Friday, June 25, 2010

If We Tense Up, We Can't Dance

The winds of change are blowing. In response, yesterday I made the decision to release all unnecessary possessions, pack up, and move within the next two months. I do not know whether the toxic oil and dispersant chemicals will travel up to my current location. They may, they may not. Following logic and the movement of the winds, they will come close. This week's Web Bot Shape of Things to Come report speaks of the chemicals being trapped at the foothills of the mountains. Close, when talking of really harmful chemicals, is too close for me.

What I realized that settled my decision is that I will not be comfortable living from day to day watching the winds. I received guidance that I would move by November. That's only four months away. Moving now feels right. Waiting doesn't. My ease of decision surprises to me in a number of ways. I just moved here 8 months ago. I'm in a beautiful area and a wonderful piece of land, one that is perfect for creating my Domain, as envisioned by Anastasia in the Ringing Cedars books (see link on side bar). After a number of relocations rather close together, I imagined that I was in a place where I could settle in, really put down roots, and remain, without further upheaval. Well the picture just changes shape. Yet having made the decision to move, I'm not experiencing any of the sadness and resistance to releasing my attachment to this place that I would have expected. Interesting observation. I've changed.

I don't know exactly where I'm headed and that feels OK, which is another very surprising aspect. I'm one of those people who always has to have all the details of the path worked out before I would decide to head down that new path. or I used to be. I see I'm different now. This time I'm content to focus on what needs to be done today, like making a list of what I want to sell or give away, placing ads on Craig's list, sorting through old files to be shredded. As to where to move, I've started a list of options for consideration. This time I'm trusting that the perfect option will present itself, even if it's a temporary one, while I allow the pieces to unfold and come together for the longer term destination. This is a new way of approaching things for me. And you know, it feels really good.

After much work, I find I really, finally, understand and trust that I don't have to force and wrap up the conclusion. Instead, if I put out what I want to appear for me, like a new job where I can be of assistance to others and a living situation that meets basic criteria for me and my dogs, and I trust they will emerge from one of the options before me, what I want will be there. I get to create what I want and need in this way. When I try to sort out every detail of the full solution, as I used to do in the past, I was actually interfering with the Universe providing what I asked for. Like trying to get a seedling to grow quickly by prodding the soil, rather than Knowing it will sprout and grow. We just need to plant the seed, add water in the form of flowing trust, continue forward taking all actions that support our vision, and allow the Divine Creator to take care of the growth into blossoming.

Since making the decision, my energy has made a complete shift. I feel like the On switch was just engaged. I'm re-energized. That's an indication, the best indication, that I've chosen a good coarse for me.

As the shifting increases in the days and months ahead, it will be important for all of us to accept uncertainty and unknowing, where before we may have felt a sense of certainty. In reality, nothing is certain except the present. We can no longer pretend that things are going to be the same tomorrow or next week, or six months from now. Many are going to have a very difficult time with this as their reality of "the way things are" suddenly isn't there any more. Yet it's from the unknowing that creation takes place. If we let go, accept the unknowing, and flow with what's here now, knowing that we create what appears round the corner through our intent and vision, our trust and faith, we'll flow through each shift and bend. Flexible strength is a good thing to aim for. If we tense up, we can't dance.