Sunday, February 7, 2016

Using Imaginary Tools to Raise Vibration and Effect Change

Preface Note:  This article originally appeared here on December 26, 2015, under the title Turning Up Your Vibration Made Easy.  It has been substantially revised and expanded to include greater detail, information, specific dates, and source references, and has been retitled.

Over the past weeks, months, and years my inner knowing and guidance has led and opened me into ever deeper awareness and understanding about energy and vibration.

In our core we intuitively know about vibration and this knowing is reflected in the language of our cultures.  We have an abundance of colloquial phrases and figures of speech that we use for both higher vibrational states and lower.  Lift ones spirits, flying high, soaring, on cloud nine, riding high, over the moon, or, feeling low, down in the dumps, depressed, sinking feeling, down and out, head under the covers.

When I first heard references to "raising our vibration" sometime back around 2007, my reaction was "My vibration? What are they talking about?  What does raising my vibration really mean?"  Gradually I got that emotions like fear, anger, and greed were lower vibrations and that love, gratitude, compassion, and joy were higher vibrations.  Kind of a good emotions/bad emotions classification.

But that wasn't enough of an answer for me.  At the most basic level, vibration is energy moving.  It is the science of physics. I just knew there was a more concrete basis for understanding the concept of our vibration and reasons for it's importance in spiritual growth.  Quite synchronisticly at that time, I'd ordered a book containing channelled information published back in the early 1950's.  If I remember correctly, it was channellings of St. Germaine about the Violet Flame.  (Sorry, all my books are packed and in storage, or I'd locate it and give you the exact title of the book, which is no longer in print.)  One very short passage in the book explained that our vibration is the rate at which the electrons move around the nucleus in each atom in our bodies.  As we raise our vibration, the electrons spin faster.

Think about this for a moment.  When we raise our vibration, every atom, in every molecule, in every cell of our bodies moves with more life force energy.  You see, this whole process of ascension, of raising our vibration and radiating more light, is far from fluffy spiritual imaginings.  It's science and physics based.

In the absence of scientific instruments that are sensitive enough to measure our vibrations, we have our own, highly sensitive, internal measuring methodology.  Our built in vibration meter is our thoughts and emotions.

Thinking back on a reading I had after the passing of a very close friend early in my awakening. I was deep in grief at the time and struggling to keep basic things like my work going forward.  In the reading it was suggested to me that I could choose whether to be sad and grieve or whether to live in joy.  What a striking revelation it was at the time because I'd never grasped that I could actually choose how I felt.  It took quite a bit of time to absorb the idea that I had a choice.  Shortly after I came across the concept that I could choose my thoughts as well.

In 2010 and continuing over the next few years, I began studying Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett. (  Richard teaches a system of transformation based on quantum and scalar physics. Richard is brilliant and amazing, and certainly the most fun teacher I've ever encountered.  I described my first Matrix Energetics seminar as a cross between quantum physics lectures and being in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

There are two things I learned in studying Matrix Energetics that are relevant here.  First, I learned that the rules governing our reality are just made up anyway, so if you want to change the reality you're experiencing, just make up some new rules that work better for you.  And second, I learned that what we experience is a dance of creation between our consciousness and the quantum field. In the seminars, I learned to use my imagination to create whatever control panel, tool, or pretend gadget I wanted in order to both receive information from my Higher Self, Source, the field, or whatever you want to call it, and to shift, transform, heal, or manifest using the quantum field, vibration and oscillation between wave and particle states in the material world.  The quantum field works with our consciousness and imagination, so it doesn't matter whether you have a real frequency healing machine or an imaginary one.  When you turn the control knobs, the frequencies emitted by both the real and the imaginary machine will have the same impact, such as on the human body.

Since attending my first Matrix Energetics seminar, I have set up frequency showers that bathe me in nurturing, healing, and invigorating frequencies every time I take a shower; a button on my car's dash board that cuts gas consumption in half for those times I realize I'm almost out of gas and the nearest gas station is not very near; a bell that dings in my head to alert me to something (which I no longer remember).  To name but a small few.

Another very fun system of techniques that uses imagination to shift and transform your experience of material reality is presented by Vladimir Dolokhov and Vadim Gurangov in their book The Art of Soaring, which I discovered around the same time I was first learning Matrix Energetics.  The Art of Soaring techniques use playful and intuitive renaming of yourself, some play acting out your new name, and giving a gift to Vanya, the Goddess of all things.  Even my very scientific minded, left brain sister experienced some big shifts during a very stressful time in her life when I renamed her as: Barbara is the one who dances the cha-cha-cha with the salmon round her kitchen island. With a little nudging on my part, she would repeat her new name to herself throughout the day.  She usually listens to music while she cooks and would take a turn or two around her kitchen imagining a line of salmon, all hold the waist of the one in front, dancing the cha-cha-cha with her in the lead.  A week after I'd presented this tool to her, she called me to share the good news about changes in each area of her life she'd been so stressed out about.  What I understand now is that this technique raises your vibration by adding playfulness to whatever situation you want to shift in your life.

In December of 2014, while participating in an Expect Wonderful program of channelled messages, a message spoke of choosing our vibration and that we can raise our frequency any time we want to just by tuning it up. I was able to do this easily right from the start and found the effects amazing.  Within a few days, using the tools I learned in Matrix Energetics, I had designed an imaginary vibrational control panel and installed it from rib to rib running across the space between my heart and third, power center chakras.  My control panel had a vibration control knob that turned up my vibration, an abundance flow meter, a vibration reset button for rebooting when I discovered my thoughts/emotions/vibration had dropped into fussiness, and a gas pump perpetually broken in the on position that pumped gold and silver coins into my bank account while the dollar number display flashed ever higher.  At some point a few months later when I was working on learning to physically identify my body feelings of being in flow or in resistance, I switched out the abundance flow meter for a resistance/flow meter.  Interestingly, a year after I incorporated use of my control panel into my daily practice, one of the Expect Wonderful channelled messages spoke of using an imaginary control knob.  Then again, all information is available to each of us through the Source field.

We come in as children knowing the concept of using imaginary tools, gadgets, steering wheels, gear shifts, temperature and volume control knobs, switches, levers, and stethoscopes to listen to our hearts, etc. etc, to create.  As children we "know" the power of these tools to create in our material reality.  But then most adults dismiss this as true and tell their children (us) it's just make believe.  Wow, I just saw this while writing the last sentence.  Look at the phrase we use in the English language!  Make Believe.  Believe Making.  Very cool.  Even the words used by adults to dismiss the power of imagination, actually acknowledge that very power.

I would encourage you to play and use the power of your imagination and make believing to create in the quantum field, shift your reality, and raise your vibration.  Use a knob, a slide bar like the volume control on your computer monitor, some up and down buttons with LED read out, whatever type of control you fancy.  You could even have a talking giraffe standing on your shoulder that calls out, like an old fashion elevator operator, "Going up!"  Your body/mind/emotional fields will respond regardless of the control mechanism you choose.

One other tip worth passing on, I've discovered that on nights where I'm having trouble winding down and falling asleep, turning my vibration down a bit allows me to settle and drift into sleep.

Tune yourself up and shine On!!