Monday, October 25, 2010

Bunch of Links

Here's some interesting links that I promised to share....

Quantum Healing

Matrix Energetics Richard Bartlett's site comes off a bit too focused on selling his seminars, yet it's worth checking this out. I read his book, Matrix Energetics, which is very good, and my friend Julia is working through the CD/workbook course. My plan is to take the training later this winter.

Frank Kinslow has written a couple of books on Quantum Healing, he calls it Quantum Entrainment. I'm reading The Secret to Instant Healing now.

FireBurn Doctor is a group that will provide free distance healing for any type of burns. You just need to call within 30 minutes of when the burn occurred. Of course I discovered this group two days after I burnt my finger taking something out of the oven, but I'm ready to call the next time I burn myself. Keep their phone number in your cell phone. 1-818-332-6445

Spiritually Inclined

I love this video. It's a message that feels so good to finally hear: The Angelic Human Race

My friend, Angela Moore, a very gifted intuitive, talking about the process of manifesting: Don't try too Hard

A nice video of Patricia Cori speaking about Multi-Dimensional Reality. Patricia is so very good at putting the abstract into words.

Here's really nice overview of what to expect through the Ascension process done by James Gilliland. It's in two parts, here's part 2

Tom Kenyon and the Hathors invite everyone to join in a global meditation on Sunday, October 31st Opening the Halls of Amenti. There is a download MP3 with music for the meditation if you go to the Hathor's previous channeling, The Crystal Palace Within, it also contains the 15 minute guided meditation. Tom asks that if you want to listen to the music during the meditation, to please download it ahead of time and play it off your computer, rather than off his site, so his site doesn't crash.


Talking Animals This isn't quite as good as the clip that someone posted on facebook, but I loooove the bird at the beginning. Thank you BBC. Nighttime, DAYTIME!

Now back to bed time. This is a very nasty bug I picked up, I feel like crap.

Off Kilter Today

Today is my birthday. It's raining, which is a blessing as we've had so little for months. And which is not so good because I left my sunroof open last night. Just before I fell asleep last night I felt my throat go all scratchy with some bug moving down into my lungs. Feel very under the weather today so it will be a quiet birthday. Lentil soup from the freezer. Restless dogs who need a big game of retrieving the ball to work off their energy.

It's not surprising that I came down with something after such an intense week of travel, I didn't get all that much sleep. My meeting with the owner of the house for rent went well and we have a gentleman's agreement to be formalized this week. The trip home was very long with an extra delay leaving the airport gate in Minneapolis where I changed planes because Obama flew in on the campaign trail and we had to sit for an hour before taking off. My daughter and her finace met me at my house Saturday night when I arrived home and we spent a lovely day together yesterday celebrating my birthday.

I'd planned this morning to start really packing, but that's not going to happen given the way I feel. I've scrapped my agenda down to one item: a nap. We'll see, I started on MMS first thing this morning so perhaps by this afternoon I'll be feeling much better. Usually after three of four doses of MMS, my health starts to return. Magic stuff, MMS, I encourage everyone to investigate it. It's a whole different paradigm from traditional medicine, and even other alternative therapies, so you need to take a little time and learn about how to use it. But once you understand it, it's so easy. A good thing to have on hand given the uncertainties before us.

It will be very interesting to see how the timing of my move plays out. Generally I'm aiming to arrive at the new house by November 7th. But it's totally flexible. It in large part depends on when the guys I want to load the truck can do it, and I've not heard back from them yet. I'm just trusting that the universe will coordinate everything as to timing.

One very big issue for me is my daughter. It does not feel right for me to be moving to the opposite coast from her. I want her to come with me. And that will happen, sooner or later. After reading the latest Web Bot report and listening to the recent Lindsey Williams interview (It's in 6 parts, but the real info is contained in the first three parts), as well as watching what's happening in the world, we're likely to have some big shake up occurrences in about two weeks. Perhaps she'll end up coming with me after all. Our plan has been that she'd come here when things get rough. If my logistics get dragged out and I'm still here during the November 8 - 11 tipping point, it would not surprise me if she joined me here and we all moved together. I'm just going to take each step one at a time and trust everything will come together in the best way for me and for her.

Everything is in Divine Order. My body is fading now so I'm signing off and heading off towards my nap. Tomorrow is another day.