Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Choose Wisely What You Focus On - Part I

"What we focus on expands."

Have you heard this before?  I have, many years ago.  I believed I understood and absorbed this basic law of how our Consciousness creates.  Thus I'd tucked it away in mental file drawers thinking I had incorporated it into the way I live.  Ha ha ha.  The laugh was on me, so to speak.

This is the story of how I unwittingly created a fiasco for myself on a grand scale,  and as a result, really learned my power, our power, to create by where we focus our thoughts and emotions.

If you read my last post, you probably read between the lines that I've been involved in building a house.  The house project is a big part of why I was an absent blogger for so long.   I'm not going to give you the whole sequence of events or this will turn into the longest blog post on record.  Suffice it to say,  all seemed to start off well, but then problems arose, first with the design and plans, then builder incompetence, dishonesty and horrendous fraud.  To say this was all very upsetting is an understatement.  I spent many months hiring numerous construction experts, a forensic accountant, and legal representation, all at great expense.  The fraud was insidious, woven through every line item on the builders monthly statements.  It took me hours and hours, and hours first to obtain, and then sift through invoices, time sheets, and the calendar of events, in order to identify and quantify the extent of the fraud. As well as identifying the defects in construction that had to be corrected.  I spent six months devoting my time and focused attention to all the problems created by this dishonest builder.  Throughout it all I seethed with anger, a very potent and highly charged emotion.  I felt disappointment, exasperation, despair, pain, and fear about my future financial stability due to the large economic losses, .

When construction resumed with a new builder, it didn't take very long until more problems arose with construction.  Thankfully, I did not experience the same outright fraud, that I'd protected myself from.  The problems fell into the category of incompetence - mistakes made and then lying about how easily they could be corrected, then walking away instead of correcting them as they were contractually liable to do.

As a result, I've spent twice as much as was originally budgeted and wiped out my savings for retirement. I've still got significant expenses to redo all the plumbing and come up with some solution to the long, jagged cracks through out the polished concrete floors which can't be repaired, before I can finish putting in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.  I've been living in an unfinished for over a year.

Throughout this whole scenario, I asked myself over and over again "What have I been doing to create this?"

Over the past year I reflected on this questions from every perspective I could find.  I dove into a deep level of introspection about many parts of myself.  I read more books.  I re-read the Law of One.  I looked for a job.  Finally, I began to take a break from all the housing construction issues and do a few things for myself, like take a journalling class and meeting some new people.  I worked on releasing all the negative feelings and raising my vibration.

Then one day, after spending a good part of the day researching about filing complaints with various regulatory agencies against the builder and irresponsible subcontractors, I found myself, once again, with thoughts and emotions churning away inside about all the construction problems.  It felt awful, especially after I'd been able to move out of that state for a reasonable period.  I suddenly stopped myself, thinking "I'm not going to sink back into focusing on all the construction problems and how angry I am about them.  I'm going to keep my vibration up."  And I went to sleep.

Next morning, in the lushness of theta brain wave state as I was waking, came the answer to how I created this construction fiasco.  I created them by focusing my thoughts and attention on problems, while intensely feeling strong, low vibration emotions.  In doing so, I just created more and more construction defects.  It's interesting that I received the answer only after I took action to stop myself from focusing my attention and feelings on something I knew was counterproductive to me.  I got the confirmation after I demonstrated that I'd gotten the lesson.

At the moment of this realization, I understood so clearly just how powerful I am (we are) at creating by where we focus our attention and our emotions.  What we focus on expands.  Expands in this context means: increases, multiplies, becomes more ingrained in our reality.

Now I understand why I received guidance a few years ago Not to keep focusing on all the dastardly deeds of the elitist cabals and violent earth changes.  I'm too powerful to focus attention and anger and fear on the dark things that happen.

The lesson from this story can be applied in so many positive ways.  Exploring how we can use our ability to create is worth a longer discussion.  Maybe let this sink in for a bit, look at how you may have been creating in your own life, and I'll continue this exploration in Part II.