Friday, April 23, 2010

Preparation in the Moments Before Final Accelleration

Over the past few days I've felt the energy streaming into the planet ramp up exponentially. Restlessness, difficulty focusing, and unusual disruption of sleep are the main symptoms I'm feeling. Many of us sense that the waves of earth changes have only just begun and will now increase in intensity. Gaia has absorbed over the millennium so much of the fears, doubts, and destructive thoughts we earth inhabitants have spewed out relentlessly. This lower vibrating energy she needs to release now, cleanse and heal, as she absorbs the higher Heart level energies pouring in. Ascension was promised to her from the beginning.

As more and more of the Light Forces enter in and flourish in our hearts and ways of being, the Dark Forces contract and become increasingly concentrated. Less diffuse, the Dark Forces become more visible to all. They are illuminated and stand out in contrast to the higher vibrating Light Forces. They are also becoming more vicious in their efforts to control as they struggle to maintain their existence.

As so many of us are aware, many are leaving the planet now. Their numbers will increase as earth changes, war and dis-ease provide the vehicles for their departure. They have chosen this, either prior to their incarnation or during. In leaving the physical plane they will take their place to assist from other levels and dimensions.

All is as Divinely planned. The great Transition occurs on all levels. This is important for each of us to recognize. Even as we gain understanding of what is taking place at higher levels, we are still incarnate being living in the physical material plane. We are not exempt from experiencing the Transition at the physical level. There will be great, inescapable sadness and loss. There will be immense challenges. It is all just around the corner. Many cloak their minds in denial and the false belief that in expanding, they no longer need concern themselves with anything "negative". It is best that we each recognize that challenges and loss are part of the Transition and prepare ourselves. These challenges and losses are the opportunity to experience our Godly power of creativity, to affirm our strength, and deepen our knowing of the Divine eternal flame within. Love is the force of both creation and destruction.

Another aspect playing out in the physical conflict of Dark and Light Forces is our awareness of our God given right to Free Will. It is our birth right here as incarnate beings on Earth. We are being given the opportunity to see and experience the importance of this Universal Law, our right to choose. We each have the right to Free Will, provided that we never infringe upon another's Free Will. Many violations of this law occur. On the global level, many are now standing up against the Dark Forces operating in our governments to claim their right to free will. From a soul level, it's vital in each soul's progression that they claim their right to Free Will and stand up against infringement and violation of this Universal Law. It is vital that each of claim and exercise this divine right. By ignoring the violations by individuals or by our governments, who we chose and allow to represent us, we are allowing and accepting the incursions upon our free will. Standing up can be done by either fighting back, which many will chose to do in the form of revolution. Or it can be done by refusing to acquiesce to those who infringe upon our right. We can walk away and refuse to play the game. Each of us has the right to chose how they wish to respond. That is our Free Will in operation.

Gradually we are coming together to anchor in the light and create a new energy framework for the planet. Coming together should be focus for us now. Seek out others, particularly in your own small communities. We have all been guided to move closer together physically, and our job now is to affirmatively seek each other out and make the connections without delay.

Guidance comes to us from many sources throughout the Universe. Little known are the Keepers who have been actively awakening and guiding us as they work from higher levels. There are Keepers incarnate on the planet who are now coming forth. They number about 2000, and have lived lives of relative seclusion hidden away in mountain caves, deep forests, as well as in plain site. They came into life on the planet prepared to guide and assist in this most active phase of the Expansion. Most people will not recognize them for who they are at this time. Some of the Keepers may themselves not be conscious of who they are at present, but that awareness will unfold. They are doing their work regardless. As we progress forward the Keepers among us will become known. The Keepers of the Crystals will activate the final changes for the transition to Lightbody and will open the portals for the Ascension. The Keepers of Earth guide and coordinate the Light Workers throughout the planet.

We are in the final moments of preparation before the most tumultuous phase leading up to the shift. The last big breath before diving in. Today I share with you this reminder to myself. Savor each glorious day, each moment of tranquility, and cherish the splendor and mystery of the natural world living in interconnected harmony all around us. Open our hearts wide. Acknowledge each within ourselves our strength and courage. And place ourselves each moment in the vibration of Love. God speed!