Monday, April 5, 2010

Communing and Preparing Your Vegetable Garden

Now is the time to prepare your vegetable garden if you haven't already done so. For many reasons, it will be very important in the months ahead that you have done so. You all know the nutritional importance of eating fresh, organically grown foods. There is also the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from knowing that the beautiful meal you're eating is one that you grew yourself, as well as a deep appreciation for nurturing yourself.

I recently came across some wonderful information about our relationship with plants while reading Anastasia by Vladimir Megre, valuable information worth sharing and passing on. Plants seeds hold immense amounts of universal intelligence. They carry the ability to read information from our bodies about our state of health and to tailor their fruits so that they provide us with the specific nutrients we need to overcome disease and balance our health. How cool is that? Your vegetables and fruits you grow can match themselves specifically to your individual needs! All that you have to do is provide them with information from your body through saliva and the touch of your hands and feet.

Here is Anastasia's advice or planting your garden:

While standing barefoot in the soil where you will be planting, hold the seeds under your tongue for at least nine minutes. Then hold the seed in the palm of your hand for about half a minute.

Open your hand and gently breathe on the seed, warming it with your breath. The seed will gain knowledge of everything that is within you.

Hold the seed on your open palm, presenting it to the celestial bodies. The seeds gain information from the sun, moon, and stars.

Dig the hole for the seed with your hands and feet, spit into the hole. Now plant the seed.

Do not water it until three days after planting so that you do not wash off the information from your body. You can water the soil before following this procedure and planting the seeds.

Plant in accordance with the lunar calendar.

While they are growing, communicate with them. Brush them gently with your hands, touching them at least once during the full moon.

This is the basic planting method. There's much additional guidance provided by Anastasia about the plants in your garden, building a house for bees, as well as a host of other topics, so I hardily recommend getting a copy of the book. The information is magical and will fill you with joy. Very worth reading.

Enjoy this time of new growth and rejuvenation. Each morning send your love out to the Sun, the Moon and all the stars. The poem I posted yesterday speaks to the meaning of this time.

May the Light be with you!