Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Cup of Coffee's Worth of Observations - Part 1

My intention going forward here on Earth is to assist this glorious awakening, shift and expansion occurring in human consciousness.  And to do so by sharing my experience, and providing support and guidance to those seeking to pass through ascension while incarnate on Earth,  The process of stabilizing, acclimating, and becoming familiar with living in body as who I AM is taking place very, very rapidly.

One way of looking at the human mind and experience is to recognize within the mind there is an observer self and a doer/actor self.  You are probably familiar with this construct.  As I proceed through this integration, I want to capture the observations of what I now call "Little Helen in this lifetime going through ascension" because I sense that in a very short span of time the perspective of  Little Helen will recede and fade.  Actually it is already happening.  So for a while, I'm going to write distinctly in two sections.  Thusly....

Little Helen In this Lifetime Observing Her Process:

Daily, and rapidly, I'm learning to function, explore, and navigate in this vast Soul Self me.  Because of the speed with which my mind is able to process massive numbers of insights, new information sensed and grasped, and cognitive understandings acquired, my sense of time is going wonky.   I feel like six or nine months must have passed since December 25, 2015.  So much took place within my cognition this past weekend that those two days felt like two weeks.  As a result, I have moments when I think, "Odd, I haven't heard from my friend in two and a half weeks.  Hope all is well with her."  Then I look at the calendar and see that it was just five days ago we had dinner together.  I experience this as humorous rather than disconcerting or unsettling.

When I look outwards at the larger world at the events and occurrences taking place, it is now from the perspective of the I Am Helen, not Little Helen.

Earlier in my life, around when I became more spiritually aware, a very intuitive and close friend shared her observation that my mind worked differently from most people.  This was a helpful observation and over time I was able to understand that my mind, very naturally and automaticaly, was able to take in multiple variables, and instantaneous understand the way they interacted over time.  I can see things operating as a system and immediately know what cog or gear is or isn't working well within the system.  Or whether the system works at all.  It's right brain parallel processing, I believe they call it.  I'm not sure of the specific name given to this capacity.  Anyway, I have a strongly vague awareness that this brain function is really in play as my mind works to make sense of what I'm experiencing and accessing within.   In other words, you may have a simpler process in acclimating mentally.  Or perhaps I was born with this brain capacity because I would need it in order to make sense mentally of the enormous amount of information contained within my ancient soul line.  Time will reveal more understanding about this.

As I said in an earlier post, I been living a rather solitary life the past ten years and I've not spend much time with family and friends since the veil lifted.  Who I AM now and how I perceive reality now is so radically different from two months ago that it's going to be interesting to observe and experience my interactions with people who have known me before I passed through ascension.  I am not at all the same person they are expecting to encounter based on our prior interactions.  The process of those in my life getting to know me now is going to be interesting.  It might be rather difficult for them to grasp the difference.  I've tended to just put myself out there and let other deal with it as they choose.  However, because this is such an enormous revision of Helen. Perhaps telling people that I'm rather different than the person you've known before, is a way to start?  I want to feel my way into this a bit and reveal my new self in a gentile way, or at least in a way they can follow.  These are people I love very much.

I'm finding that I have quite a strong aptitude for vibration.  I won't be surprised if we discover amongst those who have passed through ascension, that we each have areas of immense mastery.  In the two months prior to ascending, on three occasions during the moments just prior to waking in the morning, I received very clear vibration lessons.  (I've been intending to write a post about this, however at this time, I think you'll get more out of it if I present it in the context of a tool you can use.  Know this is coming.)  I've only just begun to access the vibrational knowledge I contain.  It took no time at all to find the understanding about what "harmonics" and "vibrational keys" are.  Boy, I never really grasped what this meant when the guidance in channelled messages referred to harmonics or vibrational keys.  Same for "distortions".  The complexity involved is more than I can explain in a blog post, but that's why I'm starting on a book.  Because this information will be helpful to you if explained from a human perspective.  You've already received it from the channelled energy's perspective.  

I was about to write that I wasn't certain whether my vibrational knowledge was stored in my DNA memory storage or stored in my Soul Self.  The I realized that this information is stored in both places.  Of course, it would be!  At this point I'm uncertain which location I'm accessing this knowledge from.  I've added this to my list (guess I'm making a list?) of things I'm curious to find out, but I will put this inquiry on hold long enough to finish this post.

What I've written so far is what occurred to me in the 15 or 20 minutes I sat outside on my back porch this morning drinking coffee.  This should give you a sense of how much there is to grock (grock is my word for taking in a bunch of information and making sense of it) and how fast the grocking process occurs.  I can't type as fast as my mind works.  Wish I could.  When I started out I wanted to also share some observations from the I AM Helen.  However, there are some mundane tasks I want to accomplish today, and in keeping with my decision to work out some sort of routine or schedule to ensure that the mundane aspect of on planet living doesn't fall to the wayside, I need to turn my attention and actions there.  For the present moment.

I leave you with one I AM observation:  You do not need to do anything to be perfect.  Who you are is already perfect.