Saturday, January 8, 2011

Avoid a Cosmic Tragedy of Errors, Wait for Your Cue

In the early hours I woke with a jolt, second guessing whether any sentence in yesterday's post could be misconstrued as a call to revolt. Not a good feeling. It's readily apparent to all who know me that I abhor violence in any form, other than necessary self-defense, so only advocate non-violence as a means to reform. At the same time injustice sets off reverberations coursing through my soul and drives me to speak out, as it should. If there ever was one, this is a time to act with great care and forethought.

I've written on more than one occasion that one of the major lessons presented in this time is for people, individually and collectively, to own and assert their Free Will. Free Will to chose for yourself is the birth-right of each incarnate on this planet. It's so important that we acknowledge our right to choose and make our choices consciously.

Each of us came into this lifetime here on Earth to take part in this Great Shift. Prior to coming in, we each made agreements as to the roles we would play in assisting humanity through this enormous and complex process of transformation. To add extra interest to this grand experiment, we came in with the veil of forgetfulness covering our memories of who we are and why we came. Fortunately from the higher level of wholeness we've been guided by synchronicity and coincidence along our chosen path, with gentile nudges and running head-long into brick walls when we stray.

One of my chosen purposes, as I'm still discovering over time, is to inspire, uplift, assist others in understanding their magnificence. This sounds grand, and it is a very honorable role. Yet in practice there are many ways of assisting, some of which, like unintentionally pushing people's buttons thereby raising their unresolved issues for them to sort through or not as they choose, aren't so pleasant an experience on my part. Having people go off at me when my conscious intent towards them is kindness and understanding is not so enjoyable. It helped when I finally understood that assisting comes in many forms and not to take everything, really anything, personally.

In the big transition plan there are those who came in to help bring down the systems, those who came to give their life for the cause, those who will offer sustenance and compassion to the injured in the fray, and those who came to create the new. Some came to be in the public eye and others to work quietly among the masses. Early on, before I really understood anything about this Great Shift, I received very clear guidance that I was not to be involved in bringing down the systems. OK, good, I like to create new things that serve the interests of All. However, I detest injustice and inflicted suffering. And I'm the daughter of an activist, so there may be a genetic and socialization component as well. It's sometimes difficult for me to keep my mouth shut and stand by patiently until we reach the rebuilding stage. Really screws up the play if the actors are so gung-ho to get on stage that enter before their cue. And doing so could threaten my ability to fulfill my chosen mission. If I allow myself to get caught up in the bringing down phase, I might not be here for the creating anew phase. (this is not to ignore that from more than one perspective creating anew has already begun.) Hence, I want to choose my words carefully and not draw attention from certain factions of society who do not appreciate the value of human freedom.

Another of my roles is to witness. I'm not at liberty to share much at this time about those who came to witness, so please excuse the cryptic nature of what I share here. Awareness is just beginning in the larger community. I see it in the increased use of a specific word in the writings and descriptions out in the world. Though the word is not yet spoken or written in full conscious awareness of it's meaning, other than by a small handful of people. Suffice it to say that the broader conscious awareness must wait until after the dark forces are vanquished. This is true for other things as well. There is much that will be revealed when it is safe to do so.

What's important for each of now is to get really clear about what our roles are. The curtain's gone up and many of the actors are already on stage. If you're supposed to be on stage now, and you're not, get out there. If your entrance cue is coming up, be ready in the wings. If you're not on till act II or III, wait backstage, prepare yourself, help others prepare, and offer encouragement to everyone about to make their entrance. Don't crowd the wings because you'll be blocking the way for those who need to make their entrances or exits and make it difficult for the stage crew to handle light cues and scene changes. It can also distract the audience to glimpse people waiting in the wings, and believe me, the audience needs to learn everything they can from this show. Most of all, remember, you came here to Earth fully prepared. You will be magnificent!

I have a small engraved sign that used to sit on my desk when I was practicing law that says, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail."