Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Non-Linear Very Magical Mystery Tour to the Quantum Level

OK, follow along. We're going on a Non-Linear Very Magical Mystery Tour. It may feel like jumping from one unrelated spot to another, but have no fear (very important, no fear), it will all come together somewhere in the space-time-matter-multidimensional universe, perhaps even in your/my awareness. This is a journey I've been on for a number of years, maybe one could say many, many lifetimes. We'll start here.....

About two and a half years ago,
I was in a really down place. It was cold out, rained day after day, and I could not get my feet warm. Night after night as I went to sleep, up came a past situation that had left me full of sorrow. Each night a different one. I'd lie in bed awake all night working my way through every aspect, what I could of said or done differently, what I'd say to the person now to explain how I felt. By the next day I felt OK about the situation I'd wrestled with all night. Then another one came up, and another. Three weeks of no sleep. I was a mess. My friend said, "Oh, it's probably expansion." Expansion????? Of what? She sent me this "little movie", as I've come to call it. A powerful little movie, full of Truth. It made me feel much better so I watched it over and over again. I've seen it dozens of times and still, when it gets to the part that says, "there is within every single cell of your being enough power to light the world" a wave passes through me and tears well up in my eyes. Every single time.

I've written here a few times about my powerful feeling that there is something I ache to remember, abilities I long to reclaim. Something I yearn to connect with inside. Yet I'm not able to even remember what what it is I'm longing to remember.

A few weeks ago I posted a video interview with Dolores Cannon. Towards the end of the interview she describes how she is now working with people with serious illnesses, speaking with Higher Self and when the being at the soul level wants to be healed, Higher Self goes about healing the client's body right there in the session. This intrigued me. From deep inside surged the desire to be able to do healing in this way. After checking out about Dolores Cannon's training classes, I came away with the hunch that two weekends of hypnotherapy training wasn't going to enable me to learn this type of healing. And past life regression therapy, which is what she teaches, is not really what I'm interested in doing.

About the same time I ordered some books, including The Great Shift, which contains parts by three people who's work I resonate with, Lee Carroll/Kryon, Tom Kenyon/Hathors/Mary Magdalen, and Patricia Cori/Sirian High Counsel, and Transition Now, also by Lee Carroll/Kryon; Patricia Cori/Sirians, and Pepper Lewis/Gaia. I started with The Great Shift and now I'm half way through Transition Now. When I read, I filter everything through my inner true/false filter. Reading these channeled energy beings, in addition to my true/false filter, I attune my awareness to whether the words come from the page or from my deeper inner memory. The Sirians and Hathors resonate as if I'm reading a letter from dear friends about things we've shared together. Which I know we have.

In The Great Shift as the Sirians speak about Egypt, I feel the stone floors of the Temple at Abydos beneath my feet. When I finally go to Egypt in this lifetime I know this Temple will be just as I picture in my mind. As they speak of the relationship between Atlantis and Egypt, more of my memory returned of a lifetime in Atlantis.

The other day I thought it's about time for another message from the Hathors, and yes here it is: The Art of Jumping Time Lines. My choice is to be on the time line that unfolds to world peace, equality and respect for all people, living our lives in harmony and balance with Earth and all it's creatures. Round about now I realize that the apprehension I've felt since awakening about the challenges we may face (financial, food shortages, electricity outages, Earth changes, revolution,..) as we progressing through the Shift has been subsiding. By this I don't mean that I'm feeling that there won't be great challenges. I've shifted from apprehension to a sense of confidence and awareness of the potential for huge beneficial change. A sense of wonder.

Synchronicity strikes again! The information I asked for about bringing Higher Self in to heal started coming to me through another route, Kryon speaking in Transition Now. Here's an outline of my understanding:

Our DNA is the blueprint for all the cells in our bodies.

Every cell in our bodies contains a copy of our DNA.

"The main role of DNA molecules is the long-term storage of information." :)))) (from the Wikipedia definition of DNA)

Over 98% of our DNA is "non-coding," also called "junk DNA," meaning scientists haven't figured out what it does.

We would not evolve over thousands of years maintaining the same amount of DNA if it didn't all serve a purpose.

The DNA we are currently assembling and activating is our "non-coding" DNA.

DNA strands 3 through 12 operate on the inter-dimensional levels, or quantum field.

These "non-coding" DNA strands holds the records of all of our previous life times.

We have each had many lifetimes.

At the quantum level, all of our lifetimes are happening simultaneously.

Higher Self, which is present is this lifetime, is also present in every one of our lifetimes.

Everything you ever were and everything you've ever learned is is stored as information in your DNA, in every cell of your body.

At the quantum level, Higher Self can access and retrieve attributes, abilities, talents, and knowledge that we have possessed or developed in other lifetimes and bring them into your present. For example, a state of health, cellular structure prior to an illness or injury, the ability to play an instrument or speak a foreign language, and spiritual wisdom you've acquired through your many lifetimes.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities we developed in past life are ours. We earned them. We can make the choice to integrate them into our present lifetime.

Key is bringing Higher Self into conscious connection at all levels of our being, the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. And knowing all is possible at the Quantum Level.

Think about what this's immense.

This is what I've so longed to remember. I finally found it. Now the real journey begins.