Thursday, October 14, 2010

Following the Heart on a Great Big Adventure

Interesting, I spoke with someone yesterday who also blogs, and she related that this past month she's hardly put up a post when she used to write almost daily. Which says my lack of posting has something to do with the energy and the erratic fabric of time since around the Equinox. That said, I'm making a commitment to myself, and to you who are reading her, to write something almost every day, even if it's very short. As we enter into big transitions it's important to mark our passage. So I'll take my own advise and record what I'm able to as I progress through yet another Great Big Adventure. Perhaps one of my biggest thus far in this lifetime.

In the past few days I had my astrology reading and an early birthday present gift of a visit to an intuitive I'd not had read for me before. They were both very good readings. The important thing I got from each of the readings was confirmation of what my own intuition has been telling me. Love to get that confirmation :) Sometimes I hear people complaining that they didn't learn anything from a reading that they didn't already know. But it's a huge gift to have your own inner compass confirmed. Makes our step lighter, elevates our sense of self confidence, and helps release those pesky doubts of "Am I doing the right thing here?"

Everything is a go for my cross country move. The planets and all my energy lines flow and support my creativity, my relations, and my vocation in the upper northwest. Compared to where I live now, which the astrologer said causes constant disruptions and conflicts in relations and work. The first half of my life has been chock full of "wonderful opportunities for personal growth", meaning lots of challenges. Paid my dues! Now in the second half, I want and intend things to flow easily. I want good friends and fun, laughter, music, and to enjoy my creativity. There will always be challenges, we'd get bored without them, but I fully intend to build a new life with a lot more fun woven throughout.

My mind swims back and forth across the logistics of sell, donate, pack and then transport me, my two dogs, and all our stuff 3800 miles per Google maps. I'm flying out for four days next week on a scouting mission to secure a six month rental in which to land while I orient myself. Hard to believe I'll be living somewhere new in less than four weeks. Let the newness unfold. My step daughter read a passage to me recently that she'd come across that spoke to her. Spoke to me too. I don't have an exact quote, yet the gist I took from it is...Surround yourself with what you relish. If you don't relish it, let it go.

Part of the reason for the short time frame I've set for myself on relocating arises from my inner sense that something big is going to take place in November. Not sure exactly what. Could be a combination of a number of big things all at once, like economy, war, internet failure, and/or our brethren from other star systems landing in open contact. There's a lot of confirmation coming in via the Web Bot reports and various channelings. My urgency is not out of fear, rather practicality. It's not in my best interest to be stuck in the middle of Oklahoma with two dogs and a big truck if the computer networks go down and the gas pumps don't work. So I'm aiming to have arrived at the new location in the event all hell brakes loose. All in all, despite my aims, I'm totally certain that the universe will coordinate the perfect timing for me. If speed is important, all will fall easily into place. I'll be where I'm meant to be when I'm meant to be there. That's the way it always happens.

A great big adventure. Though really, I'm just returning to where I was born after living most of my life in other places. Somehow if feels intuitively that re-rooting will be easier than putting down roots in a totally new place. After so many life times, I'm certain I've lived in many, many places around this planets before. What's most important for me is that I'm following my heart. My heart never ever leads me astray.