Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When the Switch Flips, We Can Go Backwards and Forwards At the Same Time

The magic faeries haven't yet shown up to pack my house while I sleep. This virus has sapped my energy and made my lungs very congested. But I'm much better than I was on Monday. The MMS helped a lot. It seems the fates are getting me used to the winter weather in the northwest. It's rained here for the past three days, many huge downpours with lulls of gray skies in between. After feeling last week like I was living in a movie, this move has started to feel much more matter of fact. It just feels so right and the pieces are coming together so perfectly, I must be making a very good move for all concerned. Tomorrow I should be back in good health.

The other night I had a wild experience. I was a sleep, but this wasn't like a dream at all. All through the night I would turn into just pure energy and move about like water rushing downhill, down streets, down stairs. Then I'd arrive somewhere and be me in a dream, then back to pure energy. It was a fantastic feeling and oddly (or not), it felt very deja vu. So familiar. I'd be concerned I am losing it, except the feeling of coursing around like that was so much fun, it must be a good thing.

Back to the here and now. There are a couple of links worth sharing. First, a video with a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. What's so amazing is that his words are so true and to the point today, it's as if he was speaking to us Right Now. I'm inspired by his words and keeping it bookmarked to play again.

Second, a recent channelling from Kryon, The Akashic System. What he describes as the three part system - Gaia's Cave of Creation, the Crystal Grid surrounding the Earth, and our own DNA - rings of Truth. This speaks to my inner longing to reconnect to the memory I've known I hold within. The yearning I've spoke about before to regain access to all that I am. Do you feel this same yearning? Ha ha, what we long for is in every single cell of our bodies, so I'm just holding the steady intent to remember and reclaim what I already know.

A couple of weeks ago I had a reading from Angela Moore. It was a nice reading, very different from the way my friend, Julia Ringle (if anyone wants to contact Julia for a reading, email me), reads. The way Angela reads is very in the present and very practical, which is very helpful for this time of transition. Julia's readings are very comprehensive and speak to a person's soul purpose in this lifetime, our stellar connections, as well as things to look for in in the years ahead.

There was one thing Angela shared in my reading that relates to this issue of connecting to more of who I am. She said, "It's as if you've been operating thus far with the switch off, but just know that soon the switch will turn on." For me this confirms my sense that I have been living without my full connectedness, and also gives me comfort that in the near future, the switch will turn on, without effort on my part. How nice to know this is coming down the road. Instantly when she described this, I dropped the feeling that the lack of connection was because I wasn't doing something "right". (Shedding yet another version of the "You're not good enough" internal tape I was indoctrinated with as a child. Soon, soon I will have eliminated that monstrosity from my operating vocabulary. Yahooo!)

The other thing that happened for me when Angela said, "It's as if you've been operating thus far with the switch off, but just know that soon the switch will turn on." was that I completed the sentence without pause, "and then people will recognize who I am." It just spilled out of me. Well that ought to be interesting, being recognized. It's not been easy for us Angelic Humans living incognito all these years of this lifetime. There's light at the end of this long tunnel, soon we'll all be recognized for who we are. Recognized, valued, and appreciated! Hang in there, it won't be too much longer now.

My inner voice just started having a hissy fit. "Start Packing!!!!" Because, as for the upcoming tipping point, it's starting to look like dollar collapse is going to be a big part of it. I just sat with my pendulum asking about the timing of my move. It answered that I need to start my four day drive cross-country by November 3rd. That's the same date I've heard intuitively from the start. Arrive the evening of November 6th and unpack the truck the next day, which is a Sunday, but that's the least of my worries. I may not get to see my daughter again before I leave unless she takes a day off of work and drives up.

It's better to be prepared and have it turn out to be unnecessary, than to be unprepared and regret it. My two cents/sense, if you live in the US, have cash on hand. If the derivatives finally bring this house of cards down, they will close the banks to stop a run. This could mean that electronic payments, i.e. debit cards, won't work. Get in-house as much food as possible because the stores may not open either. When the banks crashed two years ago, my sense was they were in total failure. And I still think they were and that the mirage of stability has been kept together with chewing gum and sticky tape and backroom deals. The past two years were a gift to allow us to prepare more. I know I've let myself become lulled into complacency to greater or lesser extent, but that time is over. Well at least one switch just flipped! I'm going to start packing now. May I flow like pure energy.

In Oneness,