Monday, June 28, 2010

Learning to Accept the Unknown

Guidance came to me suggesting that it's best that I keep this blog as a journal sharing my journey through this Great Transition, which is close to what I'd envisioned at the beginning. I have no idea whether this is of interest to anyone, but perhaps in sharing my experience it will provide encouragement and inspiration for yours.

My plan for moving north is taking shape and at the same time, as more news comes in, feeling more urgent. To be honest, this is all feeling very surreal. Two weeks ago I intended to stay here long term. I was planning to buy the house I'm living in. I was visualizing all the raised garden beds completed, full of rich soil and lush green plants. I was mapping out a fruit orchard and planting hedges of raspberries, blackberries, and trellised grapes. I had no desire to move and didn't see the need to. I've quickly made the mental/emotional switch and accepted that here we go again! Pack up and off to yet another place I don't know and have no connection to anyone. The past three moves were good preparation, I'm not afraid of relocating to an unfamiliar place. If you're facing this, it's not so hard as it appears. It can be a really good experience. The unexpected can turn out to be awesome. There are kind, good people everywhere.

Today I'm at the stage of taking a deep breath before plunging in on selling furniture and unneeded possessions, and packing up. It feels completely overwhelming in one way, and not so bad in another. At least I know where to begin. Photographs and posting on Craig's List.

I had a reading done last week asking for clarifications about my prompts to relocate. I received much guidance about listening to what comes through the ethers and to be accepting of being in a state of unknowing, rather than to seek certainty ahead. That we all must accept the unknowing. It's a big part of our growth through these times. I find myself walking a tenuous line between gathering news of what is currently going on in the world and keep myself from being sucked into the emotions of what is being said by others. A challenge to stay clear as to my own feelings and inner promptings and not be swayed by others' emotions. It's the goal for each of us going forward - stay tuned to your own inner voice, your heart, and your feelings. Feelings carry massive amounts of information with them, if we listen.

There's another transition going on within me at this same time, actually there are many, but I'll focus on this one. Over the past three years I was given the opportunity to heal and center back into who I am after a long period of intense work, little time for reflection, and much sadness in what occurred, which left me greatly burnt out and way out of balance. It was a huge gift from the universe to receive the space to rejuvenate and recoup, to release issues and feelings stored in my emotional, mental, and physical body, to ground, recenter, and expand. I benefited greatly from this time and space, and am extremely grateful. Before this gift, I had never had the time, space, and financial resources to withdraw totally into myself, to just be, to stay primarily in isolation.

That period is over now, I know this. Though I'm having some difficultly emerging back into a more active life. I welcome the resurgence, and at the same time, struggle against a too familiar inertia from the past three years. Anyway, it's got to end now, there's too much to do today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Feeling my energy moving in action is what feels best now. Two things would really help though. First is a drop from the mid-90 degree temperatures and oppressive humidity that have been here for the past month. I like warm weather, but it's just too damn hot. Second is to have some company in this endeavor. Having not lived here long, I don't know a lot of people, least not the kind one can call and say, "Hey, can you help me with packing?" There are no long-term friends or family nearby. Many hands make light work. I wish my daughter and son-in-law 2b were here. That we were doing this together. It is our time, the time for all of us to pull together.

Where I'm relocating to hasn't come into focus yet. It will, that I have no doubt. This trust feels good. After much inner work, much learning and growing, here is the chance to put all the learning into action. To live with the unknown and trust that we can stay fluid, holding the vibration of joy and appreciation, and knowing that the right doors will open for us as we need them.

Friday, June 25, 2010

If We Tense Up, We Can't Dance

The winds of change are blowing. In response, yesterday I made the decision to release all unnecessary possessions, pack up, and move within the next two months. I do not know whether the toxic oil and dispersant chemicals will travel up to my current location. They may, they may not. Following logic and the movement of the winds, they will come close. This week's Web Bot Shape of Things to Come report speaks of the chemicals being trapped at the foothills of the mountains. Close, when talking of really harmful chemicals, is too close for me.

What I realized that settled my decision is that I will not be comfortable living from day to day watching the winds. I received guidance that I would move by November. That's only four months away. Moving now feels right. Waiting doesn't. My ease of decision surprises to me in a number of ways. I just moved here 8 months ago. I'm in a beautiful area and a wonderful piece of land, one that is perfect for creating my Domain, as envisioned by Anastasia in the Ringing Cedars books (see link on side bar). After a number of relocations rather close together, I imagined that I was in a place where I could settle in, really put down roots, and remain, without further upheaval. Well the picture just changes shape. Yet having made the decision to move, I'm not experiencing any of the sadness and resistance to releasing my attachment to this place that I would have expected. Interesting observation. I've changed.

I don't know exactly where I'm headed and that feels OK, which is another very surprising aspect. I'm one of those people who always has to have all the details of the path worked out before I would decide to head down that new path. or I used to be. I see I'm different now. This time I'm content to focus on what needs to be done today, like making a list of what I want to sell or give away, placing ads on Craig's list, sorting through old files to be shredded. As to where to move, I've started a list of options for consideration. This time I'm trusting that the perfect option will present itself, even if it's a temporary one, while I allow the pieces to unfold and come together for the longer term destination. This is a new way of approaching things for me. And you know, it feels really good.

After much work, I find I really, finally, understand and trust that I don't have to force and wrap up the conclusion. Instead, if I put out what I want to appear for me, like a new job where I can be of assistance to others and a living situation that meets basic criteria for me and my dogs, and I trust they will emerge from one of the options before me, what I want will be there. I get to create what I want and need in this way. When I try to sort out every detail of the full solution, as I used to do in the past, I was actually interfering with the Universe providing what I asked for. Like trying to get a seedling to grow quickly by prodding the soil, rather than Knowing it will sprout and grow. We just need to plant the seed, add water in the form of flowing trust, continue forward taking all actions that support our vision, and allow the Divine Creator to take care of the growth into blossoming.

Since making the decision, my energy has made a complete shift. I feel like the On switch was just engaged. I'm re-energized. That's an indication, the best indication, that I've chosen a good coarse for me.

As the shifting increases in the days and months ahead, it will be important for all of us to accept uncertainty and unknowing, where before we may have felt a sense of certainty. In reality, nothing is certain except the present. We can no longer pretend that things are going to be the same tomorrow or next week, or six months from now. Many are going to have a very difficult time with this as their reality of "the way things are" suddenly isn't there any more. Yet it's from the unknowing that creation takes place. If we let go, accept the unknowing, and flow with what's here now, knowing that we create what appears round the corner through our intent and vision, our trust and faith, we'll flow through each shift and bend. Flexible strength is a good thing to aim for. If we tense up, we can't dance.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Links to What's Really Going On with the Oil Spill Response (Not)

Gulf region activists have been organizing to take action. Here's their site: Gulf Emergency Summit

What's really happening with BP/Fed Gov't oil spill response? Watch this Video from this past weekend's Emergency Summit meeting. Please pass it on.

Louisiana Environmental Action Network has two good videos and a number of links.

BP Fails Booming School 101

Here's a Reference guide to crude oil chemicals (disregard links to EPA and other Federal agencies. They are all in collusion and knowingly providing false information to the public)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trust and Faith in Our Response-Ability

The past week since hearing Rev. Lindsey Williams' interview with the insider details about the severely toxic levels of chemicals in the air around the GOM and 4 million gallons pouring into the Gulf each day, I've been evaluating what steps I need to take. Especially after seeing independent confirmation of the chemical levels in the air on Natural News. As well as a couple of articles now admitting that the spill flow could be as high as 4.2 million gallons per day. There's a pattern to how they've acclimated the public to accepting the level of oil by starting small and gradually admitting to higher and higher volumes spewing out in the Gulf each day.

As the crow flies, it's 450 miles from the GOM to the town where I live. It's only 250 miles from the GOM to where my daughter and future son-in-law live. Air currents move generally north to northeast up from the Gulf. Given how high the chemical levels are along the Gulf coast, and these levels are continuously fed by the millions of gallons of oil and millions of gallons of dispersant being used. Logic says that the toxic chemicals are spreading with the air currents.

It's clear the federal government is not planning to initiate evacuations. They are keeping a lid on the situation, distracting the public with EPA's false air quality reports. They're waiting for people to begin to catch on by themselves to the need to relocate north, and in the mean time allowing people to be exposed to deadly levels of hydrogen sulfide, benzene, methylene chloride, and whatever other chemicals are at harmful levels. This example of extreme disregard for fellow humanity highlights for me what matters, we are each and all divine beings deserving of respect, appreciation, kindness, and love.

What I still find somewhat difficult in situations like this, is differentiating between my intuitive promptings and inner guidance, and the churnings of my monkey mind. I try to go with what comes forth when I first wake up, because we're closer to our higher level of knowing when we first come back to a conscious awake state from sleep. And I also get very strong messages while doing the dishes or some other routine chore, or while driving. But still, I find myself unsure as to the safety of my present location, and I want to make the right decisions. I'm aware that after moving three times in the past three years, I hold a strong desire to settle now that I'm living on a wonderful corner of the Earth. The thought of moving again is not a welcome thought. It's a lot of work.

I am a mother, with a mother lion's instinct to protect my offspring. Also myself. But first and foremost, my daughter.

I listen to my inner guidance. Asking for any guidance that can be provided. This past weekend I talked with my daughter and son-in-law about the need for them to come north. Wondering if the air is, and will remain safe where I live in the weeks and months ahead. We tentatively worked out a plan of action we can take if we need to head north on short notice. We agreed on a few initial steps like bringing their belongs that they want to keep up to my home in the next couple of weeks. They will keep their antennas on alert for signs that things are unsafe where they live. I feel it's coming sooner then they think. However, they are now tuned in to the possibility of needing to leave their home quickly. At least I hope so.

There are signs that my daughter and son-in-law know at a higher level what is coming. They've come up three weekends in the past month and a half to help get the vegetable garden created. Much more often than previously. This past weekend they told me they had decided not to start their own garden this summer, but instead to contribute to the garden at my house for their vegetables, not that we live within easy distance for me to drop off their share of the produce on a weekly basis or anything. I trust their intuition and their ability to read and respond accordingly.

I want them with me as we go through this most turbulent phase of our Great Transition. We have such joy and love together. Besides, the three of us make a good team for navigating through the unknown before us.

Ultimately, what I choose to do, is settle into the present Now. We have the ability to respond to circumstances as they present themselves. We are only able to respond in the present, not the future, which we never know with any certainty. I choose to trust the messages that come through my heart and feelings. They have never failed me. My inner compass guides me always in the perfect direction. If I happen to miss an important message from my heart, there will be another, and another until I get it. Trust and Faith. These times provide us with the marvelous opportunity to deepen our Trust and Faith in our selves, our response-ability, and in the Divine to lead and guide us through to our greatest heights.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aerial Photos of the Gulf Oil Spill

Aerial photographs of the GOM oil spill by James Duncan Davidson on the TEDxOilspill Expedition. I am struck with awe and grief. My heart stunned.

Friday, June 18, 2010

In the Midst of Crisis, Universe Sends Us Some Humor

Just received this reassuring note from the Governor of North Carolina. I'm so pleased to know that "experts, including the Coast Guard and U.S. Environment Protection Agency, believe there is only a remote chance that any oil will reach North Carolina shores." North Carolina has even created it's own BP Spill Response page :) with lots of helpful links to the spill response pages of BP and assorted Federal agencies so that I'll have all the up to date, accurate news and information regarding the spill response!! Gosh, I feel so safe and secure now knowing my state government has everything under control.

Following through the link to NC's response page and on to a few federal agency pages left me unsure whether to gag or burst out laughing. What trite dribble!! I'm sitting here wondering whether my eyes/ears/mind have grown especially attuned to blatant falseness, or whether our government officials have just gone way over board in their condescending placation of the public. Especially humorous is the fact that a link on NC's page to "List of Experts" opens to a blank page.

Thank you Universe for sending us humor in the midst of planetary catastrophe. :)

North Carolina's Response to the Gulf Oil Spill

Gov. Perdue on Tuesday joined officials from the N.C. Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the U.S. Coast Guard to discuss the state’s ongoing preparations in the event oil were to reach North Carolina shores. A briefing in Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh was held for state legislators and another session for local elected officials, local government managers and public safety officials from coastal counties.

Gov. Perdue stressed that experts, including the Coast Guard and U.S. Environment Protection Agency, believe there is only a remote chance that any oil will reach North Carolina shores. If any oil were to reach North Carolina, the state is prepared. North Carolina had a plan in place to deal with an oil spill long before the situation in the Gulf, and that plan is being updated to handle the current situation. Gov. Perdue reminded participants that North Carolina beaches are clean and open for business this summer season.

“I believe North Carolina has the best emergency management team in the country. We have proven over and over we can handle whatever emergency comes our way,” said Perdue. “No matter how small the chance that oil could reach North Carolina, my goal, as always, is for us to be prepared.”

Additionally, the N.C. Department of Crime Control and Public Safety has launched a web page dedicated to providing information and useful links regarding the Gulf oil spill. The page is located at the department's home page at (notice how NC's Dept of Crime Control and Public Safety's website is just titled NC Crime Control!???!!!- LK) and can be reached by clicking on the Gulf Oil Spill tab.

Lights Connecting to Usher Out of the Darkness

Throughout my life I've mostly felt very alone. But for a few people over my five decades, few meaning three or four, I've not connected with many who I really felt deeply simpatico with. As a teenager I felt a deep and continuing sadness of "not having a home", despite living in a very nice house with two parents, five sisters, a brother, and many pets. Over the years I've taken comfort in having one close friend until circumstances or death took them away. And then another friend would appear. Still, one person can not be everything to another, and it isn't fair to place a friend in that position anyway. All in all, the sense of core aloneness became something I just carried along quietly inside, and never let it derail me from my course.

How many times have I heard.... You're too sensitive. You're too much of a rebel. You're too emotional. You're too much of a free spirit. You're too idealistic. You're not rational. You don't know what you're talking about. You're out of touch with reality.

Really??? The time that will tell is dawning. Can't you see the first shafts of light shooting up from the horizon?

In the not quite four months since starting this blog, I ventured out more in reading others' blogs as I hadn't done before. Here and there I find a kindred spirit. We are finding each other! Finally, we are finding each other. As we've known deep in our hearts, there are others out there who Know and understand. And steadily we are connecting. We connect based on our shared vision and perception, without knowing one another's age, location, identity, and sometimes even gender. These things don't matter. What matters is sensing the true heart. There is huge comfort in knowing we are not alone, and we are finally connecting.

We, the Light Bearers, are here, dotted all around the planet. Our numbers growing. Our light shining brighter. The connections springing up across the miles and oceans and political boundaries. Connecting into a magnificent web of Light encompassing and embracing, anchoring the Light throughout the planet.

Take Heart. We are at the moment just before the pot starts to boil. The little bubbles formed all around the sides of the pot. Surface shifting and swirling. The watch pot that will most definitely start it's boil in just a split second. Boiling, purifying, clearing out all the impurities that led life on this planet so astray. This is time we came here for. Much work is before us. There will be much sadness and also immense joy and appreciation as we progress through the turbulent storm before dawn. We are so well prepared and ready with our web of Light carrying the vibration of love to usher in life on Earth as it was always meant to be. And in the process we will be recognized for who we truly are.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Serious Toxic Level of VOC's all around Gulf Coast Region

As if we don't all know that the true seriousness of the Gulf oil volcano is being kept from us. In a Coast to Coast interview, Rev. Lindsey Williams shares the some horrifying, yet not surprising, information he received from his sources inside the oil industry. As you may know, Lindsey Williams earlier in his career served as chaplain for Atlantic Richfield (ARCO, now part of BP) in Alaska. He has maintained his close ties to the executives within the oil industry and on occasion shares the information he obtains about the plans of those in control. I've followed him for two years and he's been accurate thus far.

The facts he shares in this interview, which were revealed consistently by more then one source, are:

The conservative, (though not revealed to the public) estimate of BP and government officials is 4 million gallons of oil per day is flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. It could be more. The line is ruptured deep below the wellhead. Oil is leaking through fissures in the rock and leaking out in plumes up to 20 miles away.

The pressure of the oil that well tapped into is 20,000 to 70,000 psi. Normal oil well pressures are around 1200 psi, according the Lindsey. The pressure in this well is at levels beyond which there is technology to contain it. His contacts indicated that they have now idea how to stop the leak given the immense pressure. They are very fearful. They offered that a nuclear detonated explosion may be the only solution to stop the flow, yet admit that a nuclear detonation could also act to open the entire oil deposit up rather than fuse it closed.

This information is being kept from the public, it total disregard to the massive health/death risk to the residents around the Gulf. Last week's EPA readings of air quality in the Gulf coastal communities found enormously toxic levels for the following volatile organic compounds (VOC's) emitted with the flow of oil:

Hydrogen sulfide this week's level 1200/parts per billion (ppb), EPA safe levels are 5-10/ppb

this week's level 3000/ppb, EPA safe levels are 0-4/ppb

Methylene chloride this week's level 3000 - 3400/ppb, EPA safe levels are 61/ppb

The video of part one of the interview follows bellow or through this Link

Health effects for hydrogen sulfide from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry:
  • Hydrogen sulfide is a mucous membrane and respiratory tract irritant; pulmonary edema, which may be immediate or delayed, can occur after exposure to high concentrations.
  • Symptoms of acute exposure include nausea, headaches, delirium, disturbed equilibrium, tremors, convulsions, and skin and eye irritation.
  • Inhalation of high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can produce extremely rapid unconsciousness and death. Exposure to the liquified gas can cause frostbite injury.

    Acute Exposure

    Hydrogen sulfide's can cause inhibition of the cytochrome oxidase enzyme system resulting in lack of oxygen use in the cells. Anaerobic metabolism causes accumulation of lactic acid leading to an acid-base imbalance. The nervous system and cardiac tissues are particularly vulnerable to the disruption of oxidative metabolism and death is often the result of respiratory arrest. Hydrogen sulfide also irritates skin, eyes, mucous membranes, and the respiratory tract. Pulmonary effects may not be apparent for up to 72 hours after exposure.

    Children do not always respond to chemicals in the same way that adults do. Different protocols for managing their care may be needed.

    Health effects for Benzene from
    the Agency for Toxic substances and Disease Registry:

  • Breathing very high levels of benzene can result in death, while high levels can cause drowsiness, dizziness, rapid heart rate, headaches, tremors, confusion, and unconsciousness. Eating or drinking foods containing high levels of benzene can cause vomiting, irritation of the stomach, dizziness, sleepiness, convulsions, rapid heart rate, and death.

  • The major effect of benzene from long-term exposure is on the blood. Benzene causes harmful effects on the bone marrow and can cause a decrease in red blood cells leading to anemia. It can also cause excessive bleeding and can affect the immune system, increasing the chance for infection.

    Health effects of Methylene Chloride from the Agency for Toxic substances and Disease Registry

    If you breathe in large amounts of methylene chloride you may feel unsteady, dizzy, and have nausea and a tingling or numbness of your finger and toes. A person breathing smaller amounts of methylene chloride may become less attentive and less accurate in tasks requiring hand-eye coordination. Skin contact with methylene chloride causes burning and redness of the skin.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that methylene chloride may cause cancer in humans.

    The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has determined that methylene chloride can be reasonably anticipated to be a cancer-causing chemical.

    The EPA has determined that methylene chloride is a probable cancer-causing agent in humans.

If what Lindsey Williams said in the interview is even part way accurate, it is perhaps the most despicable act by the government yet. Millions of people are being exposed to extreme levels of these chemicals. Shortly after the oil volcano started there were reports about high levels of the toxic gases, Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene. There were reports of workers being taken ill and being transported to the hospital. Then reporting on the toxic gases and related illnesses was shut down. Some have questioned why they have not released any info on current air quality testing. Well the EPA posts spill related testing, but it doesn't seem to jibe with health problems that are being reported anecdotally on the web. I doubt its accuracy. What is so tragic is that the public is not being advised about the deadly air quality conditions in the Gulf Coastal area. And how far does this extend inland considering air currents. Lindsey wanted this information out and for people to be warned. Please share this widely.

Another Alert An email received from "BP Insider"at Above Top Secret. As ATS indicates, they are unable to verify the source. Take it for what your internal True/False monitor tells you.

After listening to the interview and reading the BP insider email, I reread the most recent Web Bots report (vol. 0, issue 5) in relation to what Lindsey Williams shared. The info he provided appears to fit exactly the predictions about the effect of the oil volcano leading to diaspora and feeding the revolution. The next Web Bot report is due out June 25th.

I don't know what else to say now. I'm drained. Speechless. Outraged beyond describing. Deeply saddened

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transiting the Chaos with Miracles Around the Corner

The energy that's been pouring in to the planet over the past months is really erratic, volatile, chaotic. It's been like this since just after the New Year. You can see it erupting here and there around the planet; volcanoes, earthquakes, strange sudden shifts in the weather, chaotic financial markets,... Much shaking up going on, both in our individual selves and on the planetary scale. It's part of our transition to the higher, heart level vibration. Big transitions are always turbulent, no matter if they are taking place at the individual level or at the the grand scale of our solar system. When we flow, we can move through the turbulence without being shaken apart.

One way to look at all the chaotic events transpiring in our outer world is to recognize that these are the death throes of our societal structures that operate at the lower three chakra levels, base emotions, survival, and power. What was created out of greed, corruption, and abuse of power is being shaken to pieces, their dastardly secrets now pouring out through the cracks. Blessed are the whistle blowers. I wrap Bradley Manning and Julian Assange in the white light of love and protection. They are heroes. I send gratitude for the courage and risk they have taken in order to bring hidden truths out for the masses to see. Perhaps you wll do the same.

What was created from dark energies are crumbling before our eyes. Let them fall. Let them fall without eliciting any fear, anger, or confusion on your part. The negative emotions only fuel and extend their existence. They also keep us stuck when we need to be fluid and flow with the shifts and turns we encounter through this erratic period. Woven through everything the higher vibrating frequencies of the Heart energy grow and expand daily. There is good all around. Our challenge is to remain true to our hearts and vision of the world we so desperately want, the new world we came to create.

We always have the choice as to how we respond in every given situation. We can consciously choose how we feel. We can choose to remain in a state of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. This does not mean entering a state of denial of all the transgressions of those who've held power. (past tense is in recognition of their demise). We can speak out and say "No More" with firm, yet calm, authority. Just as a parent says to a child who doesn't want to get ready for bed, "No, you need to brush your teeth and get your pajamas on now. It's time for bed." We can stand up with integrity and remain with a sense of joy and deep appreciation in our hearts. This is our joy and appreciation of all that we hold sacred, our vision of the world we came to create. It's the reason we are speaking out now in greater and greater numbers.

There's some really good guidance about staying in joy and appreciation as we progress through the ascension provided by the Hathors who channel through Tom Kenyon. This was forwarded to me recently by a friend and over the past few days I read through all the communications from the Hathors on Tom's site. I can't say that there was any Wow! new information I haven't come across before. However the way the Hathors describe and explain what is happening as we progress through this great transition deepened my understanding in a nice way. Very grounding. They also offer some very concrete tools we can use to assist us in our process. Plus there's that comfort that comes from connecting to old friends, knowing we are not alone no matter what dimension we're connecting to.

Lastly, I'll pass on a message that's come to me three times over the past week. Some wonderous things are about to materialize here for us. First, a close friend who's a very sensitive intuitive, received the message that something wonderfully good and beautiful is about to happen. Then a couple of days later as I was making dinner, I received the message that everything I've wanted was coming to me Now. What was unique ws that at the moment the message came in, I was filled with such joy and warmth. It was simultaneous the the message, rather than a response to it. I was guided to go make my list of all I wanted, which I did. Not that what I've wanted for the planet hasn't been written on my heart since the first moment I came into the planet this lifetime. Shortly afterward, Les Visible of Smoking Mirrors/Petri Dish/Visible Origami, resurfaced after more than a week of silence to say that he'd seen what has arrived, it's amazing, and that it will materialize very soon. And we will have no worries at all from then on.

So remember, what you believe is what happens. I believe in Divine Miracles.

With love & Light to all....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dark Energies Dissolving in the Light

The light exposes the dark energies and the darkness becomes no more. Bilderberg is being exposed for what it is. It is not a secret anymore. This past weekend's Bilderberg Group meeting at the Dolce Hotel in Sitges, Spain, (Attendees List), just outside Barcelona has been making the MSM. You probably saw the first article in the London Times. Here's a nice Charlie Skelton blog article in the Guardian UK. And another follow-up article by Charlie Skelton with link to photo gallery of participants. And a recent Video of Daniel Estulin educating the EU Parliament about the Bilderberg Club. After so long, it's wonderful to see this exposure transpire so quickly.

Most importantly, real confirmation came forth in a Belgian radio interview with former Nato Secretary General, Willy Claes, a member of Bilderberg He admitted on air that the purpose of the Bilderberg meetings is to set the global agenda for the coming year. He even described the procedures for their meetings and the written report that they are oath bound to implement within their circle of power. (Note - this article on Infowars loses it's strength by devolving into a long angry bashing of the Bilderberg spokespersons who've been trying to counter claims of Bilderbergers' power as lunacy.)

Bilderberg is no longer a secret. These agents of the dark forces, men (and a few women) of power and control, are being exposed to all. Their existence and destructive agenda made known to the world. By their hidden activities coming to light, their power evaporates like mist. When light shines upon the darkness, the darkness ceases to exist.

All that was formed out of greed, corruption, and abuse of power is dissolving quickly now. The heart energy streams in filling in everything. We are taking our planet back to what it was meant to be at it's creation, our Heaven on Earth. All around us the first buds of new systems created with heart energy emerge, new systems that respect, support, and nurture all life here on Earth. Gaia included. Gaia most of all. She is not some lump of rock traveling through the Milky Way. She has a heart and soul. She is our home. And she loves us immeasurably.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Are part of the Greatest Transition of Human Systems on Earth

I am a systems person. Much of my life has been spent observing and understanding the systems and processes that operate within individuals, families, groups, organizations, countries, and the planet. One could say I'm a scientist of life.

"Our systems are now collapsing." I say this on occasion in conversation with others and find my statement is usually misinterpreted. It's taken as a negative statement, which is not my meaning at all. It's an observation of where we are. It's my awareness that what does not work well is falling away and we are being presented with the opportunity to create anew. To be honest, I'm thrilled that our systems are collapsing. Last night I decided that I need to change the way I'm communicating so that I get across what I really mean.

We are in the midst of a Great Transition. The societal systems that have evolved over time are not serving our needs and well-being, nor the needs and well-being of the planet. People should not have to struggle and toil in unhappiness in order to exist, in order to provide for themselves and their families. Much energy in the form of time, money, the natural environment, and human effort, is spent on destruction, through wars, exploitation of natural resources, covering the earth in concrete, and polluting the air, water, and soil that supports our existence with toxic, man-made chemicals. Our systems for educating ourselves and our children destroy our creativity and separate us from our inner wisdom. Our health care systems creates more disease and injury, and shortens our lives. Our food production systems provide us with foods devoid of the nutrients we need, pollute our soil and our bodies with man-made toxic chemicals, and are grossly ineffective at ensuring that all humans are fed. Our housing systems destroy our natural environment and are ineffective at ensuring that all people have safe and nurturing shelter. Underlying and connecting all of our systems is our economic system. All of our systems are dependent upon this economic system. Our economic system benefits a few at the expense of the many.

When systems are not self-sustaining that start to collapse. They self-destruct.

When systems collapse, new systems evolve to take their place. We are at a key point in the process of transformation. We have the opportunity and the challenge to begin creating new systems that are self-sustaining and support our needs and well-being, and those of our Earth. We can chose to create consciously. Or we can be passive and let whatever evolves, evolve. The first chose is the wiser of the two. And it is the one that we have collectively already made, whether people individually recognize this or not. Much is being done at the individual level, which is where big changes initiate, within the individual.

What I've had the hardest time conveying in anything close to a positive message, relates to one major aspect of this process we are going through, the magnitude of what we have before us. In large part, my poor ability to communicate had more to do with not fully grasping myself what it was I am trying to say about this. But I've got it now and this is it.... Changing from one system, or group of systems, to another is not a simple process. The transition process to a new system becomes more complex the more dependent we are on the existing system. As an example, adjusting to the passing of a loved one is a much bigger process when our daily life is inter-dependent with that person, than when not. It's a question of how integrated our daily functioning is with the old system, meaning all our ways of thinking, understanding, and doing, that determines how complex the process of shifting over to the new will be. And we are all creatures of habit to greater or lesser extent.

Our challenge is to shift from the systems that are beginning to fail over to new systems that are only at step one, or only just a concept at this point, or haven't even been conceptualized yet. It's like we have to move from our current home to a new home that's not built yet. Moving is a disorienting process even when it's a good move for you, as this one is. First is the stress of finding a new place that meets your criteria, then there's the sorting and packing. What to keep, what to give away, what to toss out. While packing, you lose track of what's already been packed, misplace what you just put down, and can't find what you were just holding. (Sound familiar lately?) It gets tight moving around the packed boxes. You can't make dinner because the pots and pans are already packed. There's exhaustion of the move itself, then the unpacking and getting acclimated in your new home and surroundings.

So here we are getting ready to move, And we are all simultaneously going to make this move to new, as yet built, homes. How do we help each other out when everyone else is moving too at the same time? Add to this that we are moving is to a whole new country we are not familiar with. Oh, and that the majority of people haven't realized they are about to move. They're still asking for someone to come over and fix their house even as it caves into the cesspool. Or worse, haven't noticed anything is wrong.

It's going to be a big challenge to move everyone from one set of familiar but dysfunctional systems, all of which are connected through our rapidly failing economic system, over to new systems that we have yet to create. We, the Lightworkers, will need to support people to make the transition mentally, emotionally, and physically. Everyone is already prepared spiritually, whether they are conscious of it or not. When I wrote about it being time to roll up our sleeves, the work is about to begin, this is what I was talking about. This is one Huge challenge just moments before us. We are however, well prepared. The Earth provides us with everything we need for sustenance. We have all the resourcefulness and creativity, all the strength and courage we need to move through this transition, that I do not doubt in the slightest. My heart and every fiber of my being tells me our success is already assured. We are supported by the Divine.

I believe everyone knows intuitively we need to bring our systems into harmony with the systems of the natural world. We are not separate from the natural world, we are a part of it and our survival and ability to flourish depends on our creation of new systems that support and nurture all living things on the planet. The natural world's systems operates by themselves in a mutually supporting, harmonious, balanced way. It is totally self-sustaining. This balanced interdependence of the natural world on Earth is the masterpiece of the Divine Creator. It's magnificent and magical beyond words. Who could conceive of such a grand design, of inter-related systems that functions in harmony from the largest to the smallest detail?

We all came here into this lifetime, at this particular time for this Great Transition. We came here now in order to Co-Create our new world with the Divine Creator. And in this process we will come to know, in all ways, the Divine Beings that we are.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wading Through Injustice, Cruelty, and Destruction

There's more strong energy coming in lately. After a number of days of not being able to sleep, the past few I've been totally drained. Today I was feeling more and more down as the day went on. Not really a surprise though. My day started like this (please note that I try to say something somewhat productive and encouraging towards the end of this post).....:

Email from telling me that they'd gotten 200,000 signatures on the petition for full investigation of the Israeli raid and end the blockade. Now they're aiming for 500,000 signatures on the petition. Please sign it if you haven't already.

Link to daily update by the Free Gaza Movement about the hospitalized and unaccounted for activists from the Free Gaza attack. Over the past two days I'd recognized that the number of activists released didn't come close to the 700 reported to be on board. Oh, and israel has not released any of the Palestinian-Israelis who were arrested by the IDF, they are being prosecuted and are still being held in Israeli prisons. Not that the MSM bothered to report on it.

Then this blog article with a number of quotes from Free Gaza activists who've been returned to their countries: Now the Real Dirt about the IDF throwing injured activists overboard during the attack.

Over to the BP spillcam to find that it's been turned off. BP now has a whole list of spillcams on their site, but I couldn't find one that was actually operating. BP says it's going to report tomorrow morning on how much oil they are pumping up now that they have the new cap installed. No report that the cap actually stopped the leak. Missing details, no life feed of the wellhead.... appears like more manipulation and covering up the fact that the oil is still leaking. I'll pray tonight that I'm wrong about this and that the spill has been stopped. Not encouraged at all.

On to news about California about to approve use of Methyl Iodide on strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. It's so toxic that researchers studying it have to wear protective gear and only test very small amounts. And California wants to spray it on crops so it enters the air and water supply, not to mention our food. Here's the petition, please sign it.

Then a friend called to tell me she'd just emailed me a news clip about very strange crop damage occurring in farms around Memphis, TN. The farmers think it's something that fell from the sky, leaving white spots on their plants, regardless of variety. The spots then eat into the plant. Oh, and dead birds too. Chemtrails? Toxic rain from the oil volcano/corexit dispersant like is happening in Florida? Memphis is about 200 miles directly north of Louisiana and the oil spill. Winds are currently from the south. No proof, just a suspicion. I found another possible explanation in a comment posted on Above Top Secret, a May 25th leak of sulfur trioxide from a nearby Lucite chemical plant. My friend's call came while I was puzzling out how I could build the raised garden beds I've designed using the assorted odd sized boards from the deck I took down the other week. Not the best news item when your mind is deep in the garden.

It all felt like too much. Finally, some good news did arrive later this evening. The miter saw that I found on Craig's List for a really good price, desperately needed in order to build my garden beds, is still available :) I'm driving over to see it in the morning. If all goes well, I'll be trimming boards to size by tomorrow afternoon. It will feel really good to be immersed in a project that supports my sustainability. My tomatoes, squash, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, Swiss chard, melons, lettuce, spinach, onions, and assorted herbs are growing out of their little pots and longing to stretch their roots out in deep, fertile soil.

If I didn't care, the events around the planet wouldn't weigh so heavily on me, but I do care, deeply. More and more people are waking up to the fact that they also care deeply, at least I truly hope so. Knowing it's all part of this process of transformation, doesn't make it easier to accept injustice, inhumanity, cruelty, and outrageous arrogance. And that is actually the point. They are intensifying the infliction of atrocities until no one can ignore the dark forces any longer, intensifying until the tide of humans rise up and demand No More and claim their individual Sovereignty. It's on days like today that I remind myself that if the web bots are correct in their timing, we have only about nine months until these forces of destruction posing as human beings are brought down to powerlessness. This thought lifts my heart.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Ongoing Communication with the Divine Creator

Many people have started becoming aware of the ways the major religions of the world use their church dogma to influence and control people. I pick up a lot of anger expressed by those who are now seeing through the purpose of the religious dogma. It's there in the articles, posts, and comments they write. Feeling and expressing anger only gives the dark forces they're angry at more validity and power. Counterproductive, no?

What I've not seen much of is anyone asking the question "What were the religions seeking to distract the masses from?" If one wants to gain power over people, then separating them from their own true power is necessary. So what have the religions been distracting and separating the people from. The answer points to the source of our true power.

I look to what universally touches our hearts and soul. What lifts up our life force within each and every one of us and fills us with inspiration? It's the sunrise and sunset. Gazing at the night sky full of stars and the moon. Hearing the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and seeing the ocean spread out beyond the horizon. The sounds of the wind rustling through the trees. the birds in song, crickets chirping in the evening, water babbling over the stones of a stream. The smell of flowers in bloom and the earthiness of the forest. Dolphins swimming. A flock of birds flying overhead. A newborn baby. It is the natural world that universally touches, inspires us, fills us with awe and majesty. The natural world that is the creation of the Divine Creator.

When we commune with the natural world we are communing directly with the prime Creator.

Communication with the natural world of the Creator. Wikipedia defines: Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another. Communication processes are sign-mediated interactions between at least two agents which share a repertoire of signs and semiotic rules. Communication is commonly defined as "the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs".

Share a repertoire of signs. An interchange of thoughts. And I would add of feelings too.

I read a really interesting post on What They Don"t Tell You last week with a beautiful prayer suggested by Masaru Emoto for the wildlife of Gulf of Mexico. Reading it reminded me about his research documenting that water responds at the molecular level to our emotions. But not just water. Remember the research documenting that plants respond to our touch, our voice, and to music? I'd read somewhere about plants responding to us many years ago. Today I went searching and found a 1997 interview with Cleve Backster, discussing his research findings about how plants respond to us. Really interesting. He found that plants respond immediately to our thoughts. The glossed over version of his research that I probably read in a magazine in a doctor's waiting room never conveyed the depth of plants' responsiveness that he discusses in the interview.

The Truth is that our thoughts and feelings, as well as our expressions and action, affect everything in the natural world around us. Everything responds to what we vibrate, both internally and externally. We communicate continually and are heard and responded to. This process of communication goes on without interruption even though our awareness of it has been deadened and conditioned out of us. I'm still grocking the magnitude of what our continuing communication with the natural world means. It's huge.

We've been conditioned to deny our communication with the natural world. People are labeled as crazy if they believe they can speak with plants, water, or a rock. This goes back to the purpose behind creating the religions. By leading people to believe that God resided in a church or temple, that we learn about the creator through books, and that priests were ordained to interpret God's communications for us, we were separated from our direct communication with the Creator. We were distracted from our true, ongoing communication to the point that we lost the awareness that it was happening, we lost our ability to consciously take part in the conversations.

Now we are waking up and our awareness is expanding. We can work to re-tune our senses and bring our ongoing communications with the natural world of the Creator into our conscious awareness and participation.

There is wonderful series of statements I found recently on the Angel Card site. It takes on even greater meaning when considered from the perspective of our continuing communication with the natural world:

You Are Important.

Your Thoughts Create.

Your Actions Matter.

Your Presence Changes Everything.

Thunderstorms most of the day - post coming