Thursday, April 29, 2010

Changing Our Wallpaper By a Leap Of Faith

There are many patterns in our lives. Patterns of behavior, patterns of thinking. They repeat around us like the patterns in fabric and wallpaper. The wallpaper of our lives. Block print, floral print, geometric. Over time, they grow stale with age and peel along the edges, finger prints along the door frames and around light switches. Aging until we strip the walls bare and sit quietly alone in the room. Quiet in the empty blankness and wait, listening for our heart within. It's after this solitude, after sitting in the emptiness, that we come to know what new color or pattern reflects who we are now. Only then can we decorate our life in ways that speak from the soul.

The scary part can be allowing the silence in. It's the leap of faith. Holding in the moments when you're suspended in mid-air, unsure where you'll land. The period of free fall are unnerving. My experience has been that where I land is always much better then the place I took off from. In hindsight, it was worth taking the leap of faith.

The moments of free fall, of solitude are an ending and a beginning. It's from the choice to allow emptiness to fill us that change happens. An act of loving Self. The love is both the destruction of the old and creation of the new. Joy arrives as the new collor fils the walls of our world we dance in. Our reflected soul life manifesting as our surrounding reality.