Sunday, January 17, 2016

Like Being a Spiritual Teenager Who's Not Sure of the Driving Directions.

Despite my best intentions to post every few days, I've started three different blog posts in the past week, and before I finish one, my focus has moved onto a different area of interest.  There's one about David Bowie and what an incredible role model he is/was for us of living as Sovereign beings, one about working with the themes of integrity and congruity, and the first of a four part series on collectively using our conscious focus and energy fields to create peace in the world.  So much is changing so quickly.  I find it a challenge to keep up with myself.  Pretty funny.

We truly have the opportunity now, if we choose, to step up into a completely new paradigm of spiritual awareness and understanding.  Along with this comes the opportunity to learn and develop mastery in using a whole new host of tools and ways of being to live and create in 5D.  We've really done all we can with the old 3D spiritual teachings.  We've visualized, opened our chakras, and worked with the Law of Attraction without really understanding how it works.  We gone as far as we could with a limited 3d separation perspective.

Two analogies come to mind that illustrate the differences between the old realm and the new one.  One is that thus far we've learned how to read and have been reading and understanding what we read and write, at least understanding in our heads.  Now we, if we choose, we have the chance to work with movies.  Not only do we have written words for a script, but we have skilled actors that express the subtleties of the emotions and the chemistry of their interactions.  We have costumes, lighting and scenery and sets, and an immense range of cinematography to work with in creating our vision.  In owning our sovereignty, we take on the role of director, claim our inner authority and artistic license, and begin creating the life we want to create.  And we learn to understand the meaning of our new vision through our hearts.

Or a second analogy, we've been small children with one box of eight crayons and a coloring book, with "the way things are" preprinted for us in black outlines.  Now we're stepping in to play in a huge, light filled, quantum art studio with every variety of canvas, board, and paper we can imagine. Charcoal, ink, and paints in oils, acrylic, pastels, and water colors.  We have brushes of every type, sponges, pens, markers, and the big box of 150 Prismacolor colored pencils.  Now we can work with and develop discernment in using the subtleties of color, shading, line, light, and shadow.  And what we can create is whatever we want and dare to envision.  There are no longer pre-stamped lines we have to follow outlining the way things are "supposed" to be.

The new 5th and 6th dimensional realm is really one of working with vibration.  As we transition into these expanded dimensions, our attention now is on learning discernment of the subtleties of different vibrations and skill at using them to create in the material world of Earth.  Vibration is everything. 

Our expanded Soul or Divine Self, already knows well how to work in this arena.  Yet for our formerly 3D conscious mind, we have much newness to wrap our minds around.  And collectively we'll need to come up with new vocabulary to describe what we are experiencing.  I find myself continually throughout the day in a state of "wrapping my mind around" something new.  Then having a bit of difficulty finding words to describe what I'm experiencing to someone else.

One of the challenges I've encountered in these first days entering the 5D/6D realm is about communicating with others who are operating in 3D.  I do fine talking with a friend of mine whose travelling right beside me.   It's a bit more challenging with others who haven't yet started to transition.  Quite often I find myself at a loss for words on how to respond. There were a couple of instances this week when speaking with people, awake and aware people, when I found myself not sure where to begin in responding to them.  My understanding of how we create our reality has expanded so much, it's hard to know where to start when someone asks my thoughts about a situation or event in their lives. 

For example, a friend called me and asked for suggestions on how to respond supportively in regards to a situation involving her 11 year old daughter.  She has always valued my insights into the best interests of children.  I could see that the situation likely was a reflection back of some old limiting self perceptions my friend has. The way I would have viewed what was going on in this situation before and how I view it now is very different.  And how I would have responded before no longer fits.  I can see that my old 3D perspective might have helped some, but really would not have been very supportive in the long or short run to either my friend or her daughter's sovereignty and self love.  Yet I was at a loss as to the best way to communicate my view of the situation. 

Mentally from this expanded perspective I'm just learning to navigate, I had to identify what's important and what supports both of them in their sovereignty and self love, then figure out where in 3D perspective my friend was.  I realized I'm not familiar with the best route to take in walking another person through from a 3D perspective to what I want to share of my perspective.  It's like I have to do a Google map search to identify the best path of explanation from 3D to 5D perspective.  It became a very spatial mental process.  Give me a few months and I'll be much faster at this. 

If you've ever moved to a new city, moving into 5th dimension is a similar experience.  In a new city, at first you don't know your way around at all.  You have to give people a change of address.  You have to locate the cheap gas station, the grocery stores and farmers' market, find a good dentist.  You have to learn the names of roads and discover the best routes to get from point A to point B, and the short cuts in between.  It can be a challenge at first to give directions to someone else so they can find you, especially when you're still learning the landmarks.  You're in a new world.

After thinking about 11 year olds and the process of growth teenagers go through, I see a lot of similarities to the process of Ascension too.  Teenagerhood (spellcheck says this is not a word?!) is a developmental process of exploring who one is, developing autonomy/independence, learning to make good choices for oneself, learning to participate in the larger community outside of the immediate family, and physically developing into an adult body.  Likewise, Ascension is a developmental process of exploring who one is, developing sovereignty, learning to make self-loving choices for oneself, learning to participate in the larger community outside of the immediate spiritual family, and physically developing into a body that supports your new, larger energy field. Both are processes of transitioning from a more limited state of being to a much wiser and more capable state of being.

And neither of them are steady gradual processes.  One of the things about teenagers that I find endearing, though it drives a lot of parent totally nuts, is that you're never sure whether the kid who just walked into the room is going to be their 10 year old self or their going on 30 self, or somewhere in between.  Teenagers flip back and forth, sometimes with amazing speed, between their child self and their emerging adult self.  And sometimes they think they're in their adult self when their acting like their 10 year old self, just to make it all really confusing for everyone.  The early stage of Ascension is a lot like this.  You find yourself switching back and forth between your old 3D self and your greatly expanded 5D self, or somewhere in between.  At least compared to teenagerhood, the transition into the wiser, expanded Soul Self is much faster.  And throughout it all, high spirits abide and you find yourself laughing at yourself a lot :)