Monday, May 3, 2010

The Unfolding Process of What It Means to Seek the Wisdom Within

Tomorrow evening I'm teaching a class at the Atlanta Self Discovery Center titled Intro to Alchemy, about accessing the wisdom within. It's been quite an amazing and interesting process over these weeks as I've thought about what accessing the wisdom within means, so I decided I would share some of it. The idea to teach about the wisdom within came to me about six weeks ago. I had become really cognizant of how often people use the phrase "going within". I see it all over the place, in books, websites, on Facebook, hear people talking about it. It's one of the core teachings in all the spiritual and religious texts.

Yet I found myself asking do most people really know what going within or seeking the wisdom within means? If they're finding the wisdom within, then why is it not reflected in the way people behave in their lives? The population of this planet is still on the path of destruction. If all this wisdom is being accessed, they why don't we see things changing dramatically for the better?

My initial design for the class was focused on how we can really gain wisdom from our experiences. As I've said before (and will undoubtedly say again), we come here incarnate on the material plane on Earth to experience and learn. We come here to learn from our experiences. And there is such wealth of wisdom in our experiences that few people ever harvest as they go along. Doesn't it make sense to distill the lessons and wisdom while we're still here so that we can apply it as we progress through our life?

One of the most magical aspects of the way our lives unfold is that at any given point, we are prepared. Our experiences build upon one another so that for any challenge we currently face, the answers we need were already given to us through our previous experiences. The sad thing is that culturally, we are never taught how to examine our experiences and extract the learning.
I was first presented with this concept many years ago. Looking back, I believe I sort of understood this. As I've continued through in life, I've found over and over again that this is true. We are always prepared, whether we realize it or not. Much easier to face the uncertainty of the unknown future when you know that you have everything you'll need, isn't it?

The entire universe is present in our Self. We are each a micro level reflection of the Macro level Universe. So if we know and understand our self, then we come to know and understand All That Is. Do you ever run out of things to discover about your self? Aren't we each fathomless? I know I am. There is always more to discover and understand. That is what is meant by As Above, So Below.

That was my concept, to focus this class on how we can really learn from our experiences and how to dig out the real gems of wisdom. Then by coincidence, or should I say without conscious intent, I wondered on to some information about the Universal Mind, also called the Matrix, or the Collective Consciousness. The Universal Mind contains everything - past, present, and future, all information, ideas, solutions. When we are incarnate in the material world, we also exist simultaneously on the level of the Universal Mind. For the most part we are not conscious of this existence. We become conscious of information from the Universal Mind through dreams, intuition, "psychic' awareness. When we pass out of our bodies at "death" then wee exist only on the level of the Universal Mind. When we talk about expanding consciousness, my understanding at present is that we are opening up so that we become conscious of the Universal Mind and can access any information we want, while residing in our bodies. Two weeks from now, my understanding may shift completely.

The last few days I find myself aware of Divine Knowing. That the wisdom within is revealed and present in our actions, when we keep our awareness present in the moment. I wrote about this yesterday. This takes us right back to our experiences and the wisdom woven throughout. Doesn't it? Or is this another way that wisdom is revealed to us. Or both. I'm not certain at the moment.

So here I am this evening doing last preparations for teaching this class tomorrow. And I have to say that the more I've come to understand in the past six weeks or so, the more I'm aware that I know so little. And what I do feel I have some understanding of is all interrelated. Everything is, so it's extremely easy to go wandering off on tangents that are just as interesting. Which is not really what I want to do when teaching tomorrow.

Thankfully, I know that the class will hold it's own energy, a collective of all who attend. I will check in with where everyone is in their understanding about what it means to access their own wisdom within, then move from there at a pace they are comfortable with. I remind myself we are all Masters. I will remind the participants of this at the start. Really, this class is just another experiential opportunity for us to come together and assist one another as allies in discovering our wisdom within. Hopefully, me included. I'll trust the process.

With Love,