Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reminder - Oct 31st Global Meditation - Opening the Crystal Palace Within & the Halls Of Amenti

Today is the World Mediation - Opening the Crystal Palace Within and the Halls of Amenti

The activation for the mediation begins October 31, at 12:01 PM, Pacific Daylight Savings time and continues for 24 hours.

The most intense time to do this one hour mediation is at 3:00 PM PDST (6:00 PM EDST). The 15 minute meditation is repeated 3 times followed by at least 15 minutes of integration time.

This is the meditation.

Here is the download for the meditation music. It contains important sound codes to assist in the activation of your connection to Higher Mind. Select the Crystal Palace Within Meditation. Tom asks that you download it to your computer instead of listening through the site to prevent a crash. Consider copying the music file three times to a playlist so that it plays continually for the three repeats of the the mediation.

Here is additional information about the meditation.

Tom Kenyon and the Hathors suggest we also review the Hathors' message The Art of Jumping Time Lines.

In gratitude to Earth and our Divine Selves,

Friday, October 29, 2010

We Are the Heroes of This Story

Man, this is looking like a story in the making that my descendants will pass down about me after I'm gone. "She drove all the way across the country during the four days of the November 2010 tipping point!!" "All by herself with two dogs in a huge truck towing her car!" I really ought to have a documentary film crew traveling with us on this journey.

The nice lady I spoke with at Penske truck rentals assured me that it's actually a lot of fun to drive the 26 ft. trucks. "You sit way up high and can see everything!"

She went on to say, "It's much easier to back up when you're towing your car on the flat bed auto trailer, which has all four car wheels on the trailer ($398 rental fee), than with the regular car towing hitch where only the car's front wheels are raised up." ($199 rental fee)

Back up a 26 ft. truck with a car in tow??? I told her I intended to only drive forward. Actually, I mean it.

She described the front cab of the truck, with bench seat, CD player, automatic transmission, air conditioning..... "Is there enough room for two medium size dogs to ride in the front with me?"

She laughed, "Oh yes, the bench seat is big enough for three passengers! There's also room on the passenger-side floor. You could put a blanket down so one of them could lie down there if they didn't both want to sit on the seat with you."

As I said, she was very friendly and seemed honest and straightforward. She also clearly had experience driving their trucks. "Ok, here's my situation. I'm quite adventurous, but does this sound insane? A single woman driving four days cross-country with two young, energetic, 58 lb. Goldendoodles in a 26 ft. truck towing my car?"

She said she thought I'd do just fine. We're going to trust that she's right.

I decided I'm going to wear my red baseball cap that says "Obey Me" in big white letters across the front, my souvenir from volunteering as a crossing attendant at one of the AIDS Walks in DC. At first the idea was a laugh, but I might seriously do it. As if the dogs can read.

These are my charming and exuberant traveling companions. Rohan (right) and Simone. Rohan just turned two. Simone is 16 months old. Simone had to have her head and ears cut short recently because Rohan gave her a head full of mats while playing.

I better put on my To Do List to find that site that has info on all the dog parks by zip code. We can sample them as we drive west, so long as I don't have to back up the truck to get out of the parking lot.

They must know I'm talking about them because they're being very insistent on attention at the moment.

Here's what I might look like in my red hat...
Actually, the one I'm wearing in this photo is my Life Is Good hat with a dog on the front. Better see if I still have it. I could alternate hats as we go along.

Stepping back from the whole situation, there are three points to make out of all of this. First, it's so important that we keep our sense of humor as we move through these really intense, chaotic times. Really, it's just us Gods living a life in the physical 3-D world of Earth. Our light shines through when we can always see the Lighter side of the situations we face.

Second, is Trust. If all the logistics come together such that I'm ready to head out early on Monday, November 8th, then I choose to trust that everything will be just fine. And the way it's all coming together, November 8th is when I'll be set to go. That yucky respiratory virus delayed my packing up the house. My daughter can come up for one last visit the first weekend in November, but not sooner. The guys I'm hiring can pack the truck that weekend. My Divine Protection is so strong, if it wasn't safe for me to travel then, because the country would be going to hell in a hand-basket, the timing would have all turned out differently. Yes, my intuition knows I'd feel less nervous arriving out west before the tipping point. Yet at the higher level we set things up for ourselves exactly as we need/want to experience. Higher Self never lets us down.

Last, is that we create our own reality. I see at least two perspectives on this at the moment. (There are probably many more) One is that our thoughts and emotions manifest the world we live in. I know this to be true. I'm also coming to understand that we actually have the power to say what we want our reality to be. This is jumping the time lines that the Hathors spoke about. Well in my reality, there are some very big, very needed WAKE UP calls coming for the majority of the people, particularly in the anesthetized US. The duality is pulling to extreme and the elites are expressing (and releasing) the the enormous levels of greed, corruption, and inhuman-ness that need to be released from the planet. We, the beings of Light, are here raising the vibration of the planet through our small day to day acts and our simple presence. In my reality Love conquers all and that's not going to change. We are the ones we've been waiting for. What we are living now are the legends and stories that will be passed down the generations. We are the Heroes of this story. That's my reality.

Our Growing Awareness to the Subtle Energies of Place

My body doesn't want to be on east coast time anymore. It's 2:45 AM and I'm sitting here eating cantaloupe and typing. I'm more on west coast time now than I was last week when I was actually on the west coast. That nasty virus I picked up from my daughter (as it turned out) was like my body saying, "No. Why did you bring us back east? We wanted to stay out west!" ("We" must mean my physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies)

It could also be the fact of moving. As I remember, my internal clock went all haywire the last two times I moved. This morning I counted and this will be the sixth move I've made in the past ten years. Sixth??!!! Not one of my 5 living siblings has moved even once during this time. Perhaps I'm trying to make up for not growing up in a military family that moved every year or two :) And it won't be the last because I'm only renting this new house for six months. Time enough to figure out exactly where I want to settle out there.

I found it really interesting in the Kryon channelling I posted the other day about how places hold the vibration of their history. I've been aware of that since I was a teenager living in London, and from traveling in Europe and the far east. Not that I was awake at the time, far from it. Yet some part of us is aware even if we don't understand it at all. Back then I felt strongly the complex history that resided in the land and buildings. What really rang true in the channelling was about our ability to connect to Gaia and Source most deeply and easily in places that had seen no wars, which in the US is in the northwest. Probably yet another reason I'm drawn there, to connect with Gaia. Gaia and I go way back and I look forward to experiencing a place of where my connection deepens and becomes more conscious.

When I first moved away from Washington, DC three years ago I wasn't at all conscious about how I read and interacted with the energy of a place. Sure some places felt better than others. But looking back, it's been over the past three years that my awareness of different energies has grown. I really got to see the contrast because for a while I was traveling back and forth to DC dealing with the selling of my house and my mother's declining health. With each trip back, I felt the difference in energy more keenly. It got so that for the first three or four days back in DC I'd feel a sort of vertigo. Very uncomfortable. DC has got some of the most intense energy out there, much of it from the people. Driven unhappiness. I return infrequently now and rely on visits by telephone.

The energy of the Appalachian Mountains where I've been living is very grounding. There are enormous crystals embedded deep within the mountains. Groundedness was exactly what I needed for the initial phase of waking up. The property where I've lived this past year is gorgeous, perfect in climate, growing season and layout for making the property sustainable and off the grid. I was planning to buy it and really settle in. However the energy feels way too molasses. It was perfect for it's time and now I'm ready for some spunk and eclecticness. (spellcheck says eclecticness is not a word, but it says what I mean, and I'm certain you get that.)

In moving through the process of expansion, our awareness to the subtle energies grows. We came in with the capacity to read and understand the subtle energies, but our senses dulled growing up in a culture that dismissed and ignored our abilities. Now we're coming back to reconnect with our true potential and full conscious awareness. At first, we become aware of the outer poles - fast - slow, calm - vibrant, smooth - erratic. Then we grow aware of more complexities, such as a sense of history. nurturing, or the purity. My sense is that as we continue to expand our awareness, we'll start picking up more and more detail about what's occurred in a particular place. We'll also hear what Gaia feels in relation to the place we're in.

Go walk amongst the trees. There's much information for us there. I've received this guidance personally and also see it from time to time in the things I've read. It's often noted that the people who have put out works of deep wisdom often have one thing in common, they spent a a long period of time alone in the forest and emerged having acquired huge insight.

It feels so good to be growing in awareness, doesn't it?

(PS - Somewhere in the middle of this post, I did actually manage to get some sleep :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When the Switch Flips, We Can Go Backwards and Forwards At the Same Time

The magic faeries haven't yet shown up to pack my house while I sleep. This virus has sapped my energy and made my lungs very congested. But I'm much better than I was on Monday. The MMS helped a lot. It seems the fates are getting me used to the winter weather in the northwest. It's rained here for the past three days, many huge downpours with lulls of gray skies in between. After feeling last week like I was living in a movie, this move has started to feel much more matter of fact. It just feels so right and the pieces are coming together so perfectly, I must be making a very good move for all concerned. Tomorrow I should be back in good health.

The other night I had a wild experience. I was a sleep, but this wasn't like a dream at all. All through the night I would turn into just pure energy and move about like water rushing downhill, down streets, down stairs. Then I'd arrive somewhere and be me in a dream, then back to pure energy. It was a fantastic feeling and oddly (or not), it felt very deja vu. So familiar. I'd be concerned I am losing it, except the feeling of coursing around like that was so much fun, it must be a good thing.

Back to the here and now. There are a couple of links worth sharing. First, a video with a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. What's so amazing is that his words are so true and to the point today, it's as if he was speaking to us Right Now. I'm inspired by his words and keeping it bookmarked to play again.

Second, a recent channelling from Kryon, The Akashic System. What he describes as the three part system - Gaia's Cave of Creation, the Crystal Grid surrounding the Earth, and our own DNA - rings of Truth. This speaks to my inner longing to reconnect to the memory I've known I hold within. The yearning I've spoke about before to regain access to all that I am. Do you feel this same yearning? Ha ha, what we long for is in every single cell of our bodies, so I'm just holding the steady intent to remember and reclaim what I already know.

A couple of weeks ago I had a reading from Angela Moore. It was a nice reading, very different from the way my friend, Julia Ringle (if anyone wants to contact Julia for a reading, email me), reads. The way Angela reads is very in the present and very practical, which is very helpful for this time of transition. Julia's readings are very comprehensive and speak to a person's soul purpose in this lifetime, our stellar connections, as well as things to look for in in the years ahead.

There was one thing Angela shared in my reading that relates to this issue of connecting to more of who I am. She said, "It's as if you've been operating thus far with the switch off, but just know that soon the switch will turn on." For me this confirms my sense that I have been living without my full connectedness, and also gives me comfort that in the near future, the switch will turn on, without effort on my part. How nice to know this is coming down the road. Instantly when she described this, I dropped the feeling that the lack of connection was because I wasn't doing something "right". (Shedding yet another version of the "You're not good enough" internal tape I was indoctrinated with as a child. Soon, soon I will have eliminated that monstrosity from my operating vocabulary. Yahooo!)

The other thing that happened for me when Angela said, "It's as if you've been operating thus far with the switch off, but just know that soon the switch will turn on." was that I completed the sentence without pause, "and then people will recognize who I am." It just spilled out of me. Well that ought to be interesting, being recognized. It's not been easy for us Angelic Humans living incognito all these years of this lifetime. There's light at the end of this long tunnel, soon we'll all be recognized for who we are. Recognized, valued, and appreciated! Hang in there, it won't be too much longer now.

My inner voice just started having a hissy fit. "Start Packing!!!!" Because, as for the upcoming tipping point, it's starting to look like dollar collapse is going to be a big part of it. I just sat with my pendulum asking about the timing of my move. It answered that I need to start my four day drive cross-country by November 3rd. That's the same date I've heard intuitively from the start. Arrive the evening of November 6th and unpack the truck the next day, which is a Sunday, but that's the least of my worries. I may not get to see my daughter again before I leave unless she takes a day off of work and drives up.

It's better to be prepared and have it turn out to be unnecessary, than to be unprepared and regret it. My two cents/sense, if you live in the US, have cash on hand. If the derivatives finally bring this house of cards down, they will close the banks to stop a run. This could mean that electronic payments, i.e. debit cards, won't work. Get in-house as much food as possible because the stores may not open either. When the banks crashed two years ago, my sense was they were in total failure. And I still think they were and that the mirage of stability has been kept together with chewing gum and sticky tape and backroom deals. The past two years were a gift to allow us to prepare more. I know I've let myself become lulled into complacency to greater or lesser extent, but that time is over. Well at least one switch just flipped! I'm going to start packing now. May I flow like pure energy.

In Oneness,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bunch of Links

Here's some interesting links that I promised to share....

Quantum Healing

Matrix Energetics Richard Bartlett's site comes off a bit too focused on selling his seminars, yet it's worth checking this out. I read his book, Matrix Energetics, which is very good, and my friend Julia is working through the CD/workbook course. My plan is to take the training later this winter.

Frank Kinslow has written a couple of books on Quantum Healing, he calls it Quantum Entrainment. I'm reading The Secret to Instant Healing now.

FireBurn Doctor is a group that will provide free distance healing for any type of burns. You just need to call within 30 minutes of when the burn occurred. Of course I discovered this group two days after I burnt my finger taking something out of the oven, but I'm ready to call the next time I burn myself. Keep their phone number in your cell phone. 1-818-332-6445

Spiritually Inclined

I love this video. It's a message that feels so good to finally hear: The Angelic Human Race

My friend, Angela Moore, a very gifted intuitive, talking about the process of manifesting: Don't try too Hard

A nice video of Patricia Cori speaking about Multi-Dimensional Reality. Patricia is so very good at putting the abstract into words.

Here's really nice overview of what to expect through the Ascension process done by James Gilliland. It's in two parts, here's part 2

Tom Kenyon and the Hathors invite everyone to join in a global meditation on Sunday, October 31st Opening the Halls of Amenti. There is a download MP3 with music for the meditation if you go to the Hathor's previous channeling, The Crystal Palace Within, it also contains the 15 minute guided meditation. Tom asks that if you want to listen to the music during the meditation, to please download it ahead of time and play it off your computer, rather than off his site, so his site doesn't crash.


Talking Animals This isn't quite as good as the clip that someone posted on facebook, but I loooove the bird at the beginning. Thank you BBC. Nighttime, DAYTIME!

Now back to bed time. This is a very nasty bug I picked up, I feel like crap.

Off Kilter Today

Today is my birthday. It's raining, which is a blessing as we've had so little for months. And which is not so good because I left my sunroof open last night. Just before I fell asleep last night I felt my throat go all scratchy with some bug moving down into my lungs. Feel very under the weather today so it will be a quiet birthday. Lentil soup from the freezer. Restless dogs who need a big game of retrieving the ball to work off their energy.

It's not surprising that I came down with something after such an intense week of travel, I didn't get all that much sleep. My meeting with the owner of the house for rent went well and we have a gentleman's agreement to be formalized this week. The trip home was very long with an extra delay leaving the airport gate in Minneapolis where I changed planes because Obama flew in on the campaign trail and we had to sit for an hour before taking off. My daughter and her finace met me at my house Saturday night when I arrived home and we spent a lovely day together yesterday celebrating my birthday.

I'd planned this morning to start really packing, but that's not going to happen given the way I feel. I've scrapped my agenda down to one item: a nap. We'll see, I started on MMS first thing this morning so perhaps by this afternoon I'll be feeling much better. Usually after three of four doses of MMS, my health starts to return. Magic stuff, MMS, I encourage everyone to investigate it. It's a whole different paradigm from traditional medicine, and even other alternative therapies, so you need to take a little time and learn about how to use it. But once you understand it, it's so easy. A good thing to have on hand given the uncertainties before us.

It will be very interesting to see how the timing of my move plays out. Generally I'm aiming to arrive at the new house by November 7th. But it's totally flexible. It in large part depends on when the guys I want to load the truck can do it, and I've not heard back from them yet. I'm just trusting that the universe will coordinate everything as to timing.

One very big issue for me is my daughter. It does not feel right for me to be moving to the opposite coast from her. I want her to come with me. And that will happen, sooner or later. After reading the latest Web Bot report and listening to the recent Lindsey Williams interview (It's in 6 parts, but the real info is contained in the first three parts), as well as watching what's happening in the world, we're likely to have some big shake up occurrences in about two weeks. Perhaps she'll end up coming with me after all. Our plan has been that she'd come here when things get rough. If my logistics get dragged out and I'm still here during the November 8 - 11 tipping point, it would not surprise me if she joined me here and we all moved together. I'm just going to take each step one at a time and trust everything will come together in the best way for me and for her.

Everything is in Divine Order. My body is fading now so I'm signing off and heading off towards my nap. Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, October 22, 2010

In the Midst of the Rising Energies, We Manifest Like Magic!

I'm kind of swimming this morning, feeling a bit ungrounded. Breath. It's a gift to us to be able to ground ourselves easily with a few slow, deep breathes. The energy is very strong and moving lickety-split.. I slept deeply last night, very deeply.

Yesterday was magical. I drove to the house and it's very nice, beautiful neighborhood that was built probably 30 years ago leaving the old, tall trees in place. The house is charming and looks well maintained. Not too big, not too small. I've spoken to the owner and gotten the details about floor plan, condition, and utilities. He seems to be very detail oriented and thorough, I'm betting he's an engineer. You know the type. I'm meeting with him around lunch time today to make the arrangements. What I'm seeing in my life, and in those of my close friends, is that we're manifesting what we need and want with such speed it's breathtaking and leaves you giggling at how easy it all is. WhoooHaw!!! (as my daughter says:)

I never looked at other houses yesterday, it felt unnecessary, and I finding I was right. Instead, I found the yarn store, a fabulous place with knitters, weavers, and spinners. The nicest people working there, a community waiting for me to join. Then in the historic district I found one of the best independent bookstores I've ever been to and wonderful locally owned shops full of the works of local artists. Two lovely women in the Humane Society gift shop offered to link me up with a good vet, groomer, and kennel for my dogs. Everyone I met was so warm, welcoming, and down to earth.

I've never felt so welcomed anywhere before. The magnitude of what this means touches my deepest core and gratitude wells up filling each cell of my physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. We, the Lightworkers, are in for the treat of our lifetime to finally be welcomed and appreciated for who we are. I am humbled. And it's only just beginning, our time to shine forth.

I'm running now to my appointment then head down to the big city for my flight back first thing in the morning. This evening I'll post a bunch of links to some very cool things that have crossed my path recently that I've wanting to share.

Shine On!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frankly, It's a Hell of a Lot Easier Just Going With the Flow

Over the past couple of days I started a post about the timing of our awakening but didn't get time to write much. Now I'm not in the same place and it's hard to pick up the thread. So for what it's worth. Just trust that the timing for you is perfect. The process of awakening is actually very gradual but steady, at least that's been my experience. It's a continual progression of awakening and expanding of our understanding of the world around us, our internal paradigm shifts, the heightening of our sensitivities, and our growing awareness. That's the Cliff Notes version of what I was planning to say.

Today, and for the past two days, I've been on the west coast scouting out a new location. I'm very appreciative of my intuition because it's guided me to a very nice spot. Small city, natural beauty in abundance, and a hippy, artist, permaculture, local organic food minded culture. Yesterday I drove around in one direction and another getting a feel for the place. Walked around town and had a wonderful salad sitting in the sun at a sidewalk table. Feels like a good place for me!

I had a big laugh just before I headed out here. Initially, the urge to move arose out of a desire to avoid the unfolding crisis of the genocide/toxic poisoning from the Gulf oil spill and the dispersant spraying. (They are still in bad shape down around the Gulf. People are extremely ill and they are still spraying Corexit everywhere. Big changes in the gulf currents and the appearance of some nasty bacteria not killed by the chemicals. So it's not over, btw) Anyway, I suddenly understood that rather then fleeing a crisis, I was moving towards an impending crisis in order to be there to respond. My intuition was laughing our loud. I've no idea what crisis may be coming, but I'm sure I'll recognizing it when it happens, ten respond accordingly. It's what we all do.

Gotta say, it's a hell of a lot easier way to live following my heart and intuitive voice, than the old way of worrying about each and every detail and trying to force things to progress at the pace I "thought" was right. Is this the right place? Well if it feels good, then it is. Is this the right time to move? The logistics and timing - when the house I find is available, truck rental availability, movers scheduling..... - it will all work out such that I arrive at the perfect time. Delays will either present themselves such that the move is delayed. Or it will all fall together rapidly if that's in the highest good for me and everyone else. I'm finally understanding that I don't have to work anywhere near as hard as I used to. Gosh, maybe I finally understand "going with the flow" after all these years! Better late then never, as they say. It's a whole lot simpler and enjoyable to live day to day trusting that everything is working out perfectly, however it unfolds, then worrying and doubting each detail. So what if the people living in this old paradigm think I'm nuts, it's y life, not theirs. And besides, perhaps they'll clue in as they see that things are just working out well using this methodology of trusting intuition.

I had to go through the horrid body scanner at the airport. At 5:00 am too :( When I saw it looming ahead of me, I asked for higher protection. I didn't vaporize in the process. Then the next morning, this arrived in my email inbox: How to opt out of TSA's naked body scanners at the airport. How timely! Now I'm ready for my return flight :D I'm opting out and doing it publicly. Now way do am I going to a private room with some TSA minion. It's an opportunity to educate others about their rights. I'll let you know how it turn out.

My plan is to look at rental houses today. We'll see if i follow that plan. There's a house I found on Craig's list. Looks great from the photos. Available after November 15th. The owner just called me, very nice man. They're doing some work on it right now and it won't be ready to show until next week after I'm gone. He asked if I was willing to keep it as an option despite this, which I am. It's in a neighborhood I like, just on the edge of the downtown center and not far from a large, gorgeous lake. He gave me the address and so I could drive by, but asked me not to bother the contractors, which I'll of course honor. I've got a feeling I could convince him to show me the inside anyway. Somehow, even without having driven by yet, if feels like the right house. I'm not really feeling the need now to look at other houses, strange as this may seem. I'll head over for my drive by, then go from there. Starting to look like a very interesting day, to say the least!

The new Web Bot report came out last night. Funny, the last one I started, but never finished reading. However, I read this one through even though it kept me up very late, just about all night by east coast time. Not that it matters because my inner clock has been on haywire time lately anyway. The report pretty much confirms my sense about multiple economic/weather/earth change/false flag incidents cascading in short order. Clif High noted that it's hard to interpret the data with so much occurring almost simultaneously. I also see that out internal sensitivities have heightened to the point that we already feel what's coming and don't need someone else to give us detailed predictions. Way I figure, I've gotten this far in life, road the rough rapids, scaled mountains that appeared before me overnight, leaped across great chasms, and even got to lie on the beach a few times listening to the ocean waves crash and sea gulls sing. I'm still here doing just fine. Life has prepared me well to deal with what transpires and I'll be able to respond accordingly to whatever unfolds. In my reality, the greedy, corrupt, inhumans who like to think they control everything and everyone, are due their due. All the old crap has got to fall apart anyway before we can create systems that are good for everyone and for our beautiful Gaia, so bring the chaos on. I'm ready.

There's one timing issue for me in all this. I don't want to move across country without my daughter coming with me. It's not in her immediate plans, at least not at present. I'm just going to hold the intent that we'll be together when we need to be. Sounds like everything may be radically altered starting in about three weeks time.

Today, it's a beautiful day out. The deciduous trees are in fall colors, the evergreens are tall and radiant in the sunlight. I'm heading out for a day of adventures! I send love and Light to each of you reading these words. ♥♥♥

PS - I did take time to proof read this so sorry for any typos. I trust you'll get the gist.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trusting All Is In Perfect Order No Matter the Energy Around Us

The energy coming in has been intense and very erratic lately. I recall that No Eyes explained in Phoenix Rising, that the energy coming into the planet would double each year, starting in 1987 when the Ascension process began, and continuing each year for twenty-five years through 2012. Gives a good picture of what we're in now, and what we've adjusted to over the past twenty-three years.

This may sound familiar to you. Last week I found myself sleeping deeply for ten hours (?!!) on a number of nights. Then the past few days the energy went the other way. Awake all night till 5:3o am Monday. No nap and up till after midnight Tuesday, and still up for an hour with a cup of decaf tea at 3:33. Yesterday I woke up wide awake at 4:30 and dragged through the day exhausted, yet not able to even take a nap, and I love a good nap. I'm working to avoid desperation setting in as I look through sleep deprived eyes at the lengthy to do list I have before me for this move. I headed for bed early last night, asking for divine intervention, and thankfully, most thankfully slept through the night.

I received a strong message to write more about how we approach what might be coming in the near future. Do I know what's to transpire,? No. Some hunches that it might be multiple events in rapid succession. In truth, I don't think anyone has been privy to what will unfold, regardless of their intuitive sensitivities. That's the way it's meant to be. What is most important now is to let go of the need to know. We have all the resources we really need within us, huge resourcefulness, and we have our perfect Divine Spirits.

Earlier today I was thinking back on when I first started waking up and recognizing that we were nearing the most intense phase of this Great Shift. Though I tried not to let fear well up inside, I have to be honest and say that I had a lot of fear. What was going to happen? What could I do to prepare? What would I need to store and how much? ..... I did follow the guidance I received and stored a fair amount of food. I learned how to grow vegetables (I'm still learning this), bought garden tools, and stocked heirloom vegetable seeds. Gradually I built up a small shelf of resource books on living self-sustainably. Generally just doing my best to make myself as independent and sustainable as possible within my financial circumstance. Over time, I've come to trust that one way or another, my needs will be met, because they always are. even when I'm not sure where what I need is coming from, my needs are always met.

Yesterday I ran into a challenge that affects whether I have the resources to make this move to the northwest. At first it was a hard blow. In the past, I would have responded by dropping down into deep disappointment. But I didn't do that this time. Instead, I was able to quickly move to the space of accepting that Spirit knows the perfect timing for me to relocate. I trust that I will be placed where I'm needed, at the time my energy and presence is needed there. Boy, does it feel good to be able to respond in this way. Many years of internal work to shift out of the programing from childhood that governed how I responded. So worth all the introspection. We make everything so difficult when we battle the flow. It's so much easier to accept the flow and ride with it.

And then a few moments ago, things shifted and the obstacle was removed. How cool is that? Though I can offer no proof, I've a strong sense that by staying in the place of trust, rather than filling up with the emotions of disappointment and despair, I created the opening for the universe to support me. Either that or it's the erratic energy flowing around us.

It's gotten much colder here in the evenings and so I made lentil soup last night. Such a nice comfort on a chilly evening. Here's my recipe. Easy and quick from start to finish. Now I've got to get back to my moving to do list!

Chilly Day Lentil Soup
6 servings

2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
1 med. onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups lentils, uncooked
8 cups water or vegetable stock, plus 3 - 4 additional cups water
1 - 2 vegetable bouillon cube (if water is used instead of stock)
2 small carrots, thickly sliced
2-3 ribs celery, chopped
3 med. red skin potatoes, cut into large cubes
2 bay leaves
1 tsp. crushed coriander
1/2 – 1 tsp. cumin
freshly ground pepper, to taste
salt, to taste
2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
2-4 ounces fresh spinach (chopped if large leaves)

Pick over the lentils and rinse in a colander.

In a large soup pot, saute the chopped onion and garlic in the vegetable oil until soft and translucent. Add the lentils, 8 cups water or stock, celery, carrots, and potatoes. Bring to a simmer. Add the bay leaves, coriander, cumin, salt and fresh ground pepper. Simmer, stirring occasionally and adding additional water as necessary, until the lentils and potatoes are tender, about 15 to 20 minutes.

Check the seasonings, adding more cumin and coriander as needed. Stir in the vinegar. To serve, place a small handful of spinach leaves in each bowl before ladling in the hot soup. The heat from the soup will wilt the spinach leaves.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Following the Heart on a Great Big Adventure

Interesting, I spoke with someone yesterday who also blogs, and she related that this past month she's hardly put up a post when she used to write almost daily. Which says my lack of posting has something to do with the energy and the erratic fabric of time since around the Equinox. That said, I'm making a commitment to myself, and to you who are reading her, to write something almost every day, even if it's very short. As we enter into big transitions it's important to mark our passage. So I'll take my own advise and record what I'm able to as I progress through yet another Great Big Adventure. Perhaps one of my biggest thus far in this lifetime.

In the past few days I had my astrology reading and an early birthday present gift of a visit to an intuitive I'd not had read for me before. They were both very good readings. The important thing I got from each of the readings was confirmation of what my own intuition has been telling me. Love to get that confirmation :) Sometimes I hear people complaining that they didn't learn anything from a reading that they didn't already know. But it's a huge gift to have your own inner compass confirmed. Makes our step lighter, elevates our sense of self confidence, and helps release those pesky doubts of "Am I doing the right thing here?"

Everything is a go for my cross country move. The planets and all my energy lines flow and support my creativity, my relations, and my vocation in the upper northwest. Compared to where I live now, which the astrologer said causes constant disruptions and conflicts in relations and work. The first half of my life has been chock full of "wonderful opportunities for personal growth", meaning lots of challenges. Paid my dues! Now in the second half, I want and intend things to flow easily. I want good friends and fun, laughter, music, and to enjoy my creativity. There will always be challenges, we'd get bored without them, but I fully intend to build a new life with a lot more fun woven throughout.

My mind swims back and forth across the logistics of sell, donate, pack and then transport me, my two dogs, and all our stuff 3800 miles per Google maps. I'm flying out for four days next week on a scouting mission to secure a six month rental in which to land while I orient myself. Hard to believe I'll be living somewhere new in less than four weeks. Let the newness unfold. My step daughter read a passage to me recently that she'd come across that spoke to her. Spoke to me too. I don't have an exact quote, yet the gist I took from it is...Surround yourself with what you relish. If you don't relish it, let it go.

Part of the reason for the short time frame I've set for myself on relocating arises from my inner sense that something big is going to take place in November. Not sure exactly what. Could be a combination of a number of big things all at once, like economy, war, internet failure, and/or our brethren from other star systems landing in open contact. There's a lot of confirmation coming in via the Web Bot reports and various channelings. My urgency is not out of fear, rather practicality. It's not in my best interest to be stuck in the middle of Oklahoma with two dogs and a big truck if the computer networks go down and the gas pumps don't work. So I'm aiming to have arrived at the new location in the event all hell brakes loose. All in all, despite my aims, I'm totally certain that the universe will coordinate the perfect timing for me. If speed is important, all will fall easily into place. I'll be where I'm meant to be when I'm meant to be there. That's the way it always happens.

A great big adventure. Though really, I'm just returning to where I was born after living most of my life in other places. Somehow if feels intuitively that re-rooting will be easier than putting down roots in a totally new place. After so many life times, I'm certain I've lived in many, many places around this planets before. What's most important for me is that I'm following my heart. My heart never ever leads me astray.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Out of the Holding Pattern and Becoming Who We Really Are

Not quite sure how I went over a months without writing, either here or in my journal, but I apparently have.

I look back over the past six month or so and see that I, probably many of us, have been kept in the holding pattern. Seems it would never end, even though we know it will eventually and that remaining in a relatively removed space serves the greater purpose. Not much of anything I tried to initiate in the last six months got off the ground. Work I tried to start up never went anywhere. It appeared that I'd finally found a group of like minded people in my small town, only to discover as I got to know them that they were not operating on the same level, and worse, they recognized my energy and wanted to use it towards their well intentioned, yet misguided agenda. I cut that off right quick. When things aren't clicking, I step back and observe the patterns of what's going on. Doing so helps us gain clarity and understanding of the bigger picture. There's been much cleansing taking place on all levels. In a way, we've been set aside for a bit in order that deeper cleansing could occur. Bit tedious from our individual perspective, but immensely needed at the larger perspective.

Then the Fall Equinox arrived, always a great transition point, and now everything is beginning to move forward again. I will be too. Initially I imagined myself staying in this location for some time. The land and climate suit me. The property I live on has wonderful energy, beauty, and a peacefulness I relish. I rented it last year and have intended to buy it, which the owners wanted. However as I've ventured out into the community I find almost nothing that resonates with me. Living here has become so boring and way too isolated. Even my dogs are suffering for it despite three acres of fenced land upon which they have free run. Since the Equinox the pull within me to relocate grows daily. My energy has started to surge, which is always a message that I'm focused in the right direction. Not a small move this time, a big one back to where I was born on the opposite coast (but not California).

I checked where my planetary energy lines run on (open an account, click "Free Horoscopes" at the top menu, not the side bar, and select "Astro Click Travel") The location I'm drawn to marks the convergence of my Sun, Mercury, my Descendant, and Lower Mid-heaven. Very nice combination. I've scheduled an astrological reading with George Ward, who is skilled in reading the interplay of various planets and identifying beneficial locations. A couple of my close relatives are contemplating a move to the same location, so I thought it might be useful for us all to get some insight into the potential of our combined energies there. I've already received guidance that my strongest energy lies on the west coast, rather than the east. After most of my life spent in areas that don't fully support me, it will feel good to reside where my creativity and personal power run the highest.

Really it's the pull of the heart that's leading me in this direction. Intuition that this is a good placement for the unfolding of my mission, whatever that turns out to be. I've received hints, even though I don't fully know the details. I trust it will unfold and trust that I'm well prepared. It's taken steady work to run out my doubts, and well worth the effort because living from a place of trust in the Divine Order feels so much better. Not that I've reached the point of residing in that place of trust 24/7, but I'm making progress. I know the feeling and can tell when I'm centered in my trust.

Everything is changing very rapidly. From my little window on the world it appears that more people are waking up. Wishing that many more would do so right this moment, yet momentum is growing. And it needs to because the new assaults against the people of the planet and the planet herself by the secret corp/govt increase almost daily. Someone posted a fabulous comment on Facebook a few weeks ago that I plan to remember..."We're waking up faster than they can spin their lies!" Gotta love it! :) Wish I'd friended the person who penned the comment. I'd give them attribution.

In between all the MSM's F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing as Real) mongering, I'm seeing all kinds of amazing new, creative ideas and initiatives emerging. Fills my heart with joy! It's a topic of it's own so I'll just mention it briefly now and write in depth later this week. May take a few posts. There's a lot.

The other area that's suddenly started moving forward since the Fall Equinox is work related. There's a business idea I have and the timing now appears just right. Though I didn't realize it at first, this idea first came to me a little over a year ago. Then faded. Earlier this spring I had the idea again, set it aside until I had some resources to start it up, and now it's time to start. There is a need in all the communities that are struggling to create something new for their sustainability. And that's where my business comes in. I'm being cryptic, I know, but I'll wait to share the details after I have a little more in place.

Last week I got the message I was right on track. I'd been pondering a name for the business, then one night one name in particular stepped forward in my mind. I searched online and found nothing with this name. Kind of surprising but it must be meant for me. Websites were available, so I've retained them, both .com and .org. The name was available on blogspot so I took it. Same with a gmail address. It almost felt too easy. Boy does it feel good to have everything flowing once again. Most of all, a sense of passion has returned after a very long hiatus. I've never gone for long without passion for my work, until the last four years when it was nowhere to be found. I'm deeply grateful to feel my sense of passion once again. So grateful.

Shifting back into high gear, I'm ready to move full speed ahead. Lots and lots to do in the next month. I'm using this opportunity to release many of my personal possessions. They've served their purpose and now is a very good time for me to release everything that holds old energy so that new energy has space to move in around me in my new home (which I also need to locate). Our possessions hold energies they've acquired during their tenure with us. I'm a very different person now than when most of these things came into my life and I want what surrounds me in my new home to reflect who I am now. Sometimes we have to deal with a fair number of logistics as we move forward in becoming who we really are.

Anyway, I'm welcoming myself back.