Monday, July 26, 2010

Understanding the Separation

Over the past week I've finally come to understand one of the fundamental aspects about this great Shift we are progressing through. It's been difficult to reconcile the different pieces of information about how we are moving from here to the New Earth, all the predictions about Earth changes, the activation of 12 stand DNA, end of duality, shifting to no time, and the transition from 4th to 5th dimension. How do we really get from here to there? It's like I've had lots of puzzle pieces but couldn't fit them all together to arrive at a point where I could see the continuity of the picture.

What we need comes to us at just the right moment. In the past few weeks what I needed in order to fit the pieces together and create at a level of conceptual understanding arrived, one, two, three. Much gratitude :) In this video interview of Dolores Cannon, she gives the simplest, most straightforward explanation of the separating of the old Earth and the New Earth.

It's kind of contradictory to be writing about reaching for such a realization, when I wrote a few days ago about the importance of accepting the unknown. And at the same time, it is really important to be honing in on Truth. I've always found that if I understand the particular process of transformation I'm undergoing, it makes it easier to adjust to the twists and turns along the way and to handle the dark passages. Even when I don't know which way is up and which way is down, I can still keep my internal balance if I know what road I'm on. Comfort in recognizing how far I'm come on the journey. We're entering the most challenging phase of the transition, and so I hold on to a few things that bring comfort and grounding.

The Dolores Cannon interview followed closely behind a few other descriptions about the physical separation of the planet as it shifts fully into the 5th dimension, leaving old Earth in physical form in the 4th. It's a difficult concept to grasp, as she points out. Took a good while for me, a gradual process in keeping with the gradual nature of our Ascension. Now the pieces all come together in my mind. Still lots of unknowns, yet I have a conceptual framework. We've already separated to a large extent. It occurred back in September 2008, just before the fall of the markets. It's become more and more apparent that a minority of us are operating on a different channel from the rest, the sheeple. We no longer understand their channel and they don't even know ours exists.

I'm also very relieved that at some point in the next few years, exactly when we can't be certain, we can leave the craziness, violence, greed and manipulation behind. I'm so tired of all the unkindness to each other and to our planet. So very, very tired of it all.

And it's getting crazier out there. Now 30,000 more human being will be ordered into war to kill and destroy. (Yeah Wikileaks for revealing the Truth! You're my heroes) More lies and cover-up about the still leaking oil and methane gas. HB 5741, just introduced and referred to the House Committee on Armed Services, will establish mandatory service, either in combat or for "Homeland Security" for all adults ages 18 to 42. I posted this on Facebook and not a single person commented on it???? This is reestablishing the draft!!!! With no means to be excused. Just as predicted by No Eyes back in Phoenix Rising, and the Web Bots, and on and on. I'd say they'll never get that through, but Congress does what they're told by the Illuminati government, not the people. Moving close to the Canadian boarder, with my daughter and son-in-law in tow, looks better and better even though I don't like cold climates.

I can get all riled up when I see what the dark forces are trying (specifically chosen word) to do. And I'm full of glee when their plans backfire, and backfire they will. I trust. I trust, and trust, and trust. The Light forces will prevail. We are transitioning to Oneness in New Earth.