Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frankly, It's a Hell of a Lot Easier Just Going With the Flow

Over the past couple of days I started a post about the timing of our awakening but didn't get time to write much. Now I'm not in the same place and it's hard to pick up the thread. So for what it's worth. Just trust that the timing for you is perfect. The process of awakening is actually very gradual but steady, at least that's been my experience. It's a continual progression of awakening and expanding of our understanding of the world around us, our internal paradigm shifts, the heightening of our sensitivities, and our growing awareness. That's the Cliff Notes version of what I was planning to say.

Today, and for the past two days, I've been on the west coast scouting out a new location. I'm very appreciative of my intuition because it's guided me to a very nice spot. Small city, natural beauty in abundance, and a hippy, artist, permaculture, local organic food minded culture. Yesterday I drove around in one direction and another getting a feel for the place. Walked around town and had a wonderful salad sitting in the sun at a sidewalk table. Feels like a good place for me!

I had a big laugh just before I headed out here. Initially, the urge to move arose out of a desire to avoid the unfolding crisis of the genocide/toxic poisoning from the Gulf oil spill and the dispersant spraying. (They are still in bad shape down around the Gulf. People are extremely ill and they are still spraying Corexit everywhere. Big changes in the gulf currents and the appearance of some nasty bacteria not killed by the chemicals. So it's not over, btw) Anyway, I suddenly understood that rather then fleeing a crisis, I was moving towards an impending crisis in order to be there to respond. My intuition was laughing our loud. I've no idea what crisis may be coming, but I'm sure I'll recognizing it when it happens, ten respond accordingly. It's what we all do.

Gotta say, it's a hell of a lot easier way to live following my heart and intuitive voice, than the old way of worrying about each and every detail and trying to force things to progress at the pace I "thought" was right. Is this the right place? Well if it feels good, then it is. Is this the right time to move? The logistics and timing - when the house I find is available, truck rental availability, movers scheduling..... - it will all work out such that I arrive at the perfect time. Delays will either present themselves such that the move is delayed. Or it will all fall together rapidly if that's in the highest good for me and everyone else. I'm finally understanding that I don't have to work anywhere near as hard as I used to. Gosh, maybe I finally understand "going with the flow" after all these years! Better late then never, as they say. It's a whole lot simpler and enjoyable to live day to day trusting that everything is working out perfectly, however it unfolds, then worrying and doubting each detail. So what if the people living in this old paradigm think I'm nuts, it's y life, not theirs. And besides, perhaps they'll clue in as they see that things are just working out well using this methodology of trusting intuition.

I had to go through the horrid body scanner at the airport. At 5:00 am too :( When I saw it looming ahead of me, I asked for higher protection. I didn't vaporize in the process. Then the next morning, this arrived in my email inbox: How to opt out of TSA's naked body scanners at the airport. How timely! Now I'm ready for my return flight :D I'm opting out and doing it publicly. Now way do am I going to a private room with some TSA minion. It's an opportunity to educate others about their rights. I'll let you know how it turn out.

My plan is to look at rental houses today. We'll see if i follow that plan. There's a house I found on Craig's list. Looks great from the photos. Available after November 15th. The owner just called me, very nice man. They're doing some work on it right now and it won't be ready to show until next week after I'm gone. He asked if I was willing to keep it as an option despite this, which I am. It's in a neighborhood I like, just on the edge of the downtown center and not far from a large, gorgeous lake. He gave me the address and so I could drive by, but asked me not to bother the contractors, which I'll of course honor. I've got a feeling I could convince him to show me the inside anyway. Somehow, even without having driven by yet, if feels like the right house. I'm not really feeling the need now to look at other houses, strange as this may seem. I'll head over for my drive by, then go from there. Starting to look like a very interesting day, to say the least!

The new Web Bot report came out last night. Funny, the last one I started, but never finished reading. However, I read this one through even though it kept me up very late, just about all night by east coast time. Not that it matters because my inner clock has been on haywire time lately anyway. The report pretty much confirms my sense about multiple economic/weather/earth change/false flag incidents cascading in short order. Clif High noted that it's hard to interpret the data with so much occurring almost simultaneously. I also see that out internal sensitivities have heightened to the point that we already feel what's coming and don't need someone else to give us detailed predictions. Way I figure, I've gotten this far in life, road the rough rapids, scaled mountains that appeared before me overnight, leaped across great chasms, and even got to lie on the beach a few times listening to the ocean waves crash and sea gulls sing. I'm still here doing just fine. Life has prepared me well to deal with what transpires and I'll be able to respond accordingly to whatever unfolds. In my reality, the greedy, corrupt, inhumans who like to think they control everything and everyone, are due their due. All the old crap has got to fall apart anyway before we can create systems that are good for everyone and for our beautiful Gaia, so bring the chaos on. I'm ready.

There's one timing issue for me in all this. I don't want to move across country without my daughter coming with me. It's not in her immediate plans, at least not at present. I'm just going to hold the intent that we'll be together when we need to be. Sounds like everything may be radically altered starting in about three weeks time.

Today, it's a beautiful day out. The deciduous trees are in fall colors, the evergreens are tall and radiant in the sunlight. I'm heading out for a day of adventures! I send love and Light to each of you reading these words. ♥♥♥

PS - I did take time to proof read this so sorry for any typos. I trust you'll get the gist.