Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paying Attention

Gradually over a good number of years I've had this ever deepening longing to connect to something I've not been able to describe clearly. Though it's finally becoming clearer to me now. At first it was like a feint whisper that grew slowly and steadily year after year. What I'm longing for has the quality of a dream I just don't quite remember. The something I yearned to connect with, intuitively felt to be a vast level of information that I am certain I've had free access to before, I just don't quite remember how to connect to it. Does this feel at all familiar to you?

I understand now that as my longing grew, I've moved closer and closer to connecting. Actually I realize that my connection has been there all along, just the level of connection has been increasing, strengthening. Over this last year I've recognized that what I've been yearning for is my connection to Source, my Higher Self, or the Universal Mind. Which are really all the same thing. My friend, Julia, has a really nice post on her blog Cosmic Calabash about connecting to Source through the heart.

My intuition has always been very strong, it's just that I've yearned for even more. I've been clairsentient for as long as I remember, despite the fact that I didn't understand I was until about 5 years ago. I had just assumed that everyone understood what others were feeling as I did. It was so easy. I did find it a bit confusing when others didn't get what someone was going through. Once I understood that not everyone had this ability, interactions among people made much more sense to me. In many ways, being clairsentient allows me to read people's minds.

One of the really wonderful aspects of this great transition we are going through, is that we are all opening up. Our sensitivities and levels of awareness are developing and strengthening as we each connect to our inner knowing.

What I'm trying to remember is how I connect in a way that allows me access to any information I desire, retrieve what I need, when I need it. I'm certain I've known how to do this before in other incarnations. In reading Anastasia and the other books in the Ringing Cedars series (I'm on book 4 now), you get a really good picture of this ability, as well as the understanding that this is how we are meant to be. Anastasia is a very good role model of what expanded consciousness is. As you read about her, you see what we are all capable of and understand the direction we're moving towards.

About a week ago, as I was looking for something totally unrelated, I clicked on a link about Universal Mind, which then led me to Remote Viewing. What a coincidence! Don't you love the way this happens? I did a fair bit of reading about the protocols used in Remote Viewing, which was developed by Stanford Research Institute under Department of Defense funding of the Stargate Project to provide the US military with reliable methods to train anyone to be accurate in gathering information from the Universal Mind. The Farsight Institute is a nonprofit research organization which offers a lot of training materials free of charge on their website. I read through their training manual the other night. Remote viewing uses very specific procedures. Most significant under the protocol is that the viewer is blind as to what the target is. My experience as I read through the manual was striking. I could not only see myself doing the steps defined, I could also feel in my body doing what was described in each step of the remote viewing procedures. It all felt very familiar.

Two drawbacks of using the Remote Viewing protocols are having to hide what it is I'm wanting information about behind randomly assigned numbers, and the fact that you have to search blindly through multiple dimensions picking up low definition aspects, then analyze them after the session to arrive at deductions. At the same time, there is a lot of valuable guidance in studying this technique, it's worth checking out.

My style has allows been to have information presented in an easily accessible and well organized form. Akashic Records came to mind. They fit my preference for organized information. Searching on Akashic Records led me last night to a very nice guided mediation that leads you up to and inside the Hall of Records. I'll be going there today once the dogs take their nap and I can travel undisturbed.

Developing skills takes practice. Seems to me that understanding and developing our expanding consciousness requires two things. First, just allowing the changes to unfold within us. That's the flower opening within our hearts. Reactivation of our deactivated strands of DNA. Raising your vibration. It can not be forced. The other aspect is paying attention and practicing in ways that tune our conscious mind to listen, see, and feel with our inner senses. Paying attention is perhaps one of the most important things we can do now.