Friday, January 28, 2011

A Brief Lesson on Manifesting

I start with where I am, move outward, then back to center. Lessons appear at every level.

Last week I flew from Washington to Washington, then back again. I'd almost canceled the trip because it seemed pointless. Communication with some siblings was so fractured and unresponsive. I've been conversing with my mother via thought messages delivered through higher levels, a very effective method as her physical status declines.

Since Christmas, a month ago, I processed through all the feelings raised in the course of conversations and emails with my siblings. And I let go. I let go of trying to influence the situation. I let go of hopes of that the communication patterns would change. I let go of wanting to maintain relationships with a couple of them. I let go of wishing they would recognize the value of my professional experience in law and health care and terminal illness. I let go of hopes that finances would be managed to avoid great losses to my mother's estate in this volatile economic state. I let go of hoping they would wake up. After letting go of all this, there didn't seem much point to my making the trip back to my mother's home, but I went anyway. Ticket paid for and all.

What wonderful gifts I received in response to all my letting go.

My brother picked me up at the airport, even though my connecting flight had been delayed in Kansas City and my plane didn't arrive until ten minutes of midnight. He was sitting on a bench just outside the security gate, waiting for me. Smiling. He said he'd figured I'd be hungry when I arrived and had gotten some treats to share. This never happened before. We chatted until 2:30 AM about political and world events. "I'm so glad to talk with you about all this, I've been feeling so alone with no one to talk to who would understand." Music to my ears, as they say. My brother has woken up. My sister arrived the next day. She is now wide awake too. Only two still hanging out in sleep. Then in the moments before leaving for my return flight, one dozing sister echoed my alert that we needed to shift investments out of municipal bonds before the cascade of state bankruptcies begins. Wow, what I wanted is appearing!

Sometimes I almost forget the key to manifesting...put out clearly what you want, then let go completely of the outcome. Leave wiggle room in your perspective as to what may appear. So very important to leave wiggle room so that miracles have space to emerge, when they're so inclined. Notice what changes, even if small or subtle.

Or not so subtle. Look! People are waking up all over!

Out in the whole wide world the courageous Tunisians have modeled the effectiveness of standing up. One dictator out, cabinet cohorts out. What it took was one 26 year old vegetable vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, repeatedly harassed and humiliated by police and denied the permit to sell vegetables, setting himself a fire and igniting an overthrow. Now Egypt. I've been glued to the computer all day watching the news. This is the best first person account I've read. More than one source reports today that some Egyptian military are standing with protesters, rather than with the police. Word out is that the people of Jordan and Yemen are following right along. Global revving up. We're watching The Powers That Were's biggest fear emerge into reality, the people are waking up, standing up, and claiming their Free Will.

The US government isn't sure how to respond. How could they, without revealing their true agenda? Our tax dollars paid for the armored vehicles being used against the peacefully protesting Egyptians. Everything is interconnected. The elite have done a very good job marketing freedom and democracy throughout the world, and people have listened. As their hypocrisy continues to be unmasked, they'll have to reap what they sowed; people demanding freedom. The irony is not to be missed.

I'm sitting here at my kitchen counter, in the land of the freedom and democracy, wondering as I type whether anything I've written here could be misconstrued as inciteful. Or if following friends' posts on Facebook could draw unwanted attention? Getting first hand accounts and photos from Tunisia and Egypt as their revolutions unfold is a good thing, isn't it?

I've put out what I want: a quick, non-violent transformation of the planet into what it was meant to be, a place where we all, each and everyone, live in peace, joy, and harmony with one another and with the natural world. I've let go of the outcome. Because I really don't know what's going to happen. My perspective leaves plenty of wiggle room for possibility. Even if small, I notice the changes for the better. The act of observing changes the outcome.

We are four weeks into the year of more change than we can comprehend.