Thursday, December 17, 2015

Five Answered Questions about the Process of Ascension

When I first started this blog I never imagined that the path of expansion and ascension would unfold in the way it has, and continues to unfold.  I'm daily amazed and filled with wonder.  The growth and expanding perspectives available to each of us increases exponentially with each passing month.  I've learned more and changed more in the past year than in the previous four or five years, without a doubt.

Without a doubt.  In so many ways our process since awakening is one of running out the doubts.  And in running out the doubts and fears we come to know who we truly are.

There was an exercise suggested to me a few months ago.  You start by identifying something that you long for, then ask Why?  Write your answer and again ask Why?  Keep answering and asking Why?  About the fifth time you ask Why? and answer, you're getting down to the real heart level.   What I found really interesting was that when I did this exercise a number time on different things I desired, I always arrived finally at the exact same answer: Because I am a Creator.

Everything is a process of creation and change.  What is created has a beginning, a period of growth and flourishing, and then it grows to it's peak and then begins to decline.  Perhaps there is a "death" or moments of chaotic destruction, and then evolution into something new, a new creation.

I've found in life that when we understand the process we are transitioning through, and can identify where we are in the process, we're then able to find within ourselves a sense of peace and confidence.  This is true even in the moments of chaos or during the leaps of faith into the unknown when we're unsure where we will land.

In thinking about the process of ascension, there are a number of aspects about the process that I wish I'd discovered sooner.  It would have saved me a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and unnecessary doubts and fears.

What then is the process of ascension?

Ascension can be described as a natural process of evolving into an ever more expanding state of conscious awareness or enlightenment.   It's the process of developing mastery.  That's a short answer.  However, having traversed along this path for a good number of years, it's become clear that the process of ascension is enormously complex and involves multiple processes, some of which occur in sequence, some which happen simultaneously, some which overlap.  Defining a specific process is really not possible because each of us experiences this path of evolving into ever expanding states of awareness in our own unique and perfect way.

There are, however, some specific aspects about the process that are true for each of us.  As I think back about my experiences thus far, there were a number of things about the process that I wish I'd known sooner.  There were a number of big, unanswered questions about what ascension entailed that led to a lot of unease.  The uncertainty of what I would likely experience caused a lot of confusion, doubt, and especially fear.  Seems it's important to share the answers I finally discovered with others. Perhaps it will make your experiences easier.  These are pretty short, concise answers.  At this point I could write a book about the process of ascension.  However, my goal in this format is to assist, not overwhelm.  Here are five question about the process of ascension that I'm glad I finally have answers to:

Question One: Ascension means to rise up, so does this mean we're going some place else? Leaving my body? transitioning through death?
Answer: We are not going anywhere else when we ascend.  We're staying here in our bodies, here on planet Earth.  Many of us have traversed the path of ascension before.  Previously in the universe, when large groups of beings ascended together, they did transition out of their bodies and then reincarnated in on a another planet operating at a higher dimension.  There have always been individuals who reached enlightenment while here on Earth.  This time, Earth has ascended into the 5th dimension.  And for the first time ever, a huge group of us are pursuing ascension and enlightenment while remaining incarnate in our bodies here on the planet.  This is the reason we have such immense support from the beings of light in the non-physical.  The entire universe is cheering us on.

Question Two: What's going to happen to me in this process?
Answer: The process occurs first at the mental level, then emotional, then physical level. It begins at the mental level with a spiritual awakening.  We realise we are more than this person in this lifetime.  As you view yourself and the world around you, you begin to perceive that there is more going on than you used to see.  There's a paradigm shift in how you understand yourself and the reality surrounding you.  You begin to see things differently and reach deeper understandings about yourself, your relationships, your purpose, and the meaning of life.  What we are consciously aware of expands.

While awareness expands at the mental level, changes begin taking place at the emotional level.  With deeper understanding, we begin healing old emotional wounds.  Misunderstandings about relationships and events we experienced become visible to us. There is a process of healing, sorting and reordering, clearing out, and releasing old thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions that no longer fit for us.  Many of us experience physical symptoms, such as bouts of tiredness, not being able to sleep, aches and pains, congestion, as our bodies adjust to old energies and emotional frequencies being released, new energies coming in, and a continual elevation of our vibration.

Those at the leading edge of this transformation of human consciousness are just now beginning the process of physical changes.  Much of these changes occurs at the DNA level and involves activation of a greater percentage of our DNA's built-in capacity to work at the quantum level.  Some of the best information I've found about our changing DNA is Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll.  If this is of interest to you, I would strongly recommend reading The Twelve Layers of DNA, An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within (Kryon Book 12).  You can also find lots of info in the Kryon channelings about DNA and the Innate, our DNA's communication system within our bodies (See the link in the side bar).

Question Three?  What does "expansion" really mean?
Answer: Expanding awareness.  You become consciously aware and develop understanding of more than you previously thought existed.  More about your self, your mind, your emotions, your body, and the parts of you that exist outside your physical body.  You develop a much deeper understanding about the nature of reality.  You become aware of how you create and use your energy and focus.  You expand your senses and begin to perceive in ways beyond your five senses.

Question Four: What happens to us and the planet in the dimensional shift into 5D?
Answer:  We don't go anywhere else, and we don't split off from the 3D world.  This is pure physics. The first three dimensions are length, width and depth.  Time is the forth dimension.  The fifth dimension adds the ability to compare your world with a parallel world that had the same starting point as ours, yet proceeded along a different course. In other words, operating in 5D allows you to perceive and chose a different time line.  In sixth dimension you have the ability to perceive and choose among multiple time lines and to move forward and back in time.  You can read about the 10 dimensions Here and Here.

When the Earth shifted into 5D, it opened up the door into 5D and 6D, and greater understanding and use of 4D.  As we ascend we develop the capacity to operate in these additional dimensions.  Working in 5D and 6D requires a range of new skills and development of new perceptual abilities.  Discovering and mastering these new skills takes a bit of time and practice.  For instance, if you choose to live/work in 6D, you can develop your ability to choose a specific time line you want to experience, perceive your future self living down that time line, then bring your future self into the present to experience that time line unfolding. (As a side note, I started learning some of the new skills necessary for living in 5D/6D last summer and am working to develop my abilities to operate in these new dimensions.  Have to say that I'm finding it's really fun.)

Question Five:  If we're in the middle of the Great Shift in human consciousness, how come on the one hand there are so many waking up and becoming more aware, yet on the other hand we still have the dark intentioned ones seemingly exerting more and more control over humanity?
Answer: The Great Shift in human consciousness is huge.  It doesn't happen over night, or even over a few years.  It is a three generation process.  Not everyone currently incarnate is ready or will choose to ascend.

The lightworkers. a majority of whom incarnated in three waves during the late 1940's to early 1960's, are leading the way.  Many of the lightworkers went through a major activation for ascension this past September during the equinox/eclipse cycle.  Two other waves of activation for ascension will take place around the next spring and fall equinoxes. The next generation, the millennials, incarnated with DNA already pre-wired to facilitate expansion.  They have created communication among people in every corner of the planet.  Secrets and lies can't remain unexposed when everyone can talk to everyone else.  The third generation, the children born after the December 21, 2012 solstice are coming in without the veil and already operating at 5D/6D.  I can hardly wait to witness the shake up as these children enter school all around the planet. 

Another way of looking at the process of expansion and the great shift in consciousness is this: We have been in a long, focused process on our own individual growth and expansion.  And we've needed to do this in preparation for the next phase which is just beginning.  We are now collectively turning our focus towards the greater whole in a new way.  Now is the time to connect, to come together in unity, to use our new skills to consciously manifest peace throughout the planet.  Our light is growing too strong for the darkness to remain in power much longer.

The We Are Here Video

I thought I'd share this video I came across the other day.  It's inspiring and powerful.  The first time I watched it, I almost stopped it when the credits started rolling.  Glad I didn't because they are a big part of the power.  I'd suggest watching the whole way through.

This inspired an idea about one way to hold a common vision.  It will take a bit to get my idea fully manifested, and I'll keep you all apprised on it's launching.  If you are similarly inspired to create or take action, I hope you'll post a comment and share.

With love, joy and co-creativity!