Thursday, July 15, 2010

Readying to Be of Service As The GulF Oil Disaster Unfolds

Where have I been? I've been having a test of faith. A nice phrase, "A test of faith." Not quite so eloquent when you're passing through it. Mine was a small test that I've passed through. My faith remains unshaken.

Often in the midst of a challenge a gift comes to us unexpectedly, and the gift changes our interior landscape. Our inner tone shifts, heaviness vanishes, and our perception clears. I share what appeared as a gift to me the other night, "The Relationship To Gaia".

I'm reminded of the last time I traveled by plane. I flew from Asheville, which is nestled in the juncture of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. I had a window seat. As we ascended, I looked down at the mountains with their carpet of millions of green trees. The expansiveness of our Earth grew in my vision as the plane rose. Inside I felt the Earth speaking. How much she loves us all. How she provides everything we need, presented to us amidst the miles and miles of every stretching beauty. Gaia loves us so very much.

Each day I stand barefoot in the grass, reach down placing my palms upon Earth and tell her how I love her throughout my being.

This morning I am incredulous. It has seemed to me as the disaster in the GOM grows and the intentional poisoning of the waters and air proceeds with such stealth, that people would finally begin waking up. Is this not large and glaring enough???? Yet I hear statements such as these almost daily... "People can't leave Florida! They'll never be able to sell their houses." "What's corexit?" "I really don't want to hear all about what's happening in the Gulf. I prefer to just send my love and prayers to the dolphins and turtles." Well what has to happen before it matters to you!!!!

Waters flow. Winds Blow. They circulate and permeate. Water and air. The two most basic requirements for life. Everything is interconnected. Everything is interdependent.

There is no mistake in the name given to this dispersant. Corexit. Core Exit. They've now dumped "OVER 42 Million Gallons of Corexit into the ocean" according to a Federal government witness at the hearings taking place in New Orleans. Corexit will usher many out of the planet.

The malevolence continues until people pay attention to what is going on and stand up against it. There is the mis-perception in the New Age community that paying attention to negative things happening in the Now makes them manifest. Well they are already here! They've manifested here now because of apathy and inaction. They've manifested here now because people abdicated and signed over their Free Will, rather than defend their right to choose how the Earth, their home, is treated. Not paying attention to what is happening right now is Denial.

I'm beginning to comprehend that most people will not wake up until their individual life is irreparably altered. Until they are faced with the situation of having no money and/or no food and/or no water. The malevolent destruction must appear in their own small world before they take notice and realize they could have done something to prevent it. It makes me sad. I'm deeply disappointed that oh so many, many people have forgotten how to be Human Beings. I've always held such hope for the peoples of Earth.

After two years of existing in a holding pattern of sorts while waiting for the shift to really get underway, it's now time for me to move into action. First downsizing significantly so I travel lighter, then a quick relocation to where I'm needed next. The holding pattern had become a draining way to live from day to day. It's with much relief and growing excitement that I prepare now for the move north. Intuitively, I now know the placement, the place where I'm being called into service. The details of getting there always fall into place like clockwork when we're headed in the necessary direction. Work awaits me. There will be much for many of us to do as the turbulence increases in the coming weeks and months. I focus now on being in placement and ready.

Many years ago I had a reading which told me I would eventually work finding homes for many displaced people. Couldn't imagine then the path that would lead me there, how this would come about, or what would cause many displaced people. Clear as day now. The displaced will be arriving very soon, in droves. And I intend to be in place and ready when they they arrive. Many basic needs to be met. Systems to be designed to meet those needs for shelter and food. Spirit speaks from within. I do my best to listen and act.