Friday, December 17, 2010

Links Worth Your Time

Here's a few articles worth taking time to read, plus one outstanding movie:

Daniel Pinchbeck's article on building alternative cultural systems: Business Shamanism

Julian Assange's Manifesto

Michael Moore's Open Letter to the Government of Sweden

Awesome, powerful We Want You Out: An Open Letter from the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Afghans for Peace

John Pilger's film - The War You Don't See about the use of the media to alter perception about the wars our government fights. Spread this one widely in through your networks.

You Are Needed Now, Choose Your Course

Well, everything happens for a reason, perhaps more than one. I did a little Matrix Energetics work after the dog park. Found I had access to the pattern that was expressing itself as disruption, asked for the information to alter the pattern, plugged the info into my body and felt the shift happen. So easy. Much better now.

In a very small nut shell, my disappeared post was about the fact that we are at a major intersection now and it's prudent to consciously make a choice as to which route to take. The level of government oppression continues to escalate, and like dealing with an abuser in a domestic violence situation, there are three choices of how to respond. These are 1) submit and be controlled; 2) stand up and fight back; and 3) the often missed choice to stop playing the game. To stop playing the game means to disengage, walk away, and do your own thing (while keeping your vigilant watch and staying under the radar of the oppressive force). My choice is to take the third path, to focus my energies on creating new ways for people and communities to work together that are good for all living things.

Last night as I was sliding into the ethereal realms of sleep, a man stood up from the corner of my mental room and walked briskly past me. As he passed, he turned and said firmly to me, "Stop wasting time." Try sleeping on that one!

Well, guidance doesn't get much clearer. My guide meant for me to get my butt in gear and stop wasting time on moving ahead with the new venture I've had in the planning stage for a few months. I don't know of anyone doing what I'm launching anywhere. As soon as I get my new business registered in this state (they require it) I'll go public with it. The business cards I designed are in the mail. I'm looking for the right website designer, who I know is right around the corner. My mission is to assist people and communities build sustainability for themselves.

After the very long period of waiting for the collapse to really get underway, we're in it now. Things are transpiring so quickly. It's easy, for me at least, to get sucked up just observing, reading news articles, noticing the shifts and trends. However engrossing, it's time for me to kick into action mode, constructive action mode. There's no time to waste and lots of work to do.

I'm off to bed early. Good rest, good food, good exercise, good work. All with a good spattering of laughter. A reminder for each of us:

Take good care of yourself.
You are needed now.
The part you came to play is important.
Your presence changes everything.
Know you are divinely loved.

What the F???!!!!!!!

I'm so pissed....I've worked off and on the post three days on a post about choosing your response to the escalating oppressive forces. It wasn't coming together easily. Finally, I spent the past couple of hours rewriting and pulling it all together. Formatted the font, etc. When I pushed Publish, I landed at the log in page????? Logged in failed three times. Finally it took but instead of landing on my blogger dashboard, I received a page saying "You request can not be processed." Swearing loudly now. I linked through the google home page, landed on the blog and found that nothing I'd written today had been saved. As I was writing it told me it was autosaved!!!??? But the finished post is gone.

Mercury in retrograde? Censorship? Don't know.

I'm taking the dogs to the dog park. We all need to run off steam. Sheeeeshh!!!!

Need to compose myself, and compose another blog post.....we'll return after the station break. Not sure what station I'm on anyway at the moment.