Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transiting the Chaos with Miracles Around the Corner

The energy that's been pouring in to the planet over the past months is really erratic, volatile, chaotic. It's been like this since just after the New Year. You can see it erupting here and there around the planet; volcanoes, earthquakes, strange sudden shifts in the weather, chaotic financial markets,... Much shaking up going on, both in our individual selves and on the planetary scale. It's part of our transition to the higher, heart level vibration. Big transitions are always turbulent, no matter if they are taking place at the individual level or at the the grand scale of our solar system. When we flow, we can move through the turbulence without being shaken apart.

One way to look at all the chaotic events transpiring in our outer world is to recognize that these are the death throes of our societal structures that operate at the lower three chakra levels, base emotions, survival, and power. What was created out of greed, corruption, and abuse of power is being shaken to pieces, their dastardly secrets now pouring out through the cracks. Blessed are the whistle blowers. I wrap Bradley Manning and Julian Assange in the white light of love and protection. They are heroes. I send gratitude for the courage and risk they have taken in order to bring hidden truths out for the masses to see. Perhaps you wll do the same.

What was created from dark energies are crumbling before our eyes. Let them fall. Let them fall without eliciting any fear, anger, or confusion on your part. The negative emotions only fuel and extend their existence. They also keep us stuck when we need to be fluid and flow with the shifts and turns we encounter through this erratic period. Woven through everything the higher vibrating frequencies of the Heart energy grow and expand daily. There is good all around. Our challenge is to remain true to our hearts and vision of the world we so desperately want, the new world we came to create.

We always have the choice as to how we respond in every given situation. We can consciously choose how we feel. We can choose to remain in a state of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. This does not mean entering a state of denial of all the transgressions of those who've held power. (past tense is in recognition of their demise). We can speak out and say "No More" with firm, yet calm, authority. Just as a parent says to a child who doesn't want to get ready for bed, "No, you need to brush your teeth and get your pajamas on now. It's time for bed." We can stand up with integrity and remain with a sense of joy and deep appreciation in our hearts. This is our joy and appreciation of all that we hold sacred, our vision of the world we came to create. It's the reason we are speaking out now in greater and greater numbers.

There's some really good guidance about staying in joy and appreciation as we progress through the ascension provided by the Hathors who channel through Tom Kenyon. This was forwarded to me recently by a friend and over the past few days I read through all the communications from the Hathors on Tom's site. I can't say that there was any Wow! new information I haven't come across before. However the way the Hathors describe and explain what is happening as we progress through this great transition deepened my understanding in a nice way. Very grounding. They also offer some very concrete tools we can use to assist us in our process. Plus there's that comfort that comes from connecting to old friends, knowing we are not alone no matter what dimension we're connecting to.

Lastly, I'll pass on a message that's come to me three times over the past week. Some wonderous things are about to materialize here for us. First, a close friend who's a very sensitive intuitive, received the message that something wonderfully good and beautiful is about to happen. Then a couple of days later as I was making dinner, I received the message that everything I've wanted was coming to me Now. What was unique ws that at the moment the message came in, I was filled with such joy and warmth. It was simultaneous the the message, rather than a response to it. I was guided to go make my list of all I wanted, which I did. Not that what I've wanted for the planet hasn't been written on my heart since the first moment I came into the planet this lifetime. Shortly afterward, Les Visible of Smoking Mirrors/Petri Dish/Visible Origami, resurfaced after more than a week of silence to say that he'd seen what has arrived, it's amazing, and that it will materialize very soon. And we will have no worries at all from then on.

So remember, what you believe is what happens. I believe in Divine Miracles.

With love & Light to all....