Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Free Will to Choose Solutions as a Response

I'll never forget the night I really understood that I have the ability to choose. This was 25 years ago and I'd just started attending the Center For Study of Human Systems. It was like the flood gate opened. I'd never really thought about it before. I had the ability to choose what I did, how I responded to those around me, and how I interpreted the world around me. My head tumbled through so many situations and events in my life seeing over and over again that there had been other possibilities I'd not seen. It was late at night, I was tired and needing to sleep, but my mind couldn't stop reexamining both my past and the present just before me. The whole world was suddenly different.

So as not to be misinterpreted, I was not some Polly Anna compliant child. Independence was a strong value I absorbed in my family. I went after things I wanted, particular things I wanted to learn and do, many of them a bit out of the ordinary. I point this out to show that even though I was used to making some strong choices, I still didn't recognize or understand that I had choices at every given moment. Observation has since led me to believe that not many of us do.

We are all born into and brought up within some form of family system. Every system has a way of operating, whether it's a family, a small business, a city, a multinational corporation, or a nation. The same dynamics operate in all of them. Systems as they develop, form patterns of operation, rules for the components to follow, both spoken and unspoken, roles are defined and filled by the various components, communications patterns form about what gets expressed and how, and what does not get expressed. We are all components in multiple systems, even though this most often is not consciously realized. I'd go as far as saying that for the most part, people aren't that consciously aware of the roles they play, the communication patterns they follow, or that they are following the unspoken rules. We grow up learning that this is the way things are and doing what we think we're supposed to do.

Because we enter into already established systems, whether functional or dysfunctional, for the most part, we do so without recognizing and understanding that at each moment we have the ability to make choices. This is our right to Free Will. It is our birth right here on the planet. A Universal Law. So one could correctly say it is Divinely given.

There is one very, very important caveat to the law of Free Will, while we each have the right to choose for our self, we must do so without imposing our will or infringing on the Free Will of another. Kind of like "First, do no harm" It requires awareness of how our actions affect those around us, perhaps even those far away. Violations of this caveat are rampant. Further explanation is not necessary. You can see it all around you and know immediately when someone is denying you your right. Without a doubt, taking another person's life is the most severe violation of all.

In situations where someone is imposing their will upon us and infringing on our right to Free Will, we each have choices as to how we respond. Most people see only two of the choices. Either submit and be run over, or stand up and fight back. There is, however, at least one other choice available. There may be more; I know some things, but far from everything. For me it took many years and some extremely challenging life circumstance before I recognized a third option available in situations where someone was imposing their will upon me. This other choice is to refuse to play the game, to walk away and live the way you want to without them at all.

Assessing our current circumstances with the dark forces, (however you want to call them - Illuminati/Bilderberg/PowersThatBe/International Criminal Banking Syndicate), when we collectively stop playing their game things will shift immediately. If everyone does something in this regard, it will initiate change. Two ways this can be done. First, choose where and on what you spend your money. If people stop buying their products, they will either go out of business or change what they produce. Second, withdraw your labor for their enterprises. If everyone stops working for the defense contractors, the military, the corporations making toxic products or using unscrupulous practices, they will lose their power to act. It's basically a shift in energy, when enough people withdraw their energy in the form of money and labor, the dark forces will evaporate like the Wicked Witch of the West from a bucket of water.

Anyway, It's a thought :) There are only six degrees, or less, of separation between each of us (by this I mean all six billion). The power of multiplying communication exponentially is huge. It can start by each person telling three friends, and on and on.

There's a last observation worth sharing in this post. That is, the number of those aware is growing quickly, there are some blessed angels among us who've had the courage, dedication, and discipline to gather real news, sound the alarms and inform people about what is going on. None of us like the dark forces' endeavors at all. (Not ot deny that they are serving a purpose) I firmly believe that the forces of Light are stronger and that the Original Creator is really overseeing all. At the same time, the Ascension is about us realizing our Divinity and our power to create what is for the highest good of each and all. We have the Free Will to create solutions and change. It's our choice and it's really time to do this now.

Much more on the subject of solutions to come. For now and always,

May the Light Forces be with you!