Friday, October 29, 2010

We Are the Heroes of This Story

Man, this is looking like a story in the making that my descendants will pass down about me after I'm gone. "She drove all the way across the country during the four days of the November 2010 tipping point!!" "All by herself with two dogs in a huge truck towing her car!" I really ought to have a documentary film crew traveling with us on this journey.

The nice lady I spoke with at Penske truck rentals assured me that it's actually a lot of fun to drive the 26 ft. trucks. "You sit way up high and can see everything!"

She went on to say, "It's much easier to back up when you're towing your car on the flat bed auto trailer, which has all four car wheels on the trailer ($398 rental fee), than with the regular car towing hitch where only the car's front wheels are raised up." ($199 rental fee)

Back up a 26 ft. truck with a car in tow??? I told her I intended to only drive forward. Actually, I mean it.

She described the front cab of the truck, with bench seat, CD player, automatic transmission, air conditioning..... "Is there enough room for two medium size dogs to ride in the front with me?"

She laughed, "Oh yes, the bench seat is big enough for three passengers! There's also room on the passenger-side floor. You could put a blanket down so one of them could lie down there if they didn't both want to sit on the seat with you."

As I said, she was very friendly and seemed honest and straightforward. She also clearly had experience driving their trucks. "Ok, here's my situation. I'm quite adventurous, but does this sound insane? A single woman driving four days cross-country with two young, energetic, 58 lb. Goldendoodles in a 26 ft. truck towing my car?"

She said she thought I'd do just fine. We're going to trust that she's right.

I decided I'm going to wear my red baseball cap that says "Obey Me" in big white letters across the front, my souvenir from volunteering as a crossing attendant at one of the AIDS Walks in DC. At first the idea was a laugh, but I might seriously do it. As if the dogs can read.

These are my charming and exuberant traveling companions. Rohan (right) and Simone. Rohan just turned two. Simone is 16 months old. Simone had to have her head and ears cut short recently because Rohan gave her a head full of mats while playing.

I better put on my To Do List to find that site that has info on all the dog parks by zip code. We can sample them as we drive west, so long as I don't have to back up the truck to get out of the parking lot.

They must know I'm talking about them because they're being very insistent on attention at the moment.

Here's what I might look like in my red hat...
Actually, the one I'm wearing in this photo is my Life Is Good hat with a dog on the front. Better see if I still have it. I could alternate hats as we go along.

Stepping back from the whole situation, there are three points to make out of all of this. First, it's so important that we keep our sense of humor as we move through these really intense, chaotic times. Really, it's just us Gods living a life in the physical 3-D world of Earth. Our light shines through when we can always see the Lighter side of the situations we face.

Second, is Trust. If all the logistics come together such that I'm ready to head out early on Monday, November 8th, then I choose to trust that everything will be just fine. And the way it's all coming together, November 8th is when I'll be set to go. That yucky respiratory virus delayed my packing up the house. My daughter can come up for one last visit the first weekend in November, but not sooner. The guys I'm hiring can pack the truck that weekend. My Divine Protection is so strong, if it wasn't safe for me to travel then, because the country would be going to hell in a hand-basket, the timing would have all turned out differently. Yes, my intuition knows I'd feel less nervous arriving out west before the tipping point. Yet at the higher level we set things up for ourselves exactly as we need/want to experience. Higher Self never lets us down.

Last, is that we create our own reality. I see at least two perspectives on this at the moment. (There are probably many more) One is that our thoughts and emotions manifest the world we live in. I know this to be true. I'm also coming to understand that we actually have the power to say what we want our reality to be. This is jumping the time lines that the Hathors spoke about. Well in my reality, there are some very big, very needed WAKE UP calls coming for the majority of the people, particularly in the anesthetized US. The duality is pulling to extreme and the elites are expressing (and releasing) the the enormous levels of greed, corruption, and inhuman-ness that need to be released from the planet. We, the beings of Light, are here raising the vibration of the planet through our small day to day acts and our simple presence. In my reality Love conquers all and that's not going to change. We are the ones we've been waiting for. What we are living now are the legends and stories that will be passed down the generations. We are the Heroes of this story. That's my reality.

Our Growing Awareness to the Subtle Energies of Place

My body doesn't want to be on east coast time anymore. It's 2:45 AM and I'm sitting here eating cantaloupe and typing. I'm more on west coast time now than I was last week when I was actually on the west coast. That nasty virus I picked up from my daughter (as it turned out) was like my body saying, "No. Why did you bring us back east? We wanted to stay out west!" ("We" must mean my physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies)

It could also be the fact of moving. As I remember, my internal clock went all haywire the last two times I moved. This morning I counted and this will be the sixth move I've made in the past ten years. Sixth??!!! Not one of my 5 living siblings has moved even once during this time. Perhaps I'm trying to make up for not growing up in a military family that moved every year or two :) And it won't be the last because I'm only renting this new house for six months. Time enough to figure out exactly where I want to settle out there.

I found it really interesting in the Kryon channelling I posted the other day about how places hold the vibration of their history. I've been aware of that since I was a teenager living in London, and from traveling in Europe and the far east. Not that I was awake at the time, far from it. Yet some part of us is aware even if we don't understand it at all. Back then I felt strongly the complex history that resided in the land and buildings. What really rang true in the channelling was about our ability to connect to Gaia and Source most deeply and easily in places that had seen no wars, which in the US is in the northwest. Probably yet another reason I'm drawn there, to connect with Gaia. Gaia and I go way back and I look forward to experiencing a place of where my connection deepens and becomes more conscious.

When I first moved away from Washington, DC three years ago I wasn't at all conscious about how I read and interacted with the energy of a place. Sure some places felt better than others. But looking back, it's been over the past three years that my awareness of different energies has grown. I really got to see the contrast because for a while I was traveling back and forth to DC dealing with the selling of my house and my mother's declining health. With each trip back, I felt the difference in energy more keenly. It got so that for the first three or four days back in DC I'd feel a sort of vertigo. Very uncomfortable. DC has got some of the most intense energy out there, much of it from the people. Driven unhappiness. I return infrequently now and rely on visits by telephone.

The energy of the Appalachian Mountains where I've been living is very grounding. There are enormous crystals embedded deep within the mountains. Groundedness was exactly what I needed for the initial phase of waking up. The property where I've lived this past year is gorgeous, perfect in climate, growing season and layout for making the property sustainable and off the grid. I was planning to buy it and really settle in. However the energy feels way too molasses. It was perfect for it's time and now I'm ready for some spunk and eclecticness. (spellcheck says eclecticness is not a word, but it says what I mean, and I'm certain you get that.)

In moving through the process of expansion, our awareness to the subtle energies grows. We came in with the capacity to read and understand the subtle energies, but our senses dulled growing up in a culture that dismissed and ignored our abilities. Now we're coming back to reconnect with our true potential and full conscious awareness. At first, we become aware of the outer poles - fast - slow, calm - vibrant, smooth - erratic. Then we grow aware of more complexities, such as a sense of history. nurturing, or the purity. My sense is that as we continue to expand our awareness, we'll start picking up more and more detail about what's occurred in a particular place. We'll also hear what Gaia feels in relation to the place we're in.

Go walk amongst the trees. There's much information for us there. I've received this guidance personally and also see it from time to time in the things I've read. It's often noted that the people who have put out works of deep wisdom often have one thing in common, they spent a a long period of time alone in the forest and emerged having acquired huge insight.

It feels so good to be growing in awareness, doesn't it?

(PS - Somewhere in the middle of this post, I did actually manage to get some sleep :)