Saturday, May 15, 2010

Finding Resolution of Separation Amid the Leaking Oil

I've read comments from a few people recently noting that they really notice the separation between themselves and others who are not awake. That the shifts in the past week or so really widened the chasm. I have to agree. It's really two different worlds now. It's harder to communicate, harder to remember how to operate in the old world in a way that doesn't draw attention. Don't know about you, but I have to watch myself or I'm inclined to express my perceptions a little too succinctly and draw shocked looks from the anesthetized.

This is what I was pondering two nights ago when I started this post. Today appears a bit different. The oil leaking from the deep wound in the Earth in the Gulf of Mexico opens the heart and most, whatever their state of awareness, feel sorrow and horror from this situation. Everything serves a purpose. The catastrophic oil leak is putting the masses in touch with their reverence for this jewel of the Universe we call home. It calls their attention to the fragility of our ecosystem, fragility caused by our collective acquiescence to a system of abuse for profit. "What have we done?"

In that opening of the heart and ignited feelings of reverence and concern for our planet, the chasm between the awake and the asleep suddenly closes. Here is a point of unity for all but the profit seekers. Perhaps an opportunity for more to awaken from their illusion slumbers. I find myself wondering, Do they, the executives of BP, Halliburton, and Transocean, feel any shame or remorse? Is this situation critical enough for them to denounce the dark force that operates through them? If enough recognize that we each hold responsibility for the system of resource rape, there is great possibility. Acknowledging responsibility for the damage contains within it the recognition of responsibility to end the system. When we see we had a role in creating something we can then see we have not only the responsibility, but also the ability, to change that something.

The energy of accountability has been streaming into Earth and permeating all of our personal circumstances. Look around, you'll see many situations of people having to acknowledge they are accountable for their actions. You can probably see it in your own life if you haven't already noticed it. When we own that we are accountable, we begin to realize our own power as Creators. This is a step towards owning our Free Will.

Another opportunity presented by the oil leak, is the opportunity for people to raise their awareness and understanding about the power they possess in their thoughts, the power of holding an image in their minds and hearts, and ultimately, the exponential power of their collective thoughts. As I observe the goings on here and there, it's becoming more apparent to me that even many of the awakened overlook the power of their thoughts and words. Are we in a situation that can change that?

It's been widely noted that when a person's life, or that of their dearly loved one, is threatened they will pray, regardless of whether they believe in God or not. Truly our lives and the lives of many species are threatened by 2,500,000 gallons of gushing oil pouring into our oceans per day. Is not this enough to cause people all around the globe to focus their thoughts and prayers on finding a solution? The opportunity for learning the power of our collective thought is present. All anyone has to do to take advantage of the opportunity is join in by holding the image of the oil no longer leaking and the ocean floor healing.

The sadness in my heart rises with each gallon of oil gushing up into the oceans.
Our Earth! When in pain, I look to the benefits that can be found in the situation. The more devastating the situation, the larger the benefit I search for. I find there is always a balance of opportunity. It's looking for a balance. That's where the perfection lies. The resolution of duality.