Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When It's More Convenient

When it's more convenient, I am going to Egypt to see the pyramids, preferably without a big group and lots of tourists. I want to feel again what it's like to be inside the King's Chamber and allow the memories of that time to return. I'll locate the library in Alexandria and shed a tear for the books we lost in the fire, send gratitude for those we saved, and find comfort in the knowing that nothing is ever really lost.

When it's more convenient, I'll return to Haleakala at sunrise, alone and without the distraction of a shallow husband. Haleakala. The House of the Gods. I'll feel the majesty surround and permeate my body, mind, and soul. And remember all we came here to do in this glorious Now we're in the midst of.

When it's more convenient, I'll return to Stonehenge and be thankful that when I first experienced it, no fences or barriers prevented me from walking freely among the stones, touching them, climbing on top. I'll remember how, as with the pyramids, we all came together and used our concentrated energy to alter the gravitational forces so the stones could be lifted and placed where they remain, and be grateful that the true powers are being rediscovered.

When it's more convenient, I'll sit on the beach at the edge of the surf as the sun rises. I'll send out my gratitude for all that this planet is, the magic and mystery of its interdependent and interconnected plants and elements, species and Man. This place where emotions dwell, imbuing all with meaning. This place of all possibilities, so taken for granted, yet slowly the recognition grows day by day, person by person. I'll send my gratitude and relief to the sunrise.

When it's more convenient, I'll write my thoughts, my wishes, and my wisdom on little sticky notes then I'll fly high up in the air, scattering them all around and see who they stick on, then watch for change and the awakening to unfold.

Now is a very convenient time for all these things. Now is a very convenient time to realize our dreams.