Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reflected Heart

They say the outside reflects what is within.
I am waiting now for my heart to appear around me.
Such a simple thing,
This gift of reflection.
Only open our eyes,
Survey our surroundings,
Fathoms the depths of our soul.

I plant seeds in the soil of my being
With patience and gratitude.
Tend the seedlings,
Watch with expectancy for my garden to flourish.

What was once a barren, weed choked patch
Took so many days and months and years.
I pulled the weeds,
Loosened earth, shedding air and light
And openness into the dark loam.
Amendments added to nurture.
Many lifetimes' work.

Now, finally now
Spring comes, ample rain and beckoning sun.
Seedlings grow noticeably each day.
We are becoming who I AM,
Standing in the garden of the heart's reflection.

© 2010 by Helen Sumerwell. All rights reserved.

What is Light?

Here we are, well on our way now towards expansion into Light and our ascension into the Forth Dimension. We are gradually and steadily transmuting to Lightbody.

All souls follow the spiral path towards Light. But do you really understand where you are headed in the journey towards Light? Have you ever asked yourself - What is Light?

This question came to me recently as I pondered where to begin in writing this blog when there is so much to share. It's a question I've not seen raised or addressed, although every book, article, web page and blog on the subject of the Ascension all use the word Light as a core, perhaps the core concept. Understanding what is meant by terms like expanding to light, ascending to light, filling yourself with light, being a Light Worker, key to following this path.

Webster's Dictionary online gives 66 definitions for the word "light". Light is a noun, a verb, an adjective, and an adverb. How many words are used in so many forms with so many different definitions? I'll leave the research on that question to someone else, but I doubt that there are many words with as many meanings and uses.

There is another definition for Light, not referenced in the dictionary definitions, that I found in the glossary of terms at the back of Atlantis Rising, by Patricia Corey, channeling the Sirian High Counsel. When I read it, it rang the vibration of Truth throughout my being.

Light: Knowledge and Love

Something important to grasp, yes?