Monday, October 7, 2019

Finding Your Way Through Misunderstandings, Misinformation & Disinformation about Ascension

As I’ve shared previously, after ascending, apart from rereading Kryon’s DNA book, the Law of One books & Seven Elohim Speak, I disengaged from the spiritual community for three years. In part because what I was experiencing in the post-ascension adjustment process, was not in the realm of discussion within the spiritual community. It still isn’t. There’s zip info on what happens after ascending. More importantly, it’s been of vital importance to me that what I share now comes through without distortions. As I learned with one of my wisest teachers at the start of my personal growth/spiritual path (in this lifetime), we each have to figure out where we are & what we’re experiencing, before we can communicate with others in mutually beneficial ways.

In December 2015, when I achieved ascension, I was aware of many others pursuing ascension and expected that many others would also be ascending around the same time. There were “All the waves of ascension energy coming in”, Right? I’m aware there are others who’ve ascended, however lots of people ascending turned out not to be the case. I’d not been consciously aware of having chosen to be a front-runner & wayshower about ascension. It’s been a slow realization for me as I progressed through the post-ascension process and now see that sharing my experience can be of assistance to others.

Being a front-runner is not an easy path to walk. One takes a lot of arrows in the back. All the Q Anon researchers know this experience from being front-runners in awakening about world events. Love for others, the planet & Humanity is the sustenance of the front-runners.

I’ve debated about writing this message for a number of months. Some readers aren’t going to like this post. Others may find a sense of relief. I share these observations with the intention of being of assistance. However this is received is up to you. The reality of what actually takes place in ascending to the next level of Conscious Awareness, is very different than many speculate, it’s simpler, more elegant, more Loving.

There are many misunderstandings in the spiritual community about what ascension is, what occurs during the process leading up to, during and after the moment of ascending. This is totally understandable because what occurs in the transition from one level of Conscious Awareness to the next can not be fully understood until it is experienced. It’s understood from the next level of Consciousness where awareness and understanding have increased exponentially. It’s analogous to becoming a parent. One can read lots of books about parenting, talk with others about how best to care for a baby/child, plan for the arrival, yet nothing can fully prepare you for the reality of having a child. One has to experience the transition into parenthood to understand. So too with ascension.

Some misunderstandings about ascension arise out of misinterpretations of information provided. For instance a chaneller who innocently misinterprets the information chanelled through them, or who is channelling an entity that is not that highly evolved. We process new information through our current frames of reference. As we progress and develop deeper understanding and wisdom, we interpret new information differently. We each see this when we reread something encountered previously and take away a different meaning than the first time we read it.

Unfortunately, there other misunderstandings coming from disinformation planted within the spiritual community. It’s naive to think this is sacred ground, protected from interference.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re now very aware of the decades long operations to hide the truth and purposely confuse, manipulate & delude the public through false narrative reporting dressed as “news”, altered history in text books, indoctrination in the education system, fraudulent & manipulated scientific research studies, toxic chemicals & modified genetic material ingested through foods, the air, water, land, and medicines & vaccines, etc. etc. etc. Do you think those who work so diligently, so pervasively to keep the public from awakening have ignored the spiritual community as a venue for planting disinformation to lead people astray? [They] do not want humans to awaken to who they really are. And [They] really do not want humans transitioning to the next level of Conscious Awareness where they operate in a higher frequency band.

These misunderstandings being spread and reinforced hold people back in their growth and divert their attention away from the Self-preparation inner work necessary to achieving ascension. In other words, misunderstandings that one has incorporated into their frame of reference, which give control for your growth & transition over to outside events, lead a person to give over their power and divert off the path. In the journey through these times of immense changes, discernment, as always, is strongly advised. Any ideology that takes one away from focusing on their own inner work and espouses that inner peace, freedom from duality & a big awakening will occur as a result of some outer world event is directing the adherents off course. The path and transformation takes place within. You all know this in your hearts.

There are a number of themes to the misinformation narratives. One version is cosmic events – a solar flash or “The Event” that initiates planetary wide ascension. Then there’s the “Splitting Off” version in which those ascending will be transported to another dimension or another planet (“New Earth”), leaving others who are not ascending behind. Still another version targets those interested in Disclosure and tells them that ascension occurs when the ET craft come down and transport them to another planet/reality where there’s no duality, or not to worry, the Galactic Forces will be coming in soon and stopping all the bad stuff happening now. Yet another tells you that you’ve already ascended with Earth as she’s making her transition, so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

All of these misinformation narratives create confusion, divert attention towards outside events & away from the inner work of healing & Self dis-cover-y. They disempower people by making them perceive their inner transformation as contingent on external events. The “splitting off” narrative promotes fear of ascension & leaving one’s loved ones behind. I’ve come across a fair number of people, very progressed along their path, who express fear of ascending, or that they’ve chosen Not to ascend, because they believe that ascending will take them to some other dimension and they don’t want to leave their spouse, children, family behind.

A number of years before ascending, I came across the “splitting off” misinfo and considered it for some time, trying to work it into my understanding of what occurred in ascension. To be honest, it still remained a possibility in my mind even as I made the full choice and announced I was ready for ascension to occur (“Bring it on!!”) The “We’re all going to 5D” ideology started very shortly before I went through ascending. When I first encountered the 5D ideology, it felt very off, yet I tried it on for a bit as a term to describe the set of new skills available to us as the Earth’s frequencies rise. The “Going to 5D” ideology conflicts in many ways with the Law of One which governs the evolution of souls. A little research into the Law of One and basic physics definitions of each dimension adds further clarity, and is recommended. If one steps back and observes, there’s lots of chatter about going to 5D and creating New Earth, yet I've never come across any clear definition of what “going to 5D” really entails.

Now in recent months as I’ve reconnected with others in the spiritual community, many are talking about “The Event”, some describe as a cosmic solar flash that unleashes ascension across the planet. In my experience, it’s accurate to describe the moment of actual ascending as an “Event”, however, the event takes place within. An inner “flash” or “spark” takes place in the moment one connects to the immense stream of pure, unconditional Love pouring forth to you. A Love so powerful & beautiful it brings tears of joy.

When you ascend while incarnate, you remain in your body, with your same home, family, pets, neighbors, world events, yet you are forever changed within. It’s AWEsome. Which, on some level, you remember, and that’s why you’re on the path. Ultimately, all paths lead back to Source.

Godspeed on your journey!


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A Look at These Times Here on Earth from 3 Time Windows.

There are always many ways to perceive and understand what is happening within us and in our outer world. It always an interesting endeavor to shift from one perspective to another and another to enrich our understanding & awareness Here's a look at what's occurring now on Earth and Humanity from three time windows.

Time Window 1: Narrow

For the past few years we’ve been opening our minds & hearts. Digging for facts & evidence. Searching for the truth. In this relentless search for broader awareness & truth about the world, uncovering ugly truths of corruption, deception, abuse of power & horrific evil operating, often in plain sight, throughout the world.

At the same time, we’ve been looking within. Searching for who we truly are. Intuitively knowing we are more than we’ve been told. Healing old emotional wounds that hold us back. Cultivating compassion & gratitude. Intuitively reaching inwards to the unceasing Peace, Love & Joy that we know is our true nature. Connecting to the Presence of the Creative Source/God/Creator that permeates our being & All That Is.

In this Narrow Window of time, we watch another treasonous hoax unfold, dig for more truth & wait for unsealing indictments, the next IG Report, arrests, the fall of Fake News, the return of qresearch & Q….

You all know the many other details playing out in this Narrow Window of time. It’s in your Twit feed, playing out in your day to day life, unfolding as you walk your spiritual path. 

Time Window 2: A Few Decades Past & Future

We begin in 2007. For many, 2007 was a year when their societal &/or spiritual awakenings began. In 2007 I became a “Conspiracy Theorist” & my spiritual path shifted to the forefront. You may report the same.

Despite having little or no understanding of ascension, awakening, or expanding consciousness, I was beset with massive ascension symptoms. I heard that people have “vibration” & was trying to make sense of this seemingly odd idea. There was one thing I saw very clearly about the period we were just entering in 2007. Over the past 12 years of observing world events & digging for the truth, everything we’ve discovered only confirmed my 2007 perception of these times.

Our societal systems – health care, education, agriculture, technology & communications, banking/finance, transportation, entertainment, research etc. no longer serve the needs of society.

Our systems operate based on greed, corruption & abuse of power. Many were created with greed, corruption & abuse of power as their foundation. Others were infiltrated & corrupted by those whose motivations are greed, corruption & abuse of power.  Our health care system does not foster our health (It is however very good at trauma care). Our economic system is usury, making us poorer. Our education system indoctrinates, rather than developing thinking, logic & intuitive skills. Etc. Etc.

Our digging for truth has uncovered the greed, corruption & abuse of power in each of our societal systems. The lack of fulfillment that so many feel in their lives is a sign of their basic needs not being met by our systems. That which no longer serves a need in the larger society will, over time, crumble, fail & be replaced. We are in this process now. We know our needs are not being met. You can see the cracks in each of our systems if you look. 14/

Our activities now of exposing, arresting & prosecuting those who’ve operated our societal systems out of greed, corruption & abuse of power is a just piece of the larger process of replacing the societal systems that no longer meet our needs.

This process of dismantling & replacing failed societal systems with ones which do & will meet our needs in the future is a decades long process. It is & will happen in multiple phases, as all complex change occurs. Do Not be alarmed. We collectively, at the level of collective consciousness, are orchestrating this multi-system overhaul. While there is expected tumult inherent in every change process, we are managing this process of change ourselves.

We, Humanity on Earth, are about to unleash a New Golden Age. To do so, we first need to clear out all that no longer supports us. Piece by piece we take out the bad parts as we simultaneously open to inspiration, resourcefulness & creativity. 

Time Window 3: A Very Long Term View (very, very simplified)

Long, long ago, the Earth was created & prepared by the Seven Elohim, God’s Master Creators, to be a home for Humans. The Earth is not simply a ball of rock. Far from it. Earth has a Consciousness, Gaia, which the Indigenous Peoples on Earth remember, even if others have forgotten. At her creation, Earth was promised the opportunity to ascend to the next level of Consciousness as Humanity evolved.

Levels of Conscious Awareness are denoted as “Densities”. At each successive density, a soul becomes Aware of, understands & has access to more within the Field of Consciousness. Energetic vibration increases greatly at successive densities.

Densities of Consciousness are not to be confused with Dimensions, which are geographic references within matter, space & time. They are two distinct things. Humans on Earth are multi-dimensional beings, most are at 3rddensity consciousness level.

Gaia has been at 3rd density consciousness & is in the process of ascending to 4th density consciousness. Humanity on Earth is also transitioning to the next density level, mostly through attrition in a 3 to 5 generation process.

Gaia’s consciousness is interdependent with the Humanity that call Earth their home. Gaia’s ascension will be complete once all of Humanity on Earth are at the 4th density level of consciousness.

At each density level there’s a course of learning & mastery required for a soul to ascend to the next level. In the process of Earth ascending there’s a unique opportunity for humans who have met the requirements to ascend while staying in their bodies.

We are in the midst of many humans awakening & moving towards ascension while incarnate. The new children born after 12-21-12 have 4th density consciousness. Collectively humans are shifting to this higher level of Awareness or state of being. 

While our old systems functioned in keeping with humans’ lower level of Conscious Awareness, these systems do not fit for humans operating at a higher level of Awareness. We are becoming aware of the low frequency attributes of our systems. 

Greed, corruption, abuse of power, cruelty, fear, are lower vibrational states of being, which are highly objectionable to people living in higher vibrational states of honesty, integrity, courage, compassion, gratitude, joy & Love.

At our higher collective level of Consciousness that which no longer resonates at our frequency begin to crumble & fall, giving us the opportunity to replace, restructure&create new systems that serve our needs commensurate w/ our new vibe state.

When we understand a process we’re experiencing, we can identify where we are within that process. We gain clarity, even in the chaotic process of change. We can navigate through pro-actively towards a outcomes good for all concerned.

We have immense opportunities before us right now. Opportunities to create in ways we’ve never had before. We’re taking the opportunity to jump out of prior cycles where history repeats itself. The old ways are fading in the past.

New systems are already emerging – gifting economies, sustainable agriculture, alternative medicine focused on foods & herbs that promote the body restoring it’s health, home schooling movement…

As we uncover the once hidden horrors in our old systems, think also of what wonderful & benevolent new ways, organizational structures, inventions & methods could serve in their stead. Let go of limiting beliefs about how things can be.

Humans are truly magnificent beings. Beings made in God’s image w/ the God spark within. This is our time for Humanity on Earth to discover this Truth and to live it. The new Golden Age is unfolding & You, Dear One, are here unleashing it.



Saturday, September 28, 2019

Three Level View of the Great Awakening

I posted this as a thread on Twitter this morning. Thought I'd post it here as well for everyone.  Despite the compact twit-esque language structure, sometimes it's more coherent to read something as a whole, instead of broken up in little Twitter posts.

A Thread on #TheGreatAwakening: 

The Great Awakening can be understood in a variety of ways. One way is to see the Awakening occurring on 3 levels: Individual, Societal, Universal.

Level 1: Individual Awakening. People taking the journey to heal & release their emotional attachments to old hurts. Rewriting their personal stories based on new understanding of themselves & others. Examining & peeling away false Self-perceptions of who they are. Identifying & replacing false, limiting beliefs about themselves & what is possible. Releasing fears & doubts about what could happen in the future. In this process of healing & growth an awareness of new possibilities emerges. 

Self-empowerment develops as one discovers the true process of how humans, individually & collectively, create with our thoughts & emotions. Individual awakening requires looking & working within oneself. In doing so, there eventually comes a moment, a flash, when one may step thru the veil & leap to a new level of awareness & understanding. At this new level, separation ends & you experience the peace, love & joy of the Creative Source in every moment.

Level 2: Societal Awakening. People taking initiative to research facts & evidence of how our governments, businesses, industries & the individuals within them really operate. Discovered evidence reveals many facts previously hidden. New perceptions arise based on facts, evidence & logical thinking. A growing awareness emerges of how one’s previous perceptions & understanding about our societies & organizations have created a false narrative & perceptions to hide extremely corrupt & evil behavior by those in power & those we have trusted. Societal awakening requires looking & working in one’s outer world.

Level 3: Universal Awakening. This relates to awakening to who Humans really are, the true history of the planet, & our place within the Universe, which has been hidden from us. Disclosure of UFOs & the galactic races here assisting us opens the door to humans learning who their true ancestors are, the benevolent intentions behind the DNA projects for the Divine human race & Earth’s true history. Development of technology that allows us to view the Quantum field is on the horizon. When humans *see* themselves existing in the quantum field everything will change.

Level 1, Individual Awakening, is where your true power lies. It’s where Our true power lies. We are each unique individuals and simultaneously We Are One.

Godspeed on your journey!


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Old Souls Prepared & Supported on this Mission

Fellow Old Souls (Lightworkers & Starseeds), we’re living in the midst of this immense juxtaposition; on the Spiritual path of Self discovering Who One really is and connecting to the love, joy & peace that is our true nature, while simultaneously taking part in a global, and very real war of Light incarnate overcoming darkness incarnate. Sometimes as Lightworkers, we choose to vanquish the incarnate dark energies by exposing them in order that their horrific deeds can be halted. It’s called being a Spiritual Warrior. Many Old Souls are Spiritual Warriors, whether they know they are Old Souls or not.

Yet Old Souls are gentle folk. We’ve come into this lifetime, after many, many prior lifetimes during which we encountered much suffering and persecution for our knowledge and understanding. These memories of suffering are stored in our DNA as emotional remembrances. Hence our sensitivities to the unkindness of others and our wariness of reliving what was so very painful in past lives.

Still, we came into this lifetime on a mission to assist in the ascension of the planet, and the evolutionary awakening/transitioning of humanity to the next level of Conscious Awareness. On each of the previous times when Gaia/Earth neared the window in which she might ascend to 4th density, the collective consciousness of humanity was too low, preventing her ascension. This time a plan was created to assure Gaia/Earth’s ascension to 4th density. A host of higher density souls, Old Souls, would incarnate here on 3rd density Earth and raise the vibration of humanity above the threshold level necessary for her ascension. If you, Old Soul, could see the Light you radiate from your being, you’d be astounded.

Each of us volunteered for this mission. Actually, many, many volunteered to assist by incarnating here at this time, way more than could be accommodated. Being here offers not only the opportunity to assist. It also offers the opportunity to heal & clear the lower vibrational remembrances from our spiritual being, deep clearing. Not all who volunteered to incarnate were selected. For each of us here, there are many others who were not selected and who have been and continue to assist from the non-physical realm.

One of the most common attributes of Old Souls here is a deep feeling of low self-worth. Ask yourself is this is not true. For me, it’s been perhaps the biggest bane of this lifetime and clearing it lifted an enormous burden. Even after ascension, I’m still clearing out some of the dust of low self-worth. The Self-worth issues run deep in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. And it’s a lie, a limiting belief to think one’s unworthy. In fact, the opposite is true.

Now think about this for a moment. If you are the emissaries of the Creative Source, planning and operating a vital mission to awaken & free humanity and the planet so they can transition to the next level of consciousness, do you not select your most experienced and capable volunteers for the mission? Would you send these Old Souls in without ensuring they are fully prepared? And wouldn’t you also ensure that the front line Old Souls incarnated on Earth were Each fully backed and supported by a host of energetic beings in the non-physical realm? Of course you’d send the Brightest, most creative, strongest. Making sure everyone was fully prepared AND fully supported.

You see, in the non-physical realm, the brave souls who venture over & over again into incarnate life here, under the veil of forgetfulness, to learn through trial & error in this highly emotional and dualistic environment here on Earth, are highly recognized, celebrated and highly revered for their courage & perseverance. The Old Souls are cherished in the Universe for the immense wisdom we elicit in both the physical & non-physical realms.

You, Old Soul, are known. You are cherished. And you are fully supported by the All in the Higher Realms.

Let this sink in. Let this sink All the way in.

Namaste, Helen

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Emotions, Expansion, Reconnecting; Growth Continues


The mind can not comprehend what occurs when one steps through the veil until it is experienced.

Through experiencing we learn at the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual/energetic levels simultaneously. When we share about our experiences we spark new awareness and learn from each other.

It’s been some time since I’ve written about my recent inner experiences. Consider this a diary entry in the record of this experiential journey of ascending while incarnate. For those curious about what life after ascending is like, here are a few of my experiences and observations.

Like many reading here, most of my earlier life was filled with immense emotional trauma and pain. Spiritual warriors choose, not the easy path, rather the challenging one. And it is most often the quest for respite from emotional pain and suffering that launches us on the spiritual path of self discovery, healing and growth. We know this at the higher level and knowingly choose the path that will reconnect us to our strength, our wisdom, and launch us into healing and peeling back the falsehoods to reveal our true Self.

As I’ve shared before, our DNA are coded for dormant sections to awaken automatically, once we’ve healed and forgiven at least 51% of our past emotional wounds. During ascension and in the phase after you come back online, so to speak, the rest of the healing occurs with minimal effort. Like picking a bit of lint off your sweater.

My emotional state now is like night and day compared to what I experienced earlier before ascending. It’s a glorious experience to be emotionally free!

At this point, all of the past trauma has as much emotional pull as some advertisement I glanced at in a magazine while waiting to get my hair cut. Meaning none. The memories are still there if I search for them, yet they feel like from some other life time. Kind of like remembering a novel I read 15 years ago.

I’m deeply grateful for ALL the experiences that brought me here to where I am. Those painful experiences that gave me opportunity to develop my intuitive, my awareness and empathy that enable me to connect to others. I learned what I child needs by what I didn’t have. I learned what a gift it is to believe in someone. I learned so many, many, many things from the experiences of my life.

Now a calm peace pervades everything. A joy at being alive. No worries about the past or the future. I understand the connectedness of all and see the perfection as ALL serves the evolution of Humanity. Everything we see, touch, hear, sense and feel is God experiencing itself and expanding.

Each day I am so excited about the Awakening occurring on so many levels on the planet. I’m humbled to be here, assisting as I can, along with so many other Dear Ones. I’m humbled to receive Gaia’s deep love each day through the soles of my feet.

Four months ago I stepped out of the relative seclusion necessary to adjusting and acclimating following ascending. One step taken was creating an online presence through Twitter (and ditching Facebook). It’s a joy to connect/reconnect with other energetically resonant people, both Q Anons and Spiritual journeyers. The connections & conversations provide a rich opportunity for observation, reflection and growth.

In communicating with others, I notice over time that my capacities for interpreting and understanding are steadily deepening and expanding. Ideally, this is the case for all of us as we progress. Yet I’m aware that what I’m experiencing is derived from gradually increasing access to the DNA stored spiritual knowledge acquired over many, many past lifetimes, rather than growth from current experiences. It’s a subtle integration process and not observed in action, so to speak. I can only observe the difference by comparison to what I understood or was aware of a few months ago.

Remember that each person’s DNA hold the records of ALL spiritual wisdom a person (Spiritual Being) has acquired over all their lifetimes on Earth. During ascension, this previously unavailable spiritual wisdom is awakened and becomes accessible at a Conscious level. Initially and immediately during ascending, there was a huge increase in awareness and understanding. What I’m experiencing now is that the awakening of previously acquired spiritual wisdom continues to expand and gradually integrate into Conscious awareness. The process is incredibly subtle and only recognized in retrospect, rather than something I feel happening in real time because at each moment I feel as though this is how I have always been.

I would contrast this expansion with my experience of connecting directly with the stream of knowingness in the quantum field of information. As I’ve previously shared, I’ve connected directly with the stream of knowingness in different ways. Once in 1987 I connected for 3 days with full access. Then again during the three months of ascending I was fully connected to the stream of knowingness where I can find facts, information & answers to anything I desire.

During the boot-down phase just after ascending, there is zero connection to any higher knowing or intuition. It was a very unpleasant phase to go through, yet since past, it holds no emotional resonance. Still, I yearned to reconnect fully to the stream of knowingness. For a time I saw Conscious reconnection to the stream as a measure of integrating at the new level, 4th density level of Conscious awareness.

Yet as my DNA held wisdom integrated in, I recognized that full, continuous connection to the stream of knowingness does not serve my interests at this time. I am able to obtain specific information when I need it on an “as needed” basis. Kind of a place an order and the info pops into my mind shortly thereafter type of system. Full connection to the stream of knowingness is totally engrossing. It’s really not possible to accomplish anything while connected. Even getting out of a sitting position and preparing a meal is a challenge when one is fully connected to the stream of knowingness. And there is much to accomplish now at this time of The Great Awakening.

In communicating with others over the past couple of months I discovered that there is immense difference in comprehension and understanding between 3rd density and the next higher density level. Observations & insights, for instance about using energy or describing what occurs in the process of ascending, that seem very matter of fact to me, were at first responded to with confusion, total disbelief, and sometimes anger. Most often responses indicated that the other person lacked comprehension of what I was intending to convey. I’d not expected this.

I’ve had to work at identifying where the step in comprehension is and relearn where people are in their understanding of how the world/universe works because it’s not readily apparent to me anymore. My inner awareness & understanding of how everything is interconnected feels so normal to me that it seems it must be apparent to everyone else. It’s all a funny situation to be in.

On reflection, I see that one has the capacity to understand what occurs at their current level and at levels below them. No one has the capacity to understand fully what is understood at levels above where they are. This is a factual aspect of Universal Law and the evolutionary steps of Consciousness, not a judgment. I really could not comprehend what occurs in ascending until I experienced it. Now it makes perfect sense.

All of this poses a challenge in communicating. As an analogy, it is similar to communicating across the divide between Qanons and normies. Different levels of information with different perceptions of reality as a result. There are mis-perceptions about what happens during ascension that people hold onto very tightly.

My intention and purpose in this lifetime is to assist with the Awakening, and so I’ve worked to learn new ways of communicating. I pay closer attention and discern where people are and chose topics or wording that they can stretch to. In the process we all learn from each other and inspire each other. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.

Godspeed on your journey!

Monday, August 19, 2019

A Love Note from My Over Soul to You

By Jordan Holiday at Pixabay 


When we notice patterns, we may notice a message seeking to come through to us. Our Over Soul and Higher Self, when providing important guidance, will never give up. They’ll keep sending the message, a love note, until we receive it. That’s your Over Soul’s and Higher Self’s unfaltering, divine love for you.

Here’s a short story about a message that came through to me. It’s a powerful message if taken in, and I’m prompted to share it with you today.

Early in my journey and well before the word “Ascension” hadn’t entered my awareness, I noticed that I’d repeatedly received a single message. 

That morning journaling, in a time of much pain and anguish, the words had flowed through my hand and pen onto paper, “Remember you are magic.”

A light bulb went off in my mind, it was the same words my daughter had written to me in a piece of art she created. I jumped up and checked.

And wasn’t it in the lyrics of that Olivia Newton John song? I was never a fan of hers, yet during a most wondrous time in my life, as the song played on the radio, a friend had leaned in & whispered to me, “Listen to the words.”

That morning I pulled up the lyrics and really took to them in for the first time. They read as a channelled message from the author’s Over Soul. “You have to believe you are magic.” 


What do magicians do?

They make things suddenly disappear. They make things suddenly appear.

If you are magic, can you make fear & doubt disappear into thin air?

If you are magic, can you make what you need or desire suddenly appear? How about courage, a new friend, an answer? If you are magic, can they suddenly appear just for you?

If you are (re)member you are magic, doesn’t this mean you’ve already known you are magic all along?

Consider the power of simply reminding yourself that you are magic. The act of Remembering is like pulling out your magic wand.

This is a Love Note from my Over Soul to you, dear one. 

Remember YOU are MAGIC! 

What Love Notes might your Over Soul & Higher Self be sending to you?
Godspeed on your amazing journey!
Love & Light,

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Welcome To The Great Awakening Puzzle Switching Mash-Up

We are in the midst of massive transformation, also known as The Great Awakening. Great evolutionary charge is occurring in the outer world at the individual, national, and global levels. Great evolutionary change is happening within each individual at the mental, emotional, physical, energetic structural, vibrational, and spiritual levels. ALL levels, both in the outer world and each individual’s inner world, are interconnected and interdependent. Each small change ripples outwards effecting everything, whether we realize it or not. Any wonder why this feels like a lot to navigate through.

Our understanding of the nature of reality is shifting rapidly now. Our perceptions inform our thoughts, feelings and actions. As our perceptions change we respond differently, ideally in a more congruent manner.

Change is often a chaotic process. New replaces old, with rippling effects spreading outwards on beyond out view. Having these big evolutionary changes occurring at multiple levels simultaneously is more than Ginormous. Is there even an adjective word in our language that accurately describes it? 
So we use the term The Great Awakening. It’s all so much to wrap one’s mind around. In an effort to provide some clarity, here are some process frameworks and analogies that may help, both for understanding, and for navigating through your own Great Awakening. 
A Process for Framing
If we step back, identify, define and understand the process we are in, we can then locate where we are in the process, which provides us with a cognitive framework to figure out what’s the best option to focus on and do now. 
Let’s say this again in a new way:

A Four Step Process of Figuring Out What the Heck is Going On & What Shall I Do Now?
1. Step back to obtain a 40,000 foot view;
2. Observe, identify, define, and understand the process you/we are in;
3. Identify where you/we are in the process;
4. From this multi-level cognitive framework, decide out what’s the wisest things to focus on and do now.

This 4 step process can be used for understanding both outer world events and inner world transformation.

When things feel confusing or overwhelming, that’s a good time to stop, breath, and then if it fits for you, use the 4 Step Process outlined above. Check in first on where you are internally. This gives you grounding & stability in the present moment. It’s always best to find your center, be grounded and stable internally, before shifting your focus towards understanding what’s going on in the outer world. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Analogies
The analogy of putting together a jigsaw puzzle is a great one to use for understanding the process of changing perceptions & the path of spiritual discovery and growth.

As we find new concepts and pieces of information, we put these pieces together to reveal a picture (understanding) of our self and of the world. The puzzle picture is ever expanding as we add new pieces.

Sometimes, in the process of finding new pieces to add to your picture of reality, the new pieces don’t fit, yet you have solid basis to know they are true. Which means other pieces already incorporated in your puzzle picture are inaccurate. Fitting in the new pieces requires reordering your current picture to result in a revised picture of your reality. Most people find this process of re-ordering their picture of reality uncomfortable internally, either/or mentally and emotionally. We call this cognitive dissonance. Each person has a choice then whether to proceed through reordering their perceptions or back off and keep their current picture, thus rejecting/ignoring the new information. For each of us, this is a free-will choice we are entitled to.

The gap we see now between those who have chosen to re-order their reality and those who’ve chosen to hold on their time-worn reality is growing wider and wider. The former have gained confidence in their process of throwing out old, false pieces of information and incorporating new pieces. 

Their picture of reality now changes rapidly with each new piece of truth added. As they do this, the gap between those that have incorporated a new reality and those that have not continues to grow wider. The two groups are living in very different worlds, with very different puzzle pictures of reality, so to speak.

Jigsaw Puzzling in Action
For those who’ve been watching, or participating in the Qanon army of researchers, you’ve seen this process in vibrant action. Q drops contain bit of truth, clues that can be decoded, points of connection not previously seen. Anon researchers dig for open-sourced evidence (pieces of information). New theories are proffered as to how the new pieces might fit together. After a group process of validating, speculating and confirmation, new pictures of our reality emerge to be shared with others, thus spreading this collective process of arriving at new understanding of one’s reality.

Personally, after finding qresearch in late December 2017, I became a full-time, dedicated lurker. There were a number of times when major new pieces of info caused me to vastly re-order my understanding of a component of the world. Being a searcher for truth for many years, aka “Conspiracy Theorist”, I trusted the process and allowed the cognitive re-ordering to take place without any resistance. Doing so was actually quite thrilling and fun, with ripples radiating through me mentally, physically, and vibrationally. Having already released my emotional attachments to what occurs in the world a few years ago during the transition of consciousness, there was no emotional resistance to shifting my understanding of reality to incorporate the new understanding of how the world has been operating. It’s the emotional attachments or ego that create resistance to moving freely in the midst of change. 

The Flood of the New Pieces Come in
Here’s another puzzle analogy for where we are now in this Great Awakening process. Imagine rather then new pieces of truthful info coming in at manageable pace, that someone started pouring a great pile of new pieces onto your puzzle table at a rate that was a challenge to keep up with. Think Declas, unsealing of Epstein docs, IG Horowitz reports, disclosure, and more that will be a surprise for even the most adept Q autist Anons.

If things transpire as many of us reasonably believe they will, we are about to experience just such a flood of new, true puzzle pieces pouring out. It’ll be a lot to sort through. For the people who’ve been holding on to a rather false picture of reality they’re about to get slammed in the avalanche. Because their attachment to their understanding of reality is held strongly at the emotional, ego and self-identity levels, they’re in for a very rough go of it. 

This will be the time for those who’ve gained a sense of grounding in their new, truer picture of reality, to offer, in compassion and unconditional love, a hand to assist others in sorting the new pieces of info and re-ordering their cognitive picture of reality.

Multi-dimensional Jigsaw Puzzling in Action
Here’s where things really get mind-boggling. If we move our perception up a level, we discover that the process of re-ordering our internal understanding of reality is occurring simultaneously in multiple arenas at the same time. As I wrote at the beginning of this article:

Great evolutionary charge is occurring in the outer world at the individual, national, and global levels. Great evolutionary change is happening within each individual at the mental, emotional, physical, energetic structural, vibrational, and spiritual levels. ALL levels, both in the outer world and each individual’s inner world, are interconnected and interdependent.

So staying with this jigsaw puzzle analogy, each of us are now in the midst of sorting and incorporating in all the new pieces of truthful information on numerous jigsaw puzzles, both the outer world puzzles and the inner world puzzles. Ideally, this analogy can be used as a framework for identifying what the process of The Great Awakening is, where you are in the process, and allow you to make congruent decisions about where you focus your attention and energy.

Another way to view this is that simultaneously:

You’re shifting puzzle pictures in the (re)discovery of who you are.

You’re shifting puzzle pictures in the (re)discovery of what is really going on in the world & Universe.

You’re shifting puzzle pictures in the (re)discovery of the structure & operation of Universal Laws.

You’re shifting puzzle pictures in the re-ordering of how you interact in the world & Universe.

There are days when I look at what’s rolling out in the news, what’s scrolling by in social media posts, what’s being posted by Q and the qresearchers, and it all comes across as such a cacophony of chaos it’s a challenge to witness. These analogies, particularly the simultaneous, multi-dimensional puzzling, were what I arrived at when I looked inwards for a framework from which to view the enormous, interdependent swirls of change so it all make sense. It’s my intention that the readers might find these helpful too.

Godspeed on your journey!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Looking Back in the Rear View Mirror After Passing Through the Veil; The State of Being & 5 Steps Taken

Photo by MDARIFLIMATby Pixabay

There are about 3,000 Ascension front runners on the planet, of which I am one. There are multiple purposes served by the Ascension front runners, one of which is to offer information, dispel mis-perceptions, and provide guidance to the Lightworkers and StarSeeds as they draw closer to opening the veil and stepping through.

Recently, I was asked to describe the last steps I took in order to pass through the veil. It’s very good question, and much welcomed. I’m happy to answer this request. Here’s a looking back view of what opened the veil and led me through.

A few preliminary notes….

First, those of you reading here are Lightworkers and Starseeds, advanced spiritual beings who’ve come into incarnation at this time to assist in the ascension of Earth and The Great Awakening of humanity. As such, I share with the intent of assisting you in your process of remembering who you are and remembering what steps to take towards transitioning to the next level of consciousness while you remain in your bodies here on the planet. 
Whether to ascend to the next level while remaining here incarnated, or wait to transition back to your true level of consciousness after leaving your body, is 100% your choice. There is no wrong choice here. Ascending while remaining incarnate is, however, offered to us as a reward for all our work here up to this time. Ascending while incarnate is a glorious, mind-blowing, pure bliss experience. Arriving at the next level where so much more is apparent and understood is a wonderful after such struggles during this incarnation. I seriously doubt anyone could ever regret it. And it serves the Mission we each signed up for exponentially.

Second, in reading about the steps I took, please apply all the usual guidance to trust yourself & your inner promptings. If something doesn’t resonate with you, ignore and move along. If something really bothers you, there might be something there for you to explore as to why and resolve. If something doesn’t make sense, perhaps set it aside and revisit it later, or leave a question in the comments. If you’re prompted to approach a step in a different way, a variation of the theme so to speak, just go for it. Trust yourself.

You’ve each ascended to new levels of consciousness many times before. Transitioned from 3rd density to 4th density, from 4th density to 5th density, and for some of you, from 5th density on to higher levels. You’ve done the transition between 3rd density to 4th density many times while assisting other planets to ascend. So this is all just about remembering who you are and what the process is.

Third, timing. Timing is coordinated with your Higher Self and your Over Self and the circumstances of your life. Let these non-incarnate aspects of yourself handle the timing. It will be perfect.

Forth, from my observation there are three ways one can transition to the next level of consciousness; Near Death Experience (NDE), during an emotionally traumatic experience, often referred to as a Kundulini experience, and by purposeful choice. What I describe here is about ascending by purposeful choice.

I elected to go through the veil by purposeful choice. I also elected to go through the experience of ascending with my awareness very focused on the mechanics, so to speak, of what takes place cognitively and energetically during the process, as well as the stages of adjustment that follow. I chose this so I could provide guidance such as this to you.

The Process of Opening the Veil
Looking back at what led to my transition through the veil, it’s perhaps most easily understood in terms of two things, the State of Being arrived at and the steps taken in that State of Being.

The State of Being
Looking back, I would describe the state of being as one arrived at after many years of inner work as well as study/remembering the Universal system by which a soul travels up the spiral staircase of evolution from 3rd density to 12th density. The inner work involves examining the events, situations, & feelings one’s lived through, discovering and applying the meaning and learning of one’s life experiences within the framework of Universal soul evolution, then healing & release of attachments. The inner work also involves a clearing away from Self Identity all that is false yet has been absorbed through childhood and life experiences. 
When the inner clearing, integrating the learning, forgiving and releasing is done from the perspective of why one comes into incarnation over many lifetimes and why one has chosen the experiences of this lifetime, the veil thins and one’s soul wisdom begins to seep through. Inner growth work done within a conceptual framework and understanding of a souls evolutionary path, the progression of densities, the roles played by Lightworkers and Starseeds in the Ascension of the planet opens the way for to much greater understanding of the Self. 
The state of being also relates to clearing & releasing within the physical body. Old emotions attach in the physical body. You may note that after doing immense work to clear old emotional attachments from the mental and emotional body, they still pop up after you thought you were done with them. This can indicate that the emotions are still attached within the physical body.

One technique for releasing old emotions from the physical body is to concentrate on feeling a single lower frequency emotion, such as anger, or disappointment. Call up the feeling WITHOUT thought or reference to any specific situation or person. If someone or some specific situation related with the emotion comes up in your mind, Stop and then start over again. Focus on feeling that single emotion with as much intensity as you can. After a while it will lessen until you can’t bring the emotion up anymore. As you do this you are releasing that emotion from your physical body. You may need to do multiple session to fully clear out an emotion. Do separate sessions for each emotion you wish to clear. Doing this exercise while immersed in the tub with Epsom or sea salts, or while in the shower, assists in washing away the unwanted emotions.

Also, clearing the physical body of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and pathogens is also part of clearing at the physical level. Toxins in the physical body lower vibration as well as diminish functioning and well-being. Looking back on the path I followed, cleaning up my body and my diet was a gradual process over many years. For instance I ever made a decision that from now on I’m only eating organic, non-GMO foods. Instead, as I learned more I made incremental choices until one day I had the sudden realization that I never even looked at the produce, foods or cleaning supplies in the no-organic sections of the grocery store. You may find on reflection, that you’ve been traveling a similar path. 
The Final Steps Taken to Pass Through the Veil
These are the five definitive steps I took in the last three months that, in hindsight, enabled me to step through the veil and transition to the next level of conscious awareness. Is this the only way? No, others who transition the veil by affirmative choice may describe and identify key step in a different way. The accounts I’ve come across from others who have transitioned levels of conscious awareness have done so either through near death experience (NDE) or in connection to a traumatic emotional experience, rather than by conscious choice and purposeful actions. I keep an eye out for recent accounts by others who’ve transitioned by purposeful choice, yet haven’t come across any yet. Each person takes their steps, in the manner of their choosing, at their predetermined time to step through the veil and transition to the next level of conscious awareness.

These are the five steps I took as a fore-runner:

State Intention to Pass Through the Veil & Transition Consciousness
About three months before ascending, I made an affirmative statement that I was ready to ascend. I did this despite not really being sure what the transition would be like. Around this time, there were various reports in the spiritual community about two waves of ascension energy coming in. In response I said out loud, and with 100% complete conviction, “Bring it on, I am ready to ascend!”

Bring Your Self & Your Actions Fully into Alignment with the Qualities of Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Joy, Creativity, Unconditional Love
In the last few months prior to stepping through the veil, I centered my Self Identity not on outer connections or relationships, but on core qualities and attributes, such as honesty, integrity, compassion, unconditional love, creativity, mutual respect, joy. I was unaware at the time that I was doing this. In hindsight a few days after ascending had begun, I saw clearly that from a vibrational aspect this had been a key to initiating ascension. 

Understanding the full implications of the vibrational aspects of these core qualities and attributes is not available from 3rd density consciousness. It becomes clear after one transitions to the next level of consciousness. In the final stages before ascending, it’s enough to focus one’s attention on acting with honesty, integrity, compassion, creativity, joy and whatever you choose to embody/express as your core Self.

Assess the Meaning & Your Willingness to Release All That You Are & All That You’ve Ever Been
Around the same time I made the affirmative statement of my readiness to ascend, I received very clear guidance of a step to take. The guidance came through while I was listening to a group channelling session. I heard it very clearly. However, upon later discussion and re-listening to the recording of the session, no one else in the group heard the guidance and it was not on the tape recording. Just shows you that when guidance from your Over Soul is trying to reach you, it will find a way.

The guidance I received was this: “You must be willing to release All that you are and All that you have ever been.”

Now releasing All that you are and All that you’ve ever been is quite a big step to take. The enormity of this was mind boggling as I considered what it really meant to me. I spent a number of weeks in contemplation about what this declaration and action would mean to me, and what doing so entailed. To take this step is a true leap into the void. I leave it to each reader to interpret and understand the meaning of this step in their own way. 

Make The Affirmative Statement that You Release All That You Are & All That You’ve Ever Been
After contemplation, I arrived at the point where I was fully ready to release All that I was and All that I had ever been. Three days before Christmas, 2015, I went outside, stood with my feet spread slightly apart, my arms at my sides slightly away from my body, my chest and head lifted upwards. I spoke out loud, with full conviction in every part of my being, “I release ALL that I AM and ALL that I have ever been.” I stood for about five minutes this way. As I turned then to walk back inside, I felt freer than I’d ever felt before.

Connect to the Immense Love Streaming Towards You from the Higher Realms
Daily meditation, even if only for ten minutes, is vital to opening the veil. Making meditation part of your regular, daily practice, is more important than the length of time spent in meditation. In the months leading up to ascending, I spent 30 to 40 minutes a day in meditation. I discovered that during meditation I could drop my awareness down into and out through my heart chakra, and out into the void. After this discovery, I spent part of my time during each day’s meditation out in the void.

As we are in the process of The Great Awakening and The Shift in conscious awareness, your Over Soul, to which you are continuously connected through your crown chakra, is streaming immense Love to you. I did not know this at the time I was taking the last steps towards opening the veil.

On Christmas morning, 2015, three days after I had fully released All that I was and All that I had ever been, during meditation I connected to my Over Soul. The love was so immense my eyes filled with tears. I (re)experienced the Love of the Elohim in their creation of this planet, Earth.
Immediately after connecting with this immense Divine Love, there was a sustained explosion of energy from within, filling every inch of my body (DNA awakening). I focused my breathing to contain the energy. My mind searched to understand what I was experiencing, which was like nothing ever experienced before. My Over Soul answered me, “Ascension is real.”

A few days after ascension initiated, I looked back and understand very clearly that after releasing everything I was and had been, what was left were the core qualities and attributes I had been embodying - honesty, integrity, compassion, unconditional love, creativity, joy. Each quality or attribute one embodies holds it’s own unique vibration. When one embodies multiple qualities/attributes with great clarity, they ring forth in the Universe as a harmonic of immense beauty and power. One could consider this harmonic your core vibrational signature, your symphony.

And so, in summary, the way to open and step through the veil: Let the symphony of your core being ring out across the Universe and touch the Divine Love reaching out to you.

Godspeed on your journey.
In Love & Light,