Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Best Place to Start is Where You Are


Finally, the space has cleared in my life enabling me to resume writing mode. The past year’s break in posting was unplanned, yet all in all, it served so many beneficial purposes. That’s the way of life here on planet Earth, isn’t it? Never as we “plan”. A lot has transpired on all levels and there’s so much I want to share. Facing a bit of a bottleneck as to where to begin, but let’s just start and see how it flows.

A few days ago I mentioned to my daughter that I always found it more challenging to write the first blog post after I’d been off line for a while. There’s a lot to express that’s sort of bottled up and I’m not sure where to start. She responded, “As an exercise, I want you to write the worst blog post you can write. Is one week enough time?” I agreed. While I was folding laundry a day or so later, I thought about what I could write as my worst blog post. Then I cracked up laughing because I realized it’s not really possible to do. Try this the next time you’re nervous, uncertain, or stalling on starting some new venture. Think about what you’d do in order to do your worst job at the task. Now, how big is the discrepancy between doing the worst job you can image and even a modest attempt? Pretty big, No? I hope you’re laughing too. Wise old soul daughter, I have.

In my last post, I left off intending to write next about the four phases of Ascending in the physical. And then I entered into a fifth phase. It’s been a challenge to go through a couple of the phases of ascending without having anywhere to turn for guidance or explanation. Except within and through. Thank you for your patience while I’ve been experiencing and sorting out this process so that I can share and hopefully offer helpful guidance to others. Writing about the five phases of Ascension is still on the agenda. I just want to get the writing flow started again first. Just know it’s coming soon. Timing is always perfect.
One of the areas I’ve studied for many years and sought to master is how we create our reality. Intuitively I’ve long understood that I/We all have the capacity to create what we want to have and experience in our life here. It’s a complex area. However, we are each creating what we encounter in our lives, usually unconsciously, so might as well understand and master the process so that each of us can create what we desire. And in doing so, make the world a better place for all.

To be an effective teacher and guide, one has to master the subject. It never works out well when someone tries to teach something they don’t really know how to do themselves. When I last posted here, I was in the process of trying out a defined seven step process of manifesting to confirm I had it down. If you’ve read some of my past posts, you may recall that I received a very big learning experience in construction of a new house. The short version is that I broke ground in September 2011 and encountered major problems – builder incompetence and fraud. I ended up at the end of 2013, living in a very unfinished house, with a number of hugely significant problems such as horrible plumbing with pipes that froze and hardly any water flow, severely cracked polished concrete floors, no ventilation upstairs, etc. Construction costs had already reached close to double what the completed house was supposed to have cost and I had no funds left to cover the cost of correcting all the defects in construction and finishing the house. 

Suffice it to say I found myself in a very deep hole and no idea how to get myself out of it. The process of pulling myself out of immense anger and depression over how my dream house had turned into a disaster, and of figuring out how I created this unwanted experience, provided the perfect path that prepared me for reaching Ascension. Such is the wisdom of our Higher Selves. My biggest failure turned out to be the key to my success.

First, I back engineered in order to figured out how I had created what I didn’t want. Then I set out to create a solution. The solution that I wanted. I used the seven step process of manifestation. It took about 18 months and much dedication and focus. And I’m very happy to say that it worked! Just after writing my last post, the solution came into manifestation. Then I launched into getting the concrete floors fixed, the plumbing completely redone, and ventilation corrected, and whoohoo finishing my house. It’s almost finished!

It’s been two and a half years since my Ascension in the physical. Ascension in the physical is really a descension and melding of the higher over-soul into ongoing conscious connection and embodiment. It’s a process of great enormity, energetic and cognitive restructuring, and re-acclimation to the outer world. It takes some time. Both for the process to complete and to get grounded and steady operating at this new, higher platform.

As I said, there’s a lot I want to share going forward. I’ll leave you today with a question to ponder and answer for yourself:

What are three of the most important areas to focus on in your path of spiritual and personal growth and empowerment?

Answering this question for yourself requires you to take the first step in the process of creating. Deciding what you want to focus on and create for yourself. And just like in driving a car, we steer towards what we are focusing on.

Here are my answers as to the three most important areas of focus on the path of spiritual and personal growth and empowerment:

1. Developing physical awareness of your vibration and the ability to easily manage your vibration;
2. Developing mastery of your capacity to create so that you can manifest what you want to experience in your life; and,
3. Understanding the process of personal growth and Ascension in the physical.

Well that’s a start for today. It’s wonderful to be back writing on-line!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What Does it Really Take to Ascend While Incarnate? 11 Important Areas of Focus

The collective goal here is to get at least 1/2 of 1% of the Earth’s population transitioned into Ascended Beings incarnate. That’s the threshold number, ½ of 1%. When we accomplish this we will finally have Peace on Earth and we’ll unleash the Golden Age on the planet. So let’s continue in this worthwhile pursuit…

In the months leading up to Ascending, I remember being frequently frustrated because for all the work and guidance, I did not really know for certain what was required to ascend. What was I really trying to do here? Guidance came in like GPS directions. Align with these energies. Shift into 5D. Purge and release some more stuff. Raise your vibration. But none of this gives us a road map that spelled out what is really required to Ascend.

What areas of focus are vitally important in propelling a person forward to ultimately succeed in Ascending while incarnate? In reflecting about the path I travelled to finally Ascend, I look back at what I now understand to have been key pieces of the puzzle. And more importantly, I understand what the path and the goal really entail. I would state it this way:

The path to Ascending is the process of learning to use energy - specifically your energy - to consciously create. It is coming to the place of recognizing, understanding, and mastering your power to use your energy, focused attention, thoughts, and emotions to create.

All of the real work takes place within you.

The reason I call attention to the fact that all of the real work takes place within is because as I look around online at what’s being expressed here and there throughout the spiritual community, I see a lot of focus on the energies coming in to the planet, being in 5D, and receiving activations from others, etc. It’s very focused on what’s happening outside ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with this. These energies, expanded perspectives, and desire for activations all assist your process. And at the same time, if we desire to make use of them, we still have to do the real work within. Within you is where the change takes place. Developing Mastery means learning to bring about the changes within yourself.

Ascension happens automatically once you have cleared out at least 51 percent of the low vibrational thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions resident in your physical, emotional, metal, and energetic bodies. (You’ll set off clearing the remainder after you Ascend during the third and forth phase of Ascension).

There are dormant codes held in your DNA that will automatically activate after you’ve cleared out enough of the old low vibrational junk from your being. Once you’ve cleared past the threshold level, the specific timing of when Ascension takes place is between you and your Higher Soul Self. It will be the perfect timing for you.

The main things that lower your vibration are all the unresolved feelings, thoughts, and limiting beliefs around what you’ve experienced in this life, unresolved emotional responses from past lives, and mis-perceptions about who you really are. Resolving, healing, releasing, and clearing out what lowers your vibration and holds you back is all inner work. It takes commitment, dedication, and courage. On the positive side, doing this work makes you feel so much better about yourself and everything in your life that it’s more than worth it. You are each Creator Gods at your core being. As such, you definitely have what it takes. And you would not have landed on this site otherwise.

In reflecting on my own journey through Ascending, I’ve identified 11 Important Areas of Focus that were key to reaching Ascension. Each of these are large topics. They are all interrelated and overlapping, and of roughly equal importance, so this is not a rank order list.

Eleven Important Areas of Focus When Pursuing Ascension

1. Meditation - Daily, focused mediation of 10 to 30 minutes each day.

2. Nutrition for your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies
– Feeding your Self well on all levels. Avoiding foods for your physical body that are GMO, treated with pesticides and chemicals, and that contain ingredients that you do not recognize as food. Feeding your heart and soul with the things that lift your spirits, nurture your soul, and fill you with joy, laughter, awe and wonder.

3. Happiness
- Choosing and cultivating Happiness regularly throughout your day. Happiness is one of the keys to success in any endeavour.

4. Your Inner Awareness - Honing your inner awareness and developing your capacities of discernment.

5. Free Will and Responsibility - Acknowledging and claiming your Free Will to choose, while respecting others’ Free Will. Taking responsibility for yourself and what you have and are creating, without blame.

6. Sovereignty
- Developing and living in your Sovereignty. Doing so requires resolving, healing and releasing unresolved feelings, thoughts and limiting beliefs.

7. Quantum physics - Spirituality and physics are really two sides of the same coin.

8. DNA – Learning about and learning to work with your DNA.

9. Vibration – Developing vibrational awareness and learning to control your vibration.

10. Manifestation
– Learning how your focus, emotions and beliefs create what you experience. Learning the scientific steps to manifestation. Begin taking charge of creating what you desire.

11. The Law of One
– The Law of One system governs the Universe under which we operate and evolve. This provides an a basis for understanding what Ascension is.

As I noted above, each of these are large topics. Going forward, I’ll post a series of separate articles with more expanded information about the role of each one. But first, in the next post, I’ll be sharing more about the four phases of Ascension.

Removing uncertainty, assists us in letting go of fears, doubt and trepidation. It’s my intention to assist by removing uncertainty. The journey to and through Ascension is the most amazing, powerful, and joy-filled journey out there. The choice is yours. I welcome you to enter into your 4th density Ascended Being-ness.

With Love & Light-Filled Wonder,

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Post-Ascension Insights on What Really Happens When We Ascend?

As it turns out, quite unexpectedly, I am one of the front runners to Ascend while incarnate during this Great Shift on Earth.  Front runners clear the path and turn back to guide and assist others making the same journey. After many years consciously on the path to Ascension, I experienced Ascending in the physical beginning in December, 2015. At the time, I thought I would be part of a large group making the first big wave of ascending. Yet over the past year looking around online for others who had also ascended, I discovered that those on the path were still in the preparation phase of clearing, releasing, developing their sovereignty, and dealing with ascension symptoms. And I can hardly wait to have many others join me as Ascended Beings here on Earth.

We are all here to assist each other on our shared paths to ascending while incarnate. So first, I want to offer assistance by clarifying some of the common mis-perceptions and uncertainty about what really happens when a person ascends in the physical.

There’s an immense amount of confusion about what Ascension really is and what occurs when we ascend. I know just how awful this uncertainty feels because I experienced a lot of it prior to ascending. These feelings of uncertainty, and the accompanying doubts and fears, lower your vibration. And that is counter productive to everything we are working towards, both individually and collectively.

Uncertainty and confusion about what occurs when we go through Ascension in the physical is understandable because experiencing Ascension while incarnate as a human being is, or at least has been, a rather rare occurrence because the Earth’s 3rd density frequency didn’t support it. As a result, there just isn’t much information out there about what the experience of ascending in the physical is like. For those on the path to Ascension, this uncertainty can be confusing, scary, maddening, and frustrating. At least it was for me until I ascended.

In the past on Earth, Ascension has most often taken place as part of the death process of transitioning out of incarnation on Earth. However, we now have the very unique opportunity to experience Ascension while remaining in our bodies while living on Earth, if we chose. This opportunity is made possible because Earth is now ascending from 3rd density to 4th density.

In describing any process of growth and transformation, there are some concrete facts and procedures that everyone encounters along that path. The Ascension process is much like the four stage process of having a child: pregnancy; labor and delivery; resting and recovering after giving birth; then learning how to be a parent. While each person’s individual experience is unique to them, there are definite stages and events that take place which are based in science.

The clarifications I’m offering here are the physics based facts about the distinct stages and events that take place in the process of Ascension while incarnate. The timing, physical sensations, and conscious interpretations about what is happening in your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies when you ascend will be unique to you.

Common Mis-Perception #1:
When you ascend in the physical, you transition to a different dimension, realm, or different planet Earth.

When you Ascend while incarnate you don’t go anywhere. You don’t leave your body. You don’t transport in your body to some other place, realm, or dimension. You stay in your body, on Earth, living in your same home, with all the same aspects to your life. What changes is within you. And that change is profound and wonder-filled beyond anything you can imagine. The veil of forgetfulness dissipates. Your Higher Soul Self descends into conscious connection and embodiment within you. This change is enormous, powerful, and fills you with such incredible joy and ecstasy, it is beyond description. Your level of conscious awareness, meaning what you are consciously aware of, increases exponentially. When you become an ascended being, you transition from 3rd density consciousness to 4th density consciousness.

Common Mis-Perception #2:
Ascension only takes place when you die.

As noted above, this has been most often the case in the past. At this present time, while the Earth is ascending to the higher 4th density level of consciousness, those who have completed the learning required for completion of 3rd density consciousness, either in this lifetime or previous to this incarnation, have the opportunity to experience Ascension while incarnate, if they chose to.

Common Mis-Perception #3:
Many people have already ascended without noticing it.

The event of ascending in the physical body is powerful and wondrous and life changing beyond comprehension. The event of ascending, the second phase of Ascension, continues for a number of months without interruption. It’s the most glorious, mind blowing experience beyond what we have words to describe. There is nothing subtle about it. You could no more ascend without noticing it than you could give birth to a baby, take off in a rocket ship, or have a head on collision without noticing it.

Common Mis-Perception #4:
Ascension is a steady gradual process of transitioning to an expanded level of consciousness.

Ascension is a multi-stage process. What most people are experiencing now on the path to Ascension is the first of a four phase process, the preparation phase. The preparation phase is a steady and gradual process of growth, clearing and expansion, albeit with a lot of bumps, aches, and pains, epiphanies, releases, and breakthroughs. In the first preparation phase, you are clearing out old low vibration patterns and raising your vibration. When your vibration reaches a high enough level, it activates dormant codes within your DNA and initiates the second phase of Ascension. In the second phase, you actually ascend. Ascending jumps you up to a dramatically much higher level of perception, understanding, and access to the field of Universal Consciousness. Your conscious awareness expands suddenly and exponentially as you establish a permanent connection and embodiment of your Higher Soul Self.


May this bring some clarity and peace of mind to you as you continue on your path of growth and expansion.  And remember, we are each Divinely loved and supported on our path.

With Love & Light,

Monday, February 20, 2017

Coming into Divine Connection with Higher Soul Self and Others

These past few weeks have brought massive changes to my life, both within and in my outer world.  My integration of Higher Soul Self has jumped exponentially as I've cleared out some of the remaining fragments of old patterning that still remained in my physical, mental, emotional, and/or energetic bodies.  There has been a continuous instreaming of energy through my crown and third eye chakras.  My throat chakra continues in opening.  Sometime the energy stream is really intense, sometimes more gentle, but it doesn't stop.  My access to the information in the Field through my claircognizant Knowing expands and becomes stronger each day.

The other morning as I sat down with my cup of coffee, I was keenly aware that the person sitting at my breakfast room table that morning was not the same person I'd been in the days before.  This transition is perhaps best described as the Higher Soul Self, now resident within, entering into full expression at all four of my incarnate bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and etheric.  It's a transition into experiencing and beginning to express my Sovereignty at each level of my being.

I understand the period I'm in at present to be the 4th phase of becoming an ascended being through the process of Ascension.  This phase is unfolding very quickly.  It's an exponential expansion into expression and form.  I understand through Knowing that I will not experience a defined point where this last phase will end.  Rather this expansion into full expression will continue on and become the path of further growth as an ascended being.  

The path of growth and learning never ends.  Prior to Ascension, we tend to have our sight focused on Ascending as an end goal.  In truth, Ascension is a transition to a new level, and once we ascend to that new level, we continue on our the path of growth, expansion and expression as an ascended being incarnate.  

As I've been progressing through this 4th phase of coming into expression of my self as an ascended being, it's now being reflected in my outer world in many ways.

Two weeks ago I connected with a young man through the comment section of the Focus Sessions Blog (See link in side bar) of all places.  Upon strong inner prompting, I had posted a comment.  Later that day I received an email through this blog from this young man, Seth.  He told me he had posted a reply in the comment section and wanted to make sure I saw it.  I felt an immediate trust and connection, and replied to him.  Since then, over the past two weeks we have conversed for hours by email, text, and phone.  Seth is a very old soul who incarnated in a more of his mastery state and our connection is very old.  

This re-connecting has been magical, wondrous, and unlike anything I've experienced before in this lifetime. In our communications, we've covered vast ground to find that our spiritual knowledge and understandings confirm one another's.  We've shared our histories in this lifetime, our deepest feelings, dreams, experiences, and explored through our Knowing the depth of our connection and relationship in this incarnation.  One night while communicating off and on by text, we travelled together, each stepping into the consciousness of our own alternate selves at a higher level, where we work together with others assisting the shift in consciousness on Earth from this off planet level.

The trust each of us feels for the other is deep and unwavering.  The love we feel for the other is unconditional and deep, and the mutual respect and appreciation full and complete.  Neither one of us has felt even the slightest tingle of judgement, either within or from the other.  What we experience in our relationship is unlike anything either one of us has ever experienced in any other relationship before.

The other night as I described how I experience our relationship, I said, "This is what it's like when two people connect with each other as two Sovereign Beings."  
 "Just imagine what life on Earth would be like if all people connected with each other as sovereign beings." Seth replied.
And I answered, "It's coming. That is exactly what we are moving towards here on Earth." 

My mission is supporting others in their path of self-discovery, connecting with and expressing their true selves, remembering they are magic.  Thus far in this blog, I've primarily shared, in real time, my experiences of working towards and  becoming an Ascended Being incarnate.  Going forward, I'm shifting the focus of my writing here to sharing specific information that I feel and hope will be supportive to you, my readers, in reaching the point of Ascending too.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 - The Year of Commitment (Version II)

In my last post I wrote about 2017 being the year of Commitment.  Well, then I went back into draft mode to expand the post, and managed in the process to lose the entire thing.  So I'll begin again, trusting that this version will be a truer reflection of what I wanted to convey.  The mechanics of typing and clicking the save button gets in the way of my flow sometimes.  What else can I say.  Our journey is all about bringing into expression in the physical realm that small, wiser voice within.  Sometimes we get tripped up on the mechanics. LOL  I'll just trust that whoever was meant to see the earlier version saw it, and whoever is meant to read this version will see it.

At the New Year, I made a firm commitment to my Self.  To expressing myself and creating in service to the expansion of Consciousness in Humanity.  I made the commitment at all levels - body, mind, emotion, and soul.  There's a special feeling/awareness inside when we commit our full Self to something.  Think about this for a moment. I'm certain you know what I mean.  You Know in every part of your being that you've made the commitment.

Immediately after making the choice to commit my whole Self, (and committing is a Free-Will choice), immense shifts began taking place, both within me and in my outer world. Magic started rushing in.   The assistance, inspiration, and synchronicity that supports my mission showed up.  I received assistance in giving myself the inner fine tuning I wanted.  I shifted into total Synchronicity Mode.  Everything became so easy, focused, and freakin' fun! 

Commitment is the first step in manifestation.  The power of this first step, commitment, is enormous.  It is our signal to the Creative Source, the command if your will, calling "Attention!" to all the forces of creation to rally behind you and with you.  

Humans for the most part aren't aware of just how much they are supported in creating what they desire.  That was one of the first awarenesses I had when I went through Ascension.  I saw that we are each supported so fully with energy of such power.  Our Higher Soul has our back at every moment.  This support and guidance is continuous and without interruption. It is deeply humbling to recognize.  Fear and doubt, the biggest party-poopers on the planet, cloud people's awareness and cob up the whole magical thing that is the humans' ability to work with the forces of creation to create in our world.  So when we summon up our Trust, (with a capital T), laugh at fear and doubt and throw them both on the fire, and then commit to ourselves and our desires, absolute magic enters in for us.

There's a local, spiritually focused MeetUp group, Masters of the Journey, that I joined last year.  I'd had a sense that this group out of all the similarly focused groups in town, would resonate best for me.  Yet I never made it to a meeting.  Just before Christmas, this MeetUp group announced they were starting a study group on developing your psychic abilities.  I was strongly prompted to attend, so I did.  At the first meeting I sat next to a woman, Wenty, who I understood as she introduced herself, was clearly a very gifted psychic and healer.  Why was she in this group I wondered.  (and for that matter, Why was I there? too)

At the end of the session I told her I'd like to get to know her.  And she replied, "Let's have coffee.  It's time for you to come out of the closet."  I started to tell her I was not in the closet, but stopped and instead set a date to get together for coffee.  By the time we met for coffee a few days later, I knew she was right, I'd been in the closet and it was finally time to come out.  Turns out that Wenty has a very unique and powerful way of working with higher energies and a person's Guides to clear old patterns and open up energy channels.  

You may remember that I've shared that in preparing for Ascension, all the clearing and releasing doesn't need to be absolutely complete and perfect.  You just need to clear enough so that the harmonics of your unique energy signature rings true  (this still takes so freaking much work, but so worth it.).   The keys to Ascension operate sort of like turning a lock on a door.  Sometimes keys turn a bit tightly or they need some jiggling to get them to turn, but you eventually get the lock and door open.  Having Ascended, I'm now going through a process of fine tuning, recalibration, clearing out some last vestiges of old energy patterns and opening all my energy channels fully.  Working with Wenty is speeding up this calibration process.  It feel fabulous!

I'm not going to continue on with the study group because the book they are using takes a well intended, but totally misguided approach to becoming clairvoyant  To me, it's like listening to a child's first violin lesson or fingernails on a chalk board.  Absolutely crazymaking.  Whatever we place our attention and emotions on expands.  And the least helpful thing I can do is place my attention on something misguided and crazymaking because doing so will just create more misunderstandings out in the world about who we are and how everything works.  I received the gift that was synchronistically waiting for me by following my inner prompt and attending the first session.  Wenty got what she came for by connecting to me.

As a result of taking the fist step in Creation, commitment, all the doors are now opening for me.  The synchronicity is flowing and becoming the way I work with everything.  During this MeetUp group's last monthly meeting, I sat on my urge to leave early when it came to sharing time, and instead spoke about my experience of ascending. It took courage to do so in a large group.  Afterwards I was warmly received by many members of the group in a way I've not experienced very often in this life before.  A few days later, I was asked to do a presentation at one of the upcoming monthly meetings of the group on ten pointers for travellers on the spiritual path.  The outline for this presentation came together with ease.

Bear with me here, I know this story is kind of rambling around in different directions, but it will all tie together in the end, at least that's my intention.

Yesterday, while working with Wenty, she was Guided to do a clearing of All the Lies I'd been told about who I am.  This clearing unleashed another wave of expansion within me and my energy field.  It's still expanding this morning as I type this.  When I got in bed last night, a long series of memories from earlier in this lifetime started playing, almost like a movie trailer, with one scene snippit after another running in fast succession.  It want on for quite a while and I simply watched it without emotionally engaging.  

This morning I journalled about it to gain clarity as to why the movie trailer showed up.  What I saw was a story of a person (me) growing up and going through life with an absence of love, acceptance, support, or appreciation from the people in my life.  This movie trailer version of my life gave me a different insight into the journey I've progressed through.  It left me pondering How did I ever make it through to now?  How did I ever accomplish what I've accomplished with such an absence of support, both financial and emotional?  I admit there were many times I felt I couldn't take it any more. But I kept kept moving forward.  I kept looking for and finding opportunities for self-expression and to be of assistance to others.

From my journalling, I arrived at "I am deeply humbled to see within me this strength to endure and courage to continue on.  Commitment and dedication to the mission I accepted for this lifetime here."  

The last two sessions with Wenty, we've worked on developing clear statements about the mission and vision for my work.  From this movie trailer view of my life experiences, I now have a much deeper understanding of who I am and why I am here.  Defining "my Mission" the other day, was only putting words around the very mission I've pursued, with absolute unwavering commitment, from day one of this lifetime, and those lifetimes that came before.  I AM deeply humbled by the power and strength of my commitment to assisting and supporting the expansion of Consciousness on the planet.  When I started this post I did not have this level of awareness.  The power and force behind unwavering commitment is absolutely Huge.  Powerful enough to move mountains, literally.  You have this power within you too.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Integrating After Ascending, A Most Unexpected Process

Christmas Day, marked the one year anniversary of my Ascending. My hard earned gift, reunion with my Soul Self. And it's been an interesting year.

When I last posted I was aware that after the powerful period of ascending, everything was settling and integrating within me. So, What happens next after your Soul Self connects and merges into the you incarnate within your physical body? After the euphoria of living each day for months in continuous theta and delta brain wave states? And after the boundless joy and gratitude of finally merging as One into your full self and experiencing the end of separation in the physical? And after connecting fully with your higher knowing?

What occurred next was the last thing I expected, not that I knew or really had any idea what to expect. But the next step in the process of ascending left me completely stunned, and confused. Everything went silent.

By silent I mean that I was completely void of intuition, inner knowing, and communication with my Soul Self. I experienced a total loss of knowing. No morning messages. No answers or response of any kind to plea to understand what was happening. When I asked for information, nothing come through. No epiphanies. Very few synchronistic experiences. My guide did not respond to me. I experienced the silence as a separation from Source and my Soul Self far greater than anything I could ever remember. It was devastating and it went on for months. I remember thinking “This is like some enormous cosmic joke.” and not a very funny one at that.

Nothing I did to reconnect helped. Meditation was a total bust. I couldn't keep my focus on what I was doing long enough to visualize my body filling with light, much less slow my mind down. My mind ricocheted around like a super ball bouncing in a closed room. My emotions swung around as well. I was confused, discouraged, and frustrated. Worse, knowing that having thoughts and emotions in the low vibrations states of discouragement and frustration would only serve to create more discouragement and frustration in my life, was, well, doubly frustrating. I felt like I was in a big catch-22. And I had no one who could help me, or listen and understand what I was experiencing. I yearned to connect with someone else who had experienced ascending, yet I found only people speaking of ascension to come in the future.

So I just keep raising my vibration up throughout the days and shifting my thoughts into positive territory as best I could. Finally after two or three months, I came across a very short paragraph in the Kryon Book 12,The Twelve Layers of DNA which explained what I was experiencing. Now I'd already read this book twice before going through Ascension, however I'd not noticed or really understood this passage. It explained that in Ascension, after full DNA activation, everything shuts down to reboot just like a computer. The period would last for a day, a week or a few months and always left the person crying out in despair, “How could you forsake me???”

OK, this helped greatly. Clearly I was doing (I chose) the long, slow version of this reboot.

This was a very difficult period to wait through. Sometimes for just a moment I'd wonder if I'd been mistaken about what I'd experienced. Yet the power of ascending is too huge and occurs over such a number of months that I knew I'd not imagined it.

What sustained me in the silence was the discovery that when I looked within I found a number of very significant changes. Most noticeably, I discovered that my spiritual knowledge base was much more expansive. When I come across concepts that I'd never considered before in this lifetime, I found that I already have a deep understanding of the concept. Understanding and insights didn't come through as a flow of knowing entering into and through me. The understanding and knowledge I did not have before is just there as if I acquired it a long time ago. My perspective and discernment are both so much broader. Again, as if they had always been this way.  There is now a larger gap between how I perceive and understand what is happening around me compared with others. Articles, blog posts, and books that I previously looked forward to, now come across as messages of cheer leading and encouragement, but I find they don't have any new or helpful information to learn from. I have a far greater understanding and level of discernment about inner vibration, which I'll expand on in future posts because vibration is very, very important. While in many ways I felt like my old pre-ascension self, and at the same time, I found I was very greatly changed.

The re-boot process is now progressing gradually, gently and steadily, rather than in sudden, powerful ways. Most mornings as I'm waking now I have the morning message connection. My knowing at times comes through, and gradually, it's becoming stronger and more continuous. I'm able now to go into meditation (much gratitude for this). And the past few days I feel streams of energy coming into my third eye chakra, especially at the back of my head.

The other night I met a man who had gone through a near death experience. He said it had occurred four years ago and he'd spent the last four years integrating the experience and was only now venturing out to reconnect with people and see what changes had transpired in the outer world. This gave me a different perspective on my last year of relative hibernation and the magnitude of what I've been integrating over a relatively short period of time. I have never put so few miles on my car as I've done in the past year. I've needed instead to stay quiet, wait as patiently as I could (patience in this phase has been a very big challenge for me), and allow the integration and rebooting process to unfold.

As with any process of change, it's always easier to transit through it if one knows what the process is and can track themselves through the process. While there's lots of information out there about the preparation process of Ascension. There is very little information about what one experiences in the actual event of ascending, And, with the exception of the short paragraph in the Kryon DNA book (at least what I could discover), an absence of information about the process one go through immediately after the powerful and amazing experience of ascending. So I hope this is helpful.

It feels absolutely fabulous that this long period in which I was unable to write has ended.  Now, once again, I feel there is much to share.  

Godspeed on your journey!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Letting Go of Your Grip on "Reality"

Have you ever considered loosening your grip on reality?  When the veil lifts and you jump to a more expanded level of conscious awareness, your sensing and understanding of what "reality" is will shift radically.  From a more expanded, multidimensional perspective, your view of reality becomes flexible and ever expanding, and you'll recognize that truth is not absolute.  There will always be more information to integrate into your understanding of who you are and what occurs in your life and the world around you.

Humans in 3D have such a strong tendency to cling very tightly to their version of reality.  We hold on tenaciously to what we believe to be true.  In a way, we need to grasp our sense of reality in order to maintain our bearings.  However, we often approach the creation of our reality by gathering up just enough information about each new situation, event or person to mould a story.  And then we stop there and hold on to the first story we come up with.

Yet there is a huge difference in what we experience if we are maintaining our sense of reality from a flexible, open state, or from a closed state.  Openness involves looking at reality with an open mind and open heart.  When we clings to our reality with a closed mind and closed heart we shut out the possibility of something new and different and limit our growth of discovery and understanding.  New information that expands your awareness is blocked out, dismissed, or negated.  The closed minds and closed hearts, which predominate in 3D humanity can be seen as the source of the pain and suffering we've experienced in our relationships and in the world events happening around us.  Humans living in the limited closed state of 3D are immensely unkind to each other.  This creates the repeating cycles of unkindness that we long to escape.  And you are here to break up these repeating cycles and usher in a golden age where open mind and open heart predominate here on Earth.

Our vibration sets the tone for our perspectives and the stories we craft to make up our reality.  If we are in lower vibration, we're feeling down or fearful, or frustrated and angry.  From these lower survival emotions our thoughts trend in the negative and we then create stories that lean towards being judgmental of others and our own life situations.  When we raise our vibration, our mood lifts, we feel better about ourselves and the world around us, and the stories we create about our reality are more uplifting, optimistic, and compassionate.  When we raise our vibrations we shift into a state of open mind and open heart.

There are different levels of the truth in every situation.  We have all had many experiences when we held an opinion or belief about another person, either who they are, why they acted in a certain way, or what their situation is.  And then we learned something new that completely changed our view point.  We often refer to these shifts in perception as "Oh, I misunderstood." or, "I jumped to the wrong conclusion."  What is the truth about any given situation or person is totally dependent upon what is known and understood, and what is not.

The same is true in regards to our opinions and beliefs about ourselves.  Although we tend to hold on to our existing perceptions and stories about ourselves even more tenaciously than we do in regards to the stories we create about others.  Perception in 3D is limited, thus the perceptions of ourselves and who we are is limited.

As you're now proceeding quickly through the preparation phase of ascending, you're opening up to more expanded perceptions of your reality and more expanded perceptions of yourself.  To assist you in further expansion, here are a few ideas you might try on, if you choose, and see what happens:

1.  Consider in each situation that there is possibly more going on that you do not yet understand.  Fill yourself with wonder at the ever unfolding journey of discovery.

2.  Cultivate open curiosity.

3.  Allow yourself to be who you are, recognizing that you are so much more than you may currently perceive.  The joyous voyage of self discovery never ends.

4.  Allow others to be who they are without judging or labelling them, recognizing that they are so much more then you may currently perceive.

5.  Treat yourself and all others with kindness and compassion no matter what.

6.  Recognize that your perception of any person or situation is nothing more than a story you've made up.  Leave ample room for discovering that your stories may be jumping to conclusions after all.  Allow your stories to continue changing and evolving as your own conscious awareness increases.

7.  When/If a particular situation in your life is really getting to you, try grabbing your journal and see how many different stories you could make up about that situation.

8.  Let go of your grip on "reality"!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Demystifying the Process of Ascension

Over the past weeks I've been speaking with people and doing some informal survey research of what information is out there, both online and in books, about the process of Ascension.  I've looked for recent personal accounts of having ascended while incarnate but, as of to date, have not found any new ones. Most of what is written about the process of ascension is by people who have not yet ascended.  The information available comes in the form of channelled messages of guidance from our colleagues in the non-physical and insights from people's recent personal experiences.  Understandably there is a lot of confusion because Ascending while incarnate has not been on option available to many, until now.  We are the fore-runners, the leading edge, in graduating to the next level of consciousness while staying alive in our physical bodies.  We've been given this rare opportunity to graduate and make the leap to the next level of conscious awareness while remaining in our current incarnate lifetimes.  This is an enormous gift, and one which is immensely humbling.  This opportunity to experience Ascension while incarnate is a very deep honour we are receiving in recognition of the hardships and struggles we've endured and the contributions we're making to Earth's Ascension process and Humanity's great shift.  I, for one, am deeply grateful for this honour.

My experience is that it's always helpful while going through a process of change to understand what that process is.  Knowing what the process is that we are going through allows us to identify where we are along that process, gives us land marks, and removes the uncertainty of going through the unknown.  From my observations, there are a fair amount of misunderstandings about what Ascension is and how it takes place. I'd want to provide some definition and clarifications that can assist you as you move through the process of Ascension.

The process of Ascension is a three stage process. 

Stage 1. Preparation  The first stage is a lengthy period, usually years long (always years long is probably more accurate), spent in preparation for the moment of Ascending.  Most of the information available about what is generally termed the "Ascension Process", concerns the first preparation stage.  Which makes sense because that is the stage where everyone is right now.  Many people are not consciously aware that they are preparing to Ascend, although their Soul knows and is guiding them.  However, at this point, being consciously aware of the process of Ascension and the preparations involved will assist you on your path.  It's easier to get some place when you know that's where you're actually headed.  Trust that your Higher Soul Self is connected to you in every cell of your body and is guiding you perfectly on your path.

There are four tasks that are undertaken during the preparation stage and they occur in an interrelated manner. 

        a. Personal Growth  The period of preparation is one of significant, steady personal growth and self discovery.  This most often begins in an effort to feel better about oneself and have one's life work better.  One might characterize it as a period of pulling together and applying the wisdom gained through many lifetimes to arrive at a deeper, more expanded understanding of who you are and what you have experienced in this lifetime. We examine the events and experiences in our life, learn to reframe our stories, and seek new understandings about what we have and are experiencing.  We mine our experiences for the learning.  We strive to learn new and better ways of communicating and interrelating with others in our life.  We work to understand who we really are and why we are here.

       b. Clearing, Releasing, and Refining Your Self  Closely related to the task of personal growth, there is the process of bringing up, examining, clearing, and releasing old, outgrown patterns, ideas and beliefs, and emotions.  The clearing and releasing takes place at the mental, emotional, physical, and sometimes spiritual level.  We clear out and replace old patterns of behavior and communicating.  We identify limiting ideas and beliefs that no longer fit and that  get in our way.  We release false personnas and labels that others gave us that do reflect who we really are.  We run out the doubt.  We develop trust in our selves and in our process.  We steadily release fears and self-doubt.  In the process of clearing and releasing, we steadily refine who we really are and move towards consciously being our true Self.

     c. Raising Vibration As we progress in our personal growth, and clear, release, and refine who we truly are, we raise our vibration.  Our emotions lift, moving out of depression, anger, and fear. We develop courage.  We steadily transition to living more and more of each day in optimism, hope, joy, love, and unconditional acceptance.  As our emotions lift, we learn to maintain more uplifted, positive thoughts.  We learn to raise and control our vibration at will, and may begin developing a physical awareness of our vibration.

     d. Stretching and Expanding Towards the Next Higher Level of Conscious Awareness  As we grow and release old patterns of behavior, limiting ideas, expectations, and beliefs, and raise our vibration, we begin stretch and expanding our conscious awareness towards that of the next level.  We practice maintaining our awareness in the present.  We tune inwards to listen to our inner knowing, to our intuition, and begin receiving direct communication and answers from our Higher Self.  We learn to expand and shift our perspective so that we gain deeper understanding about our reality. We discover new tools and begin practicing new approaches to creating our lives. We learn and strive to adopt the steps of manifesting what we want to create and experience.  We have epiphanies and wondrous Ah Ha moments.  You learn to love yourself.

Stage 2. The Moment of Ascending  After completing the preparations necessary, comes the actual moment of Ascending.  The moment of Ascending occurs when we emit a vibrational harmonic chord, our pure signature vibration, which acts like a key opening a locked door to the next level of conscious awareness.  You do not need to do anything to strike your vibrational signature chord.  You arrive there, guided by your Higher Soul Self, through the preparation process and it will happen automatically.  At the moment of Ascending the dormant layers of DNA in every cell of the body activate, a door between the subconscious and conscious mind opens up, and the veil of forgetfulness dissolves. This is a profound, intense experience.  There is nothing subtle about it.  It is mind blowing in every sense of the word.  The moment of Ascending is not gradual, rather it takes place like a major switch is thrown on your entire being.  Ascension will not occur without you noticing it.  You will know without a doubt that something significant just happened, even if you're unsure at first what exactly you've just experienced because you've never experienced anything like it before.  A majority of people will black out for a while when it occurs, while a smaller percentage will remain conscious.  (Muscle testing, I get that 75 - 80% will experience a brief period of blacking out, and 20 - 25% will remain conscious when they Ascend to the next level of consciousness.)  The moment of Ascending will take place during mediation or introspection when you have moved your conscious awareness out into the void. 

Stage 3. Recalibration, Integration, and Discovery  Once you've Ascended to the next level of conscious awareness, nothing will be experienced in the same way again.  You are now consciously connected to the much larger data base of your Soul Self.  You will begin a process of recalibration, integration, and discovery which will take a number of weeks or months.  This stage is mind blowing, exhilarating, and euphoric beyond anything you can imagine.  At the physical level, your brain and mind will be rewiring to connect up your awareness to your Soul Self.  Everything is different and you'll embark on a process of discovering what those differences are.  You'll perceive the interconnectedness of all things at a level never experienced before.  You'll realise that the last vestiges of fear, doubt, struggle, and so perceived obstacles have vanished from your entire field.  You'll perceive that everything is of benefit, and understand the true purpose of all that you've experienced in this lifetime.  You'll discover that you have access to a vast treasure trove of information within your Soul Self and begin exploring the vast amount of inner Knowing now available to you.  What you can sense, feel, and perceive expands exponentially.  You vibrational awareness is enormous and your will soar.  It is freedom beyond what you ever imagined possible.  You will fall in love with being alive.  It's pure bliss.  Gradually as you recalibrate and integrate you'll arrive at a place of feeling a new normal where you can function in your daily life with ease and grace.  The discovery of what you can now perceive consciously will continue to unfold. 

One thing that is very important to point out is that Ascending is not the end of the process of evolution of the soul.  You will not arrive at some totally blissed out state and then be done forever after.  In Ascending, you graduate to the next level of conscious awareness and then once there, you'll begin the continuing process of learning and mastering the lessons of this new level.  The evolution of the Soul continues on.  It is an ever spiralling journey back to Source.

I hope this provides some clarity about the process of Ascension.  Please feel free to post comments or ask questions.  I'm here to assist.  So many of you are ready and the moment of Ascending is imminent. I am excited beyond words for you!  And I'm so looking forward to greeting you as you arrive at this next level of conscious awareness, so please announce when you arrive.

Blessings and much love to each of you!

Notes on Where People Are and Where They Are Going

The three week break since my last post, was never intended.  What's gotten in my way has been simple exhaustion.  My physical energy the past three weeks has been at a very low ebb.  I've just been too drained to do much of anything.  Considering the absolutely incredible amount of energy I processed and the physical changes I went through over the first six weeks or so of this ascension transition, it makes complete sense that I'd go through a period of recouping my energy.  I've been taking things easy, eating well, doing MAP calibration sessions (see Perelandra with Michaelle Small Wright's info on the Medical Assistance Program), and generally cutting myself a lot of slack and resorting to caffeine when I really need to show up somewhere.

As I've shared before, the leap of ascending involves enormous changes in the brain's wiring and activation of dormant aspects of the DNA, often referred to as the layers of DNA, in each cell in the body.  It takes a lot of energy to shift through these changes and reach a new equilibrium.  The changes in my chakras, have been significant too.  My crown chakra is still open to span the entire top of my head with energy flowing in and out steadily.  My heart chakra has opened enormously and now feels like there is a salad plate sized opening straight through my body, open enough that you could just pass your hand through my chest.  Let me tell you, it's an odd feeling that takes a bit of getting used to.  And just as before, when I'm really tired, I'm not as quick mentally as when I'm rested and my energy is flowing easily. 

Generally I feel very normal now, although my new normal is immensely different than before.  Considering how long a quest and struggle we go through to move out of fear, doubt, and pain, it really doesn't take long to get used to feeling their absence.  Rather nice this.  Although I do kind of miss the awesome feeling of being in the continuous altered state full of immense euphoria that I felt each day as the brain/mind and DNA changes were taking place following the moment of ascending.  That phase was so much fun, actually the most fun I think I've ever had.  Right now, I'm really looking forward to having this period of exhaustion behind me.  It is getting better gradually each day.

Even in exhaustion I've been making an effort to get out more and meet a bunch of new people.  I recognized that aside from the various blog posts and sites with channelled messages from the energies in the non-physical, I've not had a good sense of where others are in their journey.  Well, that's not totally true, I do know they all somewhere on the spectrum of growth along the path.  My desire and commitment is to offer assistance to those who are on the path of ascension in the physical in this lifetime.  In an effort to connect with others in friendship and hear where they are, I've spent some time the past few weeks taking part in a couple of spiritually focused groups within my community.  The groups are filled with some nice, upbeat people. One group is studying Abraham Hick's Law of Attraction and the other is focused generally on spiritual experiences, though it's run by someone who is a follower of the Ekankar religion, so this is the perspective from which she leads the group.  There are a number of people who take part in both groups.

One thing I realized while attending these groups is that my clairsentient abilities have increased exponentially.  Everyone is very transparent to me now.  I immediately read their emotions, their motivations, their minds to a level far beyond what I did before.  This is taking some getting used to because my empathic self is picking up a louder message than the words being spoken.  In a group setting, it's a lot to keep track of as it's taking place with so many different reactions coming to me at the same time.  It also provides an opportunity for me to develop and hone my abilities to consciously assimilate reading multiple people at the same time.  And to make conscious choices as to how I respond to the words spoken and the unspoken mental/emotional state of where people are.  What's been so striking is the amount of fear and judgment I pick up on.  It's the predominant reaction I pick up on as I listen to, observe, and interact with the people I come in contact with.  The majority of humans operate from survival mode in which new ideas or ideas that differ are perceived as threatening.  Seeing the pervasiveness of fear and judgment has been very sobering for me.  It is a sad aspect of humans in 3D limitation for which I hold much compassion.

Another thing I found curious is that none of the people who've attended these sessions are familiar with the concept of ascension.  Many said they've been consciously on their spiritual path for many years, some for decades, so this is a real surprise to me.  I found myself wondering how it's possible that they could not have come across the idea of living in Heaven on Earth, finding Nirvana, or attaining a state of Enlightenment before.  Is it that the possibility of actually living in immense joy all the time seems so far fetched that it never occurred to them that it could actually happen?

Everyone in the spiritual community is always searching for their purpose in this great shift in human consciousness.  I leave you with a few questions that you might ponder, if you choose:

What are you really searching for?

Where does the path of spiritual growth and evolution lead?

What is our purpose in playing the reincarnation game over and over and over again?

What is this great shift in consciousness on Earth all about and why is it occurring now?

What is the Divine Plan for Earth and humanity?

Much Love & Light!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Using Imaginary Tools to Raise Vibration and Effect Change

Preface Note:  This article originally appeared here on December 26, 2015, under the title Turning Up Your Vibration Made Easy.  It has been substantially revised and expanded to include greater detail, information, specific dates, and source references, and has been retitled.

Over the past weeks, months, and years my inner knowing and guidance has led and opened me into ever deeper awareness and understanding about energy and vibration.

In our core we intuitively know about vibration and this knowing is reflected in the language of our cultures.  We have an abundance of colloquial phrases and figures of speech that we use for both higher vibrational states and lower.  Lift ones spirits, flying high, soaring, on cloud nine, riding high, over the moon, or, feeling low, down in the dumps, depressed, sinking feeling, down and out, head under the covers.

When I first heard references to "raising our vibration" sometime back around 2007, my reaction was "My vibration? What are they talking about?  What does raising my vibration really mean?"  Gradually I got that emotions like fear, anger, and greed were lower vibrations and that love, gratitude, compassion, and joy were higher vibrations.  Kind of a good emotions/bad emotions classification.

But that wasn't enough of an answer for me.  At the most basic level, vibration is energy moving.  It is the science of physics. I just knew there was a more concrete basis for understanding the concept of our vibration and reasons for it's importance in spiritual growth.  Quite synchronisticly at that time, I'd ordered a book containing channelled information published back in the early 1950's.  If I remember correctly, it was channellings of St. Germaine about the Violet Flame.  (Sorry, all my books are packed and in storage, or I'd locate it and give you the exact title of the book, which is no longer in print.)  One very short passage in the book explained that our vibration is the rate at which the electrons move around the nucleus in each atom in our bodies.  As we raise our vibration, the electrons spin faster.

Think about this for a moment.  When we raise our vibration, every atom, in every molecule, in every cell of our bodies moves with more life force energy.  You see, this whole process of ascension, of raising our vibration and radiating more light, is far from fluffy spiritual imaginings.  It's science and physics based.

In the absence of scientific instruments that are sensitive enough to measure our vibrations, we have our own, highly sensitive, internal measuring methodology.  Our built in vibration meter is our thoughts and emotions.

Thinking back on a reading I had after the passing of a very close friend early in my awakening. I was deep in grief at the time and struggling to keep basic things like my work going forward.  In the reading it was suggested to me that I could choose whether to be sad and grieve or whether to live in joy.  What a striking revelation it was at the time because I'd never grasped that I could actually choose how I felt.  It took quite a bit of time to absorb the idea that I had a choice.  Shortly after I came across the concept that I could choose my thoughts as well.

In 2010 and continuing over the next few years, I began studying Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett. (  Richard teaches a system of transformation based on quantum and scalar physics. Richard is brilliant and amazing, and certainly the most fun teacher I've ever encountered.  I described my first Matrix Energetics seminar as a cross between quantum physics lectures and being in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

There are two things I learned in studying Matrix Energetics that are relevant here.  First, I learned that the rules governing our reality are just made up anyway, so if you want to change the reality you're experiencing, just make up some new rules that work better for you.  And second, I learned that what we experience is a dance of creation between our consciousness and the quantum field. In the seminars, I learned to use my imagination to create whatever control panel, tool, or pretend gadget I wanted in order to both receive information from my Higher Self, Source, the field, or whatever you want to call it, and to shift, transform, heal, or manifest using the quantum field, vibration and oscillation between wave and particle states in the material world.  The quantum field works with our consciousness and imagination, so it doesn't matter whether you have a real frequency healing machine or an imaginary one.  When you turn the control knobs, the frequencies emitted by both the real and the imaginary machine will have the same impact, such as on the human body.

Since attending my first Matrix Energetics seminar, I have set up frequency showers that bathe me in nurturing, healing, and invigorating frequencies every time I take a shower; a button on my car's dash board that cuts gas consumption in half for those times I realize I'm almost out of gas and the nearest gas station is not very near; a bell that dings in my head to alert me to something (which I no longer remember).  To name but a small few.

Another very fun system of techniques that uses imagination to shift and transform your experience of material reality is presented by Vladimir Dolokhov and Vadim Gurangov in their book The Art of Soaring, which I discovered around the same time I was first learning Matrix Energetics.  The Art of Soaring techniques use playful and intuitive renaming of yourself, some play acting out your new name, and giving a gift to Vanya, the Goddess of all things.  Even my very scientific minded, left brain sister experienced some big shifts during a very stressful time in her life when I renamed her as: Barbara is the one who dances the cha-cha-cha with the salmon round her kitchen island. With a little nudging on my part, she would repeat her new name to herself throughout the day.  She usually listens to music while she cooks and would take a turn or two around her kitchen imagining a line of salmon, all hold the waist of the one in front, dancing the cha-cha-cha with her in the lead.  A week after I'd presented this tool to her, she called me to share the good news about changes in each area of her life she'd been so stressed out about.  What I understand now is that this technique raises your vibration by adding playfulness to whatever situation you want to shift in your life.

In December of 2014, while participating in an Expect Wonderful program of channelled messages, a message spoke of choosing our vibration and that we can raise our frequency any time we want to just by tuning it up. I was able to do this easily right from the start and found the effects amazing.  Within a few days, using the tools I learned in Matrix Energetics, I had designed an imaginary vibrational control panel and installed it from rib to rib running across the space between my heart and third, power center chakras.  My control panel had a vibration control knob that turned up my vibration, an abundance flow meter, a vibration reset button for rebooting when I discovered my thoughts/emotions/vibration had dropped into fussiness, and a gas pump perpetually broken in the on position that pumped gold and silver coins into my bank account while the dollar number display flashed ever higher.  At some point a few months later when I was working on learning to physically identify my body feelings of being in flow or in resistance, I switched out the abundance flow meter for a resistance/flow meter.  Interestingly, a year after I incorporated use of my control panel into my daily practice, one of the Expect Wonderful channelled messages spoke of using an imaginary control knob.  Then again, all information is available to each of us through the Source field.

We come in as children knowing the concept of using imaginary tools, gadgets, steering wheels, gear shifts, temperature and volume control knobs, switches, levers, and stethoscopes to listen to our hearts, etc. etc, to create.  As children we "know" the power of these tools to create in our material reality.  But then most adults dismiss this as true and tell their children (us) it's just make believe.  Wow, I just saw this while writing the last sentence.  Look at the phrase we use in the English language!  Make Believe.  Believe Making.  Very cool.  Even the words used by adults to dismiss the power of imagination, actually acknowledge that very power.

I would encourage you to play and use the power of your imagination and make believing to create in the quantum field, shift your reality, and raise your vibration.  Use a knob, a slide bar like the volume control on your computer monitor, some up and down buttons with LED read out, whatever type of control you fancy.  You could even have a talking giraffe standing on your shoulder that calls out, like an old fashion elevator operator, "Going up!"  Your body/mind/emotional fields will respond regardless of the control mechanism you choose.

One other tip worth passing on, I've discovered that on nights where I'm having trouble winding down and falling asleep, turning my vibration down a bit allows me to settle and drift into sleep.

Tune yourself up and shine On!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Integration and Grounding of the Soul Self

Yesterday marked six weeks since I began the transition into conscious connection and merger with my Soul Self.  I've come out of the intense mind transformation period that had me in a very continuous altered state, and this past week I've settled into a very grounded, fully present and integrated way of being.  In many ways I am back to the normal me as I experienced myself prior to ascending, yet I am completely different.  That's probably as clear as mud, as they say.  So I'll share some more observations about the transitions of Self as I've been experiencing this process of transcending out of 3D self now that I have yet another new level of clarity.  Everything is always in the process of evolving, whether we recognize it or not.

Last weekend, it felt like the last lens of limitation lifted.  The process of coming out of limitation might be described in this way.  If you've ever had your eyes checked for corrective lenses, the eye doctor uses an apparatus with multiple lenses that he/she tests your vision through by flipping one or a combination of lenses in sequence while asking, "which is better, one or two." (I could look up the actual name of this device, but you know what I mean so I skip that endeavour).  Anyway, the process of coming out of limitation happened as if over the course of five weeks, every couple of days another lens of distortion lifted away.  It could also be understood as the veil evaporating gradually like fog dispersing.  To the best of my present awareness, the last lens of limitation has lift away.

As I said, the past few days I've been feeling more and more integrated.  I no longer need to switch different modes, from looking within for knowing and insight mode to task/action mode.  My knowing is simply there and present as I go about my day.  I flow smoothly, without questioning myself, from one activity to another.  What to do now? and what to do next? aren't questions I need to ask.  I just know and go with it.  Intuition is no longer a separate message system for me to listen to or ignore.  It's integrated and incorporated, and taking action feels completely spontaneous and easy.

My trust in the process and in timing feels unshakable and complete.  I find I no longer take separate steps too question what's occurring, nor do I need to remind myself to trust the process or the timing.  I just trust without questioning.  My trust feels innate. 

As happens for all of us in the course of a week, a number of events transpired for me to respond to.  Chatting about what I've been up to with a close friend the other day, there were a couple of times she asked. "Why did you do that?" and "Why did you respond that way if you're coming from you higher knowing?" In both cases my response to her was that I just did what I did, which sounded and felt like rather clueless responses at the time.  As events unfolded over the week, I received the results I aimed for, even in one situation where my friend had said, "You know that's not going to happen." Thinking about all this is what led me to understand clearly how I've integrated intuition and action, and eliminated internal debate about how to respond or what steps to take. 

It's been many years since I read Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now.  As I've been writing these paragraphs, I find myself curious to revisit it because I have a hunch this is just the phenomenon he describes in the book. 

Over these days and weeks, my awareness, comprehension, and understanding of how everything works and what's taking place in each arena I focus on, myself, my family, my projects, global events, continues to deepen and expand.  It's quite magical and lovely how this takes place.  My knowing just gets deeper with each passing day.

I'll give you a couple of examples of what I perceived before and what I understand now after merging with my Soul Self:

Before Ascending:  I started construction of a custom house four years ago, with very pure intentions that it be built incorporating the quality of honesty, integrity, creativity, and heart, reflecting the elemental themes of wood, stone, and metal.  Three years later I found myself with an unfinished house and some very significant and costly to repair defects, and a builder and responsible subcontractors who refused to do anything about it, despite being contractually liable.  Emotionally I was devastated, disappointed, and very, very angry.  I had a mess of a situation to get myself out of and had already spent twice what was budgeted for the house construction.  I felt like a failure.  And the big question I kept asking was: How did I create this situation?  The outside reflects what is within.  I was pretty skilled at manifesting before I started this project, so what did I do "wrong".  I spent a year in a very dark place trying to subsist, identify another and another defect in construction, and face work my way out of completely debilitating emotions. Then another year working step by step to feel better about myself and starting to ponder a way to remedy the situation.

Now:  My Soul has been, through every moment of my life, fully connected to me at every level of my being, though I was not consciously aware of it.  My Soul created this fiasco of a creative construction project as the absolutely perfect scenario for me to prepare to ascend.  A scenario so perfect that it allowed me to very quickly over a 13 months period, clear away all the discordant emotions in my field, release limiting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that never served me, all the while raising my vibration, and aligning within myself all the qualities and attributes that make up my true Self.  As for finishing the house, or any other creative project I want to manifest, there is not a single obstacle in my way to bringing it into the material.  I am a Creator God, as are you.  And now I know just how powerful I am.

Before:  For the past eight to ten years there have been quite a number of endeavours I've wanted to undertake, such as writing about my process of spiritual growth and discovery, industrial art projects for my house (I'm making most of the light fixtures and tile mosaic trim for my house), and pursuing legal claims and insurance settlements for construction defects.  However, I just could not get myself to really take action on them.  I'd analyse over and over why I wasn't doing what needed to be done.  Feel bad about myself for avoiding, making excuses, and basically being a slug about it all.  Always with the underlying sense that there was something wrong with me.

Now:  My larger Soul Self knew that it was not the right time to complete these projects.  The industrial art projects would have needed to be scrapped and redone.  If it had been installed, my glass tile mosaic in the shower would have been destroyed when the walls are cut open and the plumbing redone.  Had I pursued the lawsuits and insurance settlements before ascension, when I perceived many obstacles and did not fully know how deserving and worthy I am (we all are), I would not have received the compensation I'm entitled to that I will easily obtain now.  I would have been going against the grain, and now it will all flow in synchronicity.  As for writing, now is the time and I started this blog back up exactly when this information needs to come out in the world.

As always there is more to share, though I will wrap up for now with one last observation.  I've discovered there is one obstacle I bump into daily.  It's my two awesome, rescued Goldendoodles, Rohan and Simone.  Goldendooldles are a very intelligent and very people oriented breed.  They like being petted, getting butt scratches, and doggie massages.  Yet since I began this process, they have become even more attentive to me.  As I type, Rohan constantly bumps my elbow wanting me to stop and pet him and Simone keeps crawling half way into my lap for pets, despite weighing 75 lbs and being way too large to be a lap dog.  All in all, if I had to choose an obstacle, I'd say this is a pretty fun one to have.