Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thoughts on Being Clairsentient & Expanding

I posted a comment yesterday promising to write about being clairsentient (also known as empath, or feeler). Feeling a bit guilty that it's taken me so long, yet everything happens when it's supposed to. Here goes...

I've been clairsentient as far back in this life as I can remember. Although I had no idea until about six years ago. I had assumed that I was just like most everyone else in regard what senses I had, see, hear, taste, smell, feel. When it was pointed out to me in a reading, a whole lot about my life made much more sense. I've not read much about this ability to intuit others' feelings, so I'm only about to share insights from my own experience.

Part of the reason I never clued in to the fact that I was reading others' feelings more readily than others could, was that it feels so natural as I experience it. It's also a very present experience. It happens in real time, rather than past or future. I'd always envied people who are clairvoyant or clairaudient. Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear voices or see visions that gave me answers for what to do in the future. Least that's what played in my mind from time to time, even after I recognized my own intuitive ability. I told a friend not so long ago, "I want to be clairaudient when I grow up." As if somehow having a voice of wisdom speaking in my head, this guidance would solve all my indecision when it arose. It would make me feel safe and confident. Today, I'm content with how I am. Having found this contentment, my intuitive perceptions for voice and images are expanding. I believe they are for all of us now as we awaken.

While many of the intuitives I've met have shared that they had great confusion and doubt about their sanity when they started to hear or see in expanded ways, they at least knew that this was an additional ability. How many people are there out there who have the empathic ability to feel the emotions of another person as if they were there own, and don't realize it? I don't know the answer, but I suspect there are quite a few. I run into them from time to time. We probably all do. And as we quickly progress now in our expansion, we are all becoming clairsentient.

Before I knew I was an empath, having this ability without the knowledge of it caused some problems for me. As a small child, I picked up on conflicts in my family, without actually hearing or witnessing disagreements, I picked up the feelings. I had constant ear infections, my body saying it didn't like what it was hearing. I started personal growth work and exploration of self in my twenties, which was very young at that time. I had to. I felt too much and with such intensity. But wasn't that perfect that it drove me to explore my self, my relationships, and my feelings.

One of the biggest challenges I had to work on was boundaries. Understanding what is my stuff to deal with and what belongs to another. It was all mushed together for me at first. Took a lot of work to get clear about. I see now that my empathic awareness contributed. I'd feel strong emotions and just figured the emotions were my own. Or I could get way over involved in someone else's life because I was feeling what they felt. I just morphed right into their being, in a way. Later, once I got really clear about boundaries, this became an asset in my work with people because I could so easily understand what they were experiencing and feeling, and validate their feelings.

One of the nicest aspects about being clairsentient is that it's super easy to clarify whether what you feel is your own feelings or the feelings of others. All you have to do is remind yourself that you're an empath. Immediately when you remind yourself, you'll know. It just become suddenly clear. This is me, that belongs to them. Oh, am I grateful it's that easy. Can't imagine the mess if it was any more complicated than a simple reminder.

These are some really important things to do if you are clairsentient. It will save your sanity and the sanity of the other people in your life:

1) Discover who you are. If we don't know our Self, how are we going to communication who we are to someone else?

2) Do the work to identify and sort out your own feelings. Keep working to resolve your feelings about issues and events from your past. This does not mean rehashing each and every past situation that bothers us. If we identify the important learning from an experience, it becomes worthwhile, even though it might have been extremely unpleasant.

3) Get clear about boundaries between yourself and others. By this I mean identify what are the issues, feeling, thoughts, activities that are yours. These are the only ones you have any power to change, control, resolve. This helps immensely in relationships too.

4) Ask the Universe to given you everything you need to do Items 1 - 3.

It really matter what your intuitive abilities are, these are important for everyone. We have to get our Self clear in order for the Self to expand.

Love & Light to all.