Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letting Go in Macro and Micro

The immense changes taking place as we progress through this Great Transition play out in our individual personal lives. Last Saturday I read Les Visible's post, What if We all Just tried a Little Harder? in which he asks readers to do what they can on a daily basis to alleviate suffering in the world around them. I appreciate this request that reminds us that we can make a difference in people's lives. It came at a perfect time for me.

The day before his post, I'd discovered a rather vindictive act my brother had taken against me. The overall effect of my brother's action is not of much concern to me, however that he acted at all under the circumstances and the deceptive process he chose were very unsettling. Since he was a very small child, age two or three, my brother has been angry and defensive, and he's never liked me for reasons I've never discerned. Despite this, I've treated him with kindness and understanding, and helped at times when he needed help. Reading Les' blog post when I was still somewhat stunned, really highlighted the contrast between those who seek to alleviate suffering in the world around them and those who seek to inflict it.

It's always interesting to observe the timing of when things happen. The circumstance of my mother's declining health brings me back into some level of purposeful interactions with my siblings, as compared to sporadic casual conversation, right at the cusp of a huge expansion of consciousness. I ask why am I being brought into a position of participating in decisions and plans with family members whose perception of reality differs so vastly from mine. We view everything as if we're on different channels. Their channel no longer matches my perception of reality and they don't even recognize that my channel exists. Being involved with my family of origin gives me the opportunity to confirm that I've worked through, cleared and released most of the old issues, and raises a few remnants for examination and release. That's for all of us in the next few weeks, the last phase of clearing out the Old.

Today I realize that in the past few weeks' family dealings I've made the big step to truly owning and being comfortable with the fact that I have no control. I can put out suggestions and share my observations, but I have absolutely no control over the outcome. And most importantly, that is OK, even when the outcome I foresee based on their choices is not such a good one. It is what it is. They each have the free will to make their choices. There is nothing they do or say that changes who I am. It's a good thing to measure where I am now in relation to where I came from.

I'm keenly aware that the pace of everything continues to speed up. Around the planet, the dark forces quicken the pace of implementing their atrocious plans, as if they know that their time is soon coming to an end. Which it is. Earth too has quickened her pace of releasing the old energies of fear, hatred, violence and blood spilled upon the land. Snow storms, rains and floods washing away the old. Volcanoes and quakes releasing the energies that Earth absorbed on human's behalf, energies which have never served her. Our loving Earth. The magnetic poles are shifting and the magnetosphere growing more unstable in preparation for reversal of the poles. Earth needs to flip things around. In some instances, a literal change needs to happen in order effect the figurative change.

The New will really begin streaming in at the March Equinox, with another exponential increase of energy and pace. The Old systems that sway erratically from instability will start visibly collapsing, making way for the New. We're going to have a wild ride crossing dimensional boarders from the third to the forth dimension. I find myself growing more and more excited as I consider what's just ahead. Not that I know what's going to happen, I don't. Yet some part of me appears to remember at the cellular level making such a dimensional transition before. It's an honor to be here incarnate on Earth and join with her in Ascension to the forth dimension.

I look out at the transition occurring on a planetary level and see it's reflection occurring in my family of origin. The Mothers preparing for their imminent transition to another dimension. The children each responding from the level of understanding and growth they've attained. Releasing what was known and familiar. Letting go. As Above, so Below.