Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oil Leaks and Swelling Tides

We are experiencing another shift in the energy. The past two days I've felt a heaviness, somewhat foreboding. It's been draining and leaves me deeply tired. On one level I'm picking up the growing sense of desperation within the population as they become more aware that things are not the way they've always been and our systems are now so unstable. My empathic reading of people all feeling an uncertainty they haven't prepared themselves to experience.

On another level, I'm also aware that great sadness and loss now swells in my heart for the damage to our fragile balance of nature caused by the oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico. Grieving at the soul level for the loss of marine life, destruction of the genius that is our ecosystem, and a growing sense of foreboding about the magnitude of the damage to these Earth systems that support life.

These oil leaks are a wake up call message from the Universe and Earth. "Don't you see what destruction you are wreaking on this gem of the Universe with your abuse of oil? Well we'll show you in speed action events what you have allowed to occur."

The leaks also serve to further expose to the masses the dark forces behind Big Oil. Illuminati being further exposed and falling on their swords as they experience that the can of worms they opened in their greed is larger than they can handle. The population backlash is steadily growing. Events like these oil leaks fuel (pun intended by the Divine) the rising tide of global revolution. Gasoline to the fire, so to speak.

What we came here to take part in is finally unfolding everywhere we look. The speed of unfolding accelerates so quickly now that it can not be overlooked. Everything speeds up as we approach our entry into no time. This is where we'll learn that we have nothing but our Divine Spirits and discover that our Divine Spirits are really all we ever needed to begin with.

Send Love & Light out where ever you go. Speak out and claim your Free Will to choose life lived in Balance, Harmony and Peace with all other living beings. Stay centered in the eye of the storm. I bid you all courage and expression of your true hearts.