Friday, June 18, 2010

In the Midst of Crisis, Universe Sends Us Some Humor

Just received this reassuring note from the Governor of North Carolina. I'm so pleased to know that "experts, including the Coast Guard and U.S. Environment Protection Agency, believe there is only a remote chance that any oil will reach North Carolina shores." North Carolina has even created it's own BP Spill Response page :) with lots of helpful links to the spill response pages of BP and assorted Federal agencies so that I'll have all the up to date, accurate news and information regarding the spill response!! Gosh, I feel so safe and secure now knowing my state government has everything under control.

Following through the link to NC's response page and on to a few federal agency pages left me unsure whether to gag or burst out laughing. What trite dribble!! I'm sitting here wondering whether my eyes/ears/mind have grown especially attuned to blatant falseness, or whether our government officials have just gone way over board in their condescending placation of the public. Especially humorous is the fact that a link on NC's page to "List of Experts" opens to a blank page.

Thank you Universe for sending us humor in the midst of planetary catastrophe. :)

North Carolina's Response to the Gulf Oil Spill

Gov. Perdue on Tuesday joined officials from the N.C. Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the U.S. Coast Guard to discuss the state’s ongoing preparations in the event oil were to reach North Carolina shores. A briefing in Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh was held for state legislators and another session for local elected officials, local government managers and public safety officials from coastal counties.

Gov. Perdue stressed that experts, including the Coast Guard and U.S. Environment Protection Agency, believe there is only a remote chance that any oil will reach North Carolina shores. If any oil were to reach North Carolina, the state is prepared. North Carolina had a plan in place to deal with an oil spill long before the situation in the Gulf, and that plan is being updated to handle the current situation. Gov. Perdue reminded participants that North Carolina beaches are clean and open for business this summer season.

“I believe North Carolina has the best emergency management team in the country. We have proven over and over we can handle whatever emergency comes our way,” said Perdue. “No matter how small the chance that oil could reach North Carolina, my goal, as always, is for us to be prepared.”

Additionally, the N.C. Department of Crime Control and Public Safety has launched a web page dedicated to providing information and useful links regarding the Gulf oil spill. The page is located at the department's home page at (notice how NC's Dept of Crime Control and Public Safety's website is just titled NC Crime Control!???!!!- LK) and can be reached by clicking on the Gulf Oil Spill tab.

Lights Connecting to Usher Out of the Darkness

Throughout my life I've mostly felt very alone. But for a few people over my five decades, few meaning three or four, I've not connected with many who I really felt deeply simpatico with. As a teenager I felt a deep and continuing sadness of "not having a home", despite living in a very nice house with two parents, five sisters, a brother, and many pets. Over the years I've taken comfort in having one close friend until circumstances or death took them away. And then another friend would appear. Still, one person can not be everything to another, and it isn't fair to place a friend in that position anyway. All in all, the sense of core aloneness became something I just carried along quietly inside, and never let it derail me from my course.

How many times have I heard.... You're too sensitive. You're too much of a rebel. You're too emotional. You're too much of a free spirit. You're too idealistic. You're not rational. You don't know what you're talking about. You're out of touch with reality.

Really??? The time that will tell is dawning. Can't you see the first shafts of light shooting up from the horizon?

In the not quite four months since starting this blog, I ventured out more in reading others' blogs as I hadn't done before. Here and there I find a kindred spirit. We are finding each other! Finally, we are finding each other. As we've known deep in our hearts, there are others out there who Know and understand. And steadily we are connecting. We connect based on our shared vision and perception, without knowing one another's age, location, identity, and sometimes even gender. These things don't matter. What matters is sensing the true heart. There is huge comfort in knowing we are not alone, and we are finally connecting.

We, the Light Bearers, are here, dotted all around the planet. Our numbers growing. Our light shining brighter. The connections springing up across the miles and oceans and political boundaries. Connecting into a magnificent web of Light encompassing and embracing, anchoring the Light throughout the planet.

Take Heart. We are at the moment just before the pot starts to boil. The little bubbles formed all around the sides of the pot. Surface shifting and swirling. The watch pot that will most definitely start it's boil in just a split second. Boiling, purifying, clearing out all the impurities that led life on this planet so astray. This is time we came here for. Much work is before us. There will be much sadness and also immense joy and appreciation as we progress through the turbulent storm before dawn. We are so well prepared and ready with our web of Light carrying the vibration of love to usher in life on Earth as it was always meant to be. And in the process we will be recognized for who we truly are.