Sunday, November 15, 2015

Clearing is So Much Easier Now Than It Used to Be

We are in uncharted waters in our journey of expanding the consciousness of humanity on the planet.  By sharing our new and widening perspectives, our experiences, feelings and observations, and our epiphanies (!), we are co-creating New Earth.

Each morning now I close my eyes and focus on the stillness in my heart.  I feel/see/sense a ball of brilliant white light fill my heart, then radiate outward, filling my whole body, my aura, and beyond.  I open wide my chakras and shoot the white light down into the center of the earth and upward into all that is.  And I call in a direct connection with my Divine Self, the source of my most expanded inner knowing.  I ask that my Divine Self maintain this connection throughout the day, guiding me, filling me with knowing.   That each day this connection strengthen.  Until I am in continual connection with my inner knowing.  I can hardly wait for this to happen.

I'm fast discovering that as I deepen my connection with my Divine Self, the knowing and answers to my questions and requests for information come quickly.  That is what happened when I asked for guidance as to what was getting in my way in starting my new business.  It only took a few minutes for the answers to come into my awareness.  How wonderful is that?  That we can now easily open up our awareness and receive the support and knowing we request whenever we want it, it's all so magical.

I shared in the last post that I was going to dive in and sort out the feelings, perceptions, and limiting beliefs that were tripping me up in my efforts to create my new business.  I had trepidations because in the past such an endeavor required re-experiencing a bunch of painful events from my past.  But that's not at all how the process unfolded. 

I remember reading somewhere a few years ago that we no longer have to rehash old stuff to release it.  At the time, I discounted this guidance because I'd known how important it was to really examine deeply every facet of a painful or difficult experience in order to reach a new level of understanding and extract the wisdom and benefit I received from the painful experience.  However, what I'm discovering now is that it is much easier to unearth, release and clear old stuff than it used to be. We still need to identify where we picked up the old, unserving beliefs.  Yet our process no longer requires that we re-experiencing all the old unpleasant emotions from our past experiences.  Some very nice benefits of moving in our new uncharted waters.

This is the process I went through in the past couple of days to identify and clear the limiting belief that was getting in my way.  It was an intuitive mix of tools I've collected in the past year or so.

First I made a list of the work experiences that I'd found disappointing, hurtful, and that filled me with despair and resentment.  In doing this I was writing out briefly, my stories:  When I worked here, they didn't pay me very much even though I was doing the bulk of the work for the organization.  Others got raises and accolades, but I did not.  When I worked there, I carried a much greater work load than most of my co-workers, I worked in a constant state of stress to keep up with this unmanageable work load, but I was paid less and received smaller annual salary increases than others, .... etc.  Reviewing the list, it was easy to see the pattern.  And Bingo! there was the limiting belief I'd developed from these experiences:  No matter how hard I work, I never get the benefits I should receive in exchange.  Instead I get disappointment, hurt, resentment, and the continual message that I'm not good enough. 

With an underlying, and unconscious belief that my best work would be pointless, and eventually harmful to me, it's easy to see why I'd dig my heals in and avoid anything that resembled development of a new career.

Next I rewrote my story.  This pattern in my career actually had it's roots in my early childhood growing up in a large family where there was no affection and very little attention or acknowledgement of who I was.  Yet I am not the person I was back then.  I'm not even the person I was a year ago or a month ago.  I was just a child, with very limited awareness and skills, certainly not the level of awareness and skills I have now.  When I moved into adulthood, the limiting belief was already fully embedded and operating.  I created my career experiences in conformance with my limiting belief, all of it unconsciously. Standing up for myself in a matter of fact manner was not in my vocabulary at all during my earlier career.  When I did ask for what I felt I deserved, it was done full of resentment and anger, and thus wasn't well received.

An image that came to me in this process was of an egg and a young eagle.  I was an egg back then and now I'm a young eagle soaring in the sky.  Eggs have potential but they don't have a lot of awareness.  As an eagle, I move with ease and flow with a higher perspective and more expansive vision.  I can lift myself above obstacles in my way.

When we release an old, unserving, limiting belief, we get to choose the new empowering belief we want to replace it.  How fun is that?

At one point in this process, I recognized that I do hold a very strong belief that I am a very strong creator and I can create what I want in my life.  Yet this empowering belief definitely couldn't operate fully along side the limiting belief that no matter how hard I worked, I'd never receive the benefits of my work.  I decided that I'd simply release the limiting belief and allow the belief that I am a powerful creator who can create what I want in my life to have the space and prominence it deserves.

And as for the emotional residue held within my field, all that pain, despair, disappointment, and discouragement I'd experienced, it needs to be released as well.  It's definitely not something I want hanging around causing mischief.  And much gratitude that I do not have to re-experience it all again.  What I've done so far is to ask my DNA to release the negative emotional residue.  Our DNA has such expansive knowledge of how to go about tasks such as this, it only needs the request.  I will probably also do same EFT tapping to establish and strengthen the neural pathways for my empowering belief that I am a powerful creator.

It's such a pleasure that clearing is now so much easier than it used to be.  Much gratitude for that.  Though we've earned it.