Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Change Happening So Fast, Feel Free to Open a Door into a New Reality

The rate of change increased noticeably over the past three weeks. Since the November 14th tipping point. Can you feel that now we're on the big downhill drop of the roller coaster? So much has been transpiring. I get engrossed just watching. With the diplomatic cables being released gradually each day, Wikileaks plays a big role in the global "Whoaaaaaaa" that is predicted to go on for the next couple of months. Truth coming out into the Light.

At the same time, and in equal proportion, I'm seeing really good things happening, really good things. People are coming together as never before. There's a big increase in positive spiritual information coming out. Here's just one example. Watch this video from my friend Alexander Light. It so filled me with awe and wonder.

My Guides told me many years ago that everything without integrity would start to sway and crumble, until all that remained were those things created out of the love, respect and appreciation for humanity and the Earth. I was cautioned that my role was not to assist in the collapse, so I should resist any urges to help bring things down. Those roles belonged to others and they are fulfilling their roles, as we are seeing now unfold. There are times it's been hard to stand by without action because I Can Hardly Wait to be in our world without all the inhuman atrocities.

"Your role is to assist in picking up the pieces and creating new systems," I was clearly told. Ever so gradually, I've begun to see a glimpse of what that might entail. "You need not worry, you have been well prepared and will know exactly what to do when the time come." This is true for all of us. It's been difficult in many ways to wait all these years of our lifetime for the moment, and to develop deep trust, that we are ready and fully capable to do our part. For me, the trust in myself and in this process of Great Transformation has steadily grown, though I can only recognize this now.

I've written here about my yearning to remember and reconnect with something I couldn't define. About finally discovering a few bits of information about quantum healing. The term quantum healing is not really accurate. My sense is that the name we'll come to use for this has not surfaced yet. There are only a few people teaching this, at least here in the US. Kryon mentioned in channelings that the Tibetans and Buddhists had gone furthest in developing this new consciousness technology. A whole new concept of healing and transformation that has been given to us as a gift. Working from the unified field, the place where all is potential, the place from which all things arise into manifestation, where even energy is only potential.

This past weekend I took part in a three day seminar with Richard Bartlett. He calls this ability to work from the unified field, Matrix Energetics. It's as if for the past three years I've been feeling for an opening in the wall and finally found that there is a door. This weekend I walked through the door. And now EvErYtHiNg is different.

Where do I begin??? This is without a doubt the most powerful thing I've ever learned (relearned) to do. Life transforming is an understatement. Nothing cultish about this at all. The ironic part is that if you try to make logical sense of how to do Matrix Energetics, then it doesn't work, because the real key is you have to stop trying to do anything in order for something to occur. So trying to explain this in linear words also doesn't work very well. Basically this is the process: you drop down into your heart, which is our door to the unified field, place intent, then let go, keep letting go until you notice a change. The immediate change originates at the sub-particle level. Perhaps the best part is that once you get it, it's so ridiculously easy and so much fun. You can use this on anything. Ache and pains, old injuries, dis-eases, removing self-doubt, finding the best route to work each morning, shifting tension in a relationship,.....

We're all taught that we have to work very hard and if we focus our mind, energy, time, visions, desire, creativity, intentions, dollars, blood-sweat-and tears, etc., etc.....we might reach our goal, if we are lucky. Now I know it doesn't have to be that way at all. We can accomplish waaaaaay more, with no effort, and with boatloads of fun. I realize this sounds to good to be true, however, we have each (that includes You) paid our dues, and the reward is that this is true. We can manifest what we want, when we want it, and can heal and transform anything.

Before attending the seminar, which was pretty much like spending three days in the movie Roger Rabbit, I'd read both of Richard Bartlett's books, as well as Frank Kinslow's. I didn't "get it" from reading about it. A lot of people are able to do this after reading about it, but I wasn't one of them. Now being there in the midst of it at the seminar, I got it right away and it was so outrageously easy, it cracked me up laughing almost every time I worked with it in the practice sessions. Suffice it to say, I highly recommend that others check this out and if you have an opportunity to attend the Level 1 & 2 seminar with Richard Bartlett, I'd jump on it if I were you.

One note, I feel the Matrix Energetics website comes across as really Sales & Marketing. The seminars however do not. I have immense respect and appreciation for Richard Bartlett in every regard. He's a Light Being of the highest order. And more fun than you can imagine.

Change is happening so fast now. My advice, for what it's worth....Let go of all fears and doubts. Look for your door that opens to a new and really awesome reality, and when you find it, just open it and step right through!