Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Looking Back the Wise One Inside Always Knew

There are singular events that occur here and there in the span of our lifetimes that feel quite unusual at the time and completely unrelated to anything else.  Then one day we see a connection running between a series of these previously unrelated events which is startling in it's significance. 

Late summer 1971 - I'm two months shy of my 14th birthday.  It's early evening and I'm standing on the corner of a busy street a few blocks from my house waiting for the light to change so I can cross the street.  Suddenly I "Know" that I'm here to do something very important in my life.  I've no idea where this awareness has come from and more importantly, I've not the foggiest clue what it is I'm meant to do that's so important.

April 1989 - I've just returned from a weekend workshop with The Center for Study of Human Systems.  I'm a recently single mother of a 3 year old and am pursuing personal growth work while also attending college.  The workshop was full of expansive learning and wonderful epiphanies.  Somehow, shortly after returning from the workshop I enter into a state where I have access to immense wisdom about what ever I think about.  It's amazing and kind of scary because I've got no idea what is happening to me, only that I'm suddenly, maybe, kind of very psychic, although I don't really know much about psychic abilities.  This state of "Knowing" last for three days without interruption.  I barely sleep wandering around in all the information available to me inside my head.  Then it fades out.

Thanksgiving weekend 2005 - I read through the transcript of a very detailed reading I'd had the previous spring.  It's about the fifth time I've read through the reading transcript.  Suddenly the meaning of a passage jumps out at me as if I'd never seen it before, "You are clairsentient, also known as a feeler or empath."   I spend the next week recalling so many times I could not understand how someone could be so unkind, thoughtless, or callous towards another or towards me.  It all starts to make sense now.  They were operating with much less information than I had.  How did I manage to live for 49 years without realizing I had more awareness of what the people around me were feeling and thinking than others did?

July 2006 - I've had another reading from the same intuitive.  This one ends with a passage that says: "Don't you remember who you are?  You are one of the Keepers of Earth.  The Earth is not some inert lump of clay.  She is a sentient being carrying humanity through your galaxy like a loving protective mother craft."  In my head I'm thinking, "Frankly, No, I do not remember anything about who I am."  and "Who came up with this veil idea anyway??  They sure had a warped sense of humor thinking it would be some fun game to come to earth and live lifetime after lifetime with blindfolds on trying to figure out who we really are.  Whoever it was should be shot.  And while we're on the subject, How come I got stuck with the extra heavy-duty blackout model of a veil????"

Summer 2009 - I'm participating in the South Eastern Regional Permaculture gathering.  I've woken up to the banksters, Illuminati, Bilderberg corruption and am now a dedicated prepper expecting massive earth changes, financial collapse, and some sort of revolution.  I've been searching for my "mission".  At the gathering, I do a Tibetan Bells session.  I lie on the ground and the healer places Tibetan Bells all around me.  He begins ringing the bells and I drift into a memory from another lifetime of being inside a temple full of candlelight.  I'm filled with the Knowing that there is nothing I need to do.  I can sit in the back corner of a room saying nothing. My presence changes everything.  That is all I came to do, be present.

September 2015 - It's the month of the Fall Equinox, falling in the middle of a full lunar and full solar eclipse cycle.  One day I suddenly remember the uninterrupted and expansive Knowing I experienced back in the spring of 1989 and I'm full of longing to reconnect with it.  I set my intention to connect with, merge, and embody All That I AM, my Divine Self.  I've experienced immense growth the past few years, with many epiphanies and much greater awareness, yet I'm still unsure what the experience of Ascension feels like.  At least I don't remember what it feels like.

December 21, 2015 - The Winter Solstice.  After years of healing and releasing old hurts, doubts, fears, old false personas, limiting ideas and expectations, and outgrown ways of perceiving reality, I make the decision and set the intention to release and relinquish all that I've been in this lifetime.  I agree to transition out of this person I've been, as we do in "death", and resume being my All That I AM Self, while staying in this physical body alive on Earth.  I realize this process was activated back in September, though I'm unsure when or how the transition will take place.

December 25, 2015 - It's mid-morning.  I close my eyes, fill my body with light, start the flow of light cycling from Earth through my spinal column and up into the Universe.  I call in my connection with my Divine Self and my Guides.  Turn up my vibration and expand into it, turn up and expand.  As I focus on the quiet of my heart, I expand upwards and connect with the memory and intention of the creation of life on Earth.  It is a partnership of the Creator energies in the non-physical and their embodied expressions in incarnate form, the scientists, geneticists seeding and filling the Earth with plant life and crystals, then seeding animal life, then Human life.  The vision and intention is so pure, full of Grace and full of Love: That here on Earth, Consciousness could experience itself in abundant, interconnected material life forms, with freedom and free will to explore and experience itself, to ebb and flow, to evolve without restraint, to reach the highest expressions it could imagine.  The love and beauty in this intention is greater than I've ever felt and I'm filled with Awe.  I open up to receive as much of this love as I'm able.  Right then a powerful energy fills my body.  I've never felt anything like this before. It has a denseness, as if compressed, that fills me to maximum capacity.  I feel like an overstuffed chair. My body is instantly hot.  I breath and expand to contain it, breath and expand, breath and expand.  It takes all my concentration to contain, hold, and begin to integrate this huge energy.  It is now that I Know that Ascension is real.  It is happening.

Looking back the wise one inside always knew the purpose in this lifetime.  And every once in a while, even long before the process of awakening starts unfolding, our Soul, our Divine Self peeks through the veil and whispers in our ear.  Quiet gentile reminders.  Do you remember who you are?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Five Answered Questions about the Process of Ascension

When I first started this blog I never imagined that the path of expansion and ascension would unfold in the way it has, and continues to unfold.  I'm daily amazed and filled with wonder.  The growth and expanding perspectives available to each of us increases exponentially with each passing month.  I've learned more and changed more in the past year than in the previous four or five years, without a doubt.

Without a doubt.  In so many ways our process since awakening is one of running out the doubts.  And in running out the doubts and fears we come to know who we truly are.

There was an exercise suggested to me a few months ago.  You start by identifying something that you long for, then ask Why?  Write your answer and again ask Why?  Keep answering and asking Why?  About the fifth time you ask Why? and answer, you're getting down to the real heart level.   What I found really interesting was that when I did this exercise a number time on different things I desired, I always arrived finally at the exact same answer: Because I am a Creator.

Everything is a process of creation and change.  What is created has a beginning, a period of growth and flourishing, and then it grows to it's peak and then begins to decline.  Perhaps there is a "death" or moments of chaotic destruction, and then evolution into something new, a new creation.

I've found in life that when we understand the process we are transitioning through, and can identify where we are in the process, we're then able to find within ourselves a sense of peace and confidence.  This is true even in the moments of chaos or during the leaps of faith into the unknown when we're unsure where we will land.

In thinking about the process of ascension, there are a number of aspects about the process that I wish I'd discovered sooner.  It would have saved me a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and unnecessary doubts and fears.

What then is the process of ascension?

Ascension can be described as a natural process of evolving into an ever more expanding state of conscious awareness or enlightenment.   It's the process of developing mastery.  That's a short answer.  However, having traversed along this path for a good number of years, it's become clear that the process of ascension is enormously complex and involves multiple processes, some of which occur in sequence, some which happen simultaneously, some which overlap.  Defining a specific process is really not possible because each of us experiences this path of evolving into ever expanding states of awareness in our own unique and perfect way.

There are, however, some specific aspects about the process that are true for each of us.  As I think back about my experiences thus far, there were a number of things about the process that I wish I'd known sooner.  There were a number of big, unanswered questions about what ascension entailed that led to a lot of unease.  The uncertainty of what I would likely experience caused a lot of confusion, doubt, and especially fear.  Seems it's important to share the answers I finally discovered with others. Perhaps it will make your experiences easier.  These are pretty short, concise answers.  At this point I could write a book about the process of ascension.  However, my goal in this format is to assist, not overwhelm.  Here are five question about the process of ascension that I'm glad I finally have answers to:

Question One: Ascension means to rise up, so does this mean we're going some place else? Leaving my body? transitioning through death?
Answer: We are not going anywhere else when we ascend.  We're staying here in our bodies, here on planet Earth.  Many of us have traversed the path of ascension before.  Previously in the universe, when large groups of beings ascended together, they did transition out of their bodies and then reincarnated in on a another planet operating at a higher dimension.  There have always been individuals who reached enlightenment while here on Earth.  This time, Earth has ascended into the 5th dimension.  And for the first time ever, a huge group of us are pursuing ascension and enlightenment while remaining incarnate in our bodies here on the planet.  This is the reason we have such immense support from the beings of light in the non-physical.  The entire universe is cheering us on.

Question Two: What's going to happen to me in this process?
Answer: The process occurs first at the mental level, then emotional, then physical level. It begins at the mental level with a spiritual awakening.  We realise we are more than this person in this lifetime.  As you view yourself and the world around you, you begin to perceive that there is more going on than you used to see.  There's a paradigm shift in how you understand yourself and the reality surrounding you.  You begin to see things differently and reach deeper understandings about yourself, your relationships, your purpose, and the meaning of life.  What we are consciously aware of expands.

While awareness expands at the mental level, changes begin taking place at the emotional level.  With deeper understanding, we begin healing old emotional wounds.  Misunderstandings about relationships and events we experienced become visible to us. There is a process of healing, sorting and reordering, clearing out, and releasing old thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions that no longer fit for us.  Many of us experience physical symptoms, such as bouts of tiredness, not being able to sleep, aches and pains, congestion, as our bodies adjust to old energies and emotional frequencies being released, new energies coming in, and a continual elevation of our vibration.

Those at the leading edge of this transformation of human consciousness are just now beginning the process of physical changes.  Much of these changes occurs at the DNA level and involves activation of a greater percentage of our DNA's built-in capacity to work at the quantum level.  Some of the best information I've found about our changing DNA is Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll.  If this is of interest to you, I would strongly recommend reading The Twelve Layers of DNA, An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within (Kryon Book 12).  You can also find lots of info in the Kryon channelings about DNA and the Innate, our DNA's communication system within our bodies (See the link in the side bar).

Question Three?  What does "expansion" really mean?
Answer: Expanding awareness.  You become consciously aware and develop understanding of more than you previously thought existed.  More about your self, your mind, your emotions, your body, and the parts of you that exist outside your physical body.  You develop a much deeper understanding about the nature of reality.  You become aware of how you create and use your energy and focus.  You expand your senses and begin to perceive in ways beyond your five senses.

Question Four: What happens to us and the planet in the dimensional shift into 5D?
Answer:  We don't go anywhere else, and we don't split off from the 3D world.  This is pure physics. The first three dimensions are length, width and depth.  Time is the forth dimension.  The fifth dimension adds the ability to compare your world with a parallel world that had the same starting point as ours, yet proceeded along a different course. In other words, operating in 5D allows you to perceive and chose a different time line.  In sixth dimension you have the ability to perceive and choose among multiple time lines and to move forward and back in time.  You can read about the 10 dimensions Here and Here.

When the Earth shifted into 5D, it opened up the door into 5D and 6D, and greater understanding and use of 4D.  As we ascend we develop the capacity to operate in these additional dimensions.  Working in 5D and 6D requires a range of new skills and development of new perceptual abilities.  Discovering and mastering these new skills takes a bit of time and practice.  For instance, if you choose to live/work in 6D, you can develop your ability to choose a specific time line you want to experience, perceive your future self living down that time line, then bring your future self into the present to experience that time line unfolding. (As a side note, I started learning some of the new skills necessary for living in 5D/6D last summer and am working to develop my abilities to operate in these new dimensions.  Have to say that I'm finding it's really fun.)

Question Five:  If we're in the middle of the Great Shift in human consciousness, how come on the one hand there are so many waking up and becoming more aware, yet on the other hand we still have the dark intentioned ones seemingly exerting more and more control over humanity?
Answer: The Great Shift in human consciousness is huge.  It doesn't happen over night, or even over a few years.  It is a three generation process.  Not everyone currently incarnate is ready or will choose to ascend.

The lightworkers. a majority of whom incarnated in three waves during the late 1940's to early 1960's, are leading the way.  Many of the lightworkers went through a major activation for ascension this past September during the equinox/eclipse cycle.  Two other waves of activation for ascension will take place around the next spring and fall equinoxes. The next generation, the millennials, incarnated with DNA already pre-wired to facilitate expansion.  They have created communication among people in every corner of the planet.  Secrets and lies can't remain unexposed when everyone can talk to everyone else.  The third generation, the children born after the December 21, 2012 solstice are coming in without the veil and already operating at 5D/6D.  I can hardly wait to witness the shake up as these children enter school all around the planet. 

Another way of looking at the process of expansion and the great shift in consciousness is this: We have been in a long, focused process on our own individual growth and expansion.  And we've needed to do this in preparation for the next phase which is just beginning.  We are now collectively turning our focus towards the greater whole in a new way.  Now is the time to connect, to come together in unity, to use our new skills to consciously manifest peace throughout the planet.  Our light is growing too strong for the darkness to remain in power much longer.

The We Are Here Video

I thought I'd share this video I came across the other day.  It's inspiring and powerful.  The first time I watched it, I almost stopped it when the credits started rolling.  Glad I didn't because they are a big part of the power.  I'd suggest watching the whole way through.

This inspired an idea about one way to hold a common vision.  It will take a bit to get my idea fully manifested, and I'll keep you all apprised on it's launching.  If you are similarly inspired to create or take action, I hope you'll post a comment and share.

With love, joy and co-creativity!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stripping away the Clark Kents to Reveal Ourselves as Super Ones

It's sometimes a challenge to express 3D perceptions in the linear form of 2D sentences on paper.  Expressing multi-dimensional perceptions in writing, well let's just acknowledge that it's a whole new realm to master.  So I'll start with the dreams.

There's a recurring dream I've had over the past year where I'm in my house and it's filled with lots of people that I did not invite there.  In the first such dream, I discovered a door to a stair case leading to a lower level I never knew was there.  The lower level was expensively finished in a style I didn't resonate with.  It was not me at all.  I did not know any of the people who were milling around enjoying a party. In another, my unfisnished house was full of workmen, who I did not hire and who were doing things I'd not asked to be done.  One man was busy painting a wall a terrible shade of pink and I screamed at him to stop.  In a third, I was having a party and many of the people were people I knew.  Then I caught a group sneaking in through a door in the lower level that I'd not known was there.  I told them to leave.

Although I sought to discover the meaning of these dreams, I never felt I really got to the message.

Over the past week I had three dreams with a different recurring theme, my chickens.  (I have a flock of chickens that I raise.  I love my chickens, each one is named, and they bring me great joy and wonderful organic free-range eggs.)    What was the message about chickens??

Two days ago I had a dream that combined the two recurring themes.  In the dream, I went outside and saw that the tall fence around my chicken coop had been cut down to three feet and one fence gate had been taken down.  My chickens were jumping the fence and scattering about.  The adjoining neighbor was doing construction right at the property line with lots of workmen doing excavation work along my boundary.  The neighbor was older, with grey hair and a grey beard.  I voiced that this was my property and they had no right to cut down my fence.  I went inside the coop and found a room with some chickens that had not escaped.  I passed through another door and entered into a large lobby full of people.  It was still "my home".  There were a couple of vendors selling cheap jewelry and make up.  And a steady stream of people were coming in the doors.  I yelled at them all, "You have no right to be here.  This is my space.  You need to leave."  I pushed people out the doors.  The vendors started packing up to leave.  More people came in and told them to leave and I pushed them out.  I kept standing up for myself.

After I woke from the combined theme dream, I wrote it down, looking for the meaning.  This time it all came clear.  The dreams have been giving me a message about the clearing process.  We say we're being chicken when we are afraid of something, particularly something we don't need to be afraid of.  Chickens/fears scattering and fluttering away.  Progressively over the uninvited people dreams, I began standing up and demanding the unwanted people leave my space.  Standing up for my Self.  Standing up for my my sovereignty. Demanding that person(a)s that are not me, leave.

Over the course of our lives, and especially during our childhoods, we take on so many personas.  False personas. We learn to define ourselves through others' perceptions of us,  their projections, our misunderstandings. In my case, I've taken on various personas as the person who was too sensitive, too independent, too emotional, too self-centered, the one who wants too much, the one who doesn't know what she's talking about, the one who's never happy, the one who isn't worth noticing.  These personas each hold fears and limiting beliefs.

As I came to this understanding about the meaning of the dream, I saw three or four ghost-like "people" drift out of my body and float away.  They were like flat, semi-transparent, two-dimensional people made of steam.  And they vanished.  I had the image of paper dolls.  Remember those?  The cardboard people we could dress up with paper outfits, folding the little tabs over the shoulders and waist.  By way of analogy, the personas we take on are like layer upon layer of outfits on a paper doll.

From my inner knowing, I was suddenly aware of how these personas that I absorbed along the way function like lenses, obscuring, coloring, sometimes blinding, my awareness and perception.  They shaped my thoughts, shaped my inner dialogue, shaped my emotions, shaped my reactions, and limited what options I could see.  I spent the remainder of the day playing with putting my old personas on and removing them and noticing the difference in how I felt emotionally, mentally, physically.  When I release and remove the personas I feel powerful, flexible, strong, and optimistic.  I weigh less and stand straighter.  The opportunities available to me are unlimited. I feel free. My vibration is high.

I joyfully now release all the false personas I've taken on in my life thus are.  I release them and the fears and limiting beliefs they hold.  They have served me well by deepening my experiences, my understanding of the human condition, and my awareness.  They have assisted me in developing compassion for myself and others.  In releasing them, yet integrating in my learning, all that I am becomes larger and wiser.

We each have our own unique experiences and perceptions, yet I believe we are all in the process of uncovering who we really are.  Of discovering our own unique magnificence.  It's like Clark Kent stripping off the insecure, dorky fa├žade to reveal the Superman within.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Giving the Gift of Yourself in Co-Creation

This is about Co-Creation. This about truly valuing who you are.  About recognizing what we all, in our hearts, really wish to receive from each other.  About affirming what really matters and makes a difference in our lives and the lives of those we love.

I'm big on experiential learning, thus I offer a simple 5 step exercise for completing your holiday gift-giving list.  All you'll need is paper and something to write with.

1. Write a list of the family and friends that you want to give a very special gift to this holiday season.

2. Answer the following questions:

During the past year, did you devote some attention towards learning to value yourself more?                           YES                           NO

Looking back on your childhood, what did you, as a child, most want and need more of from your parents/caretakers?  Answer with single words or short phrases.  (for example, love, companionship, attention, adventure, believing in me)  As an adult, what do you want more of in your life?

3.  Watch this video:

4. Take a few moments to consider the possibility that giving of yourself might be the most treasured gift you could give.  If I gave the gift of myself to those on my gift list, what would that look like?  What would that feel like?  What would this mean about how I value myself?

5.  Look at the list you prepared in Step 1 and decide what special gift of yourself you could give to each person on your list.

Here are a few thoughts and ideas to spark your creativity....Did you ever make and give a coupon book to your parent with coupons for things like breakfast in bed, a back rub, helping to make dinner or wash the car?  Giving the gift of yourself lends itself well to handmade coupon books and gift certificates.

For children:
An afternoon playing cards or board games
A walk through the park in search of where the elves and faeries live
Making cookies or a gingerbread house together
A scavenger hunt
A nature adventure to discover who lives under the rocks
A summer afternoon playing in the sprinkler
Five coupons for reading a story
A magical tea party

For adults:
A mini one day/afternoon vacation

Valentine's Day party
Taking a cooking or art class together
A special surprise adventure day
Helping with a big project
I will teach you something you want to learn from me
A magical tea party

When you give the gift of yourself, you are giving your loved one the opportunity to come together and co-create special moments, the moments that nurture our hearts and spirits, the moments that people treasure and remember.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What an Awesome Instant Vibration Raiser

Love this!  Nothing short of brilliant. What an awesome, instant vibration raiser!

Read about Michael Binder who created this dance mashup on DIYnetwork.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Peeling Back the Layers, Blooming Like the Lotus

It is so magical the ease with which inner knowing and guidance come in to us now.  All we have to do is ask the question or make the request for information and it shows up quickly, between immediately to 48 hours.

I've been asking for knowing about what is getting in my way. 

I see now that my answers have been coming in in layers.  Peeling back the onion, as we say.  This awareness reminded me of Stanley Kunitz' beautiful and powerful poem, The Layers.  On rereading it, I find his poem to be a perfect expression of where I am today.  What he expresses about the journey through life is so universal.  And it was his inner knowing that directed him forward to "Live in the layers, not on the litter."  In this post, I could have simply written: "This is where I am today" and posted Stanely Kunitz' poem.  But that would be a cop out and this post is about making the decision not to cop out nor live on the litter anymore.

Back to the point, I've been asking for knowing about what is getting in my way.  And every few days I receive another insight about a limiting belief I was not consciously aware of, a fear to release, a prod to take action in some way. 

I used to be a night owl, however, the early morning epiphanies I'm now experiencing have made me love the mornings and the moments when I'm first just waking up.  This morning brought a very big Ah Ha.  Sitting with my cup of coffee, my awareness shifted and I suddenly saw with clarity the pattern that is not serving me at all in my desire to move forward creating the life that I love.  My answer to what is getting in my way is pure and simple, myself and a fear.

We've been getting the messages recently about now is the time for us to have the courage to be and express ourselves as who we truly are.  Well I've always been a free spirit, regardless of the disapproval I've encountered from some along the way.  So I brushed off the guidance as an issue I didn't really need to focus on.  This morning I realized that is not the case at all.  In fact the fear of expressing who I really am is right at the heart of the matter.

The pattern I now recognize in myself is one of holding back from expressing who I am.  Like in creating my new business.  Rather than just move forward with all the steps necessary to launch this business, I've been creating excuses, obstacles, stalling, and generally employing anything I can to avoid putting the real me out in the world.  I can't do this because that hasn't happened yet.  I need to take care of that before I can finish up the copy for my website, I'm feeling to out of alignment to do much today.........Yada yada, yada.

What most often holds us back from openly expressing who we are is the fear of what we might experience, and in particular what we might feel.  Being a Lightworker, we've had a hard road to this point full of rejection, judgement, feeling all alone, feeling that we don't fit in, feeling disappointment.  Years ago doing personal growth work with a therapist, she identified that disappointment wove a continuous thread through my life.  Yet I somehow found the strength and courage to keep imagining what I could create and going forward. Looking back from today, I see the thread of disappointment continued on, weaving through so many of my endeavors. To the point that the fear of feeling more disappointment is my biggest obstacle.

Now I could spend some more days roaming around in my head looking at how this disappointment or that one influenced me, but that would just be continuing to live the pattern I choose now to release.  Instead, I can choose to cast the fear aside, center into resonance with my immense strength and courage and go for it.  And that is exactly what I'm choosing to do.  I am fed up and done with feeling stuck, which frankly, feels just as bad as the disappointment I've been seeking to avoid.

I have always known in every cell in my body that I have the power to create what I want.  That knowing has never left me.  Much of the disappointment, and deep frustration, I've felt for so many years is about how hard it's been to manifest what I want in the 3D world.  Like swimming upstream in cold molasses.   Yet we're in 5D now.  Everything is different.  The knowing and guidance we request comes to us with ever increasing speed.  The massage comes through in every direction: "Now is our time for living in joy!"  And I love and respect myself too much to let some imagined fear of perhaps feeling disappointment get in my way from experiencing the joy of being and expressing who I truly am.  When we hold ourselves back because of the fear of the bad things we might experience, we then miss out on all the good things we can experience.

Peeling back, releasing and clearing.  It's all part of the process of experiencing ascension in the physical.  We spiral upwards.  We peel back the layers and with each layer our awareness expands, our understanding deepens, and we clear away a bit more of the fog we experience as the veil.  This is our process of blooming.  Of opening up with courage and strength to reveal the lotus flower that we each are.

Now, I have some work to do.  Tomorrow I'll finish up and post the blog post about vibrations that I started yesterday.  With much love, Helen

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Clearing is So Much Easier Now Than It Used to Be

We are in uncharted waters in our journey of expanding the consciousness of humanity on the planet.  By sharing our new and widening perspectives, our experiences, feelings and observations, and our epiphanies (!), we are co-creating New Earth.

Each morning now I close my eyes and focus on the stillness in my heart.  I feel/see/sense a ball of brilliant white light fill my heart, then radiate outward, filling my whole body, my aura, and beyond.  I open wide my chakras and shoot the white light down into the center of the earth and upward into all that is.  And I call in a direct connection with my Divine Self, the source of my most expanded inner knowing.  I ask that my Divine Self maintain this connection throughout the day, guiding me, filling me with knowing.   That each day this connection strengthen.  Until I am in continual connection with my inner knowing.  I can hardly wait for this to happen.

I'm fast discovering that as I deepen my connection with my Divine Self, the knowing and answers to my questions and requests for information come quickly.  That is what happened when I asked for guidance as to what was getting in my way in starting my new business.  It only took a few minutes for the answers to come into my awareness.  How wonderful is that?  That we can now easily open up our awareness and receive the support and knowing we request whenever we want it, it's all so magical.

I shared in the last post that I was going to dive in and sort out the feelings, perceptions, and limiting beliefs that were tripping me up in my efforts to create my new business.  I had trepidations because in the past such an endeavor required re-experiencing a bunch of painful events from my past.  But that's not at all how the process unfolded. 

I remember reading somewhere a few years ago that we no longer have to rehash old stuff to release it.  At the time, I discounted this guidance because I'd known how important it was to really examine deeply every facet of a painful or difficult experience in order to reach a new level of understanding and extract the wisdom and benefit I received from the painful experience.  However, what I'm discovering now is that it is much easier to unearth, release and clear old stuff than it used to be. We still need to identify where we picked up the old, unserving beliefs.  Yet our process no longer requires that we re-experiencing all the old unpleasant emotions from our past experiences.  Some very nice benefits of moving in our new uncharted waters.

This is the process I went through in the past couple of days to identify and clear the limiting belief that was getting in my way.  It was an intuitive mix of tools I've collected in the past year or so.

First I made a list of the work experiences that I'd found disappointing, hurtful, and that filled me with despair and resentment.  In doing this I was writing out briefly, my stories:  When I worked here, they didn't pay me very much even though I was doing the bulk of the work for the organization.  Others got raises and accolades, but I did not.  When I worked there, I carried a much greater work load than most of my co-workers, I worked in a constant state of stress to keep up with this unmanageable work load, but I was paid less and received smaller annual salary increases than others, .... etc.  Reviewing the list, it was easy to see the pattern.  And Bingo! there was the limiting belief I'd developed from these experiences:  No matter how hard I work, I never get the benefits I should receive in exchange.  Instead I get disappointment, hurt, resentment, and the continual message that I'm not good enough. 

With an underlying, and unconscious belief that my best work would be pointless, and eventually harmful to me, it's easy to see why I'd dig my heals in and avoid anything that resembled development of a new career.

Next I rewrote my story.  This pattern in my career actually had it's roots in my early childhood growing up in a large family where there was no affection and very little attention or acknowledgement of who I was.  Yet I am not the person I was back then.  I'm not even the person I was a year ago or a month ago.  I was just a child, with very limited awareness and skills, certainly not the level of awareness and skills I have now.  When I moved into adulthood, the limiting belief was already fully embedded and operating.  I created my career experiences in conformance with my limiting belief, all of it unconsciously. Standing up for myself in a matter of fact manner was not in my vocabulary at all during my earlier career.  When I did ask for what I felt I deserved, it was done full of resentment and anger, and thus wasn't well received.

An image that came to me in this process was of an egg and a young eagle.  I was an egg back then and now I'm a young eagle soaring in the sky.  Eggs have potential but they don't have a lot of awareness.  As an eagle, I move with ease and flow with a higher perspective and more expansive vision.  I can lift myself above obstacles in my way.

When we release an old, unserving, limiting belief, we get to choose the new empowering belief we want to replace it.  How fun is that?

At one point in this process, I recognized that I do hold a very strong belief that I am a very strong creator and I can create what I want in my life.  Yet this empowering belief definitely couldn't operate fully along side the limiting belief that no matter how hard I worked, I'd never receive the benefits of my work.  I decided that I'd simply release the limiting belief and allow the belief that I am a powerful creator who can create what I want in my life to have the space and prominence it deserves.

And as for the emotional residue held within my field, all that pain, despair, disappointment, and discouragement I'd experienced, it needs to be released as well.  It's definitely not something I want hanging around causing mischief.  And much gratitude that I do not have to re-experience it all again.  What I've done so far is to ask my DNA to release the negative emotional residue.  Our DNA has such expansive knowledge of how to go about tasks such as this, it only needs the request.  I will probably also do same EFT tapping to establish and strengthen the neural pathways for my empowering belief that I am a powerful creator.

It's such a pleasure that clearing is now so much easier than it used to be.  Much gratitude for that.  Though we've earned it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Diving into a Pool of Despair, or How a Lightwork Comes by Their Necklace of Hidden Jewels & Pearls of Wisdom

I mark this first half of November as an anniversary of sorts.  Last year at this time, a new neighbor invited me to join her in taking a journalling class.  It all unfolded as a loving, helping hand, the one I sorely needed, reaching down to assist me in climbing out of a very deep dark hole I was engulfed in.

And this past year has been a year of immense growth, expansion, wonder, and progress on the continuous path of ascension.  A year of finding courage, expanding perspectives, welcoming epiphanies, identifying, releasing and replacing limiting beliefs, clearing old energy patterns, and deepening my understanding of myself and how we create through our consciousness.  There has been so much to celebrate.  My friendship with the new neighbor has become one of dear, trusted allies on the path.  One afternoon this past July, she shook her head and said that she could hardly believe I was the same person she'd first met last November.

Yet still, as I strive to shift my circumstances and create the life I want, one that truly reflects who I am now, I come up against one obstacle after another.  It's been maddeningly frustrating.  I keep bringing myself back to center, tune up my frequency, take action towards what I want to create, trust and believe in our power, my power, to manifest with grace and ease.  Applying all that I know as the process of creation.  Hitting another obstacle, pressing forward, looking deeper within to uncover what inside is creating the resistance I chafe against.

With the transition through the September Equinox, and full lunar eclipse, we have moved into uncharted territory, one that supports our ever increasing capacities to master the use of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and inspirations to create what is good for us and so equally good for all.  The obstacles we encounter now are reflections of inner resistance and discord.  They always have been, only now we have the capacity to observe and understand this process.  And now the process of manifestation unfolds into the material so much faster than before.

I've been watching my hidden inner discord manifest as obstacles.  It's at times a stunning demonstration of my ability to create.  I can feel the power.  But who  on Earth wants to excel at creating obstacles for oneself??? Not I.  Not you either, I'm sure.  I want to create what is good and beautiful and what supports and nurtures the expansion of consciousness within humanity on Earth.  The journey has been long and it's now our time for living in joy.

Last night after reading who-you-are-becoming, the latest channelled message from Meredith Murphy, I connected to my Divine Self and asked once again for inner knowing about the limiting beliefs and emotional vibrations within that are getting in my way.  The answers came so quickly.  First I saw with clarity, a pattern of avoidance I operate in about so many things in my life - creating my new business, creative projects in my home, reaching out to connect with others.  The pattern is immense and pervasive. Then came the knowing of where this pattern arose.  It's a pattern born, despite putting forth great dedication and perseverance, and obtaining much accomplishment, of experiencing in my career immense anguish, defeat, and despair.  The depth of these feelings has been so large, I've cordoned them off and avoided them, as well as anything that even remotely resembled work.  It's never been my style to avoid tough issues and feelings.  For more than thirty years I've ventured in to feel, sort, learn, and resolve the pain I've experience.  Why  would I create a pattern of avoidance this time.  I sense my fears arise due to the enormity of it all.  And feeling defeated.

Inner knowing is always right.  And as confirmation, there it is, a big murky pool of anguish, despair and defeat I've buried within because it's felt too large to deal with.  As if avoidance ever works.  Dealing with the consequences, the unwanted manifestations arising as a result of this unresolved pool of pain, is now totally unacceptable to me.

So today is journalling day.  Avoid no more!  I'm diving inward with uncompromising courage to explore the depths, sort and release these painful emotions.  I'll rewrite my stories about my career experiences, examine the limiting beliefs that create resistance and obstacles, and draft the new empowering beliefs I choose for their replacement.  Basically clean out Fibber Magee's closet, as it were.  It is my intention to emerge from this process re-newed in spirit, re-freshed in confidence and self-trust.  To realize more fully who I am, and in the process come into possession of some new pearls of wisdom for my necklace.  You see, one of the added perks of being a Lightworker is that along the often arduous path of ascension, we pick up hidden jewels and pearls of wisdom along the way.

Onwards into the depths!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Choose Wisely What You Focus On - Part I

"What we focus on expands."

Have you heard this before?  I have, many years ago.  I believed I understood and absorbed this basic law of how our Consciousness creates.  Thus I'd tucked it away in mental file drawers thinking I had incorporated it into the way I live.  Ha ha ha.  The laugh was on me, so to speak.

This is the story of how I unwittingly created a fiasco for myself on a grand scale,  and as a result, really learned my power, our power, to create by where we focus our thoughts and emotions.

If you read my last post, you probably read between the lines that I've been involved in building a house.  The house project is a big part of why I was an absent blogger for so long.   I'm not going to give you the whole sequence of events or this will turn into the longest blog post on record.  Suffice it to say,  all seemed to start off well, but then problems arose, first with the design and plans, then builder incompetence, dishonesty and horrendous fraud.  To say this was all very upsetting is an understatement.  I spent many months hiring numerous construction experts, a forensic accountant, and legal representation, all at great expense.  The fraud was insidious, woven through every line item on the builders monthly statements.  It took me hours and hours, and hours first to obtain, and then sift through invoices, time sheets, and the calendar of events, in order to identify and quantify the extent of the fraud. As well as identifying the defects in construction that had to be corrected.  I spent six months devoting my time and focused attention to all the problems created by this dishonest builder.  Throughout it all I seethed with anger, a very potent and highly charged emotion.  I felt disappointment, exasperation, despair, pain, and fear about my future financial stability due to the large economic losses, .

When construction resumed with a new builder, it didn't take very long until more problems arose with construction.  Thankfully, I did not experience the same outright fraud, that I'd protected myself from.  The problems fell into the category of incompetence - mistakes made and then lying about how easily they could be corrected, then walking away instead of correcting them as they were contractually liable to do.

As a result, I've spent twice as much as was originally budgeted and wiped out my savings for retirement. I've still got significant expenses to redo all the plumbing and come up with some solution to the long, jagged cracks through out the polished concrete floors which can't be repaired, before I can finish putting in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.  I've been living in an unfinished for over a year.

Throughout this whole scenario, I asked myself over and over again "What have I been doing to create this?"

Over the past year I reflected on this questions from every perspective I could find.  I dove into a deep level of introspection about many parts of myself.  I read more books.  I re-read the Law of One.  I looked for a job.  Finally, I began to take a break from all the housing construction issues and do a few things for myself, like take a journalling class and meeting some new people.  I worked on releasing all the negative feelings and raising my vibration.

Then one day, after spending a good part of the day researching about filing complaints with various regulatory agencies against the builder and irresponsible subcontractors, I found myself, once again, with thoughts and emotions churning away inside about all the construction problems.  It felt awful, especially after I'd been able to move out of that state for a reasonable period.  I suddenly stopped myself, thinking "I'm not going to sink back into focusing on all the construction problems and how angry I am about them.  I'm going to keep my vibration up."  And I went to sleep.

Next morning, in the lushness of theta brain wave state as I was waking, came the answer to how I created this construction fiasco.  I created them by focusing my thoughts and attention on problems, while intensely feeling strong, low vibration emotions.  In doing so, I just created more and more construction defects.  It's interesting that I received the answer only after I took action to stop myself from focusing my attention and feelings on something I knew was counterproductive to me.  I got the confirmation after I demonstrated that I'd gotten the lesson.

At the moment of this realization, I understood so clearly just how powerful I am (we are) at creating by where we focus our attention and our emotions.  What we focus on expands.  Expands in this context means: increases, multiplies, becomes more ingrained in our reality.

Now I understand why I received guidance a few years ago Not to keep focusing on all the dastardly deeds of the elitist cabals and violent earth changes.  I'm too powerful to focus attention and anger and fear on the dark things that happen.

The lesson from this story can be applied in so many positive ways.  Exploring how we can use our ability to create is worth a longer discussion.  Maybe let this sink in for a bit, look at how you may have been creating in your own life, and I'll continue this exploration in Part II.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Welcome Back! What's New Besides All of Us?

Yesterday I logged into this blog for the first time in a very long time.  It's been over four years since I last posted??? How did so much time go by? In honestly, I made two serious attempts at posting over the past few years, only to have blogger delete all but the first two or three sentences of the posts when I clicked publish.  After a few choice words, I figured it was what was meant to be.  Then more time passed.

One thing really struck me yesterday when I logged on, I noticed in the site's behind the scenes statistics that there had been over 400 page views in the past month, despite no new posts in years.  Wow!!

I take this as an invitation.

The questions is Where do I begin after being a dormant blogger for so long?

Well, this started me thinking about what's transpired in my life, both my outer life and inner life, over the past four years.  There's no way I'd bore either you or me with a recapping events.  However, in reflecting I'm struck by how incredibly much growth and change has occurred on all fronts.  It's really astounding how much and how quickly we are all growing and expanding. 

So, as a little exercise, I wrote out a list of What Have I Learned? in the past four years.  Here goes...

I learned how to:
Hatch baby chicks in an incubator
Raise chickens
Make souffles
Weld steel
Polish stone
Cast concrete
Design and make tile mosaic trim
Rewire light fixtures
Make my own light fixtures with vintage glass and brass lamp parts
Refinish vintage brass hardware
Make Almond milk
Can brandied cherries
Ferment probiotic kefir and kombucha
Make my own almond flour 
Bake Paleo brownies, bread, and cookies using almond flour
Track down devious dogs who escaped through the fence
Repair holes in the fence line
Choose an architect
How Not to choose a builder
How to choose a builder
Put in a greenhouse
Plant an orchar
Make chia pudding
Sell stuff on Ebay
Seal stone tile
Live in an unfinished house
Adapt modern door hardware to use antique door knobs
Source building materials
Muscle test to find which box something is in
Muscle test for Truth
Be happy

I've learned about:

Antique hardware and Victorian era cast bronze door knobs
How metal casting is done
How metal plating is done and undone
All the parts and skills that go into building a house
Granite, olivene, jade, and field stone
Eco toilets
Geothermal heatings systems
Solar energy systems
The importance of Integrity
Quantum physics
Letting go of a "the SHTF time is coming" mentality
The effectiveness of Joy in the downfall of the NWO cabals

The features of vinyl vs. wood windows
Multipoint door hardware
Using reclaimed construction materials
The role dolphins and whales play in maintaining the harmonics of Earth
How important it is to use my authority when managing a big project

How expensive fencing is
Maintaining gravel "crush" driveways
Native trees of the Pacific Northwest
Bad plumbers
Shrinkage cracks in concrete
Outrageous electric bills when they charge the wrong rate per kilowatt
More of the true history of our planet
This Great Shift being a multi-generational process
The dangers of vaccines
The dangers of GMO foods
How much better I feel when I take my vitamins
How to create a website
How valuable much of my food storage has been
What a total waste much of my food storage has been
Being the mother of the bride when your daughter is 8,000 miles away
How wonderful it is to have my sister live nearby
Creating a new circle of like-minded friends
Creating a new consulting and organizational transformation business
Being a bridge-builder to New Earth

How we have already surpassed our expectations for this lifetime
How loved I am in the universe
Restarting a blog

On the path of Spiritual growth I've learned more of the joys and wonder of:
Becoming Sovereign
Being self referencing
Releasing fear
Releasing and replacing limiting beliefs
Releasing old emotions from my physical body
Being my best cheer leader
The value of re-writing our stories
Expanding my skills at manifesting
Using the quantum field in creating
How what we focus on expands
How powerful I am at expanding what I focus on
What things not to focus on
Being able to raise my vibration at will
Installing a control panel for my frequency, abundance flow, and rebooting
Reprogramming my self-talk
The amazing multidimensional vehicle that is our DNA
Reprogramming my DNA for health and longevity
Shifting to a new paradigm of perception
Becoming a New Human
Defining what I want to experience
The importance of the questions we ask in how we see the world around us

Approaching life as a Creator
Having an expanding array of tools to use in creating

Landing on 4D/5D New Earth and leading the way in uncharted territory
Being Authentic
Loving life in embodied form
Loving myself

Being Me

Well that's my off the top of my head response.  I'm sure there are a number of things that will pop in my mind over the next day or two as  "Oh, I forgot that I also learned about ________!"

This turned out to be a very enlightening little exercise.  There have been so many times over the past few years that I felt I wasn't doing or accomplishing very much.  Making this list demonstrates to me that clearly I was wrong.  Rather, I'll now say I've travelled quite far.  I believe we all have.  Farther than we realize.  So much farther

You might considering making a list yourself of all that you've learned in the past few years.  I'll bet it has just as much diversity and scope.  And whether you write out a list or not, be sure to cheer and congratulate yourself for all that you've learned and how much you've grown.  I'll be cheering with you!

It's good to be a blogger again. Welcome back!!