Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Are part of the Greatest Transition of Human Systems on Earth

I am a systems person. Much of my life has been spent observing and understanding the systems and processes that operate within individuals, families, groups, organizations, countries, and the planet. One could say I'm a scientist of life.

"Our systems are now collapsing." I say this on occasion in conversation with others and find my statement is usually misinterpreted. It's taken as a negative statement, which is not my meaning at all. It's an observation of where we are. It's my awareness that what does not work well is falling away and we are being presented with the opportunity to create anew. To be honest, I'm thrilled that our systems are collapsing. Last night I decided that I need to change the way I'm communicating so that I get across what I really mean.

We are in the midst of a Great Transition. The societal systems that have evolved over time are not serving our needs and well-being, nor the needs and well-being of the planet. People should not have to struggle and toil in unhappiness in order to exist, in order to provide for themselves and their families. Much energy in the form of time, money, the natural environment, and human effort, is spent on destruction, through wars, exploitation of natural resources, covering the earth in concrete, and polluting the air, water, and soil that supports our existence with toxic, man-made chemicals. Our systems for educating ourselves and our children destroy our creativity and separate us from our inner wisdom. Our health care systems creates more disease and injury, and shortens our lives. Our food production systems provide us with foods devoid of the nutrients we need, pollute our soil and our bodies with man-made toxic chemicals, and are grossly ineffective at ensuring that all humans are fed. Our housing systems destroy our natural environment and are ineffective at ensuring that all people have safe and nurturing shelter. Underlying and connecting all of our systems is our economic system. All of our systems are dependent upon this economic system. Our economic system benefits a few at the expense of the many.

When systems are not self-sustaining that start to collapse. They self-destruct.

When systems collapse, new systems evolve to take their place. We are at a key point in the process of transformation. We have the opportunity and the challenge to begin creating new systems that are self-sustaining and support our needs and well-being, and those of our Earth. We can chose to create consciously. Or we can be passive and let whatever evolves, evolve. The first chose is the wiser of the two. And it is the one that we have collectively already made, whether people individually recognize this or not. Much is being done at the individual level, which is where big changes initiate, within the individual.

What I've had the hardest time conveying in anything close to a positive message, relates to one major aspect of this process we are going through, the magnitude of what we have before us. In large part, my poor ability to communicate had more to do with not fully grasping myself what it was I am trying to say about this. But I've got it now and this is it.... Changing from one system, or group of systems, to another is not a simple process. The transition process to a new system becomes more complex the more dependent we are on the existing system. As an example, adjusting to the passing of a loved one is a much bigger process when our daily life is inter-dependent with that person, than when not. It's a question of how integrated our daily functioning is with the old system, meaning all our ways of thinking, understanding, and doing, that determines how complex the process of shifting over to the new will be. And we are all creatures of habit to greater or lesser extent.

Our challenge is to shift from the systems that are beginning to fail over to new systems that are only at step one, or only just a concept at this point, or haven't even been conceptualized yet. It's like we have to move from our current home to a new home that's not built yet. Moving is a disorienting process even when it's a good move for you, as this one is. First is the stress of finding a new place that meets your criteria, then there's the sorting and packing. What to keep, what to give away, what to toss out. While packing, you lose track of what's already been packed, misplace what you just put down, and can't find what you were just holding. (Sound familiar lately?) It gets tight moving around the packed boxes. You can't make dinner because the pots and pans are already packed. There's exhaustion of the move itself, then the unpacking and getting acclimated in your new home and surroundings.

So here we are getting ready to move, And we are all simultaneously going to make this move to new, as yet built, homes. How do we help each other out when everyone else is moving too at the same time? Add to this that we are moving is to a whole new country we are not familiar with. Oh, and that the majority of people haven't realized they are about to move. They're still asking for someone to come over and fix their house even as it caves into the cesspool. Or worse, haven't noticed anything is wrong.

It's going to be a big challenge to move everyone from one set of familiar but dysfunctional systems, all of which are connected through our rapidly failing economic system, over to new systems that we have yet to create. We, the Lightworkers, will need to support people to make the transition mentally, emotionally, and physically. Everyone is already prepared spiritually, whether they are conscious of it or not. When I wrote about it being time to roll up our sleeves, the work is about to begin, this is what I was talking about. This is one Huge challenge just moments before us. We are however, well prepared. The Earth provides us with everything we need for sustenance. We have all the resourcefulness and creativity, all the strength and courage we need to move through this transition, that I do not doubt in the slightest. My heart and every fiber of my being tells me our success is already assured. We are supported by the Divine.

I believe everyone knows intuitively we need to bring our systems into harmony with the systems of the natural world. We are not separate from the natural world, we are a part of it and our survival and ability to flourish depends on our creation of new systems that support and nurture all living things on the planet. The natural world's systems operates by themselves in a mutually supporting, harmonious, balanced way. It is totally self-sustaining. This balanced interdependence of the natural world on Earth is the masterpiece of the Divine Creator. It's magnificent and magical beyond words. Who could conceive of such a grand design, of inter-related systems that functions in harmony from the largest to the smallest detail?

We all came here into this lifetime, at this particular time for this Great Transition. We came here now in order to Co-Create our new world with the Divine Creator. And in this process we will come to know, in all ways, the Divine Beings that we are.