Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quiet, Growing Food & Inspiration

After the intense energy settling in the past few weeks, that sparked a profound widening and expansion within, things have now settled down. At least internally for me. The past couple of days, I been feeling shock still. Others I talk to feel something similar. It's very quiet within and around. Almost like when all the animals on the plains perk up their ears and freeze when they sense danger approaching. That what the past two days have felt like. My inner voices are all stilled and listening. That's why I haven't posted in a few days. Also family visiting for Mother's Day weekend here in the States. In all this quietness, I haven't known what to say. So I'll turn to nature and growing food.

One of the priorities now is the vegetable garden. Last month I started a lot of seedlings using the method provided by Anastasia in the Ringing Cedars series. I was amazed at how fast the seeds germinated. I had a much higher germination rate than the seed packages predicted, especially for Swiss Chard, which has always been a problem. Tomorrow my plan is to transplant the small seedlings into larger containers. Tomorrow is the New Moon. I'll also be planting another round of seedlings. I'm predicting that the vegetables grown so their nutrients are tailored just for me, will taste better than anything I've ever tasted. If they are as good as other vegetables I've grown myself, I'll be more than content.

I moved into my current home late last fall. The previous owners clearly enjoyed and spent great care and effort in the gardens. They did not, however, devote any of their gardening efforts towards growing of vegetables. There are a number of blueberry bushes (with clumps of blueberries now plumping:), but that's the extent of the food production capacity prior to my tenancy on the land. It takes lots and lots of work to get vegetable beds in, particularly when the soil is full of clay and requires lots of amendments. Vegetables are picky about their soil compared to flowering plants.

After scoping out the property during the winter months, and monitoring the sunlight throughout the day, I decided on the perfect spot for the vegetables. It only requires taking down 20' x 32' of decking build around an old above ground pool and disassembling the pool. Everything is very well built here, including the deck. The decking boards are nailed down with galvanized deck nails, the ones with the little ridges all along them so they don't pop up. They're a bear to pull up. The lumber's all in good shape and will be reused in building raised beds and a chicken coop. The outer railing of the deck, which has posts sunk in cement, rises about eight feet off the ground and will remain in place with wire fencing added. This will help protect the vegetables and chickens from deer, raccoons, possums, foxes, etc. At least that's the plan. I've heard a couple of tragic stories about predators getting into neighbor's chicken houses and I want take precautions to prevent loss of life and heartbreak.

We're a third of the way through the demolition process and hope to knock out the rest this weekend, if we work really hard. I'm planning the layout of the raised beds and looking at chicken coop designs today, a good project for a rainy day. I also have to decide on what breeds of chickens to raise. Here's some more breed info to look through. Are they awesome?!! I never realized there were so many factors to consider, egg size and color, temperament, and looks. I'd like a handsome assortment of chickens as well as a steady supply of fresh eggs. Somewhere in all this, I also want to get bunch grapes, and raspberry and blackberry canes planted, put in the herb garden, and later this fall get an orchard established. Then there's some research to do on raising goats. They could help keep the field grasses mowed and provide goat milk for cheese. I've never milked a goat, or even a cow. But I can learn. Gradually I'm moving closer to sustainability. Overall, not bad for being a city girl who spent most of her life in Washington, DC, if I do say so.

Reading the Ringing Cedars series (also available on Amazon) deepens my understanding and connection to the natural world around me. And so much more. I've been meaning to write about these books. If only everyone would read them the world would change immediately. It's the true story from and about Anastasia, a young woman who presently lives alone in the Siberian Forest. She is a role model of what expanded consciousness is. I've read all kinds of spiritual books but nothing comes close to this on showing us the abilities we have as our birthright. Nor do any other books help uncover our memories of how life used to be before the Illuminati imposed itself on everything. They paint a vivid picture of how we can live in harmony with each other and all living things, show us the remarkable intelligence available through the universal mind, and provide guidance on how to raise our children without the limitations we've been trying to overcome since they were imposed upon us. I never imagined that a series of books could keep my interest and attention beyond perhaps the third volume, but these I'll read and probably reread. Reading these books will fill you with joy and inspiration that doesn't fade. Something we need by the truck load in these dark days.

Anything that supports us in visualizing our world without the existence or operation of the Illuminati/Bilderberg/PTB is a really good thing. So is visualizing them falling on their own swords and self-destructing on their own. There is power in our thoughts and the images we create in our mind, especially when coupled with the joy we feel when our vision manifests. United, our power is exponentially greater.

Keep heart & Godspeed