Saturday, July 17, 2010

Re-Direction Energies Towards Expansion

I'm striving to spend less time on the computer each day, to spend more time with my own perceptions un-inundated with the latest news about gradually unfolding genocide occurring in the GOM. In the past two days I slowed myself to listen to my heart. There is a passage in the Channeling of Kryon (same one I posted the other day) that speaks about slowing to the pace of God Time. With what now takes place in the outer world my mind wants to jump to action, yet looking back at the past two years, it always unfolds at a slower pace than I'd expected in my thinking mind. There is time to slow, listen and follow my heart. I'm rather tune myself to operating on God Time. I'd rather integrate the presence of my Higher Self within my earthly body. Our Higher Selves have access to way more information than any of us can find on the internet.

I know, both in my heart and mind, that I am Divinely protected. Many of us are. My guidance clearly stated that I am safe here for now, they are working on assistance to ensure this. Though the time to move is near, I do not need to rush. This may only mean the difference between moving in three months as opposed to six weeks, though in this bit of extra time I sense that more good will flow from me and to me throughout the transition. Any protection extended to me will also extend to this wonderful community of people I live amongst. Whatever benefit my energy provides as I move about the community can have it's effect. Giving a little more time allows for the gathering of whatever I will need in whatever new place that I'm headed. All is in Universal Order.

I have great and deep love and care for humanity. Part of me wants to warn and alert people to what is unfolding. However, the other part of me knows this is not my role, and it backfires on me whenever I start telling anyone about the need to watch what is really going on. They don't want to hear. It's better for me to recognize that each person has their own process of awakening, even if they have to be shaken by events in order to wake up. So here I am this morning reminding myself about the wisdom of trusting the process, for me and for all others. Trust the Process. I don't have all the answers, nor do I really know what will transpire, even when I look at what is taking place right Now and can see what is a logical course to follow.

Rather than add my emotional energy to the collective energy pool swarming around the issues of what will happen next, I am making the conscious choice to focus my energy on expanding my inner awareness. Some days I'll be better at this than others, I'm sure. By increasing my receptivity to my inner prompting, I can pick up any information I need to navigate through the rapids of this great shift. And that's the goal for each of us anyway, to expand our powers of awareness into multidimensional mode.

To this end, some more old emotional gunk acquired as a bi-product of life recently surfaced to be examined, resolved, and released. Just when I think I'm about done with this clearing process, here comes a few more issues to deal with. Actually I'm grateful this is happening. Each resolved and released issue is one less weight to carry, and one less thing to alter and sometimes distort my perception.

I'm getting to the foundational layers of the internalized messages that have told me I'm not worth noticing, I'm not deserving, I'm not worthy of respect. The legacy of a childhood of inattention, disregard, criticism, judgment, and no affection. Passed on by parents who received the same in their childhoods. Many, many years I've worked on peeling through the layers of Self to cull out these messages that wove themselves through my being. Is this the last layer?? I sincerely hope so, and if it's not, then I'll just keep peeling away until I've discarded the last remnants of this pack of lies. I'll know I've succeeded when I no longer catch myself responding with explanations and attempts to justify myself in the face of someone's subtle judgments, as I did the other day.

All the self work pays off, believe me, it's the most important work we can do. At least IMHO.
My daughter told me once that she has never doubted for a moment that she is loved, respected, and valued unconditionally. One of the greatest gifts I've ever received was hearing that. It means I broke the destructive patterns that ran through my bloodlines. Of this I'm immensely proud. Perhaps one day in the future every person will know without a doubt that they are of immense value, worthy and respected, and deeply loved for who they are. Imagine the difference in our world then. We will have created Utopia.