenting the unethical and insidious behavior of the US government and the corporate elitists. I welcome the rising tide of people demanding their access to information and truth; the growing demonstrations in support of Julian Assange; the initial shift from talking about what's been going on to taking action. This last one has been really noticeable.

If you want the world to change for the better, leave space in your awareness for the possibility of change to occur. Change can not happen if we leave no room for it's possibility. So leave the space for change. The more people who do this, the larger this collective space becomes. Bring your attention towards noticing what is different. You can do this in the course of your daily life. The act of noticing what is different brings change into manifestation. Even if very subtle, when we notice something different, we usher in change. That subtle difference you notice maybe just the first step in a process of significant change. From physics we learn that the act of observing changes the outcome.

One of the differences I've noticed over the past month is a new emergence of people who radiate heart energy. I saw this in the people who appeared to assist in my process of moving to a new place, they each radiated a strong heart energy in a way I'd not felt before. More have turned up since. Hmm ....Thinking about this, I sense that this difference comes from both within me and within others. As I've always tuned to peoples emotions, I can say that this heart centeredness feels very different from when people hold loving emotions. Loving feelings and the heart centeredness I'm picking up on recently are quite different qualities. This heart centeredness is really not an emotion at all, it's a presence, a vibration. From my little window on the world I'd say that more and more people are shifting to operate from their heart center. Call it my statistical sampling. I like this change I'm noticing.

The change I notice within me is a shift in my ability to perceive where people are coming from. Perhaps some people have been radiating heart centeredness all along and I've not had the sensitivity to pick up on it before. And perhaps my sensitivity has emerged because some people have adopted this new vibration. When I sense that someone is radiating heart energy it feels very different from thinking that someone is a nice person. At this point it feels like I'm developing a new sensitivity to read the vibrational level of people. Possibly. It's something I'll continue to observe.

There's another benefit we receive when we shift our awareness towards noticing what has changed. That is that our awareness becomes more sensitive and fine tuned. We're able to notice ever more subtle shifts and changes, both within ourselves and in our outer world. In many ways, this is what expanded awareness is all about.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Change Happening So Fast, Feel Free to Open a Door into a New Reality

The rate of change increased noticeably over the past three weeks. Since the November 14th tipping point. Can you feel that now we're on the big downhill drop of the roller coaster? So much has been transpiring. I get engrossed just watching. With the diplomatic cables being released gradually each day, Wikileaks plays a big role in the global "Whoaaaaaaa" that is predicted to go on for the next couple of months. Truth coming out into the Light.

At the same time, and in equal proportion, I'm seeing really good things happening, really good things. People are coming together as never before. There's a big increase in positive spiritual information coming out. Here's just one example. Watch this video from my friend Alexander Light. It so filled me with awe and wonder.

My Guides told me many years ago that everything without integrity would start to sway and crumble, until all that remained were those things created out of the love, respect and appreciation for humanity and the Earth. I was cautioned that my role was not to assist in the collapse, so I should resist any urges to help bring things down. Those roles belonged to others and they are fulfilling their roles, as we are seeing now unfold. There are times it's been hard to stand by without action because I Can Hardly Wait to be in our world without all the inhuman atrocities.

"Your role is to assist in picking up the pieces and creating new systems," I was clearly told. Ever so gradually, I've begun to see a glimpse of what that might entail. "You need not worry, you have been well prepared and will know exactly what to do when the time come." This is true for all of us. It's been difficult in many ways to wait all these years of our lifetime for the moment, and to develop deep trust, that we are ready and fully capable to do our part. For me, the trust in myself and in this process of Great Transformation has steadily grown, though I can only recognize this now.

I've written here about my yearning to remember and reconnect with something I couldn't define. About finally discovering a few bits of information about quantum healing. The term quantum healing is not really accurate. My sense is that the name we'll come to use for this has not surfaced yet. There are only a few people teaching this, at least here in the US. Kryon mentioned in channelings that the Tibetans and Buddhists had gone furthest in developing this new consciousness technology. A whole new concept of healing and transformation that has been given to us as a gift. Working from the unified field, the place where all is potential, the place from which all things arise into manifestation, where even energy is only potential.

This past weekend I took part in a three day seminar with Richard Bartlett. He calls this ability to work from the unified field, Matrix Energetics. It's as if for the past three years I've been feeling for an opening in the wall and finally found that there is a door. This weekend I walked through the door. And now EvErYtHiNg is different.

Where do I begin??? This is without a doubt the most powerful thing I've ever learned (relearned) to do. Life transforming is an understatement. Nothing cultish about this at all. The ironic part is that if you try to make logical sense of how to do Matrix Energetics, then it doesn't work, because the real key is you have to stop trying to do anything in order for something to occur. So trying to explain this in linear words also doesn't work very well. Basically this is the process: you drop down into your heart, which is our door to the unified field, place intent, then let go, keep letting go until you notice a change. The immediate change originates at the sub-particle level. Perhaps the best part is that once you get it, it's so ridiculously easy and so much fun. You can use this on anything. Ache and pains, old injuries, dis-eases, removing self-doubt, finding the best route to work each morning, shifting tension in a relationship,.....

We're all taught that we have to work very hard and if we focus our mind, energy, time, visions, desire, creativity, intentions, dollars, blood-sweat-and tears, etc., etc.....we might reach our goal, if we are lucky. Now I know it doesn't have to be that way at all. We can accomplish waaaaaay more, with no effort, and with boatloads of fun. I realize this sounds to good to be true, however, we have each (that includes You) paid our dues, and the reward is that this is true. We can manifest what we want, when we want it, and can heal and transform anything.

Before attending the seminar, which was pretty much like spending three days in the movie Roger Rabbit, I'd read both of Richard Bartlett's books, as well as Frank Kinslow's. I didn't "get it" from reading about it. A lot of people are able to do this after reading about it, but I wasn't one of them. Now being there in the midst of it at the seminar, I got it right away and it was so outrageously easy, it cracked me up laughing almost every time I worked with it in the practice sessions. Suffice it to say, I highly recommend that others check this out and if you have an opportunity to attend the Level 1 & 2 seminar with Richard Bartlett, I'd jump on it if I were you.

One note, I feel the Matrix Energetics website comes across as really Sales & Marketing. The seminars however do not. I have immense respect and appreciation for Richard Bartlett in every regard. He's a Light Being of the highest order. And more fun than you can imagine.

Change is happening so fast now. My advice, for what it's worth....Let go of all fears and doubts. Look for your door that opens to a new and really awesome reality, and when you find it, just open it and step right through!