Thursday, March 3, 2016

Demystifying the Process of Ascension

Over the past weeks I've been speaking with people and doing some informal survey research of what information is out there, both online and in books, about the process of Ascension.  I've looked for recent personal accounts of having ascended while incarnate but, as of to date, have not found any new ones. Most of what is written about the process of ascension is by people who have not yet ascended.  The information available comes in the form of channelled messages of guidance from our colleagues in the non-physical and insights from people's recent personal experiences.  Understandably there is a lot of confusion because Ascending while incarnate has not been on option available to many, until now.  We are the fore-runners, the leading edge, in graduating to the next level of consciousness while staying alive in our physical bodies.  We've been given this rare opportunity to graduate and make the leap to the next level of conscious awareness while remaining in our current incarnate lifetimes.  This is an enormous gift, and one which is immensely humbling.  This opportunity to experience Ascension while incarnate is a very deep honour we are receiving in recognition of the hardships and struggles we've endured and the contributions we're making to Earth's Ascension process and Humanity's great shift.  I, for one, am deeply grateful for this honour.

My experience is that it's always helpful while going through a process of change to understand what that process is.  Knowing what the process is that we are going through allows us to identify where we are along that process, gives us land marks, and removes the uncertainty of going through the unknown.  From my observations, there are a fair amount of misunderstandings about what Ascension is and how it takes place. I'd want to provide some definition and clarifications that can assist you as you move through the process of Ascension.

The process of Ascension is a three stage process. 

Stage 1. Preparation  The first stage is a lengthy period, usually years long (always years long is probably more accurate), spent in preparation for the moment of Ascending.  Most of the information available about what is generally termed the "Ascension Process", concerns the first preparation stage.  Which makes sense because that is the stage where everyone is right now.  Many people are not consciously aware that they are preparing to Ascend, although their Soul knows and is guiding them.  However, at this point, being consciously aware of the process of Ascension and the preparations involved will assist you on your path.  It's easier to get some place when you know that's where you're actually headed.  Trust that your Higher Soul Self is connected to you in every cell of your body and is guiding you perfectly on your path.

There are four tasks that are undertaken during the preparation stage and they occur in an interrelated manner. 

        a. Personal Growth  The period of preparation is one of significant, steady personal growth and self discovery.  This most often begins in an effort to feel better about oneself and have one's life work better.  One might characterize it as a period of pulling together and applying the wisdom gained through many lifetimes to arrive at a deeper, more expanded understanding of who you are and what you have experienced in this lifetime. We examine the events and experiences in our life, learn to reframe our stories, and seek new understandings about what we have and are experiencing.  We mine our experiences for the learning.  We strive to learn new and better ways of communicating and interrelating with others in our life.  We work to understand who we really are and why we are here.

       b. Clearing, Releasing, and Refining Your Self  Closely related to the task of personal growth, there is the process of bringing up, examining, clearing, and releasing old, outgrown patterns, ideas and beliefs, and emotions.  The clearing and releasing takes place at the mental, emotional, physical, and sometimes spiritual level.  We clear out and replace old patterns of behavior and communicating.  We identify limiting ideas and beliefs that no longer fit and that  get in our way.  We release false personnas and labels that others gave us that do reflect who we really are.  We run out the doubt.  We develop trust in our selves and in our process.  We steadily release fears and self-doubt.  In the process of clearing and releasing, we steadily refine who we really are and move towards consciously being our true Self.

     c. Raising Vibration As we progress in our personal growth, and clear, release, and refine who we truly are, we raise our vibration.  Our emotions lift, moving out of depression, anger, and fear. We develop courage.  We steadily transition to living more and more of each day in optimism, hope, joy, love, and unconditional acceptance.  As our emotions lift, we learn to maintain more uplifted, positive thoughts.  We learn to raise and control our vibration at will, and may begin developing a physical awareness of our vibration.

     d. Stretching and Expanding Towards the Next Higher Level of Conscious Awareness  As we grow and release old patterns of behavior, limiting ideas, expectations, and beliefs, and raise our vibration, we begin stretch and expanding our conscious awareness towards that of the next level.  We practice maintaining our awareness in the present.  We tune inwards to listen to our inner knowing, to our intuition, and begin receiving direct communication and answers from our Higher Self.  We learn to expand and shift our perspective so that we gain deeper understanding about our reality. We discover new tools and begin practicing new approaches to creating our lives. We learn and strive to adopt the steps of manifesting what we want to create and experience.  We have epiphanies and wondrous Ah Ha moments.  You learn to love yourself.

Stage 2. The Moment of Ascending  After completing the preparations necessary, comes the actual moment of Ascending.  The moment of Ascending occurs when we emit a vibrational harmonic chord, our pure signature vibration, which acts like a key opening a locked door to the next level of conscious awareness.  You do not need to do anything to strike your vibrational signature chord.  You arrive there, guided by your Higher Soul Self, through the preparation process and it will happen automatically.  At the moment of Ascending the dormant layers of DNA in every cell of the body activate, a door between the subconscious and conscious mind opens up, and the veil of forgetfulness dissolves. This is a profound, intense experience.  There is nothing subtle about it.  It is mind blowing in every sense of the word.  The moment of Ascending is not gradual, rather it takes place like a major switch is thrown on your entire being.  Ascension will not occur without you noticing it.  You will know without a doubt that something significant just happened, even if you're unsure at first what exactly you've just experienced because you've never experienced anything like it before.  A majority of people will black out for a while when it occurs, while a smaller percentage will remain conscious.  (Muscle testing, I get that 75 - 80% will experience a brief period of blacking out, and 20 - 25% will remain conscious when they Ascend to the next level of consciousness.)  The moment of Ascending will take place during mediation or introspection when you have moved your conscious awareness out into the void. 

Stage 3. Recalibration, Integration, and Discovery  Once you've Ascended to the next level of conscious awareness, nothing will be experienced in the same way again.  You are now consciously connected to the much larger data base of your Soul Self.  You will begin a process of recalibration, integration, and discovery which will take a number of weeks or months.  This stage is mind blowing, exhilarating, and euphoric beyond anything you can imagine.  At the physical level, your brain and mind will be rewiring to connect up your awareness to your Soul Self.  Everything is different and you'll embark on a process of discovering what those differences are.  You'll perceive the interconnectedness of all things at a level never experienced before.  You'll realise that the last vestiges of fear, doubt, struggle, and so perceived obstacles have vanished from your entire field.  You'll perceive that everything is of benefit, and understand the true purpose of all that you've experienced in this lifetime.  You'll discover that you have access to a vast treasure trove of information within your Soul Self and begin exploring the vast amount of inner Knowing now available to you.  What you can sense, feel, and perceive expands exponentially.  You vibrational awareness is enormous and your will soar.  It is freedom beyond what you ever imagined possible.  You will fall in love with being alive.  It's pure bliss.  Gradually as you recalibrate and integrate you'll arrive at a place of feeling a new normal where you can function in your daily life with ease and grace.  The discovery of what you can now perceive consciously will continue to unfold. 

One thing that is very important to point out is that Ascending is not the end of the process of evolution of the soul.  You will not arrive at some totally blissed out state and then be done forever after.  In Ascending, you graduate to the next level of conscious awareness and then once there, you'll begin the continuing process of learning and mastering the lessons of this new level.  The evolution of the Soul continues on.  It is an ever spiralling journey back to Source.

I hope this provides some clarity about the process of Ascension.  Please feel free to post comments or ask questions.  I'm here to assist.  So many of you are ready and the moment of Ascending is imminent. I am excited beyond words for you!  And I'm so looking forward to greeting you as you arrive at this next level of conscious awareness, so please announce when you arrive.

Blessings and much love to each of you!

Notes on Where People Are and Where They Are Going

The three week break since my last post, was never intended.  What's gotten in my way has been simple exhaustion.  My physical energy the past three weeks has been at a very low ebb.  I've just been too drained to do much of anything.  Considering the absolutely incredible amount of energy I processed and the physical changes I went through over the first six weeks or so of this ascension transition, it makes complete sense that I'd go through a period of recouping my energy.  I've been taking things easy, eating well, doing MAP calibration sessions (see Perelandra with Michaelle Small Wright's info on the Medical Assistance Program), and generally cutting myself a lot of slack and resorting to caffeine when I really need to show up somewhere.

As I've shared before, the leap of ascending involves enormous changes in the brain's wiring and activation of dormant aspects of the DNA, often referred to as the layers of DNA, in each cell in the body.  It takes a lot of energy to shift through these changes and reach a new equilibrium.  The changes in my chakras, have been significant too.  My crown chakra is still open to span the entire top of my head with energy flowing in and out steadily.  My heart chakra has opened enormously and now feels like there is a salad plate sized opening straight through my body, open enough that you could just pass your hand through my chest.  Let me tell you, it's an odd feeling that takes a bit of getting used to.  And just as before, when I'm really tired, I'm not as quick mentally as when I'm rested and my energy is flowing easily. 

Generally I feel very normal now, although my new normal is immensely different than before.  Considering how long a quest and struggle we go through to move out of fear, doubt, and pain, it really doesn't take long to get used to feeling their absence.  Rather nice this.  Although I do kind of miss the awesome feeling of being in the continuous altered state full of immense euphoria that I felt each day as the brain/mind and DNA changes were taking place following the moment of ascending.  That phase was so much fun, actually the most fun I think I've ever had.  Right now, I'm really looking forward to having this period of exhaustion behind me.  It is getting better gradually each day.

Even in exhaustion I've been making an effort to get out more and meet a bunch of new people.  I recognized that aside from the various blog posts and sites with channelled messages from the energies in the non-physical, I've not had a good sense of where others are in their journey.  Well, that's not totally true, I do know they all somewhere on the spectrum of growth along the path.  My desire and commitment is to offer assistance to those who are on the path of ascension in the physical in this lifetime.  In an effort to connect with others in friendship and hear where they are, I've spent some time the past few weeks taking part in a couple of spiritually focused groups within my community.  The groups are filled with some nice, upbeat people. One group is studying Abraham Hick's Law of Attraction and the other is focused generally on spiritual experiences, though it's run by someone who is a follower of the Ekankar religion, so this is the perspective from which she leads the group.  There are a number of people who take part in both groups.

One thing I realized while attending these groups is that my clairsentient abilities have increased exponentially.  Everyone is very transparent to me now.  I immediately read their emotions, their motivations, their minds to a level far beyond what I did before.  This is taking some getting used to because my empathic self is picking up a louder message than the words being spoken.  In a group setting, it's a lot to keep track of as it's taking place with so many different reactions coming to me at the same time.  It also provides an opportunity for me to develop and hone my abilities to consciously assimilate reading multiple people at the same time.  And to make conscious choices as to how I respond to the words spoken and the unspoken mental/emotional state of where people are.  What's been so striking is the amount of fear and judgment I pick up on.  It's the predominant reaction I pick up on as I listen to, observe, and interact with the people I come in contact with.  The majority of humans operate from survival mode in which new ideas or ideas that differ are perceived as threatening.  Seeing the pervasiveness of fear and judgment has been very sobering for me.  It is a sad aspect of humans in 3D limitation for which I hold much compassion.

Another thing I found curious is that none of the people who've attended these sessions are familiar with the concept of ascension.  Many said they've been consciously on their spiritual path for many years, some for decades, so this is a real surprise to me.  I found myself wondering how it's possible that they could not have come across the idea of living in Heaven on Earth, finding Nirvana, or attaining a state of Enlightenment before.  Is it that the possibility of actually living in immense joy all the time seems so far fetched that it never occurred to them that it could actually happen?

Everyone in the spiritual community is always searching for their purpose in this great shift in human consciousness.  I leave you with a few questions that you might ponder, if you choose:

What are you really searching for?

Where does the path of spiritual growth and evolution lead?

What is our purpose in playing the reincarnation game over and over and over again?

What is this great shift in consciousness on Earth all about and why is it occurring now?

What is the Divine Plan for Earth and humanity?

Much Love & Light!