Friday, May 28, 2010

Directing Our Thoughts and Images Forward

I've been watch and listening the past few days. In a space of taking in information, rather than one of expressing. Hence my lack of posting. I trust you understand. Now I have a whole lot to say here....

We need to closely monitor our thoughts and mental images now and in the days ahead. Even within the awakened community, I'm seeing a lot of fear about what's transpiring in the outer world. When I read people writing things on the net like "we're doomed." or "we're all going to end up in detention camps." I say, "Cancel, Cancel, Cancel!" What we think, and say, and write matters. We've been misled to believe we are powerless and that what we do doesn't make much difference. The truth is that we are immensely powerful and that the thoughts we put out go out and become manifest. None are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

If you aren't sure about whether your thoughts precede what materializes, try to find one single thing you've made without first thinking and picturing it.....See? Everything starts with thought.

What we read and write is just as important. When we repeatedly describe aspects of the dark forces, particularly with anger or fear, we just reinforce their presence. We validate their existence. Is this what you want to be doing? Pretty sure the answer is No. Use the phrase "Cancel, Cancel, Cancel." liberally when necessary.

I'm not suggesting that one pretend they don't exist. Or maybe I am suggesting that in a way. It's a balance really. While it's vitally important to monitor what is happening at the global level, do so with a sense of celebration, not dread. Isn't the demise of the illuminati created systems of enslavement what we've been hoping for?

Another thing I notice is that there is much confusion out there between the challenges created by the Powers That Be further tightening their control in their efforts to establish total police states, and the challenges that come from our dysfunctional systems collapsing. They are two distinctly separate things. I haven't found a single person, whether awake or a total sheeple, who does not agree that our systems no longer (never is probably more accurate) serve our needs. These are the illuminati created systems, created for the purpose of separating us from our inner knowing and our magnificence.

The Illuminati are going down now. The collapse of their plans is taking place with great swiftness. WhoooHeee!!! Finally! About time! If you read the recent Shape of Things to Come web bot report (see sidebar link to Half Past human), you may have noted that within a year, they will have been fully exposed to the masses (this takes place within the next two and a half months), rounded up and tried for their crimes. Given how much they control and how asleep the majority are, this is a lightning fast track we're on. After following the web bot reports for a couple of years, I've found them to be very accurate, particularly in regard to timing.

So be clear in your mind. None of us want to experience the chaos and misery of having our every freedom and/or life taken away through the imposition of a total police state. So open your heart to much gratitude that this is Not going to happen. Now, as you most surely recognize, as our systems collapse, which they all will do with the collapse of our monetary system around which all is structured, there will be a lot of chaos and many challenges. It is also the opportunity of the Ages. It's our opportunity to create a world and way of life that respects, appreciates, and supports all living things. Is it going to be easy? No, not hardly. I can assure you, with some authority, that it will be the most worthwhile endeavor we've ever made. Much work, and so very much to look forward to.

Back to our thoughts and mental images, what we write and read. We all need to become even more self aware about what we are focusing on. Search out and acknowledge, each morning and evening, what you are grateful for. Doing so not only brings into your life more to be grateful for, it also shifts your mental focus onto what is good and beneficial. Make the habit now, if you haven't already done so. Look forward. Start thinking about what a perfect world looks like. What do you want? Create the images in your mind. Create the images in your mind.

I bid you Love & Light!