Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves, Revealing Who We Really Are

Back in August 2008, when I sensed the Fall was imminent, I had thought it would continue with great momentum from the October crash. Instead, we've been sitting here in a sort of holding position wondering when it would finally happen. Some family and friends who I had warned back then, have taken this lull as proof that I'm just a kook living in a fantasy world. But then, the perception is mutual.

It's now eighteen months later and I interpret this lull as a gift. We were given more time to prepare, in the physical, as well as mentally and emotionally. Many of us relocated to where we need to be now. Having more time allowed us to expand our sensitivities and recognize our embodiment of the Divine.

My whole being tells me that School time just ended. It ended this week. The real deal is here. We came here to work on ground level in this great transition. The work bell is ringing. We are about to be so incredibly busy. So get a good night's sleep, eat well, and take some deep breathes.

Many in the New Age movement operate with their own delusion, even though they believe they are awake. They may be aware of the reality that the Illuminati have been controlling the masses with F.E.A.R., False Evidence Appearing Real, yet anyone who believes they are going to be protected from any discomfort and challenges because Ascension is coming, better open their eyes. No one is going to live blissfully out on the herb farm, waiting to celebrate the Aliens when they land, and otherwise no be inconvenienced.

The new age really is approaching. However, we first have to deal with the collapse of all the old systems, much suffering and loss, great challenges, and cleaning up. Ushering the new age is roll up your sleeves and walk your talk time. It's our opportunity to test our embodiment of the Qualities of the Divine - courage, strength, faith, compassion, forgiveness, and inspiration, to name a few.

Time to roll up our sleeves and reveal ourselves for what we are, Gods acting as the Hands of God.