Monday, February 1, 2016

Ascension is Coming Home to Experience Living In Heaven On Earth

You know those time when you've had a very long and arduous day or more of travel back home?  One that you encountered major weather delays, missed connections or major traffic backups, mechanical trouble, lost and found luggage.  Then you finally walk in the door and your whole being lifts a big sigh of relief.  Home.  You're in your space with your comforts of home, where you know where everything is and your surrounded by your energy.  And you climb into your very own bed made up with clean sheets, and inside you just think, "Aaaaah, it's so good to finally be home!"

That's exactly how I feel in this moment.  I am finally Home.  I am Home and I'm alive, incarnate on Earth where I can create.  It feels so incredibly, I don't have words to clearly express this, there are no words for it.  It truly is Heaven on Earth.

The past two days I've been calm and completely centered in who I AM. I am all of me, my Soul Self.  The various perspectives have merged.  And though I can't say for sure because this is a steady process of expanding, unfolding and reconnecting, it seems to me that the last lens of limitation has lifted. 

It's quite fascinating to observe and experience the process that takes place within the body, brain and nervous system during ascension.  I would make the analogy to a large on-line business, such as Ebay or Amazon, going through the process of switching from limited, outgrown coding and servers to new much larger, infinitely more high powered servers with much greater functionality.  The transfer does not occur instantaneously.  There is a process of establishing new circuitry and in batches, transferring existing components and information to the new server.  There are short spans where a particular function isn't working then it's circuit is connected to the new server and it resumes.  There are occasional coding glitches that have to be sorted out, and new coding put in place to handle the new functions within the system.

There is one thing I want to say here very clearly, especially for any of you who have been following this journal of my experience and find the intensity I've experienced and shared to be, shall I say, a bit more than you're sure you want to go through yourself:  You have complete control over your own pace of integration with your Soul Self.  At any time you can say, Whoa, slow down a bit, or I want a few days break to rest and acclimate myself before moving ahead in the unfolding process.  It is always under your control.  I chose to do this in the way I am, and to be consciously aware of what is taking place within my brain and body.  I also choose the pace.  My friend, Peggy, reminded me yesterday that early last September, when I became aware that the activation frequencies would be coming in during the September Equinox and eclipse cycle, I said, "Bring it on, I'm ready!"  Actually, I'm aware now, that I made this choice before I came into this incarnation because it serves my purpose in what I came to do here.  This intensity has been my choice, and you have the discernment and ability to choose your own pace that fits for you.  Remember this.

Within your DNA, in each cell of your bodies, is an Akashic record of all the spiritual learnings you have acquired over the course of your many lifetimes on Earth.  You also have record of the talents and skills you acquired in each lifetime on Earth.  Think about this for a few minutes......One of the processes that takes place once the door in the conscious mind opens, is the unlocking, activation and connection of all your acquired spiritual knowledge contained within your DNA with your conscious mind.  It happens automatically. This is what is meant by the lifting of the veil. Kryon (See link on side bar) refers to this as opening your jar of spiritual knowledge. 

I'm discovering that the opening of my jar of spiritual knowledge is a steady, smooth unfolding.  It just occurs naturally, easily, and without effort.  Each day I look at myself, my life, and the world around me with eyes that see and understand with noticeably greater clarity.  Everything makes sense in a new, wiser way.  Each day my depth of understanding grows deeper and more expansive.  Each aspect of reality, the human experience, and interconnection of all on the planet that I turn my attention to reveals itself with greater meaning and understanding.  This all occurs without struggle or striving.  It's absolutely magical to experience.

The spiritual knowledge and the talents you've acquired over the course of many, many lifetimes are yours.  You've earned it all.  Wouldn't you like to have access to all the spiritual knowledge and technical expertise you've earned in this present lifetime?  It's your choice.  You can have it all if you choose.

Each of you reading this blog are ready to open the door in mind and become conscious of the fact that You are your Divine Soul Self.  You wouldn't be reading this otherwise.  The path of spiritual growth and discovery towards the doorway to life as your expanded Self is long and arduous.  We've been on the path for what feels like forever (actually this is true because the spiral of ascending never ends). I sense that most of you can't quite believe you are actually here, that you have arrived and need only open the door to experiencing the next level.  As I've begun sharing my experience, I'm starting to pick up the reactions from others that they can't quite grasp that someone they know, either personally or through written communications, can actually be ascending to the next level.  As if everyone has been so busy being on the path, and more recently found much joy and happiness, that they've forgotten that the path actually leads to a whole new level of experiencing Self and everything.

So...going forward in this blog I will continue to share my personal experience, because there is always immense value to each other as we share our experiences.  And at the same time, I'm going to turn my attention towards sharing what I see might be helpful to you in opening the door within you. 

Along the seeking path, we have all looked towards, use, and appreciated the guidance we receive through channelled messages and activations from our friends, colleagues, and allies in the non-physical and the teachers in the physical.  All of this guidance has come through attuned to where we are in the present and guides us in the next steps.  It's very much like getting GPS directions.  As you take each step forward, you are then guided in the next step.  Turn left here.  Now proceed 2.4 miles.  Bear right and merge onto Highway 347.  Some of us are, however, like me, map people.  We understand the course better if we can look at the map.

From my current, expanded, on the ground perspective, there are insights I want to share with you going forward that I believe may be helpful to you.  My daughter's very first response when I told her I was passing through ascension was, "How do you do this?"  One of the reasons I choose to zip through the process of connecting consciously in mind and body, with my expanded Soul Self, is so I can offer the on-the-ground perspective and guidance on how to do this yourself.  This isn't a perspective that we've had available to any degree.  So now I'll share it.

The image that comes to me is this.  You've all been on the path in this journey for so long.  Now you are in the elevator, waiting.  All you have to do now is push the button and the elevator will take you to the next level and the door will open automatically.  I nudge you and remind you, "Hey, don't forget to push the button!"  When you do, you will finally arrive back Home.

With much love