Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The First Month of Ascension Unfolding - What It's Like

Yesterday marked one month in the Ascension unfolding.  I did not keep a daily journal during the last month.  Before too much more time goes by, I want to record, both for myself and for all reading, what the Ascension experience has been like for me thus far.  We have a lot of very old, and rather cryptic texts describing Ascension, but not so many contemporary  accounts, and frankly, we are light years ahead of 2000 - 3000 years ago.

Disclaimer: You are your own unique and perfect You.  Your experience will be unique and perfectly awesome for you. (And very fun and inspiring for everyone else if you share your experience.  So please do share!)

My unfolding Ascension experience:

December 22, the December Solstice:  I made the decsion to relinquish and release ALL that I had been thus far in this lifetime.  Most of me was amazed I was doing this.  I felt immensely tickled with myself.  It was like making the decision to throw out your old, most favorite shirt.  The one you've worn to death, mended split seams and tears, sewed buttons back on, scrubbed at stains that never really came out, elbows and cuffs worn almost through, faded all over.  Loved it immensely, definitely got your mileage out of it, but it was time to finally let it go and find a new favorite shirt.  And you toss it in the donation bag, or trash.  It was like that.  After making the decision, I felt so much freer and clearer, curious and tickled with myself.

December 25, Christmas Morning (The Festival of Lights :) : In meditation, after calling in a direct connection with my Divine Self and my guides, I asked to connect with my Angelic lineage.  I connected with the memory of the beautiful, love filled intention/inspiration that sparked the preparation of Earth as a Free-Will zone for life to experience, ebb and flow, thrive, expand and create.  I connected with the knowing/understanding of the partnership we incarnate have with our Soul line.  Then suddenly my body filled with heat and an energy larger than I've ever experienced entered my body.  The energy was highly compacted, as if pressurized.  There was nothing dark about it and it did not feel foreign at all.  I felt stunned and close to exploding.  Breathe, expand into it, breathe expand into it.  Like giving birth in reverse.  I knew the energy was mine to contain and integrate in.  I felt like a very over-stuffed overstuffed chair.  The I heard "Ascension is Real."  My intuitive voice told me this was the first of three or four of these energy connection/infusions.  There was no sense of time so I don't know whether I spent 15 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes integrating before I could open my eyes and move my body. 

Once I opened my eyes, stretched and stood up, I knew everything was different.  Everything.  But in what way?  This starts a continuous conversation between the inner observer, with the conscious mind and the expanded Soul Self.

Back to the day's Christmas dinner with my sister and her daughters....I made a roasted vegetable dish with pomegranate seeds tossed in.  I've eaten pomegranate seeds a few times before, but not often.  They were so good.  While cleaning up after dinner, I ate the rest of the seeds no used in the dish and went home craving more pomegranate seeds.

Day 2 and 3:  I felt an inner freedom that was profound, as if I had no obstacles at all.  My body felt taller.  Basically, I felt really good about myself and my life in a powerful new way, although I wasn't sure at first how to describe it.  As I went through these first couple of days, I realized that all sense of struggle, doubt, worry, and resistance was gone.  My entire field wiped clean of all emotional pain, disappointment, despair, hurt, worry.  The small stuff I used to concern myself with was now irrelevant.  "Wow, Am I?/I am really in ascension!!?!!"  I took two hour naps each day.

Day 4 and 5:   These two days were really quite humorous.  I'm in 5D, I'm in 3D.  I'm in my knowing, oops where'd it go?  Back and forth, back and forth between the two radically different states.  When I slipped into 3D, if I closed my eyes and reached for the connection, I easily connected back into 5D knowing state.  All the while I kept asking myself, "Am I really in ascension?  Maybe I was mistaken. No, I think this is ascension.  Wait, maybe it's not."  Emotionally, I was cool with whatever was happening, and this was a very different attitude from before.  (How about BA - Before Ascension, and AA - After Ascension?  No, AA will of course get mixed up with the other AA.  We need new words and abbreviations)  Again, I took two hour naps each day and slept really well at night too.

Day 6 and 7:  I woke up the morning of Day 6 with my body feeling immensely heavy and worn out.  When I tried to raise my vibration, nothing happened.  When I attempted mediation, I could not connect to my expanded Soul Self or any of my guides.  During the day I tried to take a nap but didn't fall asleep.  My body was a total wipe out, yet it had a different quality from those days when your body's tired and worn out from physical exertion.  Finally I found a way to describe what I was experiencing, I was totally off-line.  "Oh well, guess I wasn't really stating ascension."

The next days/weeks:  I woke up Day 8 feeling more myself (Whoever I am now!???!!) I turned my vibration knob and it responded, Yeah!  Quickly I was back in 5D connection with my expanded Soul Self embodied.  I tried a couple of times over the next few days, in meditation to call in another download of energy/connection, but it didn't happen.  My experience of being in 24/7 connection/embodiment stabilized and took root.  My physical energy level was high and I felt exuberant.  I accomplished a bunch of tasks I'd been putting off, like sorting through my clothes closet.  "Yes, this is ascension.  I am finally, finally ascending!!!)

One evening, about two weeks after the ascension process began, I listened to the first half of a program on Beyond the Ordinary.  Don't remember who it was but she said she channelled the Elohim and Keepers of Knowledge, my lineage.  The info coming through during the channelling was really basic to me, so I turned it off and connected to the higher realms and my guides.  And boom, my body filled with heat and I was once again filled with my enormous Soul energy.  This time the experience felt less intense.  The connection/download very much paralleled what I experienced the first time.  And it was followed by two or three days of feeling much more expanded, my inner knowing/sensing more expanded.  Then two days of wobbling and flip-flopping between more knowing/less knowing, more connected/less connected.  The two days of body exhaustion/heaviness and being kind of off-line.

General Observations and Experiences:

My sense of time has kind of blown out the window, so to speak, so I'm just going to list some of what I've been experiencing.  This is the most literally MiNd BloWiNG, and I mean literally, experience.  Awe, Joy!!, wonder, amazement, vastness, and knowing/experiencing myself connected to everything. 

I've absolutely, positively fallen in love with being alive.

With the Christmas connection/download, my crown chakra blasted open from being about 3 inches across, like the diameter of the bottom of a drinking glass (where do I come up with these analogies?) to the entire top of my head.  It has remained this open and I feel vibrational tingling of connection all the time now.

The vastness of and within me has no ending or beginning.  I've spent at least half of each day, sitting comfortable relaxed back in my chair, eyes closed, immensely happy and entertained, exploring.  And searching for words and concepts to describe to myself what I discover.

The human 3D mind is very limited and constrained in it's abilities to grasp what is now available from within when in 24/7 continuous, open connection and embodying the expanded Soul Self in 5D. 

This morning I recognized, Hey, the veil is gone!  Did it disappear all at once on December 25, 2015? Or was there a gradual dissipation, like fog clearing?  I'm not sure because the initial opening up to expanded Soul Self within the conscious mind is so huge a leap and the human mind so limited, it's taking time to wrap my mind around what I'm experiencing.

Analogies are the staff of life!!!  I search for and use analogies continuously to locate a mental definition of information I'm finding and experiences I'm experiencing.

My self-talk is now 100% an ongoing monologue of what I'm experiencing/discovering and what my Soul has to say.  No critique of myself, another, or anything. Nada.

My understanding about vibration and how vibration is everything went exponential.  This is an are I spend a lot of my "time" exploring and reclaiming while sitting happy as a lark in song with my eyes closed.

My baseline vibration is now much higher than I was previously able to reach by turning my vibration up as high as I could stand.

Listening to music/voice like this master old soul (She's 9 years old, wrap you mind around that!) sends my vibration soaring through the Universe in every part of my physical body, mind, and emotions.

My sense of humor jumped exponentially, especially about myself.  The again, I live by myself with my two Goldendoodles, Rohan and Simone, and 18 chickens (they live in their coops, not the house), and have spent much of the last month alone, so I can't say whether anyone else appreciates my senses of humor, but I laugh with and at myself all the time.

I have a wall in my office area where, for the past nine months I've posted inspiring quotes and statements/thoughts I wanted to hold and believe as true.  I just took down two statements/thoughts about the Universe conspiring for my success and Creating my magical security blanket, because, well, Duh, why do I need a reminder of what is so blatantly true.  In their place I'm going to post "Remember the Mundane!" because mundane things like paying bills seem like such silly things to have to do, not that I've ever been that in to the mundane tasks.

You know when you walk into a room and can't remember why you were going there?  Well the other night I realized I had just walked back and forth from one end of my kitchen to the other at least 25 times, no kidding, because I couldn't hold the thought of what I wanted to do, then wasn't sure what I was planning to do in the first place.  

Back to the pomegranates...since Christmas I've been eating pomegranates, one or two a day.  After that first one, it was the only food I craved.  My body must need something in them.  I'm now skilled at taking them apart and corralling the seeds in a bowl without rupturing the seeds.  However, the peel and pith turns my nails and cuticles dark grey.  Boraxo (remember that?) is best, I've found, at taking some of the staining out, but basically my hands look like I just finished working on a car engine.  If you have a solution for this, please post in a comment.  Thank you :))

I no longer go within seeking connection with a guide or wanting an answer to some question.  In regards to how to do something in the material world, I just know what's the way and what actions to take to have it happen.

Based solely on three occurrances in the past few weeks, I think my clairsentient/claircognizant abilities now extend farther because it was easy to tune into someone at a geographical distance from me.  It's not something I feel a desire or need to check out.  Over time, I'll become aware as situations present themselves.

What I described in this post about navigating from 5D to explain something to someone in 3D is no longer a challenge or better term, an adventure.  It's easy.

I've not yet spent my time and focus on creating in the material to see what happens.  When I'm focused inward I sense that it's going to feel and be like being Merlin or Gandolfcreating in the material by setting up the vibrational codes for what I want to create.  Oooow, it's going to be fun.

I no longer seek guidance or answers to How do I do this or that? from outside sources. Once or twice I've looked at the messages and guidance posted on-line in places like Spirit library.  A few have accurate guidance, but I'm already here and don't need it.  The majority of what is out there in the spiritual community is like playful diversions that aren't going to get you anywhere really.  I see this so clearly now. Like going to get a manicure or get ice cream cones.  They aren't going to guide you to connecting Consciously to your Soul Self and the vastness of Source.  Sorry.

Each of you in incarnate life is already fully connected to your expanded Soul Self at the subconscious mind and in every cell of your body through your DNA.  When you strike the precise harmonic vibrational code to door opens in your conscious mind and you become aware of Source and the vastness of your being.

The keys to opening and connecting to Source in your Conscious human mind is an alignment of harmonic vibrational codes, like a complex chord in music.  I can see it so clearly now.  And each day it's gotten clearer to me how to explain this all to others who are seeking.  It will take a book's worth of words to describe the process and keys.

There's much more I could say at this time.  I'm hungry so I'm not going to proof read this before posting (which you might have already guessed by now).

I'm about to start writing the book as quickly as I can.   That will be professionally proof read and edited, promise.

I love everyone.