Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who I Am

The Alchemist of Sweetness

I am the Queen of Lemonade.

Queen of the masses,
No royal birth here.
I earned each jewel in the crown,
Cut each facet, polished each stone
In the journey of lemons.
Too tart, too sour
To nurture the soul.
The sting bares our unknown cuts,
We grow aware by the sting.
And who really,
Who is there
To grant the promise of lemon-less ease?
We all get lemons,
Some more than others.
Some get bushels.
Bushels bestowed on me,
My cosmic birthright.
The power of alchemy lies in the learning,
Learning the secret of brewing lemonade.
Mine the Truth within.
Mine for all your worth.
Following the vein deeper,
Deeper down the vein of sweet golden Truth.
An alchemist of sweetness I became.
Sweetness refined in understanding.
Today I step into later years,
Regal in my crown of sparkling citrines.
Open wide the doors of my court!
Send out the call!
I'll teach the alchemy of sweetness
To any who wish to learn
The high art of making lemonade.

Copyright © 2007 by Helen Sumerwell All rights reserved