Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Law of One & the Ascension of Earth 101

The Law of One governs throughout the universes. The Law of One is and is governed by physics. The Law of One governs the levels of density and the evolution of souls as they progress through the density levels in a process of learning, growth & expansion. Each soul evolves by learning the “curriculum”, so to speak, of each density, before the soul may transition to the next density level. No soul can transition up to the next density without having completed the curriculum required at their current density level. The progression of souls travelling up the evolutionary staircase is always in conformance with the Law of One. None can bypass or circumvent the Law of One. You can learn more about the Law of One HERE.

Dimensions refer to geographic locations. The first four Dimensions are length, height, depth and time. You can read about the 10 Dimensions (as currently conceived of) HERE
Densities are levels of conscious awareness. At each density level there is a range of what a soul can become aware of and understand. When a soul enters 3rd density incarnation for the first time, they don’t grasp much and their lives don’t work out very well. They’re pretty much a mess until after a three or four incarnations they begin to figure out how things work. Contestants on the Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil shows are a good examples of new 3rd density humans.
A 3rd density soul who has, through many lifetimes, learned & grown, functions in human incarnation with high levels of honesty, integrity, courage, creativity, compassion and reason. You know, or have come in contact with people across the spectrum of development (curriculum) at the 3rd density level. A soul has to complete the curriculum at each density level before transitioning (ascending) to the next density level. Readiness to transition from one density to the next is based on vibration. It is based on physics and the Law of One.

What occurs when one transitions from one level of consciousness to the next cannot be understood from the 3rd density level of conscious awareness, it can only be understood by experiencing the transition. 3rd density is the first level of a new soul starting out on the evolutionary spiral staircase travelling up to 12th density level of conscious awareness. As such, there is no prior experience or awareness of ascending to a higher level.

Many say they’ve already transitioned to 4th density. You can determine if this is true for you by asking yourself, “What date did I transition?” Transitioning to the next level of conscious awareness is an experience of such immensity it won’t go by you unnoticed. The date it occurred is akin to a new birth date, both figuratively and literally. If you’ve made the transition, you’ll remember and know the exact date. So enormous is the transition from one density to another.

That said, the Earth is in the midst of transitioning from 3rd density to 4th density, Earth’s Ascension began on December 21, 2012. Earth’s Ascension involves both a transition energetically within the planet and her field, and a 3 – 5 generation process of 4th density humans being born on Earth until all humans living on Earth operate at 4th density level of conscious awareness. The Earth & humanity are connected and interdependent. Earth’s ascension is not complete until all of humanity living upon her are at the same 4th density level. Neither Earth nor energetic souls can skip a “grade” and transition up two levels at one time. 
A majority of the souls incarnate on Earth at this time have not completed the 3rd density curriculum, and as such, they are not ready or able to transition to the next density level. Look around you and you will see that this is true. After completing this incarnation, these 3rd density souls will continue on in the learning and growth at the 3rd density level with incarnations on some other 3rd density planet. The new children, born following December 21, 2012, plus some fore-runners, are anchoring in Earth’s ascension to 4th density. As more and more children enter in at the 4th density level of consciousness, and 3rd density souls pass on out of incarnation, gradually Earth’s ascends to 4th density. Earth Ascension is complete when all of humanity residing on the planet are 4th density souls.

Under the Law of One, the 3rd and 4th density levels of consciousness can embody or incarnate into the 3rd Dimensional (4th Dimensional with Time included), material planes. Souls who have attained 5th density or above have developed vibrational energy beyond what a human body in the 3rd/4th Dimensional, material plane can contain. If a 5th, 6th density or above soul were to enter straight into a human body it would destroy (explode) the physical body. Similarly, a planet transitioning from 4th density to 5th density undergoes a transition out of the 3rd/4th Dimensional, material plane into a higher Dimensional quasi material plane. 
Lightworkers and Starseeds are 5th, 6th, some 7th, and a few 12th density souls that have entered into incarnation here on Earth to ensure (Lightworkers) and assist (Lightworkers & Starseeds) in Earth’s ascension to 4th density by raising the collective vibrational frequency of humanity upon the planet. In order to incarnate into 3rd Dimensional, material human bodies, the Lightworkers and Starseeds vibrational energy had to be stepped down and softened prior to incarnating to prevent destruction of their bodies. Think of a transformer on a laptop power cable that reduces the electricity down to the level compatible for functioning of the laptop. This is analogous to the process undertaken by 5th density and above Lightworkers & Starseeds prior to entering their 3rd Dimensional human body here in this lifetime.

At this time on Earth, Lightworkers & Starseeds are remembering who they are as 5th, 6th, 7th or 12th density beings. In this remembering there is often a longing to return “Home” to their true density level. At the 5th density level, incarnation occurs into “Lightbodies”, energetic bodies with some minimal form. Many 5th,, 6th, 7th and above density souls chose to hang out in Lightbody incarnations on 5th density planets between missions of assistance.

Ascension from one density level to another most often occurs when a soul is in the non-physical realm. Fortunately, in this time of Earth’s ascending to 4th density consciousness, there is a unique opportunity for Lightworkers, Starseeds and 3rd density souls level who have completed the 3rd density level curriculum to experience transitioning/ascending to the next level of consciousness (4th density) while remaining incarnate in their human bodies. It is each Lightworker’s, Starseed’s, and ready 3rd density soul’s choice whether to transition while incarnate or transition after they leave their human body (through “death”). There I no right or wrong choice. it is up to each of these souls to decide whether they wish to transition while incarnate or after leaving their human body.

One factor to consider in making this choice is that transitioning to 4th density conscious awareness while remaining incarnate here on Earth, contributes exponentially to both Earth’s ascension and to the evolution of humanity at this time of re-balancing the dark & Light frequencies on Earth. Transitioning while incarnate assists immensely, at the vibrational level in freeing humanity from the enslavement they have endured. It is also one of the most glorious experiences one can have while incarnate.

Lightworkers & Starseeds might consider that they chose to incarnate on Earth during this time in order to assist her in her ascension. Just friendly reminder.

Go in Love & Light!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Path to Ascending is Both Spiritual & Science

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

There are few guideposts on the long, winding path leading towards Ascension. Traveling the Path takes deep introspection, healing, clearing what is “Not You” from your mental, emotional, physical & energetic bodies. Traveling the path towards ascending takes courage, determination, and fortitude. It’s not easy, yet the gifts received multiple exponentially as one progresses.

As you travel the path towards ultimately ascending, your Higher Self guides you along. Usually this guidance goes undetected, yet in retrospect you’ll see clearly you were guided all along. A chance meeting, a book that catches your eye, landing on a website and you can’t really remember how you got there or what you were searching for in the first place, all the events in your life, most importantly the challenges you encounter. All this is guidance from your Higher Self.

Along the path we pick up pieces of info and understanding. We revisit those pieces of info, revisit past and current events of our life, and develop deeper understanding. Add new info and your understanding grows and expands. Bit by bit, you make connections and fit the pieces together. The path is one of solving a huge multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.

Epiphanies mark the times you connect two or more pieces together. There’s that rush of joy with each epiphany.

Searching for the Keys to Ascension

The spiritual path is a search for the Keys to Ascension. It takes many lifetimes to acquire the maturity and wisdom that are foundational to the Keys to Ascension. We venture into this spiritual journey blindfolded with the veil of forgetfulness.

The Keys to ascending are not clearly marked and identified as such. Meaning that operating under the veil of forgetfulness, one may not grasp the significance of an understood concept as being part of a Key.

Yet keep heart. Remember that each of you reading this are old souls. You’ve already mastered and passed through this 3rd density level ages ago. You have all the wisdom and answers within you. 
Your Higher Self is not out there somewhere. Your Higher Self is never separated from you, not for an instance. Your Higher Self very literally has your back at every moment of your incarnation in this lifetime.

The Path to Ascending is Both Spiritual & Science

The path towards ascending is meta-physical. It is both spiritual and science (quantum physics).

In it’s spiritual aspect, we come into this lifetime which is full of experiences, ideas, thoughts and emotions. The experiences, ideas, thoughts and emotions pile on day after day, month after month, year after year, until one day we realize we don’t know who we really are, yet intuitively know deep inside that we are much grander than we can conceive. Then the path, the search for who one truly is, becomes conscious.

It it’s science aspect, the path is one of gradually, bit by bit, peeling away and shedding off all that which lowers one’s vibration at the conscious, unconscious, and physical levels. And in the process gradually raising one’s vibration. Your DNA is multi-dimensional. In operating at the 3rd density level, much (about 70%) of your DNA is inactive. Human DNA is encoded such that dormant aspects of your DNA will automatically come back online, so to speak, when one’s core vibrational level raises to a set point.

Think of a piano. One’s Vibration is not a single tone like one playing a single note on the piano. Your vibration is comprised of multiple tones all playing simultaneously. Your vibration is a complex harmonic akin to a collection of chords on a piano.

At each point in our lives we operate at a core vibrational level. You hit low notes and high notes and notes in between. Yet all these notes are within a range that make up what you could understand to be your core vibration. Raising your vibration involves not only raising the individual notes you play. It also involves raising the core vibration you’re operating in on a day to day basis.

Ascension can happen once you have shed a majority of what is “Not You” and in the process, you have raised your core vibrational level up to the encoded set point in the DNA. Ascending while incarnate is a choice. Once you’ve accomplished the shedding of “Not You” and raised your core vibrational level, there are clear steps you can take to give notice to your Higher Soul Self that you choose to and are ready to ascend. Ascension will then happen automatically.

Once ascension kicks off, it’s the biggest, best, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world fun experience ever. Our language really doesn’t have words to describe it.

Godspeed on your journey!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Define Your Sovereignty; Upgrading Your Self-Identity

All your ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about who you combine into what we refer to as your Self-Identity. Our thoughts and ideas are like tennis balls we toss up in the air. Emotions connected to our thoughts and beliefs are the tennis racket we use to send the tennis ball out into the quantum field. The quantum field acts as a backboard sending back to us the circumstances that mirror the thoughts, beliefs and emotions we sent out. The stronger the emotion connected to a thought or belief, the more energy propelling those thoughts and beliefs against the quantum backboard. And then back into our lives.

We each have strong, deeply rooted emotions connected to the thoughts and beliefs we hold about who we are, don’t we? This is why editing, revising and clearing up your Self-Identity to remove/release the negative thoughts and emotions about who you are can have such a big and beneficial impact on your life. Editing out the negative, limiting beliefs and negative emotions clears the space so that the real You can shine through in all your glory!

When I began the actual ascending process, I saw that in fact, upgrading one’s Self-Identity plays a “key” role in activating for ascension to occur. For those choosing to pursue transitioning to the next level of consciousness (ascension), clearing out what is Not You from your Self-Identity serves as one of the keys to ascension, unlocking the door to ascending to the next level of consciousness.

These exercises and the mediation tools to follow (in subsequent posts) are ones I created for myself in the months just prior to ascending up to the next level of consciousness. At the time, I created these tools in order to feel better about myself and to free myself from the weight of all negative, belittling, judgemental labels I’d absorbed in childhood and adulthood. The exercises made a huge difference in how I felt about myself and I share now with the intention that they might assist others in their journey of growth, healing and wholeness.

So let’s pick up and continue on from where we left off in Part I of this series.
Gather up your lists from the previous exercises. There’s one more list to create. Well actually two.

The Positive Qualities You May or May Not Own
Make a list of the positive things others say about you. Examples: You’re so talented. You always know how to handle an emergency. You’re so creative. You’re one of the most non-judgemental people I’ve ever met.

Some of these positive statements about you may be strengths or attributes you own.  On the other hand, some might be ones you’ve resisted owning about yourself. If you have a lot of resistance about owning a positive quality that others often acknowledge, it might be an area to look into.

You Are The One & Only Expert On You
Each person is unique. You are the one and only expert on You. Thus you are the only one who can make the choices as to what you wish to include in your Self-Identity and what you want to edit out and release from your mental, emotional, physical and energetic fields.

Defining Your Revised Self-Identity
While it may seem counter-intuitive to start defining your revised Self-Identity before taking steps to release the parts you want to let go of, there’s a benefit to starting here first. When you define your Self-Identity in a new way, one that most accurately reflects who you are and how you choose to see yourself, you gain clarity, stability, strength, and become more grounded. This puts you in a solid & high vibrational space, one which facilitates the process of releasing the stuff that no longer, or never did, fit for you.

After reviewing all the lists you’ve made from this and the previous post, each giving you info on how you see yourself from different perspectives, it’s time to define your revised Self-Identity. On a clean sheet of paper, make a list of the qualities, attributes, and self-identifiers you choose for yourself. Taking the time to write out your Self-Identity is a first step in self-expression and bring your true sense of self into form.

This is a statement of your sovereignty. And it’s not my place to guide you this way or that. Yet I will share some options you might consider.

Options to consider:
  • Place the various roles you play - spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent, supervisor, employee, etc. - in a side column of “Hats” that you put on and take off as needed.

  • Consider including qualities and attributes that you want to embody. Example: courage, compassion, humour, confidence, flexibility, honesty, integrity….

  • Practice “trying on” qualities or attributes that you want to embody on a continuing or situational basis. Each of us knows what confidence feels like, for instance, even if we’ve not seen ourself as very confident in the past. Trying on an attribute on gets us re-acquainted with the feeling, one you may decide you want to embody frequently.

  • If you’re looking to make a career move, or change direction in another aspect of your life, consider including the qualities and attributes that fit you being successful in this new endeavor (however you define successful).
It’s important to recognize that, as a Sovereign being, you are in charge of how you choose to see and feel about yourself. You can choose how you want to experience yourself. Pretty neat, huh?

With your new sense of Self-Identity taking root and giving you stability, I’ll spend the next couple of posts sharing some meditation tools that can be effective in releasing old labels and false personae, reigning in your inner critic, and replacing limiting beliefs with positive ones.

You are the Light. Shine with the clarity of your true Self!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Upgrade the Way You See YourSelf; Changing Your Self-Identity Changes Everything

One of the most powerful ways to change your life for the better is to change the way you see yourself. What you experience in your life is merely a reflection of what is inside you. Your Self-Identity holds resonance (vibration). What you resonate from within attracts that of the same resonance into your life. Even small changes in your sense of Self-identity ripple out in beneficial ways in every aspect of your life, and the lives of others.

How We Identify Ourself
Most of us when asked Who Are You? offer a list encompassing our profession, family roles (mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son…), political party, group memberships, and activities (jogger, gardener, painter, activist…), and perhaps an attribute or two such as, dog-lover, creative, or free-thinker.

Many of the roles, labels and attributes we absorbed into our self-identity during childhood or many years ago. We adopt these identifiers consciously or subconsciously, yet may not shed them when they no longer represent who we are. Ask yourself, are you the same person now that you were six months ago? A year ago? Five or ten years ago? Has your sense of Self-Identity changed in keeping with the changes in you and in your life?

At the deeper emotional and subconscious levels, our core sense of identity is acquired in a piecemeal fashion as we grow up and interact with others in our world. We take on what I call false personae. We acquire and take in at the subconscious level during our early childhood aspects of our Self-Identity upon hearing declarations such as “You were a fussy baby.” And as we grow up we hear: YOU ARE... “too rebellious”, “such a cry baby”, “too demanding”, “too emotional”, “too much of a free-spirit”, “too sensitive” “not man enough”, “weak”, “too far out there”, “crazy”, “hair-brained”, “selfish”, “such a coward”, “too aggressive”, “always think you’re so special”, “stupid” etc. etc. and on and on and on. 
It’s often more difficult for us to take in and self-identify with the positive things others tell us about who we are. The gist of these pronouncements, which we absorb into our sense of identity at a deep unconscious level, amass into a deep-seated self perception of “I’m not good enough.” or “I’m not worthy.”

Notice the commonality between our list of professional, relationship roles, and outside interests, and the false personae is that they’re all derived from outside ourselves, our outside associations and (mostly negative) opinions of others. 
The Benefits of Editing, Revising & Upgrading your Self-Identity
  • Changing and upgrading your Self-Identity raises your vibration as you release old attributes that no longer or never did fit for you. Dependent upon what choices you make in selecting your revised sense of self, it can raise your vibration significantly.

  • When you change how you see yourself to reflect what is truly you, you align yourself with your higher Soul Self.

  • When you change your Self-Identity, based on your choices and Not others’ opinions of you, you (re)claim your Sovereignty.

  • When your Self-Identity is based on your core attributes, and not your outside affiliations and roles, you gain stability and grace. This is especially valuable in these global transition and awakening times as the falsehoods are being exposed and the Truth is revealed. When one roots their self-identity in a particular cause or belief, one loses the ability to dispassionately assess information that refutes the basis for one’s affiliation. 
  • When you remove false personae from your Self-Identity, and revise to reflect who you are and what you choose to embody, you remove lenses of distortion and expand your perspective on the world and open to seeing possibilities you could not see before.

  • When you change your Self-Identity to one that reflects all the many positive attributes you embody, you diminish the power of your inner critic.
How to Change Your Self-Identity
If I just tell you about the benefits of changing your Self-identity you’ll get a cursory inkling. If I give you some tools to change your Self-identity and you try them out, you could develop deeper understanding and witness results. That’s the shared intent here.

The first step in upgrading your Self-Identity is to take a good look and identify what’s there, both consciously and subconsciously. In the second step, you get to make choices on what you want to keep, what to reframe, and what to let go of. Lastly, I’ll give you a couple of meditation tools to make revisions at the deeper subconscious level. This will most likely take a number of sessions with your journal and meditations. You may experience huge transformation in the process.

If you’re up for this, grab your journal and pen. This is a list of journaling exercises to examine how you self-identify.

1. When someone asks you to tell them who you are, what do you say? Write your answer as a list. Leave room to make three side-by-side columns.

After you have your list, in you second column, note for each item whether it’s a family role, profession, activity you engage in, or an attribute.

In your third column make a note about your feelings for your role, professions, activity, or attribute. 
Take a some time to reflect on your answers and journal your thoughts.
What patterns do you notice? 
Are the ways you describe yourself primarily descriptors? How many are positive attributes? 
Are there patterns in how you feel about this identity you share with others?
Other observations?

2. How do you describe yourself to your Self? Write your answers as a list. Leave room to make three side-by-side columns.

After you’ve made your list, in the second column note whether the descriptor is positive or negative. 
In your third column make a note about your feelings for each descriptor on your list.

Now take some time to reflect on your answers. 
How positively/negatively do you describe yourself to your Self?
What patterns do you see?

How does the way you describe yourself to yourSelf compare or differ from the way you describe yourself to others?

Other observations?

3. What does your inner critic say to you? Make a list of your inner critic’s comments about you. You might want to closely observe your inner critic for a day or two and take notes along the way. 
After you have this list. In a second column, note TRUE or FALSE.

For each inner critic statement that you marked as True, flag it as a “Limiting Belief”. 
Take time to reflect and journal on your observations. What patterns to you see? How often do you believe what your inner critic says is true? 
4. What statements have others made telling you, or others, who you are? Make a list of the statements/labels made by family, teachers, school friends, friends parents, employers, co-workers, during childhood and adulthood.

In a second column note whether each statement on your list is positive or negative.

Sometimes statements/labels denote a quality or attribute that you find to be positive, yet it was said with a negative connotation or context. For example “free-spirited” or “inquisitive”. Make a star or highlight these statements. You might decide to re-orient these qualities or attributes into “positive” at the subconscious level.

Spend some time reflecting on this list and journalling on what comes up for you. Note which ones were especially hurtful, or that you’re aware you took in at a very deep level.

As you’re doing these exercises and journalling about them, you may very likely find some old hurts coming up to be processed so you can heal, forgive and release them. You may also discover strengths you hadn’t seen in yourself before. 
This wraps up the exercises for examining and identifying your send of Self-Identity. The next post(s) in this series will continue on with making choices of what you want to edit out and discard, and what you want to include in your Self-Identity. Lastly, then implementing and integrating your choices at both the consciously and subconscious levels.

Namaste & Godspeed!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Inner Work - The Benefits of De-Cluttering

The answers you seek are within you.” 

“Go inside to find the answers you seek. “

This guidance used to leave me in a state of confusion and frustration after each attempt to get the answers I needed. I’d sit quietly and focus inwards but I never heard the wise, loving voice speak the answers to my questions, questions that habitually involved some rather desperate version of “What’s going to happen???” or “What should I do???” Despite being strongly clairsentient (empath), and at times clairvoyant, I longed to be clairaudient so that some voice of wisdom would tell me the right choice to make, or tell me what was coming so I could prepare. Sound familiar?

"If you correct your mind, the rest will fall into place" -Lao Tzu

About 85 – 90% of the spiritual journey is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. When we know and understand the process, we can better navigate the tasks required for correcting our minds. 
The analogy I'll use here is of a messy, over-stuffed garage. This is pretty much the state of our minds at the start of the path of self exploration, discovery and healing – a messy, cluttered garage. 

It’s very hard to find the answers inside when inside is a cluttered jumble of old stuff. The process of getting to an inner state of clarity and openness involves A LoT of sorting, chucking out, discovering inner resources we didn’t know we had, cleaning up, re-organizing, re-polishing, re-purposing, and donating back to Source what we no longer need/want so that it can be transformed.

This is a pretty comprehensive list of the tasks involved in the process of clearing and correcting the mind:
  • Sorting through old hurts, figuring out what wisdom can be gleaned from the experiences.
  • Learning to release old emotions from the mental, emotional, phsyical, and energetic body.
  • Learning forgiveness.
  • Discovering the one or two core issues you came in to explore and learn about in this lifetime.
  • Examining the programming you adopted while growing up in your family of origin – Roles, overt & covert Rules, patterns of communication, perspectives, beliefs, values, who your family told you that you are. Then deciding what to keep, what to revise, what to replace with new ones that fit and work better for who you are now.
  • Examining, editing, revising and upgrading your Self-identity.
  • Raising your sense of Self-worth, which for most of us, is pretty low when we start out.
  • Eliminating Fears.
  • Running out the Doubt.
  • Identifying and replacing limiting ideas and beliefs with expansive ones.
  • Identifying the stories you tell about your life events where one often feature themselves as the victim, and rewriting your stories with new, more positive ones. Then ultimately, throwing the stories out completely.
  • Elevating lower vibrating emotions to higher ones.
As we progress along the spiritual path, we progress in de-cluttering, cleaning-up, re-purposing, and organizing the mind. As the mind is cleared, corrected to reflect who one really is, it becomes easier and easier to go within and find the answers one seeks.
The cleaned-up garage of the mind then feature:
  • Open space, openness of mind.
  • Deep knowledge and awareness of Self.
  • An array of very useful Tools, easily accessible, with ever developing skill in using them.
  • An organized store of internal resources – Courage, optimism, honesty, integrity, resourcefulness, creativity, inner strength, flexibility, self-trust, humor, wisdom, compassion and self-worth.
  • Elevated vibration.
  • The coolest sports vehicle imaginable, one that can even transport you to the next higher level of consciousness, if you so choose.
Eventually the need for answers dissipates and evolves simply into an intention to create what one chooses to experience.  


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Seven Step Process of Manifestation

The science of creation, aka manifestation, is based on quantum physics. It’s science. You do not need to understand the science to manifest. In fact we all manifest every day, whether we know it or not, whether we understand the underlying science or not.

Now, if we understand the process and have the gist of the physics involved, we can create with purpose and intention what is beneficial in our lives and serves the highest good of humanity.

The Manifestation Process is a simple, seven step process. Like the seven notes in a musical scale. One takes the steps in order, with steps 4, 5 and 6 continuing on at the same time. In other words, keep doing Step 4 as your add in Step 5 and Step 6.

Here are the Seven Steps of Manifesting:

1. Will to Do – Your commitment to create ____________ (fill in the blank)

2. Perceive – the design, the vision, the definition, the purpose.

3. Divine Love – Deep, pure, unwaivering love of your design.

4. Purity of Focus – Do NOT waiver from or second guess your design.

5. Concentration – Maintain Focus and Follow Through as you work, step by step towards your creation.

6. Rhythm – Keep Showing Up, taking action towards your creation on a regular basis. Build & keep the momentum going.

7. Tranquillity – After your creation is completed, mentally/emotionally wrap your creation in Peace.

When these seven steps are followed, manifestation WILL occur.

When the process of manifestation is disrupted mid-process, we don’t get the creation we are hoping/planning for. Sometimes we end up with nothing, other times we get something not quite what we designed or the opposite of what we set out to create.

These are some of the ways we disrupt our process of manifestation:
  • Giving up. This often happens just before our manifested creation was about to show up for us.
  • Second guessing our design (Step 2).
  • Doubting. Doubting self, doubting your abilities, doubting your worthiness. Doubting your design.
  • Limiting thoughts & beliefs, both conscious and unconscious. Example: "I don’t really deserve this", "Only greedy people make a lot of money", "I’ll never own my own home", "That’s never going to happen for me"….
  • Losing Focus. This happens when we get distracted or start doubting. When we don’t follow through in taking actions towards your creation. “maybe I’ll start it tomorrow...”
  • Failing to build and keep momentum. This involves failure to take regular action towards your creation.
  • Sending out lower vibration emotions in regards to any aspect of what you are creating. Examples: anger, frustration, fear, doubt, jealousy, despair.

The tricky part of manifestation is that to really create effectively, one has to develop their inner mastery. Just as a novice musician first learns to play the scales, it takes practice and dedication for the musician to uncover their mastery and develop their skills to play a symphony. 

It takes dedication and perseverance to do the inner work to clear out the limiting thoughts and beliefs, to remove self doubts, to discipline your focus. However, the nice thing about developing one’s inner mastery is that as a result your inner work, step by step, your life gets better and better. As with all things, it is your Free Will choice whether to pursue this path or not.

Namaste and Godspeed!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Developing the Physical Awareness of Your Vibration

Continuing on with the topic of vibration…Did you know that it’s possible to develop physical awareness of your vibration? Stated another way – it is possible to develop the capacity to physically feel your vibration. 
My experience confirmed it is, in fact, possible. About four months before I went into the ascending phase of ascension, I came across a one sentence statement in a book I was reading. (Unfortunately, I really can’t remember which book it was in, so can not provide a source. I read a lot.) To the best of my recollection the sentence went something like: “It is possible to develop physical awareness of your vibration, although this will not be easy for most.” This is not an exact quote. There was no further discussion in the book, as I recall, about how to develop this capacity.

My response was simple. “I want to develop physical awareness of my vibration!!!” Then I went on about my daily tasks without thinking much more about it. 
Note the use of simple manifestation procedure – State what you want, then get on with what tasks need to done in your day(s), without another thought about the stated desire. 
Also, I disregarded the second part of that sentence about it not being easy. I suggest that you not buy into that limiting belief either.

Then about a week to ten days later as I was walking out to check on my chickens, I noticed an odd sensation in my diaphragm. It was not a feeling I’d ever felt before. So I just paid attention over the course of a few days. I noticed that the sensation shifted based on my frame of mind, thoughts and emotions. It became heavier, dense, and kind of uncomfortable when I was in doubt, worry, or frustration. The sensation felt alive when I was feeling happiness, excitement, gratitude. The sensations shifted and followed my vibration in the moment.

Having physical awareness of one’s vibration is like having a 6th (or 7th or 8th) sense.

During the three month process of my Higher Soul Self descending and merging into 4th density consciousness (aka ascension) this vibrational sensitivity went off the charts, so to speak. It was amazing. Glorious. It was during this period that I was able to feel and also cognitively understand that the diaphragm acts as a sounding board for our vibration. And that our in-breath can be used to raise our vibration. 
This is why I recommend to you that if you try installing an imaginary vibration controller on your body, that you place it in the region of your diaphragm. You might also place your attention, from time to time, on what your body is feeling in the diaphragm region as you adjust your vibration upwards or downwards.

Sometimes we look for complicated ways to develop a new skill or capacity. Developing your capacity to physically feel your vibration may be one skill that only requires asking for it.

Over the years, I’ve read many spiritually focused books, yet I’ve never come across any reference to humans’ capacity to develop physical awareness of their vibration, other than that one sentence. If you have another reference or personal experience, I invite you to share in the comments to this post. The ascension of the planet and of incarnate humans is a collective process. It’s like we’re forging a new path through the forest. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Vibration 101; Here’s How to Take Charge of Your Vibration

Did you know that your vibration is under your control? Well it is. 
Your vibration is under your control. You can take charge of your vibration, raising, or lowering it, as you see fit.
Let that sink in.

Human Vibration 101
The concept that humans have vibration is not some my-little-pony new-age fluff. It’s physics. Vibration is real.

Our physical bodies are made up of cells. Our cells are made of molecules. Molecules are constructed of atoms. Each atom has a core nucleus around which electrons move. Each atom’s electrons vacillate between the 3D physical world and the multidimensional quantum field. Like a very fast strobe light. Your vibration is the rate at which the electrons in your body vacillate between the 3D physical world and the multidimensional quantum field.

How We Interpret Our Vibration
Just as our eyes interpret different frequencies of Light across the Light spectrum as different colors, we interpret the varying frequencies of our vibration as our emotions. In other words, where you are emotionally at the moment gives you a read on where your vibration is.

Here’s a scale showing emotions on the vibrational spectrum. 

Compassion                   HIGHER VIBRATION
--------------------------------- Tipping Point Between Lower and Higher Vibrations
Greed                              LOWER VIBRATION

Obviously we experience many more emotions, but I suspect you can figure out where the emotions not listed here would fit in along the spectrum. 

One of the goals of taking charge of your vibration is to keep yourself operating above the tipping point line in the higher vibrational range of your emotional scale

A Few of the Benefits of Raising Your Vibration
  • You feel happier & more at ease with yourself.
  • You become aware of more possibilities available to you.
  • You free up more energy to focus on what you're doing or wish to create.
  • You dramatically improve immune system functioning.
  • You attract better relationships, situations & abundance into your life.
  • You open yourself up to more creativity and inspiration.
How to Take Charge of Your Vibration
The easiest way to take charge of your vibration and learn to raise and lower it is to give yourself a frequency controller. Consider installing an imaginary vibration controller on your body. I find that a slide bar type control, such as you use for volume control on your computer, works really well. You could also use an imaginary knob or other type of controllable gauge if that suits you better. The slide bar controller has the benefit of providing you with visual of moving your vibration up the scale that is easy to read in your mind's eye. 

If you're asking how can an imaginary controller actually work, consider that your mind/body does not readily distinguish between real or imaginary.  Think of the placebo effect. The body responds towards healing whether it received the actual medicine or the sugar pill. Your body responds physiologically to what you see in a film, as if it were literally occurring right in front of you, even though you know you're watching a movie.

Where to install your imaginary Vibration Controller
I'm going to suggest that you install your imaginary vibration control slide bar at your bottom rib, just to the left or right of your sternum, depending on whether you are right or left handed. The place where your bottom rib sort of points outward before curving around to your side is the perfect place. It should be comfortable for you to reach to and use.

The reason that I suggest this spot at the bottom of your rib cage is that your diaphragm muscles act as a sounding board for your vibration.  The diaphragm muscles runs across the space between your heart chakra, which is a torsion field, and your 3rd chakra, which is your power center.  Makes sense? 

Here's a diagram showing where the diaphragm muscles are on the body.

Respiratory system.svg
Source: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoracic_diaphragm

As you grow familiar with raising (or lowering) your vibration using an imaginary controller, you may find that you can raise your vibration just by using the in-breath, in which case using an imaginary slide bar controller is no longer necessary.

One additional concept to share here about taking charge of your vibration: It is possible to develop physical awareness of your vibration. I'll share more about developing physical awareness of your vibration in a future post. 

Raise your vibration & Light up the world.


Monday, April 15, 2019

An Immune Boosting, Heavy Metal Detoxing, Anti-EBV Smoothie a day

This morning I've been following discussions on Twitter about vaccine injuries and recovery.  Thought I'd share this smoothie recipe I created after reading Anthony William's first book, Medical Medium.

Drinking this smoothie each day, in addition to drinking 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach, completely revamped my health. 
I highly recommend reading and studying each of Anthony William’s books. Divine wisdom about our bodies. (Link in side bar) He covers what’s really making people sick. And how to use foods, herbs and spices to support your your body’s innate ability to heal and remove the heavy metals, pesticides & other toxins, radiation, and viruses & bacteria that are causing most illness, including cancer.

The Human Body operates, and heals itself, with an elegant, sophisticated intelligence far beyond most people’s comprehension.

The body’s sophisticated intelligence is usually left out of the conversation, and ignored in the education of Western medicine health professionals.

Here’s my smoothie recipe:

Helen’s Immune Boosting, Heavy Metal Detoxing, Anti-EBV Smoothie
Makes One Quart

Use only organic, non-GMO ingredients.

2 heaping tsp Maca powder (source of vitamin C)
½ slightly heaping teaspoon Licorice Root powder (prevents viruses from replicating)
1 heaping tsp Cats Claw powder (kills Epstein Barr virus)
2 Tablespoons Barley Grass powder
1 tsp Hawaiian Spirulina (or take 6 Spirulina tablets) (detoxes heavy metals)
1 Tablespoon Atlantic Dulse flakes (detoxes heavy metals)
1-2 Tablespoons Hemp Hearts
1 big handful fresh cilantro with stems (detoxes heavy metals)
1 handful parsley with stems
3 celery stalks with leaves
3 lettuce leaves or a big handful of baby lettuce and spinach
1 cup frozen wild blueberries. Do not substitute (Trader Joe’s freeze section)
1/3 cup frozen raspberries
Other fruit in season of your choice
½ -3/4 cup pomegranate juice
½ -3/4 cup other fruit juice of your choice
Juice from 1/2 of a lime
½ cap of liquid ionic zinc
½ teaspoon magnesium citrate
1 Tablespoon chia seeds, stirred in after blending.

Blend all ingredients, except chia seeds, in a high speed blender, (or regular blender) until very smooth. Stir in chia seeds. Enjoy!

Removing toxins (lab created chemicals), heavy metals, and GMO foods from your diet is so important to healing the body and raising your vibration. Yes, what you eat affects your vibration, big time! 

People often say, "But organic costs more." 
Would you rather spend $$ on food, or on health care because you're sick?
Aren't you worth it?
Hope I'm preaching to the choir.
To your health!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Great Awakening; Now Showing Everywhere - Part III

We continue in Part III with our exploration of The Great Awakening. You can read Part I here and Part II here.

The Great Awakening
Working Definition:
  • A mass Spiritual awakening around the planet.
  • A mass expansion of consciousness across humanity.
  • Humanity discovering the Truth of who we really are and the Truth as to what takes place in our world.
  • Humanity opening their eyes and seeing through the false reality created by long term, broad scale, preplanned, and coordinated disinformation operations.
  • A communications project run by an anonymous group of high level military intelligence and civilian insiders known as Qanon, serving to awaken and empower humanity through disclosure and discovery of Truth.
Awakening comes in steps and stages. As we evolve, so does our understanding of what “The Great Awakening” really means. 
When the term first surfaced, my understanding was limited. I envisioned The Great Awakening to be a big spiritual awakening around the planet. With truthful information about our true nature as Human beings and our history on the planet being spread wide and accepted around the globe. This is and will continue happening.

As I progressed along the path of spiritual growth ,developed greater awareness, and pursued expanding consciousness and ascension, I understood The Great Awakening a large number of people transitioning to 4th density consciousness, while simultaneously, new children arriving already functioning at 4th density consciousness. This is and will continue happening.

Now I recognize that The Great Awakening is something larger, much larger, than I’d previously understood. By larger I mean affecting the majority of people on the planet. Humanity waking up to see the through the false reality created by long term, broad scale, preplanned, and coordinated disinformation operations that have gone on for decades. To see through the tactics used to divide us and keep us fighting amongst ourselves over race, religion, political party, class.

As above, so below. Just as we are learning to uncover who we truly are at the individual level, so too are we collectively learning to uncover how the world has really been operating, shining light on dark activities that energetically prevent us for creating a world of peace, harmony, and freedom.  Once exposed, the dark activities that harm us all can be removed, and replaced with Light activities that serve our highest good.

When Humanity collectively decides from the higher level to take a specific direction of growth. Evidence of our collective decisions begin showing up here and there and there around the planet. 
Like when Qanon shows up in October 2017 and begins sharing often cryptic clues and using Socratic method questions to assist us in connecting people and events we’d not realized were connected before. To research and learn to think for ourselves. 
Q team uses the same phrases that emerged in the spiritual community a decade ago – “Expand your thinking” (aka expand your consciousness), “Darkness to Light”, and names the movement “The Great Awakening”. Coincidence??? There are no coincidences. This mass awakening of humanity to the Truth is and will continue happening.

This truly is the most amazing and wondrous time to be incarnate and contributing to The Great Awakening here on Earth!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Great Awakening; Now Showing Everywhere - Part II

We continue in Part II with our exploration of The Great Awakening. You can read Part I here.

Darkness to Light
Working Definition:
  • The planet energetically shifting balance from low vibration to higher vibration energy.
  • What is unknown becoming known.
  • What is hidden seeing the light of truth.
  • Good overcoming evil.
The definitions are rather self exclamatory. We’ve each felt the transitions to higher vibrational energy, both within ourselves and around us. The chaotic clashes between Dark and Light, a result of this shift in the balance of prevalence and power, play out in our communities daily. There are a few of observations I want to put out for consideration.

Within the Spiritual and Metaphysical communities, this transition from Dark to Light is almost exclusively spoken about in abstract, glowing terms. We cheer Light overcoming Darkness, and very rightly so. I might suggest that readers also keep in mind that these energies are incarnate. Most of us readily recognize that we are Light incarnate, yet often forget that Dark energies are incarnate too, in human form. 
I often hear people express that they just want to work on this transition from an energetic level.  Working from an energetic level is wonderful and is their choice. It’s important to recognize as well that there are courageous people who are fighting the incarnate Dark energies on the physical plane, determined to halt their crimes against Humanity so that we may finally experience peace and prosperity on the planet. Even though much of this battle goes on in the background, by design so as not to cause fear or disruption in people’s lives, the battles rage on. (Light is winning) Consider sending your good thoughts and prayers to those working on the physical plane to expose and disable these incarnate Dark energies, visualize and cheer their successes. These warriors of Light are risking their lives for us all.

Another way to frame this is: those on the Service to Others path overcoming the planned planetary control by those on Service to Self path.  (See Law of One at this link ) People who have chosen the Service to Self path progress by using manipulation, coersion and threats to control others. Humanity came very close to becoming subservient to the Service to Self crowd, much closer than most people realize. The struggle is ongoing because the Service to Self individuals and organizations won’t go down easily or without a fight to the death. One can see it play out daily in the news if one knows what to look for.

The chaos created in the battle of Light against dark shows up in the massive amounts of disinformation, sophisticated psyops, and subversive maneuvering, and the huge divide between people's perceptions of "reality". It's heartening to witness more and more people waking up, beginning to recognize the psyops methodologies used to create false perceptions, and seeing through the disinfo and psyops operations used against us. Even when we see through the tactics used against us, it can still be difficult to parse through and determine what information is truthful and who in the public arena is speaking truthfully. The Dark energy incarnates play very devious games against those of the Light. This gives each of us the opportunity to hone our abilities to research, analyse and think for ourselves, further develop our discernment skills, and deepen our trust in ourselves.

Sometimes I’m criticized for shining Light on the Dark humans and their activities, yet if we don’t know what we are dealing with in the darkness, how is the Light to overcome the Dark. Knowledge gives us power. Turning a blind eye leaves us, in fact blind.

Amazing times we are living through here on Earth. I'm thrilled to witness and contribute in my small way to this Great Awakening. Check back for Part III of this three part series.