Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016: The Year of Falling in Love with Being Alive

Never before have I felt such joy and excitement about a New Year.  Oh, the potentials before us!!  On New Year's Eve, I realized I've actually been celebrating this New Year for the past 10 days.  First, the winter Solstice, when I decided to give up all that I've been in this life up to now.  Next, the December 25th full moon, Festival of Lights, and all planets moving forward together.  That was the day I connected with my Soul lineage and promptly received the infusion of enormous energy.  And in the evening, with family, we held a short, non-ceremonious ceremony in which we each acknowledged our accomplishments of the year, cast into the fire what we wanted to release, and claimed what we wanted to experience in the New Year.  I cast into the fire "all that I've been in this lifetime up to now" and then claimed Mastery, Joy and Love for this new year.  And last night was the calendar New Year.

Of the three, the Solstice felt most like the official New Year to me, which is a new experience.  I've marked the solstices and equinoxes for the pas few years, but not really celebrated them.  However, this past winter solstice felt like the new year.  Pondering this, my sense is that as I've become more attuned to my true Soul essence, I've also become more attuned to the natural cycles, the rhythms of nature, the planets and the Universe.

Making the choice to relinquish and release all that I've been in this lifetiime was a very intuitive decision. I find it kind of curious and I'm a bit tickled about it.  It was not done out of a desire to cast away something awful that I no longer wanted, or be done with a life I couldn't stand.  Not at all.  The decision rose from the recognition that I'm ready now to claim my expanded Soul Self and let go completely of what I now call "little old me".  It arose from a sense of completion, of commitment, and a desire to accept responsibility and ownership of who I really am.  A bit like I am done riding a tricycle, I'm ready to drive a car, or rather a spaceship.

For about three days after I absorbed that enormous blast of energy on December 25th, I went kind of multi-personality, bouncing back and forth throughout the day between my expanded Soul Self and little old me. The contrast between the different states was/is extreme.  It was real quite hysterical.  Each time I found myself in little old me mode, I just practised switching back into my expanded Self by going into my heart, turning up my vibration and expanding into the higher frequency.  I never imagined I'd spend so much time wandering around within myself looking to find the most direct route to my fullest Self and create a well worn path there.

After the first three days of switching back and forth between the old and new states, things seemed to stabilize and I stayed in expanded Self mode for a couple of days.  Have to say, being in my expanded Self feels so fabulous It's hard to express.  I feel a clarity I've never experienced before and resistance free freedom.  By way of analogies: It's like I was always fighting my way upstream, without realizing it, and now I'm freely in the flow.  Like before I was living my whole life in a too small apartment, constantly bumping my knee on the corner of the bed and coffee table, or struggling through dense woods tripping on roots and getting scratched by brambles, and now for the first time I'm outside in a big open field of wild flowers.  It feels glorious.  There are no obstacles to what I can create.  It's like falling in love with being alive.

Yesterday I woke up in the morning in what felt like a middle space between expanded me and little old me, although I'm not certain this is accurate.  I was tired during the day too.  There is a lot of adjustment and acclimation going on physically, emotionally, and mentally, that's for sure.  Part of me stays in observer mode watching and assessing because my sense of reality has really changed.  Yesterday aside, my energy has been really good while I'm awake.  Yet I've also needed more sleep and have been taking long naps in the afternoon.  And pomegranates.  I suddenly developed a craving for pomegranates, a food I've only eaten perhaps twice before.  Now I'm eating two of them a day.  Clearly they contain nutrients my body needs for all the DNA changes going on.

Funny, when I set out to write this post, I'd thought to write a New Year's post about my big epiphanies of the past year, what experiences I wanted to release from my life, and what new things I wanted to experience in this new year, but it evolved in a quite different way, which, as always, is perfect.  In my nap yesterday, after starting this post, I received a message that there are very few accounts of what it's like to experience Ascension.  There are probably more, but I've only come across three such accounts:  Ekhart Tolle in The Power of Now, David  R Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. in Power Vs. Force, and Machaelle Small Wright in Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon.

Both Tolle's and Hawkins' books devote only the first few chapters to describing their experience of Ascension.  And both of them experienced a similar process of dropping into a very dark night of the soul despair then one powerful, sort of big bang, that transitioned them into an expanded Self state.  Machaelle Small Wright's Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon is a detailed journal of her experience, which took a more gradual process.  Mine is also more gradual.  The powerful intake of energy I received on December 25th, I suspect, is only the first of a series.  There is more to come, with atunements and infusions in between.  My body needs time to adjust and upgrade with each big step in the process.  It's too much energy for me to take in all at one time.

Here at the start of the new year, I'm aware my focus has shifted from an inward focus on my own personal experiences, to a focus on what I can and want to do to support the Ascension of other Lightworkers and the shift of Human Consciousness.  Writing about my journey helps me identify and understand what is occurring within me.  And I'll heed the message I received that sharing my journey is of assistance to others.   We are each working in partnership with our Expanded Self in making this great leap in consciousness.  You are each unique and will follow your own unique process of Ascension that you have tailored perfectly for yourself.  And at the same time, this is a shared journey we are all creating together.  (Gotta love being here in 5D where the last two sentences make total sense.  Back in 3Dville, these statements would be a total contradiction!)

Lastly, as an added bonus and because I'd already written out the list, here are

The Big Epiphanies of 2015:

  •  Epiphanies are one of my favorite things!
  • You can raise your vibration by simply turning it up.  In doing so, you automatically lift your spirits, upgrade your thoughts, feel so much better, and feel much more energetic.
  • Lifting your vibration not only makes you free better, doing so makes you resonant with and receptive to the higher frequencies coming into the planet.  Receiving and integrating the higher frequencies transforms you and expands your understanding of reality.  It all just gets better and better.
  • Most of us operate with an unconscious cultural expectation that the other person is supposed to make us feel better.  When we remove that expectation, we free ourselves up to experience our sovereignty, free the other person up to be themselves with us, and transform our relationships.
  • We are each way more powerful creators than my old self ever imagined.
  • The collective effect of a couple of hundred small epiphanies about how we create our reality is enormous.
  • All the years of working to uncover, heal, clear, forgive, and release old misunderstandings, hurts, fears and self doubt, false personas, limiting beliefs and expectations, and old emotions lodged in my body was worth every bit of courage and effort it took.  Because when all the old crap is cleared away there is a freedom and joyousness that is pure bliss.
  • Ascension is real. 
  • Loving yourself deeply and completely really is the way to change the world.
Shine on Awesome Ones!